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Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes for Women Reviews in 2022

With the vast number of rock climbing shoes brands for women currently in the market, it may be difficult especially for beginner climbers, to find a suitable brand or model for them. Such shoes come in different styles, sizes, designs and other features that determine their quality and performance. We have conducted some research to help you out with making the right decision. You will learn of the top 10 best climbing shoes for women available in the market today and later learn some of the factors you need to consider before buying the climbing shoes of your choice.

Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Climbing Shoes For Women

In any case, you have not benefited from the above reviews and you still want to find the climbing shoes that can suit your needs then you can base your decision on the following considerations:

• The Climbing Shoes Material

The common materials for such shoes are leather or synthetic fabric. Leather (lined or unlined) provides the easiest care, including deodorizing, therefore, order resistance. Nevertheless, the best performing climbing shoes feature synthetic material. Vegans and professional rock climbers love them.

• Climbing Shoes Type

You have the chance to choose from neutral, moderate and aggressive varieties based on the kind of climbing you are interested in. Neutral climbing shoes provide all-day comfort but they are not great for difficult, overhanging routes. Moderate varieties have moderate downturn thus are ideal for more challenging routes. Aggressive types are fully downturned to allow for extreme climbing conditions.

• Climbing Shoes Outsole

The outsole describes the rubber part of a shoes that contacts the rock. The quality of the outsole has direct effect on the overall performance of the shoes. A good quality rubber for the outsole must provide good grip and stickiness. Firmer rubbers offer greater edging as well as support for the feet. Outsole thickness also has great effect on the performance of the shoes. Thicker soles provide good support for successful edging while thinner soles are best suited for smearing on slab routes.

• Footwear Closure

When considering foot footwear closure, you must choose between strap, lace-up, and slip-on. Lace-up closures are very versatile because since they allow you to loosen the shoes when you’re the temperatures of your feet get too high hot. Strap closures enable superior on/off convenience while slip-on closures offer the impressive sensitivity.

• Climbing Shoes Last

You have the option to pick from a variety of shoes lasts. Climbing shoes last’ describes the foot shape model around which the upper part of the shoes is built. This feature gives shoes their instep volume, toe dimensions and width, heel and as well as height. Pick from slip lasted (most common type), board lasted, asymmetric, straight or downturned but know the pros and cons of each first.

Our Top 10 Picks Of the Best Climbing Shoes for Women


10. Scarpa Women’s Reflex Climbing Shoe

Featuring a strong, durable and high-quality rubber sole, the Scarpa Women’s Reflex Climbing Shoes is capable of providing excellent grip and stickiness. The shoes upper features suede, leather with the side rubbed to make a velvety nap. It features passive rubber rand that offers classic performance and feet safety while the anatomical dual power straps ensure convenience. The shoes is sensitive enough for the steeps and stiff enough for edging.

The fact that these are climbing shoes means buying your true size may not really fit you. Even going a size higher may not solve the problem. It requires a lot of keenness to find the size that will fit you and remain comfortable enough for good climbing experience.

  • Pros

• Strong durable and functional rubber sole

• Great performance and foot protection

• Highly convenient and anatomical dual power straps

• Suitable at the gym, at home or the crag

• Allow sizing for performance or comfort

  • Cons

• Sizing issues may be quite frustrating

• Quite pricey compared to its competition

9. Scarpa Women’s Helix Climbing Shoe

If you are looking for a beginner-intermediate rock climbing shoes then Scarpa Women’s Helix Climbing Shoes will be a perfect choice for you. These all-day comfort shoes feature monochromatic styling making it appealing to the lady climbers. Its flat profile and symmetric shape are incredibly comfortable, and it will keep your feet from falling off. It features padded tongue to let wear the shoes for extended periods.

Although the stiff rubber midsole is great for gripping, it may also hinder the precision of the shoes. Furthermore, the heel hooking may fee awkward when you wear the shoes. Comfort is good for usual shoes but not climbing shoes. Scarpa Women’s Helix is too comfortable.

  • Pros

• Offer very strong performance

• Ultra-comfortable, stable and will want to keep your feet from falling off

• Unlined leather upper stretches to accommodate your feet

• Ultra-soft chamois lining around the heel eliminates heel abrasion from the back of the shoe

• Padded tongue for extended wearing periods

• Super solid stitching for incredible durability

  • Cons

• Quite stiff and this hinders accuracy

• Heel hooking may feel a little awkward

8. Butora Libra Tight Fit Climbing Shoe – Women’s

The Butora Women’s Tight Fit Libra Climbing Shoes stands out special with a delicate pink and tie-dye upper, but it is much more than a pretty face. If features a low symmetry design keeping Libra comfortable for multi-pitch climbs. Its tight fit, as well as the slightly stiff midsole, assure the accuracy and support you need as a beginner or intermediate climber. Libra’s leather upper is designed to fit comfortably to your foot shape. The shoes is lined with organic hemp for breathability and odor control.

Butora Women’s Tight Fit Libra Climbing Shoes is generally wonderful but its price is a little bit on the higher side compared to other competitive brands. Besides, this shoes has not been widely used and this limits the information we have to make a complete review.

  • Pros

• Offer super-sticky grip and traction

• Breathable, anti-odor hemp prevents smelling

• Stretchy leather conforms to your feet for comfort

• Low symmetry is great for beginner and multi-pitch climbers

• Moisture wicking footbed prevents yeast growth

  • Cons

• This climbing shoes is quite pricey

• It is still new in the market therefore limited information for complete review

7. So iLL the Street Climbing Shoe

This street climbing shoes is So iLL’s most aggressive women’s climbing shoes currently in the market. The downturn shoes is ideal for the gym’s hardest boulders and routes. Its ultra-thin midsole gives the shoes incredible softness for feeling even the tiniest jibs on the wall. The shoe’s dark matter rubber sole provides optimal traction and its non-marking convenience ensures durability. It features synthetic upper with padded tongue for comfort. It does not stretch easily, therefore, sizing may not be as difficult as with other brands.

The downturn profile of So iLL the Street Climbing Shoes may be great for advanced climbers but the feature may lock out beginners who love other features of the shoes. Furthermore, it is difficult to get the right size that fits you without hurting your feet.

  • Pros

• Downturn profile with thin midsole makes it suitable for advanced climbers

• Dark matter rubber is great for solid traction on tiny jibs

• Upper padded tongue with minimal stretch promotes comfort and better fit

• An aggressive climbing shoes for boulders and routes

  • Cons

• The downturn design may not be suitable for beginner or intermediate climbers

• Sizing issues with some users claiming they are too small

6. Evolv Nikita Climbing Shoe – Women’s

Evolve Nikita Climbing shoes are a great choice for all sorts of rope climbers ranging from plastic pullers to multi-pitch lovers. It features Evolv’s new enhance arch support which offers power and comfort that powerful climbs and long multi-pitches require. The shoes achieves all these without the discomfort of most aggressive downturned climbing shoes you know. The full-length midsole works together with a VTR 3D rand to give you mid-level stiffness as well as edgy performance.

We looked carefully and we could not find any cons that warrants discussing except the same issues with sizing which you can correct yourself by ordering for full size about your normal shoes size. This may work for some but not all users.

  • Pros

• Provides enhanced arch support

• Unlined leather upper gives room for foot accommodation

• Full-length midsole offer medium stiffness and edgy performance

• 3D air mesh tongue and breathable leather for odor elimination

• Trax high-friction rubber for optimal traction and grip

  • Cons

• Might be very tight for real size

5. Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe – Women’s

Previous versions of Evolve had a rather nasty reputation of smelling. This particular model designed specifically for women do not smell. Its low asymmetry and flat profile offer the same level of comfort while allowing you to learn how to climb. This combination of features makes Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoes a great choice for women who wish to learn rock climbing. Its sensitive midsole works together with the Trax rubber to provide you with better performance.

This is a new upgrade of the original Evolve Electra and requires more testing to find out everything to ensure we gave it right. Although the climbing shoes is great and designed for improved fit, many people still have issues with sizing.

  • Pros

• Evolve is the best selling brand that to the high-quality of their climbing shoes

• Great for beginning rock climbing

• Stretch resistant upper is redesigned for better fit

• Ant-odor mesh lining eliminates order

• High sensitive midsole

  • Cons

• New in the market with limited information

• Offers better but not excellent fit

4. Evolv Kira Climbing Shoe – Women’s

The Evolv Kira is a women’s shoes, is anatomically engineered parts to offer comfort without losing any of the performance. This unlined leather climbing shoes uses a single strap that gives a surprisingly snug fit, while its high-strength Synthratek VX upper conforms to the shape of your foot for a comfortable feel. It also features a full-length midsole to help you edge crimps, work slabs, and jam cracks without any issues. The VTR rand is engineered to keep the Trax high-friction rubber midsole solid for durability.

Evolv Kira is a great climbing shoes with great feature. It is hard to pinpoint any negative thing about this shoes except its sizing issues. Maybe with time, some more issues will be realized but as it stands now Kira is a great choice for beginners.

  • Pros

• Very strong Synthratek VX upper offer great durability

• Full strength midsole offer unmatched traction

• Trax high-friction rubber for greater grip and stickiness

• Unlined rubber upper provides for comfort

  • Cons

• Runs small size wise but you can correct by ordering 1 or 1.5 bigger than your regular shoes size

3. Tenaya Masai Climbing Shoe

Do you want to conquer the rocks like the Masai of East Africa? Well, you could not find a better climbing shoes to help you with this except Tenaya Masai Climbing Shoes. The shoes is perfect for routes that require you to stand on delicate smears, shallow pockets, and micro-edges. It features an ideal blend of sensitivity and stiffness that allow it to confidently perform on a wide range of angles and hold types. The proven Vibram XS Grip rubber sticks to even the most marginal of footholds.

  • Pros

• Snug fit with minimal stretch thanks to Microfiber upper featuring TXT-treated cotton lining

• Lace closure for secure, precise performance

• Ideal blend of stiffness and sensitivity

• Vibram XS Grip rubber enables versatility

  • Cons

• Quite high-priced compared to other brands in its class

• The toe box and the forefoot is quite narrow but allows for good sensitivity

2. Butora Endeavor Tight Fit Climbing Shoe – Women’s

The Butora Endeavor is a durable, medium-flex, medium-stiff and sticky-rubber kick designed to be ideal for great performance on slabby, vertical, and even slightly overhanging terrain. It features a welded polyurethane reinforcement in the leather upper heel that offers incredible stability as well as security in the back of the shoes in absence of the full rigidity of a single-piece rubber heel cup. The shoes is fully lined with 100 percent organic hemp fabric to resist odor and minimize stretch. Another great feature is the moisture-winking split-leather footbed.

Although rock climbers are aware of the sizing issues are some ways to mitigate them, many people still find problems with picking the Butora Endeavor that will fit them perfectly. In any case, it is not acceptable for a climbing shoes to be as comfortable as shoes for regular use.

  • Pros

• Half size for tight, aggressive fit or full size for more comfortable fit

• Super-sticky rubber sole for better traction

• Organic hemp resists odor and minimize stretch

• Offer precision edging

• Very affordable considering its great quality

  • Cons

• Sizing could be confusing just like with other brands

1. La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva is actually one of the best brands when it comes to rock climbing shoes. Their Tarantulace Performance is one of the best women’s climbing shoes. It features quick-pull lacing harness that enables accurate regulation of inner volumes and wraps your foot snugly to provide great fit, support, and comfort. Its super sticky FriXion RS rubber midsoles, as well as an asymmetric RN45 shape, protect your toes in a variety of climbing options. An aggressive rubber heel rand makes it possible for climbers to conquer micro-edges without experiencing pain.

La Sportiva is known for the high quality of their products but as with all climbing shoes, sizing is difficult to get right. It would be a great idea to try the shoes before buying them but that cannot happen when you purchase online.

  • Pros

• Offers superfast lacing for easy on/off

• Designed for intermediate climbers

• Aggressive rubber heel rand offers impressive edging

• Versatile for all-day comfort

• Built from high-quality material for superior durability

  • Cons

• Great climbing shoes but size is difficult to get right

• The rubber midsole wears quite easily requiring frequent resoling



Finding the best climbing shoes for women should not be difficult now that you are well informed. The review should guide you and if possible check them out to see if you will love its features. Otherwise, the guide should arm you to finding what will work for you. Go for a combination of features that boost performance while you keep eye on the cost. Some of the brands of climbing shoes can be very expensive; so make your decisions wisely.


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