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Top 10 Best Inflatable Boat and Inflatable Kayaks Reviews in 2022

If you love the waters, and love paddling, then you either need a boat or a kayak. Differing only in shape and build, small boats and kayaks have become quite popular as a recreation vehicle. Boating and kayaking are quite interesting sports types, but recent developments in material science have made inflatable boats and kayaks cheaper, better and more popular. Their portability when deflated is the major reason why they are so loved, and if you want one too, then hang on as we explore the ten best inflatable boats and kayaks for 2017.

Inflatable Boat and Kayak Purchase Considerations

– Dimensions

Boats and kayaks come in different sizes. When in the market for an inflatable, you have to know which size you need. Both the fully inflated size, and the deflated size matter, because you need a boat that sizes you well on the waters, and that you can control, as well as a deflated size that can easily fit into your car for transporting.

– Number of Persons

Another important decision is a number of people involved. There are inflatable boats and kayaks for varying number of people, but you should understand that two persons are better on a 2-person boat, than just one person. If you will be paddling solo, then no problem buying a one-man kayak, as it would even come cheaper.

– Max weight Capacity

Every boat or kayak has this. It does not just refer to the maximum weight of the people, but also to the extra load that can be carried. Inflatable boats are especially problematic with heavy loads, so if you plan on taking on heavy gear, then look out for an inflatable boat or kayak that was made with thicker material, as these types can better withstand load.

– Material

The material used in the manufacture is equally important. Some are made using denier polyethylene, denier PVC, nitrylon, polyester e.t.c.

– Assembly Time

This is the time it takes to inflate the vessel and get it ready for the waters. The shorter, the better.

– Price

Inflatable boats and kayaks can really vary in price. You have to know your budget, and then seek out other specifications within that price range.

– Warranty

Some will come with 1-month, 1-year or 2-year warranties, others with up to 10 years warranty. Better made products usually come with longer warranties, and even last longer as well. So, the longer the warranty period, the better.


10. Intex Explorer 200 Inflatable 2-Person Boat

Whether you need to chill out in the pool, or you really want to get out into the lake for some fun, this Intex Explorer 200 is perfect. It is designed to accommodate 2 persons, and also comes with oar locks. There are two air chambers for better safety and it also comes with a repair patch included. The explorer 200 has a maximum weight capacity of 210 lbs. and it measures 73 by 37 by 16 inches fully inflated.

  • Pros: Lovely color design, welded oar locks, 2 air chambers, 40% discount
  • Cons: N/A


9. Airhead AHIBF Angler Bay 6-Person Inflatable Boat

Made from heavy-duty vinyl, this Airhead Angler Bay boat can fit up to 6 persons. It features wrap-around grab lines for when things get rough. The seams are electronically welded for optimal safety, and it includes an inflatable floor with a movable seat. It also offers molded drink holders, 2-rod holders, side mounted oar holders, and a location for a motor mount. If you are looking for the perfect inflatable boat to go fishing in, this is it.

  • Pros: 6-person capacity, comes with wrap-around grab lines, 26% discount
  • Cons: Relatively pricey

8. Bestway HydroForce Voyager Inflatable Boat

The HydroForce Voyager inflatable boat is also a perfect boat for fishing. It is well designed and comes with everything you need for a fishing trip. It features integrated fishing rod holders, and a pair of aluminum oars. There are inflatable cushions, a storage bag and an air pump. HydroForce Voyager is made from 3-ply reinforced vinyl for extra strength, and it is suitable for 2 adults and a child.

  • Pros: Nice green color, integrated rod holder and engine mount
  • Cons: N/A

7. Intex Excursion Inflatable 5-Person Fishing Boat

Excursion-5 from Intex is designed to seat up to 5 people. It is a great inflatable fishing boat, featuring a 360-degree grab line, inflatable seats, oar locks and holders, four fishing rod holders, and a motor mount. It also comes with aluminum oars, a repair patch and a hand pump. Intex Excursiion-5 is US Coast-Guard approved. It is made from rugged and welded vinyl for superior strength, and has a maximum weight limit of 1,000 lbs.

  • Pros: Inflates and assembles quickly, fits up to five persons
  • Cons: N/A

6. Intex Seahawk-4 Inflatable 4-Person Boat

Made from 30 gauge and super tough vinyl, this Intex inflatable boat is also designed to either be used for fishing in the lake, or as a recreational boat. It uses two air chambers for improved safety, and offers two inflatable cushions, one in front and the other in the rear. The Seahawk-4 comes with its own inflation pump, 2 fishing rod holders, oars, oar holders and welded oar locks.

  • Pros: Nice color combination, holds up to 4 persons, includes fishing rod holders
  • Cons: N/A

5. Intex Mariner-4 Inflatable 4-Person Boat Set

The NMMA and US Coast Guard approved boat is the perfect vessel for a lazy day on the lake or an easy flowing river. Made from a super tough PVC material, this boat is sure to last many years. It has a maximum weight limit of 880 lbs and is designed to fit up to 4 persons. There are two fishing rod holders, rotating oar locks, as well as oar holders. Each boat end also has a grab handle for carrying, and the boat contains the battery and other gear pouches, as well as a motor mount.

  • Pros: Includes aluminum oars, high capacity hand pump, certified by NMMA and US Coast Guard
  • Cons: N/A

4. Intex Challenger K2 Inflatable 2-Person Kayak

Intex built this inflatable kayak using its-its rugged and tough vinyl material that resist punctures and UV damage. It is thus designed to last its owner for a long time to come. Challenger K2 sits up to two persons, with a maximum weight of 400 lbs. The package includes a high capacity hand pump, two 86-inch aluminum oars, and a repair patch kit. With its streamlined shape and sitting position, this Intex kayak is guaranteed to give you maximum fun.

  • Pros: Brightly colored, made from quality vinyl
  • Cons: Only for sport, not ideal for fishing

3. Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable 2-Person Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 is designed with a low profile for better control and maneuverability in lakes and mild rivers. There are 2 inflatable seats which are both adjustable for the best performance. This kayak also has a US Coast Guard ID, a removable skeg for improved directional stability, a high output pump and two oars. There are 2 separate air chambers for improved safety, a grab line and grab handles, as well as a repair kit.

  • Pros: Nice design and graphics, low profile for better maneuverability
  • Cons: N/A

2. Sevylor Quikpak Inflatable 1-Person Kayak

The Sevylor Quikpak is an extra tough kayak for navigating lakes and rivers with better rest of mind. Made from 21-gauge PVC and a tarpaulin bottom, this inflatable kayak is guaranteed to withstand most potential punctures. It also features a proprietary Airtight system to prevent leaking, with double lock valves for easy and quick inflation and deflation. Multiple air chambers improve your safety in case one is punctured, and the seat turns into a backpack for carrying the deflated kayak.

  • Pros: Quick setup under 5 minutes, multiple air chambers, 21-gauge PVC construction
  • Cons: The color combination is dull

1. Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable 1-Person Kayak

Intex’s Challenger K1 is designed to offer the very best in comfort inside the cockpit. The inflatable seat comes with a backrest, and space is maximized. The kayak itself is made from a durable, welded, heavy-duty and puncture-resistant vinyl for a long service life. It comes with a cargo net for cargo storage, grab lines, and 84-inch oars made from aluminum. There is also a repair patch in the package, and a high-output manual pump as well. It has a removable skeg, a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs., and it measures 30 inches in width x 15 inches in height x 108 inches in length, fully inflated.

  • Pros: Nice graphics and cargo net, durable material, 2 air chambers, removable skeg
  • Cons: N/A


We have come to the end of our inflatable boat and kayak reviews. Whether you are into kayaks or fishing boats, it is our hope that you will find the vessel that suits you the most, from amongst our top 10 list.




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