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Top 10 Best Onion Choppers Reviews in 2022

As much as the onion is delicious spice that brings the best in food, chopping it is rather challenging. You have to battle in tears as you face the onion vapor and still want to cut precise sizes. But, this won’t be a challenge anymore if you get the right onion chopper. Our review explores many brands of onion choppers and filters them into a top 10 list, to make sure you achieve the right purchase decision. Before then, here is a brief buyer’s guide.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Onion or Vegetable Chopper

Onion chopper, as simple as it may sound to be, needs thorough research before purchasing one. You need to be in no doubt that you are buying the best and take it home. To be sure about this, it is proper to evaluate the following factors.

· Simplicity of use

Ease of use is a key aspect of assessing in any equipment. This applies to an onion chopper too. Parts, for example, should be sturdy and excellently designed. Consider the best functional system that you will feel comfortable to use day after day.

· Safety

Onion choppers serve an alternative to kitchen knives which pose injuries to many people. But, you should ensure that the blades of the onion chopper are incredibly sharp and oriented in a way won’t jeopardize your safety. It is highly advisable to buy a model with concealed or hidden blades to avoid the risk of injuring your fingers.

· Durability

You will probably be using onion choppers for about three times in a day. This will strain the blades. Therefore, be sure to buy an onion chopper with durable blades made of stainless steel. And if possible, buy the one with reinforced steel. Advice that will break down after a couple of cooking sessions isn’t worth your money.

· Price

A word of advice, expensive doesn’t mean top quality. You shouldn’t break up your savings just because of an advert you saw somewhere. There are affordable onion choppers which have proven beyond a single double to be top rated. According to your budget, you should select the best seller and top rated onion chopper without straining your pocket.

Top 10 Best onion choppers in 2022

The following top 10 onion choppers meet the above criteria and will change your cooking convenience. Let’s see.

10. HomeNative Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Home Native mandolin slicer comes as a deluxe set that includes slicer, interchangeable blades, safety hat, safety glove and a user manual. Among the five stainless steel blades, the set includes a vegetable grater, fine grater, julienne slicer and coarse cheese grater. Boasting an innovative technology, this product allows you to cut vegetables such as onions in a simple zigzag and softer motion. Adjustability is efficient due to the three slice thickness settings of 1mm, 3mm and 5 mm. Comfort is taken care of by the unique design of this slicer set. Thanks to the soft grip handle and non-skid that safe use of the product. The rotator lock ensures that the blades remain secure.

  • Pros

· Versatile uses

· Dishwater safe

· Great safety features

· Excellent adjustability

  • Cons

· The non-skid features easily come off

9. Progressive Prep works Onion Chopper

As the name implies, this is an onion chopper that will make your food preparation very progressive. This product enables clean and precise food preparation. It boasts crafted design made of reinforced plastic with stainless steel blade. The advanced technology reduces onion tears through the elimination of onion vapors. It is a perfect product if you are thinking of dicing onions in a simple and swift motion without risking finger injuries. It has a two cup capacity which is indicated on the side of the non-skid container. The product is easily dismountable for easy and excellent cleaning.

  • Pros

· Dishwater safe

· Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals

· Dismountable

· Great capacity

  • Cons

· Weak hinges and requires gentle handling

8. Freshware KT-402 Two in One Onion, Vegetable, and Fruit Chopper

There are qualities that make this vegetable chopper top rated, but comfort is beyond spoken words. For sure, anyone can slice using this item. It boasts an incredible design that lets you chop your contents by just closing the lid. Of course, that’s really wonderful because it is very easy and reduces any contamination with onion vapor thereby reducing onion tears. Besides, the capacity is a fortune because it can accommodate two cups approximately 1.2 liters. This equipment allows you to dice and slice simply. Thanks to the interchangeable blades that do all that. For your health safety, just know that this device is phthalate free, PVC and BPA free. It is dishwater safe, but hand wash is recommended.

  • Pros

· Straightforward method of use

· Free of chemical contaminants

· Fair price

· Comes with a cleaning tool

  • Cons

· Not great for chopping potatoes

7. OXO Good Grips Onion Chopper and Vegetable

If you are looking for precision, comfort and safety Oxo, Good Grips Chopper is the way to go. It enables you to quickly chop onions, fruits, and vegetable in one swift way. By having a convenient opening for pouring, it gives you the freedom to chop without having to lift the lid or disassemble the device. The grids are easily removable to clean the chopper blades and enhances onboard storage. In fact, the lid is specially designed to provide leverage for efficient chopping. The non-skid base provides great stability during chopping, and the 2.5 cup capacity collects all the chopped contents.

  • Pros

· Easy to use design

· Removable grids for easy cleaning and storage

· Fair price

· Ergonomic and sleek design

  • Cons

· Not ideal for tiny slices

6. Vegetable’s Chef Onion, Fruit Vegetable and Cheese Chopper

With this advanced vegetable and onion chopper, you can make great salads, ragouts, soups, and desserts. It boasts a reliable design making it a big time saver. For durability, it is made of reinforced plastic, which makes it a heavy duty for a long lasting performance. On the other hand, it provides a swift method of chopping and chops right into a built-in container for easy storage and transfer of contents. For stability any surface, this device has rubber features that confer better grip. The product comes with 50 new recipes that will certainly brighten your family dinner table. Also, every piece is detachable for easy cleaning as well as storage.

  • Pros

· Durable reinforced plastic design

· Comes with cleaning tool

· Free recipes

· Works for all vegetables and fruits

  • Cons

· Requires great skills when chopping hard vegetables such as carrots

5. ACODINE Onion Vegetable, Fruit Food Garlic and Meat Chopper

This is the best chopping tool that can handle all types of food in your kitchen. Furthermore, it is an ideal tool if you want to prevent nicked fingers and save a lot of food preparation time. This chopper is pretty easy to use. You just press down on top of the chopper to chop your food. The task is simple, just press strongly if you want fine contents. The fact that this tool has easy cleaning is due to its practical design which boasts healthy ABS plastic. The material is also durable, and the base has non-slip stability for comfortable use. Instead of having many tools for different chopping needs, just use Acodine chopper for all your kitchen needs.

  • Pros

· High-quality ABS plastic material

· Chops all kinds of food

· Simple to use

· Replacement guarantee for any defect

  • Cons

· Not ideal for tough meat

4. Bellemain Vegetable Slicer, Vidalia Chopper & Dicer

Healthier eating has been made easier with Bellemain vegetable chopper equipment. It does everything ranging from slicing potatoes, dicing tomatoes, to julienne celery stalks. It boasts stainless steel blades of German technology. They are of the strongest and highest quality available on the market today. The blades are durable and guaranteed to last not to lose sharpness by any degree. The deicers use BPA plastics as the primary material of construction. Additionally, everything is dishwater safe thus saves most of your food preparation time. Whether you opt for low carb, paleo and even gluten free, this tool will deliver exceptional results because you will have the answer at the palm of your hand.

  • Pros

· German based blade design and quality

· Ideal for tough jobs and ingredients

· Gluten, BPA-free plastic materials

· Dishwater safe for easy cleaning

  • Cons

· Small chopping surface but works great

3. ORBLUE All-In-One, Odor Remover Chopper and Onion Holder

This is an onion chopper that has integrated odor remover and onion holder. This all in one design makes the onion chopping work swift and easy. Precisely, the onion holder features specially designed stainless steel prongs that allow you to hold and chop onions without holding them. Its unique functionality is also evident in slicing uniform sections of all types of vegetables. And still the blades are razor sharp and easily slides into all hard foods such as carrots and potatoes. The handle is non-slip and features oval shape for safe and comfortable handling. Furthermore, it serves both left and right handed users.

  • Pros

· Heavy duty design

· Affordable

· Comfortable handle

· Dishwater safe

  • Cons

· Requires more strength to chop

2. Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable Chopper and Fruit

This is a vegetable and onion chopper that provides easy work and improves the kitchen décor. The reason why is because it is outstandingly designed to feature elegance and unmatched sturdiness. It is a one-handed chopper for chopping nuts vegetables, fruits, chocolates and more. The unique design allows you to chop, dice and slice without facing the stress of a cutting board. There is a built-in blade at the side which eliminates the need for precutting. Another great information is that this product includes a storage box and cleaning tool. This vegetable chopper is undoubtedly dishwater safe making it one of a kind.

  • Pros

· One-handed design

· Fashionable design for enhancing kitchen décor

· Built-in side blade eliminates precutting need

· Durable plastic quality

  • Cons

· Tight hinges that need strength to compress

1. Mueller Vidalia Pro Chopper Vegetable

At the climax of our review, Mueller Vidalia vegetable chopper claims all the glory. It is a vegetable chopper like no other and comes at a friendly price. With its unmatched quality, this tool delivers beyond your expectations for all your food chopping needs. It is made from BPA free and professional grade ABS plastic material. Instead of normal blades, this chopper used two ultra-sharp German class and hardened stainless steel discs. This feature tells you one thing that it can chop any food regardless of the hardness. To add on quality and safety assurance, it is FDA certified to be free of all harmful contaminants. And there is a superior value in the packaging of this chopper. It comes with a 4 cup container, cleaning brush and a recipe book.

  • Pros

· Highly functional

· Easy to clean

· Heavy duty stainless steel chopping discs for added strength

· Wide handle for comfort

  • Cons

· Require precutting into smaller sizes, but still, that’s not a big issue


As a conclusion and call for action, the products discussed in our listing offer more than just onion cutting. Most of them if not all can chop any food in your kitchen. They feature awesome designs to transform your kitchens décor. Besides, they come at pocket-friendly prices that won’t force you to break your bank. To be honest, they are the top 10 best onion choppers in 2022 reviews.


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