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Top 10 Best Patio Umbrellas Reviews in 2022

What is a patio without an umbrella? Every patio needs one, at least. There are many types and variations of patio umbrellas, from small to large, plain to decorative. If you are wondering what the perfect umbrella for your patio could be, this review is aimed at providing you with the right information to make the right choice, as well as a list of the top 10 patio umbrellas in 2022.

With the right environment, umbrella and other furniture, you can turn your patio into that lovely and comfortable paradise you have always dreamed of. Following are key points to keep in mind when deciding on a patio umbrella to purchase.

Patio Umbrella Purchase Considerations and Buying Guide


– Size

Since an umbrella is useful because of the shade it creates, the size of the umbrella should be important when making a decision. For table umbrellas, it is generally acceptable to have about 2 extra feet of space from each table side. This makes it possible for the entire table to be properly shaded. If your table measures 6 x 6 ft. for example, this means you are advised to get an umbrella with a 10 ft. diameter. For height, about 8 ft. is usually enough for most applications.

– Pole & Frame Material

There are 3 main materials from which patio umbrella frames are made. They are wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Wooden frames, including bamboo frames, are the oldest and most classic looking frames. They are usually treated, so they can be more weather-resistant. Aluminum is lightweight, resists corrosion and is affordable, while fiberglass is very tough but slightly flexible.

– Umbrella Material

A lot depends on the canopy fabric as well. You will be better served with an umbrella made from a weather-resistant fabric. A waterproof umbrella canopy will be resistant to rain, while a UV-resistant canopy will not fade under the sun. An umbrella with a breathable fabric will not allow the buildup of mildew and mold. Sunbrella is a popular fabric that does not fade, but there are also acrylic, polyester and thatched umbrella canopies.

– The Base

There are basically 2 types of bases. The first is for free-standing umbrellas, and is usually heavier, while the second is for table umbrellas, and is usually lighter. Free-standing umbrella bases should be at least 50 lbs. heavy, while table umbrella bases can be lighter than 50 lbs. because they are also supported by the table. You should take these into consideration, including the height and style of the umbrella, as well as how windy it gets in your location.

– Style

There are many patio umbrella styles to choose from, including vintage types, market types, tilting, cantilever and even wall-mounted patio umbrellas. Your choice will depend on your personal taste and the patio’s general design. The most popular umbrella style is the market umbrella, which is basically a normal umbrella with 6 to 8 ribs.

– Extras

These include pulley and crank systems for lifting, LED lighting, and any other feature that might be of great value to you.


10. Guide Gear 9-ft. Hardwood Market Patio Umbrella

Guide Gear’s 9-ft. umbrella is a ‘market style’ umbrella with an 8-rib construction. Made from hardwood and secured with brass-platted fittings, this patio umbrella is a top quality product, offered at an affordable size. It is 7 ft. and 9 inches high, with a 9-ft. diameter, and it weighs 15 lbs. The umbrella material is a Teflon-treated polyester fabric, making it both water- and UV-repellent.

  • Pros: Sturdy 8-rib construction, water- and UV-repellent fabric, easy lift mechanism.
  • Cons: Does not include the base.


9. Best Choice Products 9-ft. Patio Market Umbrella with Crank

The Best Choice 9-ft. patio umbrella features an aluminum construction with a colorful 180G polyester fabric, warm and bright enough to liven up any patio. The construction includes a crank and a tilt mechanism, allowing the better positioning of the umbrella throughout the day, as the sun rises and settles. Wind vents on the top provide ventilation of both heat and wind, and the umbrella’s 1.5-inch diameter aluminum pole provides enough strength to carry the entire 8-rib construction.

  • Pros: Available in 5 colors, comes with crank and tilting mechanism.
  • Cons: Does not include the base.


8. Ace Evert 9-ft. Market Patio Umbrella

The Ace Evert 9-ft. patio umbrella comes in 4 colors, which include beige, terra-cotta, khaki and dark green. Its metal pole and frame is powder coated for a beautiful finish, corrosion resistance and longevity. The polyester fabric is supported by an 8-rib market-style frame, and the umbrella opens and closes using a crank system. This patio umbrella has a slight classic Chinese umbrella look to it. It is definitely the perfect umbrella to accent your oriental decorated patio.

  • Pros: Crank lifting system, powder coated metal pole, available in 4 colors.
  • Cons: None


7. TropiShade 9-ft. Tilting Aluminum Market Patio Umbrella

TropiShade 9-ft. patio umbrella is as equally functional as it is stylish. Featuring a sturdy aluminum frame and 6 fiberglass ribs, the umbrella is tiltable in 3 positions. Lifting occurs with a crank, and the 1.37-inch thick pole is powder coated with a rust-free Bronze finish. The umbrella fabric is available in the 4 colors of beige, rust, green and white. It is made from a color enhanced, UV and weather-resistant polyester.

  • Pros: 3-position tilting, crank lift, bronze powder coated, available in 4 colors, fiberglass ribs.
  • Cons: None


6. Abba Patio 9-ft. Aluminum Market Patio Umbrella

Made from a fade-resistant and water-repellent polyester fabric with UV protection, this Abba Patio 9-ft. The umbrella is ideal for both residential and commercial uses. You can tilt it with a simple push of the button. The 1.5-inch aluminum pole provides support for the frame and canopy, which is vented and also available in the 4 colors beige, dark green, red and turquoise.

  • Pros: Available in 4 colors, vented canopy, powder-coated pole, easy tilting and cranking.
  • Cons: None


5. Grand Patio 10-ft. Deluxe Cantilever Patio Umbrella

This 10-ft. cantilever umbrella from Grand Patio is as super sturdy as it is stylish. The curvy 2.4-inch main pole and 1.9-inch cantilever are powder coated for maximum durability. The canopy is waterproof, fade resistant, UV protective and it also features an air ventilation system. It is supported by an 8-rib aluminum frame. The crank system makes it easy to open and close the umbrella, and it comes with its own base.

  • Pros: Strong 2.4-inch pole, aluminum ribs, easy operation
  • Cons: It’s comparatively expensive.


4. Cobana 9-ft. Outdoor Tilting Aluminum Patio Umbrella

The Cobana 9-ft. market patio umbrella is built with lightweight aluminum. Its 8 ribs are made from steel to provide extra strength. The umbrella can be tilted easily with the push of a button, and there is a crank handle for easier opening and closing. The canopy is made from a breathable and UV-protective polyester fabric, which is also fade-resistant and easy to clean. There is also an air vent on top, and it is available with either a red or blue canopy.

  • Pros: Push-button tilting, air vent on top, 8 ribs made from steel for extra strength.
  • Cons: Only available in 2 colors.


3. Patio Watcher 9-ft Aluminum Market Patio Umbrella

Patio Watcher’s market umbrella is a high-quality umbrella available in 6 colors, including beige, red, dark green, chocolate, lime green and turquoise. At a height of 7.8 ft. and 9 ft. diameter, this umbrella will provide enough shade for your table with up to 4 chairs. Its 1.5-inch pole is tough enough to handle the tilting, and the crank handle makes opening and closing easy. The vented canopy is made from a breathable 250g/m2 fabric, which is UV-resistant and SGS certified fade-resistant.

  • Pros: Available in 6 canopy colors, 1.5-inch strong frame, crank and tilt.
  • Cons: None


2. Best Choice 10-ft. Cantilever Patio Umbrella

This 10-ft. Best Choice umbrella is quite stylish and classy, appearing to be much more expensive than it actually is, because the quality construction is easy to see. This umbrella is made with powder coated aluminum for the pole and steel for the bottom frame. The canopy is made from a tan colored polyester fabric. It includes a crank handle, an air vent, and anodized steel ribs.

  • Pros: Highly stylish and lovely design, powder coated aluminum frame, plus steel bottom frame.
  • Cons: None


1. TropiShade TropiLight 9-ft Tilting Market Patio Umbrella

TropiShade’s TropiLight is a 6-rib patio umbrella, available in the 5 colors of white, blue, navy, green and beige. Made using an aluminum frame, its 1.4-inch pole can easily support its 3 tilting positions. Each of the 6 ribs is lined with LED amber lighting, which makes this umbrella able to set the perfect mood for evening parties and gatherings. The lighting system comes with its own 18-ft. power cord, and because of its high-quality engineering, good pricing, LED lighting and lovely bronze finish aluminum pole, this umbrella is our number #1 recommendation.

  • Pros: 1.4-inch aluminum pole, LED lighting with 18-ft. cord, air vent and crank system.
  • Cons: None


We have come to the end of the top 10 and best patio umbrellas review for 2017. As you have seen, the styles are widely different, and so you must choose one according to your desires. But if you are unsure for any reason, then you can always choose our number #1 recommendation.





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