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Top 10 Best Phone Camera Lens Kits Reviews in 2022

Cameras have become an indispensable part of mobile phones, especially smartphones, and has given many people around the world, the opportunity to easily shoot photos wherever they go. Due to design constraints, all smartphones come with simple lenses, and therefore have certain optical limitations compared to professional cameras. In order to enable your phone to capture more professional pictures, a phone camera lens kit becomes necessary, but there are so many different kits available. In order to make the selection of your phone’s camera kit simple for you, this review will look at the top 10 best Phone Camera Lens Kits in 2022.

Macro, Wide Angle, Fish Eye & Telephoto

When it comes to photography and cinematography, lenses play a very important role. The four most widely used lenses are the macro, fish eye, wide angle and telephoto (zoom) lenses. Most kits will include them all, except the telephoto lens. There are other types of lenses too that will create a wide range of effects for your photography or videos, but following is an overview of these popular ones.

– The Zoom (Telephoto)

The telephoto is a lens that has a longer than normal focal length, which reduces the camera’s field of view, thereby magnifying any image it focuses on. It is also known as an optical zoom lens.

– The Macro

The macro lens enables you to take sharp photographs from a very close proximity.

– The Fish Eye

A fish eye lens enables you to take wide-angled and hemispherical photographs, that often appear quite unique and visually distorted.

– The Wide Angle Lens

A wide angle lens has a short focal length, which makes it able to capture a wider scene than normal, without having to step backwards.

10. Universal Cell Phone Lens Kit from Manchu Modern

The first lens kit in this review is this universal camera lens kit from Manchu Modern. It is a 2-in-1 kit, featuring a macro lens and a wide angle lens. It is a practical product made with high quality lenses. Additionally, the two lenses can be stacked together or used separately, depending on the effect that you want to create. It works with iPhones, Samsung, HTC and all other phones and tablets.

9. Evershop Universal 2-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

Next in line is this kit from Evershop, whose price has been reduced from $30 to just $11. A good bargain, considering the high optic quality of the lenses, coupled with their solid aluminum casing. This kit also comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, and a money back guarantee. It is universal in design, so it will work with iPhones 5/6/7, Samsung phones and a lot more others.

8. Totem Pro Gear Universal 4-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

From Totem Pro Gear comes this camera lens kit with 4 different lenses at an affordable price. This kit contains a 180 degree fish-eye lens, a 2x magnification telephoto lens, a 10x macro lens and a 0.67x wide angle lens. It can be a great accessory for any smartphone owner, who is interested in photography. It is additionally made from a high grade, lightweight aluminum alloy and the lenses are made from scratch resistant glass.

7. Phone Camera Lens Kit with Tripod & Bluetooth Remote

From Pixly comes this full smartphone camera kit, complete with a tripod for setting up your phone at a distance, a bluetooth remote for taking pictures or starting video recording from a distance and three lenses. The lenses include a fish-eye lens, a macro lens and a wide angle lens. The kit is very lightweight, and is therefore perfect for the road. The tripod can also be compacted down to 5“ and can work with all kinds of phones. The kit is universal.

6. Portable iPhone Camera Lens Kit from LOHA

On position six of this review of the top 10 phone camera lens kits, is this kit from LOHA. It comprises of just two lenses and a photography guide with step by step instructions. The wide angle lens is a 0.67x lens, which ads about 30% more area in your photos, while the macro lens is a 10x magnification lens. The kit is universally compatible with all phones including iPhones, Samsung and HTC phones. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee, all for just $8.50.

5. Stylish 3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit from Kootek

This stylish universal camera lens kit from Kootek gets extra points for design. It is a kit with 3 lenses, but it also features LEDs that function both as fill lights and as a decoration. This kit is perfect for anyone who loves a little attention, or just loves to stand out from the crowd. The fish eye lens is a 198 degrees lens, the wide angle lens is a 0.4x lens, which captures up to 60% more images, and the macro lens is super sharp at 15x magnification. The kit works with all phones and the LED can be recharged through USB.

4. Pictek Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

This high quality phone camera lens kit from Pictek is the only one in this review with 2 universal clips, which should make your life easier. It also features both a 12x macro lens and a 24x macro lens for absolute high definition imaging. If you are into detail photography and you love a quality product that has been reduced from $30 to $15, then this is for you.

3. High Quality 3-in-1 Camera Lens Kit from Amir

This kit comes with high optical quality lenses. The three lenses include a 140 degree fish eye lens, a macro lens and a 0.4x super wide angle lens. The beauty of this kit lies in the high clarity of its lenses. It also comes with a microfiber bag, perfect for cleaning the lenses. This kits ranks on position 3 because of its lens quality and price.

2. Esrover Camera Lens Kit

On position 2 is this amazing 4-in-1 kit from Esrover. It comes with a 180 degree fish-eye lens, a 15x macro lens, a 0.65x wide angle and a 3x telephoto lens. Many people do not understand the difference between zooming with a telephoto lens and a digital zoom. Digital zooms destroy image quality, optical zoom is much better, and the reason this product is on position 2. The lenses are made from glass manufactured in Germany and are fitted into high quality aluminum casings. They will also work with most phones.

1. Camkix 3 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

From Camkix comes the number one lens kit in this review. It is a three in one kit, with the wide angle and macro lenses easily attached together. It also features a fish eye lens and a velvet carrying bag. The kit is universal and will work with most phones. It is also made from durable aluminum, and so should last a long while. It is ranked number one because of its quality construction, clarity of lens and stylish design.

As you can see, there are plenty of phone camera lenses, with some being specifically designed for certain phones or tasks. If you just need a camera lens kit for your smartphone, that is of a high quality and also affordable, then the Camkix in position one should be a great choice for you. Else, if you don’t mind spending a little extra, then the Esrover in position two would also make a great deal.




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