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Top 10 Best Ski Helmets Reviews in 2022

Have you ever imagined of the possible risks of skiing without a helmet? Now, you should never do it practically because the potential dangers are beyond description. But, nowadays, there are more than enough options of skiing helmets to choose. A helmet isn’t a luxury, but a must have accessory for outdoor sports. They not only reduce the chances of injury but keep you warmer, comfortable and stylish.

In this review, we’ve done a thorough compilation of perfectly constructed helmets worth your investment. Also, we’ve considered several features before ranking these products. That said, here is a brief guide that we’ve used in selecting the top 10 best ski helmets in 2022.

Factors to Consider When Buying Ski Helmets

Sincerely speaking, you don’t just wake up one morning and decide to go and purchase a ski helmet. There are a few factors or features that you need to address and evaluate. Here are the essential features that an ideal helmet needs to have.

· Size or fit

A properly fitting helmet enhances a comfortable feel asides protecting your brain against mechanical shock. It should leave no gaps at any point and fit the cushioning should fit flush against the head.

· Custom fit adjustments

It is advisable to check whether a particular helmet has custom fit adjustment features. These features make it quite easy the safest and perfect fit for you. A customized fit is crucial since not all sizes are ideal for you right from the manufacturer.

· Shell construction

There are several construction designs of the shell. These include in mold shells, hard shells, double shells, hybrid shells, and zip. Each has its advantages and demerits. You’ve to choose the style that you feel secure with. But they all contribute to impact absorption in the event of an accident.

· Ventilation systems

These systems determine how well the air circulates inside the helmet. It affects the breathability and temperature control too. The best helmets need to have adjustable vents so that you can control how much air you want to get inside. Some helmets have ventilation vents at the fore part to facilitate air flow over face foam of the goggles. This prevents the glasses from fogging.

· Audio features compatibility

As much as you want to enjoy skiing and other outdoor sports, you also need to enjoy your music. That’s why helmets need to be audio compatible. Audio compatible helmets feature Velcro pockets or zips in their ear buds to enable them to support audio devices.


10. Grayne MTN Snowboard and Ski Helmet Grey

Grayne MTN Ski helmet is among the lightest helmets you will ever find on the market. It is perfect for snowboarding too. Comfort is beyond description by words for this ski helmet. Thanks to the adjustable slide lever at the top part of the helmet, which controls a total of 8 vents ensuring that you remain comfortable at low and high temperature.

Besides, this helmet features a goggle integration that passes the strap through the shell and the rubber retention to enhance a secure lock. The innovative harness design features a twist to fit dial system to fit a vast size range of head sizes from 54 to 59 cm. Also, the audio liner features a full zip pocket so that you can slide in your music chips for music blasting as you enjoy skiing. The CPSC and EN 1077 certification of this product guarantees your safety while using this MTN ski helmet.


  • Provides high level of protection
  • Supports the use of Bluetooth music
  • Pretty high-quality hardware
  • Super lightweight but very sturdy


  • A bit Hard to clean the inside part

9. SUNVP Ski and Snowboard Helmet, Ultra-light weight Warm Windproof

SUNVP Ski and Snowboard Helmet high impact resistance and high safety factor. Thanks to the material of construction that combines PC and EPS one molded design. It weighs as little as 0.88lbs so that it doesn’t overburden your head at any time. Lengthwise, the helmet covers a range of 58 to 62 cm. The other issue that makes this helmet outshine the rest is the removable ear cotton. Thus, it is easy for one to clean the sensitive part.

Adjustability is another issue that this helmet prides. First, it is easy to wear and has a unified regulator that has upgraded toughness materials to make you feel comfortable and increase the safety factor. Moreover, this safety ski equipment features a chin pad which is fast absorbent, enhanced comfort and taking care of an accidental injury.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Versatile uses
  • Efficient sweat chin pad with incredibly fast absorbent
  • Detachable ear cotton for easy cleaning


  • Some reported manufacturing defects

8. POC Ski Fornix Helmet

Featuring a well-ventilated and lightweight design, POC Fornix Ski helmet provides the best protection you need during this important outdoor recreation. Thanks to the innovative technology that combines Aramid in strings and molding them together with the foam liner. This unique construction maintains the lightweight and comfortable use of this safety skiing gear. Besides, it offers better stability and excellent energy absorption.

For breathability, the ventilation system has got 6 inbuilt vents that use slate plate technology for easier opening. And the helmet perfectly fits with your goggles for an ultimate skiing experience. Thanks to the specially designed from the part which is built to integrate with various sizes of goggles seamlessly. Also, to achieve a perfect fit, the helmet is equipped with turn ring – size adjustment system that you can easily dial in.


  • Great color and style
  • Comfortable fit and unique adjustability
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Buckles are easy to put up even with gloves on your hands


  • Unique shape may not match with some head shapes, but works on majority of people

7. Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Skateboard Multisport Adjustable Dial Helmet

The new Flybar duel certified helmet is CPSC & ASTM Safety Certified for some sporting activities including skiing. It features a sturdy ABS external shell for maximum protection. Also, it has EPS liner that protects your head against any shock in case of an accident. Besides, this foam lining enhances comfort and snug fit regardless of the head size variation. There’s also a spin dial at the back of the helmet for you to quickly adjust and ensure a perfect fit.

Each style is available in three different sizes. These are 53 to 55cm, 55 to 58cm and 58 to 61 cm. This ensures that it covers a broad range of heads circumference. And with a variety of 7 colors available at your disposal, you’ve no reason to compromise the way you present yourself in skiing activity. Whether solid matte is your thing or you just want a cool printed design, this helmet has got you covered. Regarding breathability and comfort, the helmet has a total of 12 vents on each side for a perfect flow of air.


  • Stylish themed design
  • Incredibly soft foam inserts for comfort enhancement
  • Serves some applications and supports
  • Great color variety


  • A bit oblong but fits perfectly

6. K2 Phase Pro – Ski Helmet

This helmet boasts a low profile design. This makes it look stylish while maintaining low weight so that it won’t overburden you when you wear it the whole day. Asides from lightweight design, this helmet boasts an active matrix ventilation system for a perfect fit and excellent comfort. Another innovative aspect in this helmet is the K2 baseline that allows the audio system to seamlessly integrate your favorite music all the day long for you.

Also, by being ASTM F2040 certified, you are guaranteed that the best tool is working for you. Besides, the liner of this helmet is full wrap system that is fully washable. For a perfect fit, there is an adjustability knob that controls how perfectly the helmet fits on to your head.


  • Excellent and comfortable features
  • Great breathability
  • Easy to adjust via a uniquely designed knob
  • Built in audio
  • Compatible with audio system


  • Built in speakers are low on bass

5. Demon Phantom Helmet ft. Brainteaser Audio

Skiing on the snowy environment is enjoyable but can turn to be dangerous if you don’t have the right gears. Demon phantom helmet will never put your life in any danger. It is innovatively designed to fit snugly to your head and remains sturdy even on the hardest obstacles. It is both a ski and snowboard helmet and will keep your dome protected.

The helmet has passed a series of test and found to keep people safe and comfortable. This is attributed to the ABS material and the multiple vents which enhance superior comfort. It is certified by ASTM and has an EPS foam padding for additional comfort. Moreover, the design allows you to use the helmet with or without audio. Also, it comes with free balaclava face mask to keep you warm.


  • Affordable quality
  • Snug fitting
  • Excellent breathability
  • Stylish design and variety of colors


  • Low bass speakers

4. Bolle Synergy Helmet Skiing

Bolle Synergy ski helmet combines the aspects of refined trademark, fashion, comfort to make it among the freshest helmet in the industry. By synergizing the key features of in mold and ABS shell technology, this brand results in a modern design to produces excellently fitting and comfortable helmet. Precisely, the ABS shell enhances lightweight style at the same time providing impact protection.

Other synergy features are the ventilation system with a total of 8 vents top take away hot and moisturized air away from the head. Besides, the vents can be controlled to get a degree of airflow. It is audio compatible, and the ear pads and liner are removable for easy cleaning. The goggles retainer allows hassle free integration of helmet and sunglasses. For sure, this helmet is built to offer unmatched comfort.


  • A little more slimming effect compared to others
  • Soft and comfortable materials
  • Enhanced breathability system
  • Removable chin pad
  • Allows goggles’ and audio features integration


  • Pricier than some ski helmets

3. Giro Ledge 2016 Men’s Snow Helmet

The ledge helmet is built out of sophisticated technology to allow versatile uses. It boasts a tough shell technology to allow street and park riding without fearing anything. Unlike other competitors, Giro ledge meets the modern technology that features an auto lock to fit system in marriage with ample venting. This gorgeous combination of innovative technologies enhances a comfortable fit.

Furthermore, this helmet is super modifiable in that it comes with removable goggles retainer. The ear pads are removable too, to get the best look.


  • Every component is modifiable
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • Great fit and color
  • Seamless compatibility with goggles


  • A bit small, but you can choose your right size

2. Traverse Vigilis Convertible Ski and Snowboard Helmet 2-in-1

At number two of our review, Traverse Vigilis ski helmet showcases some sophisticated features that are worth a praise. It is ideal for different sporting activities including snowboarding and biking. You can now feel free as you shred the slopes and ride on the roads knowing that you have the best tool for ultimate protection. It features two sets of two removable ear pads.

It allows you to personalize the size to fit your head with adjustable dial situated at the back of the helmet. So that you ski on the wettest seasons, the helmet is equipped with fleece snow cap and earmuffs that keep you warm. What is more promising is the fact that you can convert it for other purposes. You just need to swap the ear muffs and cap for the traditional helmet foam pad. It covers sizes ranging from 54 to 60 cm.


  • More vents for ultimate air circulation
  • Safety certified
  • Provides a flexible fit
  • Easily converts ski to bike helmet


  • Great for round heads but not for so good for elongated ones

1. Smith Optics Unisex Snow Adult Holt Sports Helmet

Being an active sports gear maker, Smith optics has once again mesmerized many sports enthusiast by introducing this awesome unisex snow sports helmet. The innovative engineering features a convertible pad that keeps the temperature regulated both in winter and summer. Moisture and temperature and management is the key to enjoying all day skiing and riding. This helmet serves you right if you want to engage in sports all day. Thanks to the dual regulator ventilation system that independently controls the front and the rear sections of venting.

It exhausts heat through the rear vents while keeping the front end sealed. Also, the AirEvac system removes as much air as possible, reducing fog formation to keep your head dry and the goggles crystal clear. Further, the bombshell construction makes the helmet strong and impact resistant.  Thanks to the molded ABS material shell that enhances incredible durability and of Couse maximizing head protection. The product comes with a skull candy audio system that exquisitely blends into the helmet’s padding, letting you listen to boom music as you engage in your exercises.


  • Lightweight design
  • Bombshell and superior construction
  • Patented moisture and ventilation management technology
  • The goggle lock feature is removable
  • Convertible pad kit for all time uses


  • Price tag is a bit on the higher side compared to low rated ski helmets


As much as you want to enjoy skiing to the fullest, you need to ensure that you aren’t compromising your safety. Helmets not only protect you against impacts but also ensures that you don’t breathe in extremely cold or hot air. It has features that control the temperature of the air you are breathing. However, these days, skiing or other outdoor sports seem incomplete without integrating them with music system. Luckily enough, the helmets featured in the review above provides for that. So, for ultimate skiing experience, consider one of the helmets listed in our top 10 best ski helmets in 2022 reviews.

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