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Top 10 Best Telescopic Ladders Reviews in 2022

Telescoping ladders offer you the ability of being compact for storage and transportation, while being able to extend upwards to function as a ladder when needed. If you are the DIY type and you need a ladder, the telescoping ladder will be a great investment choice. You can use it for house and roof repairs, cleaning windows and fitting security equipments, e.t.c. The best part is its compactness, since it requires little room for storage and transportation. Following are the 10 best telescoping ladders in 2022. You should hopefully find what you need from the list, but first a few points.

Telescopic Ladder Purchase Considerations

The following few points are important for anyone who is planning a ladder purchase. There are certain differences between ladders that you have to understand, so that you’ll be able to make the right choice. They include:

– Material

Most telescoping ladders are made from aluminum, because aluminum can be quite strong compared to its weight. They will also include silicon or other synthetic material fittings. The important consideration here is that aluminum is a very good conductor, so if you need a ladder to conduct electricity repairs, then stay away from telescoping ladders. what you need is a wooden or fiberglass ladder.

– Rated Weight Capacity

Every ladder has a maximum rated weight capacity. You should know your weight, or the weight of potential users of the ladder, so that you can buy accordingly. Ladders typically range from Type III ladders with a maximum load capacity of 200 lbs., up to Type IAA ladders with a maximum load capacity of 375 lbs.

– Size

Ladders range in size from just a few feet, up to 20 feet and more in size. You should know for what purposes you need the ladder, so that you can buy a ladder with the correct size. Remember as well that you have to stand about 2 rungs from the top of the ladder, and even when possible, the highest point you should stand is four rungs from the top. With this in mind, you should properly calculate the ladder size that you need.

10. Telesteps 1600EP 12.5-ft. Professional Telescoping Ladder


Item Weight: 19.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 31.8 x 18 x 3.2 inches

Our first ladder in position #10 is the Telesteps 1600EP, with a 12.5ft. height and 16ft. reachable height. It is made from high quality aluminum alloys, and can be reduced to a mere 30 inches in height. It also features fully automatic extension and retraction, with a one touch release mechanism. This ladder is rated Type IA and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. It has also ANSI 14.2 tested and OSHA certified. For all your climbing needs, whether in the farm, at home, office or a job site, you can rely on this Telesteps ladder as do countless professionals.

  • Pros: Type IA ladder with a 300 lbs. rated capacity, OSHA compliant

9. Oshion EN131 12.5ft. Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Item Weight: 25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 34.5 x 20 x 4.5 inches

Oshion EN131 is a high quality ladder made from a premium aluminum alloy. It has step intervals of 30 cm, with 12 steps in total. When folded, it will measure a 34.3 inches (87cm) in height and 18.9 inches(48 cm) in width, but when fully extended, it will reach 12.5 ft. (3.8 meters) in height. It is rated with a maximum load of 330 lbs. (150kg). It features a unique locking and extension mechanism, and also features black anti-slip rubber sleeves on the ladder’s feet.

  • Pros: Sturdy and good looking ladder

8. CSL 16.5ft. Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

Item Weight: 44 pounds

Product Dimensions: 38.5 x 20.5 x 8.3 inches

CSL’s 16.5ft. ladder features a design that sets it apart from the rest. It can be used as a telescoping ladder, as well as a double step-ladder. It can also be used as a stairway ladder and as scaffold bases. In addition, the ladder can reach a maximum height of 16.5ft. (5meters), which is enough for most jobs requiring the height advantage of ladders.

  • Pros: Up to 5 meters/16.5ft. in height, usable as a step ladder

7. Lenoxx 10.5ft. Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Item Weight: 20 pounds

Product Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 3 inches

The Lenoxx ladder is made from anodized aluminum alloy, which prevents corrosion and maintains a long service life. there are also anti-slip rubber sleeves on the ladder’s feet, with a stable locking system between two steps, which increases security, and makes this ladder a reliable tool to work with. It carries a maximum weight of 220 lbs., is lightweight enough to be easily carried around, and it measures 10.5ft.(3.2 meters) in height when fully extended.

  • Pros: Can be contracted down to 2.7ft. in height
  • Cons: Maximum load is 220 lbs.

6. Telesteps 1800EP Professional Aluminum Pivoting Ladder

Item Weight: 30.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 20 x 4 x 36 inches

The Telesteps 1800EP extends up to 14.5ft. (4.4 meters) in height. It is OSHA compliant and has been ANSI 14.2 tested. This ladder weighs just 30.5 lbs. but it will support weights up to 300 lbs. It has also been fitted with Telesteps’ “One-Touch Release” mechanism which allows a fully automatic up and down operation in just seconds. Its high quality non-slip feet also add an extra level of safety while you use the ladder.

  • Pros: 300 lbs. maximum weight, extends up to 14.5ft. (4.4 meters)
  • Cons: Rather dull looking

5. Xtend & Climb 10.5ft. Telescoping Ladder

Item Weight: 20 pounds

Product Dimensions: 4 x 19 x 126 inches

The 760P ladder from Xtend & Climb is made from stainless steel, with handles made from aluminum. There are beautifully and brightly colored, red plastic parts, which give the ladder a rather exciting look. The ladder has an integrated carrying handle, and it is extended and locked by the foot. It also features an angled release mechanism, which ensures that the hands are properly positioned. with a maximum height of 10.5ft., and a weight of just 20 lbs., this Xtend & climb ladder is perfect for all forms of residential jobs.

  • Pros: Made from stainless steel, brightly colored plastic parts
  • Cons: Maximum weight is 225 lbs.

4. Xtend & Climb 770P Steel and Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Item Weight: 27 pounds

Product Dimensions: 5 x 20 x 150 inches

In position #4 is another Xtend & Climb ladder, but this one is much larger than the other, and extends up to 12.5ft. It can also retract down to 32 inches when not being used, and can be therefore quite compactly stored or transported. This ladder also features a red/green indicator tabs to increase operation safety, it is rated at 220 lbs., and it is backed by a six-month manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Pros: Made from stainless steel and aluminum, 21% discount
  • Cons: Maximum weight is 225 lbs.

3. Ohuhu 12.5ft.  EN131  Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Item Weight: 25.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 42.1 x 20.5 x 3.7 inches

Ohuhu’s ladder comes in at the 3rd position. It is made of premium aluminum alloy and features wide steps for better stability and safety. It also features safety functions to protect the finger when folding the ladder. This Ohuhu ladder weighs 25.5 lbs. but can support up to 330 lbs. It comes with a 30 day guarantee and a full 12 month replacement warranty. The package includes this telescoping ladder, plus a user manual.

  • Pros: 12 steps up to 15.5ft. high, EN131 and CE certified

2. Ollieroo 12.5ft. Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Item Weight: 26 pounds

Product Dimensions: 34 x 19 x 4 inches

Ollieroo’s 12.5ft. ladder looks almost like the previous Ohuhu ladder, but it is wider and also available in 13.5ft. and 16.5ft models. This particular model features 12 steps, which have a gap of 1ft. with each other. There are also thumb buttons for safe and comfortable extension and locking of the steps. Certified with the EN131 safety standard, this ladder also supports weights of up to 330 lbs. It also features anti-slip rubber feet and weighs just 26 lbs.

  • Pros: Features a spring locking mechanism, 31% discount

1. Xtend & Climb 785P 15.5ft. Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Item Weight: 36 pounds

Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 19.8 x 36.5 inches

In the first position is this Xtend & climb ladder with a maximum extended the height of 15.5ft. It can also retract into a compact size perfect for transporting or storage. It’s made from aerospace grade aluminum, and features an integrated carrying handle, as well as a thumb release for the steps. It comes with a six month warranty for any of its parts, or for repairs. Xtend & Climb specializes in ladders, and produces amazing, sturdy, well priced and reliable ladders, just like this one, our number #1 recommendation.

  • Pros: Extends up to 15.5ft., 250 lbs. maximum weight, OSHA/ANSI compliant, 20% discount


Telescopic ladders differ from one another, in height, color, engineering and others. All of the ladders in this 2017 top 10 list are great, and you are free to choose, but if you are finding it hard to make a choice, then our recommendation is the Xtend & Climb in position #1.

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