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Top 10 Best Combo Kits Reviews in 2022

If you are the Do-it-Yourself type, or a professional handyman, then you must know that no single tool can do it all. Many tools are great in their own ways, but there are certain jobs that will require a different tool. This situation has given rise to combo kits. If you are considering purchasing your very own combo kit, or you are trying to expand a kit you already own, then this review can help you, because in this review, we look at the top 10 combo kits in 2022. This removes the hassle of having to wade through countless kits in order to find what you are looking for. We present the best tools for you below, with the hope of making your purchase decision easier.

Combo Kits Purchase Considerations

As with so many products, there are certain properties or features of combo kits that you have to take into consideration before making a choice. Some of these features include:

– Carrying Bag or Case

Even if you do most of your work in a workshop, there is a high probability that you will have to do some work elsewhere, especially if you are a professional. In such situations, having a carrying bag or case makes your life much easier.

– Cordless Tools

Most handymen prefer cordless tools, and for a good reason. Cordless tools offer you a higher level of freedom that you would not get otherwise.

– Raw Power

Cordless or not, power-tools are useful because of the power they generate. Tools with low power levels are less desirable than higher powered tools.

Hammer Drill & Impact Driver
Apart from regular drills, there are also hammer drills and impact drivers. Hammer drills hammer the drill-bit into the wall or wood while it’s drilling. Impact drivers are like turbo-charged cars, they simply offer enormous driving torque, allowing you to do even more work with little effort.

– Ease of Use

The ease of use of the tools also matter. The batteries and drill bits should be easy to change, and each tool should fit comfortably in the hand.

Enjoy with The Top 10 Best Combo Kits in 2022.

10. Milwaukee 4-Tool Compact Combo Kit

The Milwaukee 4-Tool Combo kit features professional grade and durable tools made with customer satisfaction in mind. The combo kit comes in a red and black carrying bag, matching the colors of Milwaukee tools. There is a hammer drill, an impact driver, a torchlight and a reciprocating saw. The hammer drill is a 1/2 inch driver which delivers up to 550 in-lbs. of torque, and up to 1,700 RPM, while the impact driver with it’s 1/4 inch, delivers up to 1,400 in-lbs. of torque. The reciprocating saw is designed for a one-hand, easy use, while the torchlight offers a hands-free approach to lighting.

9. PORTER-CABLE 4-Tool Combo Kit

In position #9 is the combo kit from PORTER-CABLE. It is a 4-Tool kit which includes a drill/driver, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw and an LED flashlight. The kit also comes with two Lithium Ion batteries included, a charger and a handy carrying bag. The drill/driver is a 1/2 inch driver with a 2-speed gearbox and built-in LED lighting. The impact driver is a 1/4 inch driver which delivers up to 1,450 in-lbs. of torque, up to 2,800 RPM (Rotations Per Minute), and with up to 3,100 BPM (Blows Per Minute). The LED light delivers up to 120 Lumens while the saw features a variable speed trigger.

8. Makita 18 Volt 4-Tool Combo Kit

The Makita combo kit comes with everything you need for demolishing old stuff and building new ones, including a 1/2 inch hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, a 6.5 inch circular saw, a torchlight and a charger. The hammer drill features a 2-speed setting with up to 480 in-lbs. of torque. The circular saw spins at 3,700 RPM while the torchlight can run for up to 4 hours on a single charge, enough time to get the job done.

7. Bosch Drill and Impact Driver Combo kit

Bosch is an old and trusted name when it comes to electrical appliances. They make sturdy and efficient equipment, and this combo kit should not disappoint as well. The kit is made up of a 1/2 inch drill, a 1/4 inch impact driver, an 18 Volt battery charger, 2x 2Ah batteries and a carrying bag. The drill/driver’s 18 Volt motor delivers up to 600 in-lbs. of torque, and can reach speeds of up to 1,700 RPM. The impact driver delivers up to 1,500 in-lbs of torque, and can reach speeds of up to 2,800 RPM. To top it all off, the combo kit comes with a year manufacturer’s warranty, including a 2 year period of battery-free replacement.

6. PORTER-CABLE Drill and Impact Driver Combo

In position #6 is POTER-CABLE’s drill and impact driver combo kit. The drill/driver features a two-speed gearbox with 400 RPM and 1,600 RPM settings. The impact driver features a variable speed transmission with up to 2,900 RPM, 1,450 in-lbs. of torque and 3,100 BPM. The drivers also feature built-in LED lights and rubber bumpers for protection.

5. BLACK+DECKER 4-Tool Combo Kit

BLACK+DECKER is another electrical appliance brand that is known for quality and long lasting products. This kit comes with a drill/driver with up to 310 in-lbs. of torque, derived from a 2-speed gearbox and an-11 position clutch. The kit also contains a 5.5 inch circular saw, a reciprocating saw with 3,000 Strokes Per Minute (SPM) of 7/8 inch strokes, and a flashlight which delivers 70 Lumens of light for up to 11 hours. The kit also comes with a carrying bag, and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Freeman 4-Piece Framing combo Kit

In position #4 is a slightly different combo kit from the rest of the pack. This Freeman kit is for those who need a dependable, all-round nailing solution. It includes a 21 degree 3.5 inch framing nailer, a 15-gauge 2.5 inch finish nailer (34 degrees), and 18-gauge 1.25 inch straight nailer and another 18-gauge 1.25 inch narrow-crown stapler. The kit also comes with a carrying bag. All the nailers feature a 360 degree adjustable exhaust for air direction, and an air filter for keeping the nailer’s interiors free from debris.

3. DEWALT Ergonomically Designed 4-Tool Combo Kit

DEWALT comes in at the 3rd position with this 4-Tool combo kit. It includes a drill/driver, an impact driver, an LED torchlight and a circular saw. The kit also includes a contractor bag, 2x 20 Volt 2Ah battery packs and a 20 volt charger. The drill/driver offers a 2-speed transmission, while the circular saw spins at up to 3,700 RPM. The tools additionally enjoy 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, including two years of free battery changes, a sign of quality engineering.

2. Milwaukee Drill and Impact Driver 2-Piece Combo Kit

Our second Milwaukee combo kit is this drill and impact driver combo in position #2. The drill delivers 400 in-lbs. of torque, while the impact driver delivers up to 1,400 in-lbs. They also feature battery level gauges, built-in LED lighting for better visibility and variable speed triggers. Also included in the kit are 2 battery packages, a charger, a belt clip and a carrying case. The drill and impact driver are additionally backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, which includes their battery packs.

1. BLACK+DECKER 6-Tool Matrix Combo Kit

The Matrix Combo kit from BLACK+DECKER is in a class of its own. Designed differently from other combo kits in this review, it uses one power unit to drive all its six different attachments. These attachments can be easily fitted or changed, and include a drill/driver, a sander, an oscillating and impact attachment, as well as a jig-saw. The power unit includes a 20 Volt lithium battery which can hold a charge for up to 18 months, as well as a powerful 20 volt motor. The kit is furthermore backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. If there is a future for tool combo kits, with regards to design, ease of use, efficiency and style, then this BLACK+DECKER Matrix kit is that future.

If you need the best all-round combo kit, then the BLACK+DECKER 6-Tool Matrix, our number #1 recommendation, is most probably what you need. If on the other hand, you really need a drill and impact driver as two separate tools in a combo kit, then the Milwaukee kit in position #2 should as well be a great solution to consider.











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