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Top 10 Best Protein Powders Reviews in 2022

Are you in search of great protein powders? Due to the numerous brands that come with these powders, it can be overwhelming to get the best. To relieve you from all the hard work, here are the top 10 best protein powders reviews in 2022. From this list, you can pick the right one that suits your best interests. Therefore, narrow down your search without wading through all the options on the market today.

10. Universal Nutrition Animal Whey Isolate Protein Powder Supplement

This product is one of the top 10 best protein powders reviews in 2022. It is a supplement which is great food for your muscles. In it, there is the cleanest cross flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate. This is also complemented by the ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate that is purest. With such a strong base, this supplement has fortified animal whey with highly touted and proven digestive enzymes. Unlike other protein powder supplements on the market today, this one comes with great taste and ease to mix. This is why most people take several shakes a day since the experience is pleasant. There are also multiple flavors that you can choose from. This ensures that you take your protein supplement as much as required to get the impressive results. The taste, formula, quality and purity of this supplement are its selling points.


9. PlantFusion Complete Plant Based Protein Powder – Vanilla Bean

This is one of the amazing plant based protein supplement available. It comes with great taste to enhance its consumption. It is a supplement that has been made in such a way that it is easy to digest. It’s also free of allergens such as soy, gluten, and dairy. This means that you can consume it without experiencing any health issues. It contains 4500mg of BCAA and 21g of protein and this composition compares to whey in amino balance and density. This great supplement is improved with 3350 mg of Glutamine. Therefore, it becomes a perfect formula for muscle energy as well as overall recovery from daily stress and exercise. It is made from non-GMO ingredients and this makes it of high quality eliminating any possibilities of side effects.


8. Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

Here is another one of the top 10 best protein powders in 2022 due to its effectiveness. There is no added sugar in this supplement and it is soy and gluten free. These are the allergens that can make your body react in adverse ways. Therefore, when taking this formula, you can rest assured that your health has been made a priority. The components that make this supplement are of high quality. They include micellar casein, whey, and milk protein isolates. In its composition, there is also natural flavors, real cocoa, and cocoa butter. To enhance its taste this formula has been sweetened with sucralose, erythritol, and stevia. All these enhance its consumption increase for better and quicker results.


7. MusclePharm Combat Powder Advanced Protein Supplement

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder Supplement is gluten free. This ensures that your health is prioritized to reduce any chance of suffering from adverse side effects. It does not come with any prescription hence you can take it anytime. You are supposed to consume it as much as possible in order to gain the results. You can have it at night, in the morning, pre/post workout and whenever it feels convenient for you. It contains just 5 grams of carbohydrates making it a perfect blend to build lean muscle mass. The formula has 5 powerful and time released proteins which are fast and slow digesting. In order to meet the recovery needs of elite athletes, this supplement has 25 award-winning and high-quality protein. If therefore, you engage in an active lifestyle, this is the perfect blend for you.


6. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein Powder

The main reason why this outstanding supplement is found in the top 10 best protein powders reviews in 2022 is due to its effectiveness. It is exclusively made with Micellar Casein. There are 24 grams of slowly digesting proteins in this supplement for every serving. For maximum results, you are supposed to take this formula before bed as your PM protein or in between meal to support satiety. Every scoop of this protein contains about 5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs. It has been made in GMP certified ON-operated and owned facilities.


5. Legion Whey Chocolate Protein Powder

Having being featured in the top 10 best protein powders in 2022 list means that this supplement is worth a try. It contains all natural whey isolate, ensuring that the dietary shakes are sweetened with stevia and they are sugar-free. There is 100% whey isolate protein which makes lean and lactose-free, grass fed whey isolate protein supplement. This is ideal for weight loss. Legion whey chocolate protein powder is the best formula for weight loss. If therefore, you are seeking to get lean muscle mass faster, use this low-fat and low-carb protein with zero sugar. With the strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors available, you will definitely love this supplement.


4. Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder Isolate – Cinnamon Bun

This is a lactose and gluten free supplement which gives you the best health benefits ever. It comes with less than a gram of sugar and fat per serving. You do not have to worry about its quality since it is scientifically proven. It is hydrolyzed, has 100% whey protein isolate and is fast digesting. There are 5.5g of branched chain amino acids, 2.7g of leucine and 25g of proteins per serving. Therefore, it works quickly when building your muscles.


3. EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder

Here in this supplement, you only get the ingredients you are in need of. This implies that there are no proprietary blends and fillers. You are supposed to take it within 30 minutes of exercise to increase strength and maximize muscle growth. The product is NSF certified and tested, making it safe for you to consume. There are 30g of proteins for every serving. These proteins come from 100% pure whey protein which boosts your performance. There is also 7.3g of naturally occurring BCAAs which helps you in muscle recovery.


2. Naked Whey 5LB Whey Protein Powder

This is the top 2 product in the top 10 best protein powders reviews in 2022. It contains all natural whey which is grass fed. It is sourced from the small dairy farms found in California. This brings you whey that is nondenatured and it is full of essential amino acids, glutathione, and clean protein. There is only one ingredient in this supplement and that is 100% grass fed pure whey protein with no additives. All you get from this formula is maximum nutrition for every serving.


1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein Powder

Are you looking for the ideal workout partner? Optimum nutrition is the number one product in this top 10 best protein powders reviews in 2022. It comes with top-notch performance and this is why it tops this list. The main ingredient here is whey protein isolate. There are whey protein microfractions that come from ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate to boost its performance. Every serving has over 4g of glutamic acid and glutamine and this explains its high functionality. This is the world’s number one whey protein supplement to build your muscles and you should buy it today.


The above are the top 10 best protein powders proteins for athletes and body builders. They are of high quality and they contain healthy ingredients. You will witness top-notch functionality after taking any of these supplements. Price is not an excuse as they all come at a pocket-friendly price.




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