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Top 10 Best Wide Angle Car Dash Cam Reviews in 2022

Car dashboards cameras are useful nowadays for various reasons. With these accessories gaining popularity among many motorists, it’s ideal to get one which gives you wide viewing angles. Moreover, these cameras are usually enabled to perform video recording, thus suitable for security, legal proceedings and documenting touring trip.

For an excellent recording, it’s always ideal to look for a camera which supports large angle of viewing and memory. On the other hand, a large display is another consideration to allow better watching experience even before downloading data into the computer. To eliminate doubts when purchasing a dashboard camera, honest and reliable reviews are essential. Below are the top 10 best wide angle car dash cams reviews in 2022.

Factors to consider when buying a wide angle dash camera

Before going for a dashboard camera, it’s always ideal to check some of the qualities which ensure you get the best experience. To enhance smooth selection, here are some of the factors to look for.

· Budget

Price is a great determinant when purchasing any accessory. The same applies when buying dashboard cameras for your vehicle. Some of the available cams, are cheap but tends to have cheap lenses hence affecting the quality of recorded content. On the other hand, a camera shouldn’t be extremely expensive to deliver high-quality recording. In short, get a dash cam which is affordable yet will perform to your expectations.

· Image quality

When it comes to image quality, this is where one needs to be extremely vigilant. Getting a camera which offers high resolution is advantageous since it helps in delivering finer details. Currently, we have dash cams with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p, and also others are 2560x1440p. This implies that these cameras can record high definition videos thus allowing capturing of more details. High resolution is always a key when buying a dashboard camera.

· Viewing angle

This is another important factor to look whenever purchasing a camera for your car dashboard. Having a cam with small angle viewing ability, it will definitely restrict your recording ability. For cameras featuring over 140 degrees viewing angle, they are better since they offer more details when recording. However, these types of cameras display smaller images.

· Storage capacity

Continuous recording requires a camera to have large memory capacity. Therefore, when going for a dash cam, it’s advisable to look for one which can support over 16 GB memory card. Moreover, if it has the looping ability, it will give your device longer recording period.

· Parking mode

A good dash camera should have parking mode recording. Its important feature as it allows recording even when the vehicle is off. This means in the case of an accident; you will be able to make a follow up easily. If a camera has this function, it needs to be hardwired to the vehicle electrical system always or be equipped with an internal battery.


10. DBPOWER 2.7″ Dash Cam 120 Degrees Wide Angle 1080P

Having a high-definition camera on your dashboard is ideal for ensuring the security of your car. The DBPOWER dash cam is a great consideration for fun as well as safety when in parking. Designed featuring 2.7 inches, it gives your ability to enjoy your recorded video, not forgetting the ability to provide a wide view angle of 120 degrees. For an extended recording period, this camera can support 32GB memory card. Additionally, the 1080p video output and loop recording feature ensure that you get high-quality output. In case of the accident, this device has emergency lock button which allows storage of your recorded content.

  • Pros

· Video locking ability during accident

· High definition video output

· Great viewing angle 120 degrees

· Easy setup and installation

  • Cons

· No user manual

9. DBPOWER 2K FHD DVR 2.7-Inch LCD Wide Angle Dash Cam

This is another excellently manufactured dash cam from DBPOWER which is ideal for use in any vehicle. Having it in your vehicle allows it to deliver exceptional performance. It boasts high-resolution lenses together with A7L50 Chipset+OV4689 Sensors which bring the best resolution ever into your vehicle. On the other hand, when driving, no worry since the device has an extensive footage view of 150 degrees hence allowing large viewing swath. Additionally, when recording; the camera automatically adjusts to prevailing light to deliver the finest output. The 2.7-inches full HD LCD screen is ideal to watch your recording. The lock button ensures in case of the accident, no loss of data hence a suitable camera especially in parking. Moreover, large memory support capacity (64GB) provides ample recording before downloading content to your computer.

  • Pros

· High-performance battery

· Night vision ability

· Large high definition LCD screen

· Compatible with TV through HDMI cable

· Great resolution

  • Cons

· Battery is not long lasting

8. YI Screen FHD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

Drive with confidence by getting this YI FHD wide angle dash cam. It’s a dedicated camera which is designed to make your driving fun as well as improving the safety of your car. Unlike other cameras, this one is designed featuring advanced driver assistance system. Consequently, it enhances safe driving and lane departure. The G-Sensor technology is great for detecting accident, recording the event, saving and locking it. On the other hand, it is enhanced with a night-vision ability and has high-definition recording capability (1920x1080p) and enjoys fast recording ability to capture every detail when driving. With 165 degrees recording angle, it means reduced blind spots while the 2.7-inches FHD screen enables clear viewing.

  • Pros

· Reasonably priced

· Bright and high-definition videos

· Quick and straightforward installation

· Easy to connect with other devices via Wi-Fi

  • Cons

· Don’t have focusing feature

7. OldShark Dash Cam 170 Degree Dashboard Camera FHD 1080P

There is no mores worry about leaving your car in parking. You only need OldShark dash camera and have a peace of mind. This device is great compared to rivals due to its advanced features. It can record full HD videos with 1080p, hence great for fine details recording. The combination of IR and natural light ensures that this cam produces outstanding quality output. The other great quality is G-sensor technology which allows recording and saving without overwriting. Additionally, it has the auto-recording capability when it senses vibrations and close vehicle approach thus providing excellent parking security. For instant playback, this device is fitted with 3-inches LCD screen.

  • Pros

· Perfect parking security

· Broad 170 degrees view field

· Great technology for low power consumption

· Ideal for all conditions

  • Cons

· A bit weighty

6. TaoTronics Car Dash Cam HD 1080P 150 Degrees

Forget about the cheaply made cameras which deliver distortion images and unclear videos. The TaoTronics are known to produce high-quality dash cams which are reliable and super performing. With 1920×1080presolution, this camera ensures that you get even the finer details as you drive. Additionally, it has night vision ability through the 6-glass lens enhanced with wide dynamic range. The looping feature is great since it ensures hands-free recording. This intelligent dash camera has accident detection tech which allows data locking to avoid overwriting. The 2.7-inch screen and HDMI port give you the ability to preview your recorded video even before downloading them.

  • Pros

· Multiple video resolutions

· Multiple languages s user manual

· Comes s with installation hardware

· High definition video output

  • Cons

· Buttons not labeled, only symbols

5. Lumina FHD 1080P Zoom-Series Ultra Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

Lumina FDH dash cam is solution to the largely sized cameras. It is small sized than others on the market and is highly durable. With a discrete shape makes it one of the smallest cam on the market. On the other hand, the device is designed with outstanding capability whereby it has video output of 1080p as well as H 264 photo compression technology. For high-definition and reliable recording, it enjoys 6 layered Nikon lens designed to offer 170 degrees viewing. G-sense technology allows for automatic detection when there is accident occurrence.

  • Pros

· Sleek and compact design

· Heavy-duty 6 layered lens

· Ultra-wide viewing angle

· Generous mounting hardware

  • Cons

· Difficulties when taking pictures

4. Vantrue X2 2.5K Dash Cam 170 Degrees Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camera

As you look for a reliable camera, Vantrue super HD dash camera is an ideal selection to go for. It is enhanced with 1080/1440 video output; meaning delivers excellent high-definition videos. Unlike other brands, this one provides real night vision capability due to 6 layered lenses with large aperture, infrared and HDR technology which auto balances light; hence, delivering high-quality content. The security of your vehicle is highly enhanced combined with GPS function to allow a camera to switch to parking mode without human touch. Additionally, the camera helps in tracking your speed as well as location. The seamless looping feature is great in ensuring continuous recording while emergency lock secures recording of the events while preventing overwriting. It has the capacity of supporting 64 GB memory card and recorded once the engine starts.

  • Pros

· Inbuilt Li-ion battery

· Easy to update firmware

· Quick and straightforward mounting

· Intuitive user interface

· Good sound recording quality

  • Cons

· Battery is not suitable for hot areas

3. KDLINKS X1 FHD 1920 x 1080, 165 Degree Dash Cam

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD dashboard camera is convenient to use than other cams on the market. This is because it comes with 8 GB SD card hence ideal for as soon as you unpack it. Additionally, the camera is designed to record 1920 x 1080p at 30 fps hence guaranteeing high definition videos. It doesn’t matter whether you are recording at night or day time since this device is equipped with superior lens and wide dynamic range which allows even night recording ability. The inbuilt GPS is useful when driving since it keeps tracking your speed and location as well as the current route through Google Maps. Also, the inbuilt battery provides more than 6 hours of recording and can function on a broad range of temperatures.

  • Pros

· Great view angle

· Fast booting

· High definition and bright screen

· Excellent night caption ability

· Easy setup

  • Cons

· Sometimes it starts in computer mode

2. Rexing V1 FHD 1080p Wide Angle Dash Camera

The Rexing V1 car dash camera is a high-quality device ideal for all vehicle installation. Its design is dedicated to delivering pristine video quality not forgetting its outstanding deign. As a result, mounting it on your car windshield is easy and allows the camera to be concealed. This is ideal for enhancing the safety of vehicle as well as the camera itself. Now, the functioning of the device is not limited to daylight recording; it also has night recording ability due to wide dynamic range. Moreover, 6 layers lens and wide view range of 170 degrees enable it to enjoy expansive recording. Large memory support (120GB Memory card) is ideal in ensuring extended recording time while looping technology provides continuous video recording.

  • Pros

· Large memory support

· Sleek and unique design

· Durable construction

· Lightweight and easy installation

  • Cons

· Installed battery lasts for 1 minute only

1. REXING S500 Pro 1080P Wide Angle Night View Mode Dash Cam

Get added versatility when you buy this Rexing S500 pro. It’s a highly designed device unlike many on the market which ensures that you enjoy both front and rear viewing. To make sure it performs exceptionally, the front lens is designed with ability to achieve 180degrees vertical rotation and 30degrees horizontally. The slip design is useful for facilitating concealment of this device for a secure recording while eliminating need to move camera when vehicle is parked. From lens has a viewing range of 170 degrees while rear one has 120 degrees and 180 degrees rotation thus ensuring finer details. The both cameras have high definition recording and enjoy night vision capability for maximum recording delivery.

  • Pros

· Professional packing

· Easy and straightforward installation

· Great range of operation temperatures

· Supports large storage capacity memory cards (128 GB)

  • Cons

· Relatively expensive


In conclusion, having a dashboard camera is a great deal whenever driving or parking your vehicle in public parking. Nowadays, it’s evident these cams are fitted with outstanding features to deliver excellent performance. Now, getting dash camera is smooth and easy, get one of reviewed above and experience exceptional driving fun and safety.

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