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Top 10 Best USB Car Chargers Reviews in 2022

The mobile revolution has brought smartphones, tablets and pads into our lives. Computers have gotten smaller, more compact and mobile, creating thereby, this new trend of mobile computing, which is championed by the smartphone. In a perfect world, a full smartphone battery should last for many months with constant, everyday use, but our battery technology has not yet advanced that much.

So, every few hours, we have to charge our phones, and when we are on the road, then it’s best to use the car’s cigarette socket charger. The question then remains: Which of these cigarette socket chargers should I buy? Well, join us as we present the Top 10 USB car chargers in 2022.

USB Car Charger Buying Guide

In order to make the right purchase decision, you will have to understand the important aspects of the car charger. Below are these features that you should consider:

– Power Output

Power output refers to the amount of Amperes that is available from the USB ports. Although a single USB port is limited to 0.5Amps for USB1&2 ports, and 0.9Amps for USB3 ports, those current limitations are only enforced on computers. With an external charger, a device can theoretically draw up to 5Amperes of electric current, although 2.1 Amperes is the norm when charging most phones.

So, unless you need a charger with just one USB port, you should multiply the amount of ports that you need, with an average of 2 Amps, to get the total charger current, given in Amps. To convert the Amps value into Watts, you should multiply by 5 Volts. Some chargers will only provide 2.1Amps in one or two ports, and just 1 Amp in the others, so check well first.

– Number of Charging Ports

This one is less of a technical issue, and more of simply knowing what you need. You have to check yourself first, and know if you are the type that uses multiple devices. Also, do you drive with friends or other people who may also have devices in need of charging? By answering these questions, you should know how many charging ports should be enough for you.

– Design

Except you have no appreciation for aesthetics, you should as well be concerned with how the product looks. Surely, it’s a charger and much should not be expected from it, but it’s something you have to live with almost every day, so why not get something nice?

– Charging Cable

There are car chargers that come with a permanent cable. You have to understand that cables often fail from daily use, and so if you buy a charger with an integrated cable and the cable fails, you will have to buy a completely new charger. If you decide to buy a new cable, also consider if you would be needing a long one for those in the backseat.


10. Jelly Comb 65-Watt 6-Port Car Charger

With 65 Watts of total power output, Jelly Comb’s USB car charger offers full 2.1 amps of electric current on all six of its ports. This charger is the real in-car heavy duty charger, which you need to provide full and fast charging for all types of portable gadgets simultaneously. It also has a 3.3 feet long cable, providing access to your passengers in the back. With this cigarette socket charger, everyone can enjoy charging and using their phones or tablets while on the move.

  • Pros: 6 ports, 65 Watts of total power, 3.3-feet long cable, available in 2 colors
  • Cons: N/A

9. Lightning Car Charger 4-Port 10-Amp Rapid Phone Charger

Lightning Car Charger’s 4-port smartphone charger is perfect for those who can’t get their phones charged quickly enough. With a total of 10 Amps spread over 4 ports, you can charge not just one, but up to 4 devices at full speed. It also features a sleek design, high-quality components, and it is backed by FCC, CE and RoHS certifications.

  • Pros: 2.4 Amps per port for rapid charging, beautiful design, 60% discount
  • Cons: High currents tend to shorten battery lives

8. Anker 5-port 50-Watt Car Charger for Smartphones

Anker’s 5-port charger is designed to deliver full power for up to 5 devices at once. It comes with a cable long enough to serve those seating behind. The device is available in either black or white, and can intelligently detect the device that was plugged in, and how much current it needs. Anker backs up this charger with an 18-month warranty.

  • Pros: 5 USB ports, 50 Watts output power
  • Cons: Not very aesthetically pleasing

7. iXCC 5-Port 50-Watt Cup Holder Fast Car Charger

The iXCC charger gets extra points for its design. With just 3.9 inches of height, and a diameter of 2.8 inches, this charger was designed to perfectly fit into your car’s cup-holder. It provides a high-speed charging capability, and can deliver this full charging power for up to 5 devices at a go. An integrated safety system protects your devices from overcharging, over-current, over-voltage and short-circuits. It is additionally backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Pros: 50 watts output, 5 USB ports, offers safety features, 50% discount
  • Cons: N/A

6. JETech 2-Port 15.5-Watt Car Charger

Made of stainless steel, this charger is as sturdy as a charger can get. You are going to use this for many years to come, without finding the least sign of wear. Apart from Mazda6 and BMW 328, and due to their design, this charger will fit most other vehicles. It features an over-heating, over-charging and over-current protection system, and should be perfect for you if you find two ports okay.

  • Pros: Nice stainless steel design, fast charging capability
  • Cons: Has only 2 USB ports

5. Omaker Intelligent 3-Port 33-Watt Car Charger Made of Aluminum

Omaker’s charger features a full 6.6 Amperes of output power, divided over three USB ports. Each port can output the standard 2.1 Amps at 5 Volts, which most devices need for speed charging. It also comes equipped with an intelligent circuit design, which identifies the plugged in device and provides an appropriate supply of power. There are safety circuits, a power indicator, and it is certified by the CE, FCC and RoHS certification standards.

  • Pros: Made of Aluminum, provides 3x simultaneous full speed charging
  • Cons: It has no wire and so, is not extensible to people sitting behind in the vehicle

4. JETech 2-Port USB Car Charger with Micro-USB Plug

JETech’s dual-USB charger with micro-USB plug is a simple and straight-forward charger for those who are always on the go, and often need to recharge one or two devices. It can as well provide uninterrupted power supply for your smartphone, so you can use it non-stop as a GPS device while driving. The second USB port can be used simultaneously with the micro-USB to charge two devices. It also offers many safety features to protect your devices.

  • Pros: Features a cable with a micro-USB plug, nice design
  • Cons: Offers only 2 ports

3. Anker 42-Watt Quick Charge Car Charger

This Anker charger is very simple and compact. Designed for those who need an uncomplicated and efficient method of charging their devices on the go, it also provides full charging speeds when you need it. It comes delivered with a user guide and an 18-month warranty.

  • Pros: Simple and nice design, available in 2 colors, 50% discount
  • Cons: Only two ports and no extension cable

2. Maxboost Dual-Port 24-Watt Smart Port Car Charger

Maxboost’s dual-port charger with a 24-Watt output, delivers up to 2.4 Amps to each of the ports. Designed for quick and uncomplicated charging, this charger also comes with a Polyurethane grip for easy insertions and removals. The ports feature smart analyzing circuits, which detect your device and provide the appropriate power. This charger also features safety mechanisms to protect against over-heating, over-charging and short circuits. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Pros: Available in 2 colors, lovely design, inbuilt LED lighting, 75% discount
  • Cons: only two charging ports, no extension cable

1. Anker Dual-Port 24-Watt USB Car Charger

In position #1 is yet another charger from Anker. This time, it’s a sleek and beautifully designed charger, available in either black or white. It offers two USB ports with full power for full speed charging of your smartphones, tablets and IPads. The ports also feature an LED illumination for user friendliness in the dark. It comes with a user guide, and is backed by an 18-month warranty from Anker.

  • Pros: Available in black and white, compact and modern looking
  • Cons: Offers only 2 ports

if you simply need a USB car charger to fulfill your needs, then our #1 recommendation is the Anker Dual-Port in position #1. If you need a more specialized device, then you will have to choose something else, like the lovely 5-port iXCC in position #7, or the 65-Watt, 6-port monster in position #10.




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