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Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes for Men Reviews in 2022

While it may be easy for you to buy just any shoes, things may not be the same for rock climbing shoes. The best climbing shoes for men should be excellent in edging and climbing on the steepest of the terrains. The choices are seemingly unlimited and confusion comes when you consider pricing, size, model and other important features. If you find it difficult to make the choice then you are lucky because we will provide you with reviews of the top 10 best climbing shoes for men and later a useful buying guide.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Climbing Shoes

Finding the best climbing shoes can make the difference on how you will perform your favorite sport. If you have not yet found a good brand or model to buy then you can use the following guide. Here are the most important factors to consider:

• Climbing Shoes Type

You can choose from neutral, moderate and aggressive types of climbing shoes depending on the kind of climbing you are interested in. Neutral climbing shoes provide all-day comfort but not great for difficult overhanging routes. Moderate climbing shoes have moderate downturn making the great for more challenging routes. Aggressive types, on the other hand, are overly downturned for extreme climbing conditions.

• Footwear Closure

When it comes to footwear closure, you choose between lace-up, strap and slip-on. Lace-up closures are extremely versatile because they allow you to loosen the shoes when your feet get hot. Strap closures offer superior on/off convenience while slip on closures offers the greatest sensitivity.

• The Climbing Shoes Material

The materials for climbing shoes are either leather or synthetic. Leather types (lined or unlined) provides the easiest care, including deodorizing. However, the highest performing climbing shoes are synthetic. They are great for vegans and professional rock climbers.

• Climbing Shoes Last

You have the option to choose from different shoes lasts. A climbing shoes last is the foot shape model around which the shoes is built. This is what gives shoes their instep volume and height, heel and toe dimensions as well as width. You can choose from slip lasted (most common type), board lasted, asymmetric, straight or downturned.

• Climbing Shoes Outsole

The outsole is the rubber part of the climbing shoes that contacts the rock. Its quality has a direct effect on the performance of the shoes. A good rubber for the outsole should provide good grip and stickiness. Firmer rubbers provide better edging and support for the feet. Outsole thickness also affects the performance of the shoes. Thicker soles offer good support for excellent edging while thinner soles are best for smearing on slab routes.


10. CLIMB X Redpoint Climbing Shoes with FREE Climbing DVD

Climb X Redpoint qualifies as one of the best rock climbing shoes currently in the market. It is made of the strong and durable rubber sole and high-grade center cut leather body. The shoes features an organic hemp bed to keep the shoes smelling the free. Breathable mesh tongue adds to the comfort and reduces the chances of smelling. To help with safe and convenient climbing, the shoes features 3-D molded climbing rubber hooking heel and decent tread. A padded ankle pad promotes comfort.

While CLIMB X Redpoint is a great climbing shoes, it may not be ideal for experienced climbers. Beginners can use this shoes, especially when training but once you become a rock-climbing professional, you can go for better quality brands that are definitely more expensive.

  • Pros

• Very durable thanks to strong construction materials

• Designed to keep out bad smell

• Great for beginners

• Very affordable

• Comes with free climbing DVD

  • Cons

• May not be suitable for advanced rock climbers

• Maybe smaller than your normal shoes size and you must order with that in mind


9. Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoes

This shoes size made by a climber-owned company is another great choice. You may be fooled by Mad Rock Men’s Drifter appearance but it is armed with great features and specifications making it ideal for even advanced climbers. It features high-grade leather construction with a rubber sole for durability and strength. Drifter has 2 Velcro straps to ensure for easy removal and good fit.

Although made of leather, I cannot vouch for the durability of Drifter. After some time of use, the leather upper tends to separate from the sole. The sizing of this shoes brand can be a little bit confusion and most people claim the shoes they ordered did not work for them.

  • Pros

• Great and functional design

• One of the most affordable climbing shoes

• Wonderful shoes for beginner climbers

• Big finger loops at the heel and the 2-strap Velcro for easy take off after climbing

  • Cons

• Durability of the drifter may be in question

• Not very comfortable to use for extended periods


8. Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoes

If you are looking for an entry level but dependable climbing shoes then you can trust Mad Rock Men’s Drifter to deliver. It features a high-quality rubber sole to take on the harsh terrain and leather body for strength and support. To make it easy to take off after climbing, the Drifter features large finder loops at the heel and, 2-strap Velcro.

  • Pros

• Dependable entry level climbing shoes

• Unbelievably affordable

• Great quality shoes

• Wonderful choice for indoor climbing

  • Cons

• Leather paneling may degrees with just a few months of use

• May not be ideal for professional climbers


7. Mad Rock Kids’ Mad Monkey Climbing Shoes

Do you want your junior climber to climb rocks like a monkey? A climbing shoes that can help you achieve this is the Mad Rock Kids’ Mad Monkey. It features hook-and-loop closure as well as an adjustable heel, which provides a flexible fit for the growing feet. Its gently curved sole and slightly pointed toe allow your junior climber to get a strong grip on the terrain. Kid’s Mad Monkey features symmetrical bands, Velcro fastener, and an adjustable band.

One of the biggest problems with this shoes is the smelling. It seems the manufacturers did not do a great job to prevent odor formation. The Velcro patches on the shoes are large and this may make it difficult for the kids using the shoes to take the off by themselves.

  • Pros

• Great shoes for junior interested in rock climbing

• Flexible for growing feet of kids

• Highly affordable given quality

• Designed for durability

  • Cons

• The shoes are extremely smelly despite efforts to eliminate the odor

• Large Velcro patches may be too large for kids


6. Muck Boot Men’s Muckster II Low Climbing Shoes

The Muckster II Low climbing shoes from Muck Boot is one of the greatest climbing shoes you can ever find in the market. It features a rubber sole and neoprene and 4mm CR Flex-Foam paneling. It also features breathable, airmesh lining while limits chances of smelling. Moreover, it also features a self-cleaning and high-track rubber outsole for strength and durability. The shoes provide incredible traction and the outsole provides even better contact with wet surfaces.

These shoes feature rather weird design, not common with most other brands. This makes it difficult to find a perfect fit. Besides, this shoes is not specially designed for climbing and therefore may not be great for professional rock climbers.

  • Pros

• Multi-purpose shoes climbing and overall use

• Self-cleaning outsole design sheds debris easily

• It is extremely comfortable to walk on

• Light shoes that will keep your shoes warm and dry on cool, wet mornings

• Offers high traction and better contact with wet surfaces

  • Cons

• Not specifically designed for rock climbing so may not be ideal for professionals

• The shoes are quite pricey


5. Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoes

In case you are looking for an ultimate performance shoes for rock-climbing sports then you can try the Evolv Men’s Shaman. This shoes is also ideal for bouldering on steep terrain. Its asymmetrical shape is designed to contour your feet for impressive edging over the big toe. It features TRAX XT High Friction Rubber outsole for the maximum stick. The design also features tensioned heel and arch ramp to eliminate dead space while big toe knuckle box and midsole love bump help obtain maximum strength for edging and grabbing.

The design of the shoes might be great for those with arched feet but may prove uncomfortable and less functional for those with flat feet. The shoes may fit well to size but super-stitches inside them might hurt your feet. However, the feet get used to the shoes quite fast.

  • Pros

• Great for rock climbing and bouldering on steep terrains

• Offers maximum grip

• Optimal strength for grabbing and edging

• Fit to size perfectly

  • Cons

• Super-stitches inside the shoes hurt the wearer

• Offers great grip but might be painful


4. La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Performance Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva is known to be one of the best brands of rock climbing shoes. Their Tarantulace Performance model can attest to brands great position. It is an unlined climbing shoes designed to maintain comfort and breathability. The asymmetric shoes shape does not hurt toes while its aggressive rubber heel rand keeps you on the high edge of performance. It features FriXion rubber sole, synthetic leather upper, as well as adjustable inner volumes designed to provide the perfect balance to comfort and high performance.

The little eyelets that hold the laces may not hold up for so long and thus may reduce durability. The rubber sole also wears out quite fast. Apart from these few complaints, La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Performance is a great rock-climbing shoes.

  • Pros

• Superfast lacing system for convenience

• Great edging for incredible climbing

• Impressive performance due to unlined climbing

• The Tarantulace is multifunctional

• Comfortable design with sensitive, grippy heel

  • Cons

• The rubber may not the stickiest

• Wears out quite fast compared to similar quality climbing shoes


3. La Sportiva Miura Lace Climbing Shoe – Men’s

Miura Lace is a great choice of an incredible climbing shoes. It features Vibram XS Edge rubber, which is extremely hard and can stand the test of time. It edges so nicely and easily holds the down-turned toe in pockets thanks to XS EDGE rubber of it’s sole. The shoes is designed to protect your toes as you climb by preventing jamming and twisting it in cracks. The shoes allow you to lock nicely into pockets and let you pull your body into the rock. Miura Lace is great for climbing sports and other applications.

While all the XS EDGE rubber encasing your toe enables you to push down hard, it significantly reduces the sensitivity of the shoes. However, it still offers a better level of sensitivity compared to other brands in its class. The Miura lace can be tricky when it comes to fitting because it will not feel immediately comfortable no matter how you size it.

  • Pros

• Made of durable and functional Vibram XS Edge rubber

• Protects your feet and supports incredible edging

• Versatile to tackle a number of terrains

• Great on pockets

• The lacing system is slick and provides secure fit

  • Cons

• Out of box, Miura Lace can be a little rough but improves with time of use

• Lower sensitivity compared to some of its competition


2. Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoes

This great climbing shoes from Scarpa features a slipper design with a single strap and Vibram XS Edge rubber sole to resist deformation, especially when standing on edges and micro-flakes. Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoes offer good sensitivity with just enough power from the dual-tension randing for standing on dimes. Vibram XS Grip 2 makes simple to hook the heels. The mid-length outsole construction is functional and helps to keep off debris.

Many people have had a chance to use this climbing shoes and they have not reported any claim that can be considered a disadvantage. Maybe with time someone with pick a problem big enough to record. For now, the Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoes seems to be a perfect choice.

  • Pros

• Great quality imported from Italy

• Offers maximum toe power for excellent climbing experience

• Vibram XS Edge in forefoot offers incredible grip as well as durability

• Simple heel hooking thanks to Vibram XS Grip 2

• Floating power strap provide power and enhance fit

  • Cons

• Sizing may be troublesome for entry-level climbers


1. Five Ten Men’s Rogue Lace Climbing Shoes

Featuring a high-quality rubber sole and pure leather top, the Five Ten Men’s Rogue Lace Climbing Shoes is designed for incredible rock climbing and bouldering. The upper leather is naturally conforming to enable perfect fit and good grip. It features stealth c4-rubber outsole to keel off debris from the surface of the shoes. An active arch technology will take any type of feet whether high arch, low arch or flat. It also features a comfort range slingshot heel cup.

Just like almost all great climbing shoes brands, the Rogue Lace Climbing Shoes is initially ill-fitting but the experience improves with time. You will break in one or two days and a start enjoying a comfortable climbing experience. Otherwise, it is a great climbing shoes to buy especially if you are new to rock climbing.

  • Pros

• The shoes features rubber sole and leather upper for optimal durability

• Naturally conforming leather offers perfect grip

• Ideal for beginners

• Supportive midsole allows for increased feeling and sensitivity

• Lace closure offers greater adjustability

  • Cons

• Uncomfortably tight on initial use but this improves with use

• Relatively new to the market therefore not well tested


The information could be handful but I believe it will help you reach the best decision if you are new to rock climbing shoes. You have to shop carefully in order to find the best climbing shoes for men that will deliver the performance you are looking for. If you are still confused then you can talk to a professional to help you out in your choices.




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