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TOP 10 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods Reviews in 2022

Wall mount range hoods are better than the normal range hoods that many people are used to. They are popular due to many reasons and among them, their ease of installation, affordability, and aesthetics among other features. The range hood is a critical device that is known by different terms. Extractor hood and exhaust hoods are interchangeable words that refer to this equipment that removes combustion fumes, heat, smoke from kitchen processes, through evacuation and filtration process. Here, we describe as we review the top 10 best wall mount range hoods.

  • Size of the range hood: Depending on the type of the range hood, the size varies according to the surface area of the cooktop. Even though this isn’t a must have a requirement, it is proper because it allows all the smoke and contaminants that drift up getting trapped in the hood before they can escape.
  • Cost: Even though this factor shouldn’t dictate the type of the range hood that you want to install, it affects your purchase decision in one way or the other. You can get cheap ones at 100 dollars without counting the installation process. The price may go higher when the facility fee is combined. And this may be due to the range hoods that have complicated installation.
  • Ease of installation: Range hoods that feature ducted systems have complex installation processes. The ductless ones have pretty easy to install. However, this will be much affected by the existing features. Depending on the available features, therefore, you are bound to face various installation complexities.
  • Power of the range hoods: Based on your cooking schedules and other complications, you may need a powerful range hood to cover you. If you engage in the seriousness of cooking and frying, it is advisable to buy a powerful range hood.
  • The ventilation type: Before making the purchase decision, you have to know whether you want ducted type or ductless type of the range hoods. But, scientific research has conclusively shown that ducted ones are more efficient than the ductless counterparts.
  • The aesthetic value of the wall mount range hoods: Different manufacturers produce different range hoods with different built qualities. It is evident that you will go for a device that is aesthetically pleasing to enhance the décor of your kitchen.

10. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Wall-Mount Range Hood

Brand Name: Perfetto Kitchen and Bath

Product Dimensions: 33.5 x 24 x 19.5 inches

Item Weight: N/A

Have you been looking for this device that removes airborne grease combustion products like heat, smoke, odors, and steam from your kitchen? Perfetto kitchen wall and mount range hood is your solution. It is a brushed stainless steel 30-inch wall- mount cooker extractor hood with push button controls. For superior filtration, it contains 2 mesh filters. A variety of convertible system is available, be it ducted or ductless reticulating or vented or ventless.

Filters for carbon charcoal are sold separately. Besides, the products are obtainable in many tastes of your choice; super slim manhood, imported, beautiful European Italian design among others all easy to clean and low maintenance cost. We avail you with an installation guide and do-it-yourself installation kit: 6-inch diameter duct pipe, chimney flue covers, reusable filters including hardware. Installation video is also available. For these products, there are a 3-year limited parts

  • Pros

› Slim and presentable design

› Affordability and three-year warranty

› Button control features

  • Cons

› Requires careful installation

9. Cavaliere CAV-B02 Wall Mounted Range Hood


Product Dimensions: 19.1 x 29.5 x 43.4 inches

Item Weight: 45.5 pounds

The design of Cavaliere wall mount range hood does not only decorate your kitchen but also acts as the device to filter air in your kitchen by removing airborne grease combustion products like heat, smoke, heat, odor, and steam from the air by evacuation and filtration of air. Moreover, It features touch 4 sensitive LCD to operate it. To evacuate smoke and steam, it has a chimney which is telescopic up to 9 fits above the ceiling.

It also has stainless steel Baffle Filters manufactured from Aluminium which work by forcing air saturated by grease to rise through filters rapidly eventually condensing and draining subsequently. It is also dishwasher friendly. Also, it comprises of 860 CFM centrifugal blower to move air and increase speed and volume of an air stream with rotating impellers. The product is easy to clean, cheap to maintain and pocket-friendly.

  • Pros

› Great power

› Efficient mechanism

› Easy to use LCD

  • Cons

› Pricy

8. European Style Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood

Brand Name: Firebird

Product Dimensions: 32 x 21.5 x 18.5 inches

Item Weight: 44 pounds

Stainless steel ductless range hood vent is the solution to the dull mood in your kitchen. It is beautifully designed and easy to catch your eye it is an automatically controlled machine. Therefore, it is very easy to operate as it features control type buttons. To avoid congested air, it has a high efficient performance 380 CFM centrifugal blower with high speed and increases the volume of an air stream. However, it consists of a telescopic chimney that fits 8 to 8.5 fit above the ceiling to empty the smoke and steam from the kitchen.

It also consists of stainless steel baffle filters produced from aluminum hence dishwasher friendly and easy to remove aluminum grease filters.it has a dimension of 29.5-inch width by 18.7-inch length 36.5-inch height. We offer you with an installation guide together with a facility kit. An installation video is also available at your request. Also, it is easy to clean and of low maintenance cost. Grab one today and improve your healthy living in your kitchen.

  • Pros

› Durable stainless and ductless construction

› Incredible dimensions for tight spaces

› Telescopic chimney

› Dishwater safe

  • Cons

› Pricy

7. Kitchen Touch Panel Controlled Range Hood By AKDY

Brand Name: AKDY

Product Dimensions: 18.9 x 30 x 41.7 inches

Item Weight: 21.6 pounds

Have you been wondering about how to have great savings in your kitchen? Your answer is in the high-quality stainless steel kitchen wall mount touch panel controlled range hood. Its features are all to your advantage; It is manufactured from stainless steel hence hard and doesn’t rust therefore more durable than the average range hoods. It has an excellent air flow from a 400 CFM centrifugal blower to avoid congested air.

Also, the dimension of 18.9 inches length by 30-41.7 inches height by 30 inches width is favorable to fit in your kitchen. It also has unique baffle filters made of quality stainless steel to clean air saturated by grease. They are available at low prices, and cheap maintenance cost thus great savings to your pocket. Order one right away.

  • Pros

› Powerful centrifugal blower

› Quiet operation

› Low maintenance costs

  • Cons

› Different installation hardware can be confusing

6. Winflo Wall Mount Stainless Street Arched Tempered Glass and Convertible

Brand Name: Winflo

Product Dimensions: 18.7 x 29.3 x 36.4 inches

Item Weight: 33 pounds

It has never been heard of a lowly priced appliance that comes along with style, value and high performance into your kitchen. Only win Flo which features tempered glass. It is a convertible kitchen range hood that offers more than that. Additionally, it features control touch sensor panel with a LED display which makes it easy to operate automatically. It has also got a dishwasher which safe and easily removable with an Aluminium grease filter.

It has the best air flow from a powerful motor running at 450 CFM air flow created using high innovative technology and a 3-speed fan for the right suction amount to dispel fumes and vapor. When in use it keeps the noise level at 54db when at high speed using its ultra-quiet operation. Most of all it is easy to clean and cheap to maintain. Words cannot explain how best this appliance can work get one at an affordable price and experience it yourself.

  • Pros

› Flawless operation

› Quick installation

› Dishwater safe

› Convertible design

  • Cons

› Three-speed fan issues

› Pricier than some models

5. AKDY 30″ AZ-D05-75 Wall Mount Range Hood

Brand Name: AKDY

Product Dimensions: 18.7 x 29.5 x 34 inches

Item Weight: 53.2 pounds

If you need a perfect time in your kitchen, you must ensure that you use the best range hood. The akdy-mount-az-d05-75 range hood is, therefore, the best. This wall mount range hood includes the use of a remote in control mechanisms to ensure that less energy and time is used while operating it. It also features a stylish European wall mount design to ensure that it lasts long to offer you with long time services. Also, it contains an adjustable chimney which ensures that your kitchen chores are performed to perfection. Besides, it has a high noise level for air penetration and smooth and quiet operation.

  • Pros

› Remote friendly

› Bigger air spaces

› Made of mounted European material for durability

› Contains an adjustable chimney for increased air flow

  • Cons

› Not identified

4. Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED Wall-Mount Kitchen Range Hood

Brand Name: Kitchen Bath Collection

Product Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 28 inches

Item Weight: 48 pounds

Whether you are finding it difficult to carry on with kitchen chores or you just need to improve the entire kitchen, you are encouraged to install Kitchen Bath Collection HA75 Wall-Mount Kitchen Range Hood, for peak levels of comfort. This is because they feature a touch screen smooth panel to ensure that the device is easily cleaned and handled. Since it doesn’t contain any additional kit, the device is easily installed and stored. On top of that, it includes powerful LED lights with 47b personal or individual bulbs. The two chimney gadgets ensure that the device if well-functioning towards its perfection. Also, it contains three times control buttons when compared to others. It is therefore regarded the best one for use.

  • Pros

› LED lights with 47 individual bulbs for maximum light

› Double designed chimney system for maximum air spaces

› The manual buttons are three times quicker.

› No additional kit hence easy installation

  • Cons

› Pricy

3. XtremeAIR PX02-W30 900 CFM Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

Brand Name: XtremeAir

Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 29.5 x 43.8 inches

Item Weight: 51.8 pounds

When cooking in your kitchen, you need a strong wall mount range hoods which will ensure efficient odors and smoke removal. This one from XtremeAIR is designed to make your kitchen stylish and looking modern. When installed in your kitchen, it has a large surface area which means that it provides a large coverage. The non-magnetic stainless steel material used in its construction is durable, corrosion proof and non-rusting. Further, the range hood is efficient in removal of kitchen heat due to powerful installed fan which assists in the expulsion of all odors from the kitchen. Above all, the device is easy to clean thus helping to maintain its shiny surface.

  • Pros

› Easy to clean

› Strong and efficient fan

› Large design for a full cover

› Easy and quick installation

  • Cons

› Fan gets noisy as it ages

2. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

Brand Name: Kitchen Bath Collection

Product Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 28 inches

Item Weight: 35.1 pounds

This high-end wall mounted range hood from Kitchen Bath Collection is a premium product designed to bring beauty and convenience in your kitchen. Unlike hoods from other brands, this one comes featuring 3 times brighter LED lights with each having 49 bulbs.

On the other hand, the hood is large measuring 30-inches hence ideal for installation to any kitchen. No more worries about odors and smokes due to effective installed filters which are dishwasher friendly. This implies that you don’t have to buy a new one hence minimizing maintenance cost. Moreover, fitting it is easy due to flexible aluminum ducts. The strong motor used in this product is reliable and is UL certified.

  • Pros

› Strong and certified motor

› Adjustable chimney

› Extra bright LED lights

› Flexible aluminum installation ducts

  • Cons

› Not ideal for tall ceiling

1. Z-Line KB-36 Wall Mount Range Hood Stainless Steel

Brand Name: Z-Line

Product Dimensions: 36 x 19.7 x 10.5 inches

Item Weight: 44 pounds

If you want a wall mount range hood, the Z-Line KB-36 makes a perfect selection. Measuring 36-inches, it leaves no chance of smokes, odors, and grease causing discomforts in your kitchen. Also, the range hood features 4-speeds hence allowing you to control the rate of suction depending on the condition in your room.

Installation is a breeze compared to other models as well as easy to remove and fit charcoal filters to effectively eliminate odors. Moreover, the factory installed and tested blower and fan further allows fast kitchen air expulsion. Attractive and sleek stainless steel construction makes this range hood a selection to every kitchen. The tilting halogen bulb light up the hood, and is easy to convert to ductless as well as quiet operation.

  • Pros

› Sleek and durable stainless steel construction

› Dishwasher Filters

› 4-speed motor for controlled speed

› User-friendly touch screen control system

  • Cons

› Weak installation hardware


There are many ways of dealing with harmful emissions from cooking activities. But, wall mount range hoods surpasses all these methods due to their innovative design. Choosing the best range hood shouldn’t be a nut to crack. You have all the above reviews to make reference. They are the top 10 best wall mount range hoods in 2022 reviews.



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