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Top 10 Best Measuring Cups Reviews in 2022

Serious chefs know that a measuring cup is an important tool in any kitchen. That said, any person who wants to deliver astounding results in any cooking activity must have a measuring cup set. These cups feature graduated marks so that you can have accurate and precise measurements when cooking. Following the right quantities in every recipe ensures that you get the best results in every meal preparation. These cups allow you to make accurate measurements of both solid and liquid ingredients. Our review takes into account various factors that indeed makes the best measuring cups.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Measuring Cups

– Type of the Measuring Cup

Since we’ve got those cups designed for measuring solid and others for measuring liquid ingredients, it is important for you to know the right type of cup. This is particularly important for recipes that call for precise measurements of ingredients such as bread and cake. The dry measuring cups usually come in sets that consist of 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and one cup. Each cup has a measurement that ends at the top, to allow you to level off ingredients for accurate measurement.

On the other hand, liquid measuring cups come as one unit but in various capacities. They possess a pitcher type shape for easy pouring and have a clear glass for accurate observation of the correct level. But, recent innovations include cups that serve both as a liquid and dry measuring cup.

– Materials of Construction

Various measuring cups feature either glass, plastic or stainless steel material. But, each has its advantages. Stainless steel cups are made to measure dry ingredients. They are robust enough to last a lifetime and can resist staining and scratching. Plastic cups can serve both as dry and wet ingredient measurement. However, plastic ones tend to retain odors over time due to their porous nature.

Besides, plastic cups are not heat resistant unless it is a silicone material. Nevertheless, plastic cups are usually dishwater safe. Glass cups, on the other hand, are specially designed for wet ingredients. What’s more, they can handle hot liquids without getting damaged. They have many merits that include being dishwater safe, able to tolerate hot liquids, and being oven safe.

– Storage Capacity

Those cups made of steel and plastic possess an advantage of being stackable making them occupy a smaller space and fit in a drawer. Collapsible measuring cups are ideal for very tight spaces. For the glass measuring cups, you can invest in multi-cup capacity models which give you the freedom to mix the entire recipe in the same cup, and even cover the contents for safe and easy storage.

– Additional and Time-Saving Features

Recent innovations such as the angled measuring cups for liquid can allow you save a lot of time in the kitchen. They usually possess a ring in the interior to enable you to look straight down into the cups for accuracy in taking the measurements. Hence, you don’t have to bend to check the meniscus at eye level. Adjustable measuring cup, on the other hand, saves you time removing the contents that are quite sticky. With just one turn of a knob, you will be able to activate a plunger which pushes every last drop out in just one effortless fluid movement.

After taking into consideration the discussed factors above, we put 10 products in our lineup. They represent the best models, from renowned manufacturers and they will truly change the way you’ve been doing things in your kitchen. And here, the top 10 best measuring cups reviews in 2022.

10. OXO Good Grips 2Cup and Angled Measuring Cup

A measuring cup that gives you all the comfort you need when measuring your ingredients, it is none other than Oxo good grips measuring cup. It boasts a patented design that has an angled surface to let you read the measurements from above. You won’t waste any more time as this equipment eliminates the need to fill, check, or adjust. The soft and non-slip handle helps you to have a comfortable and stable grip while pouring out the contents, no messy spills. The combination of standard and metric measurement markings ensures that you only measure the exact volumes as per the recipe. Additionally, it is dishwater safe so that you can keep it clean with fewer hassles. Another good part, this measuring cup is BPA free.

  • Pros

· Affordable price

· Great capacity

· Allows you to read from the top

· Rigid material and construction

  • Cons

· Fading plastic


9. PYREX Measuring Cup 4-Cup

Another great product from a renowned manufacturer is Pyrex. This product features a state of the art design to not only make you happy but also deliver the best cooking experience. To be precise, this is a comfortable easy to use the measuring cup that features ergonomically designed handle and red markers that are easy to read. Boasting its origin as the USA make, it is ultra-durable and is made non-porous glass material. This excellent construction eliminates odors, flavors as well as stains. Even though this cup is dishwater safe, it is worth knowing that dishwashers can affect the measurement markers.

  • Pros

· No staining or bad odors

· Elegant look

· Great, 4 up capacity

· Ergonomically crafted handles

  • Cons

· Pricier than most models


8. KitchenTour Stainless Steel 7-Piece Measuring Cups Set

Transform your kitchen by having the best measuring cups working for you. Kitchen TOUR comes as a set that has a total of seven pieces with specific uniqueness’s to serve you. The variety of sizes features 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, as well as 1 CUP. By using it, you will save a lot of time scooping and pour. The spared time can be utilized well during baking and other cooking endeavors. The precision manufacturing ensures that the stainless steel is 100 percent food grade yet, by being dishwater safe and BPA free, you can cook with great peace of mind. The design is sturdy and features a wide bottom which allows them to sit well on the counter. They are stackable for easy and compact storage.

  • Pros

· A variety of sizes for various cooking needs

· Robust and stackable design

· Ergonomic and elegant finish

· Food grade materials of construction

  • Cons

· Pricier


7. Accmor Stainless Steel 11-Piece Measuring Spoons/Cups Set

Are you searching for the best measuring cup that can serve you for kitchen use as well as a utilitarian gift? Search no more and agree to what this Accmor provides to you. It comes a set containing 11 pieces made of stainless steel. The design features a highly satin that’s brushed with the highest quality stainless steel with engraved markings in both US and metric notations. There are also metric size markings on the handle which ensure accurate measuring and add attractiveness too. Also, these spoons are also elongated to ensure easy scooping. Thanks to their round shaped spoon heads. The variety includes 1/8-tsp, 11-Tbsp, 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, /4-tsp, 1/2-tsp, 1-tsp, 1/2-Tbsp, 1/2 cup, 1 cup 1/8 cup to allow you make the best measurement of ingredients ever. All the spoons can be conveniently connected into one set using a ring for easier and compact storage.

  • Pros

· Innovative, elongated spoon heads for easy scooping

· Attractive design with unique and engraved markings.

· Durable design

· Compact storage features

  • Cons

· Problem with light handles


6. Simply Gourmet 12 Pieces Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

You can now experience a new way of doing things in your kitchen. As the name of the product implies, you will be able to things simply without wasting time in your kitchen. Being among the best sellers and top rated measuring cups, they will indeed fulfill whatever goals you want while cooking. They feature a professional design due to their superior craftsmanship and the attention to details. Besides, by having a complete stainless steel design, you can be sure that it will never rust. Besides, it is dishwater safe and free of harmful compounds such as BPA.

Besides, it has some thoughtful features which make it quite easy to use. For instance, the flat base adds stability and the long and thick handles allow them reach spice jars and other hard to reach areas. The beautiful design makes you feel delighted in every cooking processes, thanks to the carefully crafted handles which boats smooth engravings features. Moreover, the spoons are perfectly stackable to enable proper utilization of tight spaces.

  • Pros

· State of the art features

· Superior craftsmanship

· Stackable for easy and compact storage

· Free of toxic materials

  • Cons

· Pricey


5. Vremi 3-Piece Plastic Measuring Cups Set

This product has been designed with thoughtful and professional features as the priority. The set contains 3 measuring cups that are durable, BPA free and is available in some designs featuring a colorful variety of colors. The design is also smart and boasts easy readings. These features give great attention in delivering deliciousness and not just a matter of ingredients. However, this plastic measuring cup set isn’t dishwater safe. It tends to lose clarity over time, and therefore hand wash is recommended.

  • Pros

· A measure of perfection due to the excellent graduated markings

· Color variation on handles looks cool

· Durable silicone handles

· Great capacity and variation

  • Cons

· Not dishwater safe


4. Sagler Measuring Cup Set Measuring Cups 6 Piece

Do you wish to have a measuring cup that fits the opening of most containers for easier pouring? Well, Sagler measuring cup might just be what you are looking for. It features a narrow profile design that can fit in virtually any container opening inside your kitchen. Moreover, in terms of sturdiness, this utensil is number one. Thanks to the stainless steel finish that doesn’t bend or break with ease, nor does it rust. With the variety that includes 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 as well as 1 cup sizes, rest assured that your kitchen operations will be taken to another level.

  • Pros

· Great variety of sizes

· Robust stainless steel material

· Narrow profile design for easier fitting

· Dishwater safe, BPA free

  • Cons

· Pricier


3. KitchenMade Measuring Cups, 7 Piece with New 1/8 cup Coffee Scoop

Exactly as the name implies, this set of measuring cups will surely change the way you been doing things while in the kitchen. Well, allow it to come to your rescue and give it a chance to enable you to mix various quantities with great accuracy and precision. It boasts easy to read and engraved sizes that show both cups’ and ml’s notations for you to choose and use correctly. It has all the good qualities you have been looking for, yet it lacks all the bad qualities that have annoyed you in the past. Imagine of a measuring cup set that won’t rust, won’t bend, has no harmful chemical, is dishwater safe. It comes at a reasonable price probably lower than most counterfeit models. KitchenMade is simply one of the best choices of measuring cup you can ever make.

  • Pros

· Features a special coffee scooping spoon

· Affordable

· It is dishwater safe and has no toxic chemicals

· Lightweight yet sturdy

· Boasts the highest level of accuracy in measuring ingredients

  • Cons

· Problem with detaching individual cups from the stack


2. Bellemain 6 Piece Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set

Whether you want to cook with ease or with the highest level of safety, Bellemain remains to be a prudent choice to make. After receiving a great number of top rated reviews, be assured that it will do a marvelous job to your case also. It boasts a non-tipping bottom and compact nesting. Unlike other sets of measuring cups, this one doesn’t have any silicone or any BPA infested plastic; it guarantees you peace of mind while cooking any form of meal knowing that you are using a certified measuring cup set. They have nicely designed handles and de-burred handles that ensure you don’t get scratched no matter your culinary skills.

  • Pros

· Contains no harmful chemical

· Easy and safe to use handles

· Dishwater safe

· Premium quality and great capacity

  • Cons

· Pricier


1. Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set 3-Piece

At the top of our review, we bring to your attention one of the highest rated measuring cup set. Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup features glass construction that not only eases your cooking process but also makes it stylish. It boasts glass material that cannot stain cannot produce odors and doesn’t warp. Unlike some fake glass cups, this one is microwavable, freezer and dishwater safe. The set is easily stackable for storing in tight places. You can trust on its precise quality as the glass is made in the USA and this product comes with a 2-year warranty, without question.

  • Pros

· Premium glass construction

· Stackable for easy storage

· Two-year warranty

· Microwave and freezer safe

  • Cons

· Pricey


There are plenty of models and brands of measuring cups, but the ones featured in the above reviews are worthy choices to make. The products mentioned in the review come at friendly prices considering that their features are premium. Brands such as OXO, Pyrex have beautiful models that are worth every penny. They are among the best and top rated measuring cups in 2022 reviews.

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