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Top 10 Best Vanity Tables Reviews in 2022

Everyone loves to look beautiful at no matter the cost he or she would incur. Applying makeup is, therefore, part and parcel of our daily life. In particular, to a woman’s beauty regimen, makeup is a must have and it is done carefully and procedurally. To make the art even more fulfilling, Vanity tables have been invented. Also called the makeup table, it helps you to have an easy access and proper storage of the make-up products. These tables also feature excellent lighting to ensure that you explore your face well not to leave any spot on your face unattended. Our review showcases the top 10 best vanity tables worth your investment.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Vanity Table


– Space and collection size

This is one of the main factors you should always consider. Since adequate space isn’t available to everyone, you should consider foldable or compact options instead of full wall vanities. Equally, if you have a lot of stuff, you may have no choice but to procure a considerably larger unit.

– Lighting

This is yet another key feature worth looking for when buying a make-up table. Since you want to have a clear image of yourself, you have to incorporate proper lighting on your vanity table. You can use the vanity strip or simply include the DIY LED lights.

– Pricing

Even though most of the high-quality vanity tables come at a cost, it doesn’t really mean that expensive ones are always good. It is always wise to explore various reviews for you to know the best makeup tables that are available on your budget.

– Material and design

Most of the preferred vanity tables are made of wood. Thanks to its luring and authentic nature. It is ideal for places with minimal moisture such as the bedrooms. Plastic ones offer a good alternative for places such as bathrooms because they aren’t affected by water or moisture. For the design, you may choose between vintage, classic or contemporary pieces.


10. SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri-folding Mirror Make-up Table

Product Dimensions: 42.9 x 18.9 x 56.2 inches

Item Weight: 73 pounds

This is a multifunctional vanity set that features an innovative design. It features a tri-folding mirror that can fold to 180 degrees and has a center mirror to assist you in viewing your face or hair from some angles. With a total of 5 drawers, it offers ample storage space to help in organizing jewelry, cosmetics and hair accessories. The decent design and size enhance safe to use as well as ease of use. Thanks to the curved design that protect the kids from bumps. Vintage ring handles and the decorative twills add a total sense of elegance to the vanity set.

  • Pros

• An incredibly decent design

• Boasts a high degree of multi-functionality

• Beautiful vintage handles and twills adds décor

• Great and friendly budget

  • Cons

• Black color might not be fashionable to some people


9. Espresso Vanity Set 5 Drawers

Product Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 51 inches

Item Weight: 55 pounds

Featuring a state of the art design and a great size, Espresso is among the most adored vanity set you can ever find on the market. It’s purely made of wood and features an espresso finish. It comes with a cushioned stool and an incredibly large mirror. Even though some assembly is required, this vanity table isn’t that hard to complete full installation. Besides, it has a total of five drawers where you can keep and have easy access to your makeup items.

  • Pros

• Fantastic wood design

• Great design that adds décor to your room

• Spacious design that gives you more room for easy operation

• Easy assembly procedure

  • Cons

• Pricier than other competitive models


8. Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set

Product Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 50 inches

Item Weight: 37 pounds

This vanity will serve you excellently no matter whether you want in your bedroom or guest room. You can use it as a home for your cosmetics at the same time improving the aesthetic properties of your home’s interior. It features gracefully tapered legs which anchor a magnificent construction that houses a beveled mirror. The set is specially designed to offer comfort whenever you are doing your make ups, yet it has a stool where you can sit and do your make up without any hassles. The magnificent mirror allows you to have clear images of yourself, and it is removable for easy portability of the unit.

  • Pros

• Lightweight but sturdy

• Magnificently designed mirror

• Tapered legs matches the stool for easy use

• Space saving design

  • Cons

• Pricey


7. Oak Wood Vanity With Table & Bench Set

Product Dimensions: 31.8 x 18.8 x 12.3 inches

Item Weight: 40.8 pounds

Even though this vanity set is made of expensive material, it serves the purpose more than any other model on the market. The vanity and stool feature solid hardwood legs and the seat has a nicely patterned fabric that boosts the décor in any room. The set also includes easy access drawers where you can store your personal items. Furthermore, it boasts ST Anne’s design which is a reputable design that complements all the woman’s need for style. The mirror is adjustable, and the top part features a beautiful finish.

  • Pros

• Smooth and even finish

• Great sturdiness

• Comfortable seat

• Easy storage

  • Cons

• Pricey


6. 1PerfectChoice with Tri Folding Mirror Curved Lines Vanity Makeup Table

Product Dimensions: 43 x 19 x 54 inches

Item Weight: N/A

If you are a die-hard fan of beauty and rustic styles, 1perfect is definitely a worthy option for you. It boasts a tri-folding mirror curved lines which look classic in any interior environment of your home. On the other hand, the pine wood frame is durable and boosts the aesthetics of the set. It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you are doing your make ups. The three-panel mirror and functional drawers are also worth your attention. You can keep all personal makeup items safely and with ease of access whenever you want to. Besides, it is available in various colors such as cherry, black, green and white wood finish.

  • Pros

• Quite durable

• Fashionable material

• Easy to install and use

• Variety of colors to choose from

  • Cons

• Pricey


5. SONGMICS Vanity Set with 2 Dividers White, and Stool

Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 15.8 x 55.1 inches

Item Weight: 40 pounds

Songmics has a great popularity in producing the best vanity tables. For another good reason, they have come up with another great invention to help you do your make ups in the best way possible. This set features a 360 degrees rotatable mirror to enable you to view your images at different angles for excellent satisfaction. The storage capacity is more than enough, thanks to the total of five drawers. The drawers also feature crystal handles and four slots that can help you maneuver for proper storage of jewelry, cosmetics, and your hair accessories.

  • Pros

• Easy to put up together

• Offers plenty storage

• Rotatable mirror

• Affordable

  • Cons

• Cheap screws


4. Coaster Home Furnishings 300290 White Contemporary Vanity

Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 15.8 x 58.5 inches

Item Weight: 82.5 pounds

Featuring a contemporary design, this Coaster Home Furnishings vanity set looks adorable. It features a hidden storage space in the mirror, which also features shelves and hooks for proper organization and storage of accessories. The sleek design looks fashionable and also contributes to the functionality and practicality of the bedroom and changing area. The coordinating stool provides more hidden storage underneath the lift-top seat.

  • Pros

• Sleek design

• Hidden storage for more practicality

• Durable and sturdy design

  • Cons

• Quite expensive


3. Tribe signs French Vintage Ivory and White Vanity Dressing Table Makeup Desk

Product Dimensions: 39.8 x 17.3 x 60.2 inches

Item Weight: 77.2 pounds

Just by looking, you will admire the magnificent construction of this vanity set. hat other contemporary model. It boasts flower shaped decorations n form of astonishing carvings. The capacity is great, and it boasts three tri mirror, 5 drawers, and a padded stool. It offers great storage and easy access of jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories, products and even cosmetics of various types. Besides, you can retract the top part so that you use the other half as an office furniture. This feature gives it a remarkable multi-functionality.

  • Pros

• Vintage design is very appealing

• More storage space

• Versatile use

• Nice carvings

  • Cons

• Pricey


2. Crown Mark Iris Vanity with Beige Seat

Product Dimensions: 16 x 28 x 50 inches

Item Weight: 36.2 pounds

This product comes as number two in our review and its fantastic features reveals why. Apparently, Crown Mark vanity table a transitional and versatile design set for use in different spaces. Besides, it has a padded upholstered seat to provide optimal comfort during your make up. Hence, you are obliged to seat for as long as you can to ensure you attain the looks of your dreams. Having a white, beige finish makes this furniture appealing and complements the décor of any space. The mirror has tilting capability to enable you to use it easily.

  • Pros

• Elegant finish

• Unique transitional style

• Fast and easy assembly

• The cushioned seat provides unmatched comfort

  • Cons

• Pricier than most models


1. Bobkona St. Croix Collection Vanity Set

Product Dimensions: 19 x 54 x 43 inches

Item Weight: 84 pounds

At the top of our review, we showcase why Bobkona vanity set is simply the best purchase you can make. It boasts a fluid design that features feminine accents and allure. It comes in some colors that aim at meeting the needs of various customers. It features fold out mirrors with different extensions to catch all the right angles. The pure mix of wood and fabric provide a lavish plush that you can admire. You will pay for what you deserve and that’s is the best part of the deal. So, you will receive one desk, one chair, a mirror and moveable extensions with a total of five space for a variety of cosmetics, jewelry, among other beauty supplies. Also, it is incredibly lightweight for easy portability and maneuverability.

  • Pros

• Beautiful finish

• Moveable extensions and great storage

• Incredibly easy set up

• Wood and fabric material provides lavish plush making it a great value

  • Cons

• Pricey than other competitive vanity table models


Nothing valuable in this life comes ready on a silver platter. The same case applies to comfort while doing your make ups. You need to invest in a high valued and top rated vanity table if you are considering having a fulfilling moment and achieving astounding looks. Simply, get one from our top 10 best vanity tables review.




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