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Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Trash Cans Reviews in 2022

Every home requires a proper trash can for disposing of litter, swept up dirt and dust, food remains and any other type of waste that’s likely to accumulate on day-to-day basis. Trash cans can effectively keep all dirt collected in one place till you can dump it outside in large municipal council’s garbage cans within your neighborhood. Of all materials that trash cans come in, stainless steel material proves to be the most advantageous and effective, by being rust-proof, lasting longer and offering sturdiness. However, there are many models that vie for your attention on the market today. To simply work for you, here are top 10 best stainless steel trash cans reviews in 2022.

10. Seville Classics 17-Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can

Offering you the mega capacity of 17 gallons that can fit in every trash from your house, this can measuring 17.2” by 12.8” by 34.5” is well-accommodated with stronger rolling wheels that enable easy maneuvering and smooth movement. It incorporates many useful features like variable leveling feet that are customizable easily for a comfortable operation, a removable top made of durable resin for tightly packing the contents inside the can and prevent the pungent odors from escaping out. The stainless steel body also offers easy cleaning as well as maintenance.

  • Pros

· It’s made of quality materials

· The wheels are well-designed and live up to the Seville name

· It’s quite easy to put together

  • Cons

· The can is fairly expensive considering other models on the market

9. Bennett Swivel-A-Lid Trash Can

Bennett Swivel can has been well-made to provide the easiest way for collecting all stubborn trash. It also has a lid that opens up simply by swinging; using negligible effort. The trash can then silently and softly swings back in position after dumping. The inset center design also makes it more attractive. The overall finish of this can is nothing but classic. Its stainless steel fabricated body build is extremely easy to wash. In addition, the steel body is long-lasting and durable. The can also fit in the tiniest places you’ve ever thought of. You can even this trash can under your work desk or even at any corner in the room.

  • Pros

· The can features a lid that opens up easily by swinging.

· It comes in an attractive design that fits in all environments

  • Cons

· It’s slightly heavy

· The material can break at times

8. Tramontina Step on Waste Can Stainless Steel Trash Can

The Tramontina Step-On Can is a highly popular and top performance option for people who are planning to purchase a quality stainless steel trash can. It offers a soothing spacious that’s enough for convenient use with in the kitchen. The model offers 13-gallons garbage storage capacity. In addition, it’s quite decent with the gorgeous construction and design. It is also made of premium stainless steel materials that feature a matte finish that’s admirably fingerprint resistant. This ensures that it stays neat and simple to maintain. The model also has an effective lid that’s easily lifted using the convenient foot-activated lever.

  • Pros

· All features work well and its slow-close feature is particularly great

· All pieces are well built and solid.

· The liner makes the can very easy to remove or even replace bags

  • Cons

· The air freshener feature is a little gimmicky

7. Simplehuman’s Step Garbage Can, Rectangular

Fitted with the strong steel pedal that has Lid Shox technology for a smooth and noiseless closing, this trash can also bring a dent-resistant lid that’s made of durable plastic. The material seals all contents of this trash can in such a way that no foul odor will escape outside. The trash can’s basic specifications comprise are 14.4 lbs. weight and dimensions of 12.5” by 15.8” by 25.9” and the internal hinge that makes for an ideal storage against the wall.

  • Pros

· It’s a little cheaper as compared to the other trash can

· Surface really hides fingerprints

· It has a quiet and gentle lid closure mechanism

  • Cons

· Keeping lid up is quite difficult thus making it inconvenient at times

6. Polder’s 7-Gallon Under-Counter 1410-47 Trash Can

Brought to you in the retro design that imparts a classic look to this model, the Polder’s 7-Gallon Trash Can is sleek and capacious at 7-gallon garbage-holding capacity. With a long-lasting and durable construction, the garbage bin is an ideal choice if you are looking for under-counter kitchen dustbins. It is also designed with the rubber bottom to keep your floor safe from any scratches. In addition, the interior comes when lined with a trash bag that’s secured by the tight-fitting rubber band.

  • Pros

· Has a very strong pedal that’s made of steel

· It features the patented lid shox technology

  • Cons

· May attract insects

· It’s slightly overweight.

5. Tramontina Step on Waste Can

This waste can is designed to offer a thirteen -gallon capacity which makes it ideal for both home and. it features a stainless steel body that is durable, attractive, classic, and also easy to clean. The product has step-on feature which makes it to be convenient to be used by most people. It has a shiny surface as well as a typical coating that make it to be a great addition to either your room or office. Moreover, it’s quite inexpensive and also compact. It doesn’t require a lot if space.

  • Pros

· It’s made of made of durable materials

  • Cons

· The poor quality hydraulic piston can break easily

4. Brelso Invisi-Overlap’ Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can

This can features a removable outer overlap that prevents trash from being exposed; this therefore makes it to be very neat and also presentable. Additionally, this can features a stainless steel surface that has beautiful design. This product is very elegant and it is ideal for offices, hotels, homes as well as condos. The can is also classic and heavy-duty. The product fits in tiny spaces thanks to its compactness. All these unique features combine to make it one of the best trash cans on the market.

  • Pros

· The can looks nice and its innovative design keeps a liner bag from looking a bit sloppy.

· The lid is lightweight

· It’s easy to open and closes silently.

  • Cons

· It’s a bit smallish

3. Nine Stars DZT-50-6 Infrared Touchless

This model has a top design as well as an air-tight closure unit that gives it the ability to keep off germs and also curb cross contamination. It features energy saver technology, a touch-free technique, as well as a stainless steel fabrication that is fingerprint resistant. This product is ideal to be used in the office, living room, kitchen or even the bedroom. Moreover, the model features an off/on button as well as a closure-open button for additional convenience.

  • Pros

· It offers Great Grip

· It has a quiet operation

· Offers adequate capacity

· It has an attractive design

· Durable Construction

  • Cons

· It’s a bit pricey

2. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

Purchasing a waste can that’s finger-print resistant is undoubtedly everybody’s priority. This product provides is fingerprint resistant. Additionally, it features a lid technology which enables a smooth as well as a quiet closure. The model has a steel pedal that is strong and also sturdy. It also features a flattened back so as to make it easy to place against the wall. Furthermore, the model comes together with perfect fit liners as well as a ten -year guarantee.

  • Pros

· The plastic lid is very easy to clean and it doesn’t show fingerprints.

· It’s stylish and fits in every environment

  • Cons

· The capacity is a little bit small.

1. iTouchless’ Touch-Free Deodorizer Sensor Trash Can

This is an advanced trash can from iTouchless. This product takes care of all the trash with its spacious thirteen gallons internal space as well as an ultra-wide opening. the model features the widespread IR sensor mechanism so as to give you hassle-free as well as a convenient operation. Other outstanding features of this product include air escaping holes which make it easy to remove the garbage bag, a Carbon 3-D Filter Gate as well as a deodorizer that filters and neutralizes bad odors. This waste can is powered using 4D batteries and it also functions on an alternating current (AC) adapter.

  • Pros

· It’s an iTouchless, so it is hands free and it stays relatively clean.

· It looks great

· The can is very durable

  • Cons

· It’s quite deep and normal kitchen bags won’t fit well


Every single home, whether big or small, needs a good trash can for convenient disposal of litter—dust and swept up dirt, the food remnants and any other type of waste that normally accumulates on a day-to-day basis. Trash cans will help you to effectively keep all garbage collected in convenient places until it’s collected by garbage collectors. Alternatively, you can dump the can outside in designated municipal large garbage collection cans within your location. When you want the best trash cans for your home use, don’t hesitate to pick any of the above models as they are durable and proven to work for a long period of time.



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