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Top 10 Best Tablecloths Reviews in 2022

The dining room table is the preferable center of all sorts of get-togethers, from everyday family dinners to holiday parties. For that matter, you may want to put some significance on selecting the right tablecloth for your tables. The right top quality tablecloths will add not only class, but also style and elegance to the dining room. And funny enough, a great tablecloth can even change the tone of your meal, making your guest appreciate your delicacies more.

There are several things that, however, you should consider when you are shopping for a good tablecloth. To ensure you take home the best deal, you might want to consider the size of your tablecloth, its shape, material, among other things. This is because the size and shape of the cloth you choose ought to provide a proper fit on your table. For instance, a round tablecloth will not be the right pick for a rectangular table. The material, on its side, should ensure great value, both in durability and ease of cleaning. And when the tablecloth has imprints of season-specific themes, such as for Christmas, it will even be more appropriate for the moment’s impression and mood.

Literally, there are hundreds of types and styles of tablecloths available on the market today. It can therefore be overwhelming for a beginner to choose the best ones from such an influx, unless they have the right information. As such, this article highlights the top 10 best tablecloths reviews in 2022. Of course, the reviews will come in handy for you, whether you want to replace your old tablecloth with a new one that matches your room décor, or you are doing it for the first time. You cannot go wrong with the following options:


10. LEEVAN Heavy Weight Vinyl Tablecloth

When you are shopping for a tablecloth and you want a smaller, affordable, yet the great deal, LeeVan has you covered. LeeVan makes high quality tablecloths using eco-friendly plastic material. They have multi-functional features and boast heavy construction to ensure both the strength and durability needed in a good tablecloth. For instance, this is a 54 by 54 inches cloth with a subtle finish and stylish plaid surface that is easy to wipe-clean using a sponge or damp rug. Made of 100% PVC, it is a square grade A vinyl tablecloth you can count on. Its smooth surface is durably made to be spill and stain resistant, ensuring all liquids bead up without leaking through it. Because of this feature, the tablecloth stays fresh looking for long. It is ideal for use indoors or outdoors when partying, picnicking, or for everyday dinner table cover.

  • Pros

· Easy to wipe-clean using damp cloth

· Spill and stain resistant

· Durable heavy weight construction for long time value

· Ideal for any outdoor and indoor use

· Waterproof and oil proof

· Made of eco-friendly materials

  • Cons

· There may be measurement deviations

9. Kashmir Paisley Maison d’ Hermine

This is a especially gorgeous table cloth made by the famous Kashmir Paisley. It is just the best option for the appropriate amount of ornate for those who don’t love overcrowded pattern. Its unique paisley patterns come in warm colors, emerging from a great white background to form a stunning tablecloth to impress your guests and up the dinning spirit. Made of 100 percent high quality cotton fabric, it has just the right weight to make a cute drape over any table or commensurate size. With a ban of smaller paisleys bordering the cloth and that it is all framed with a brilliant orange band, it is all elegance you might want to try. It measures 60 inches by 108 inches.

  • Pros

· Features wonderful ornate paisley patterns without overcrowding

· Warm color patterns and white background is uniquely elegant

· Durable high quality 100% cotton fabric

· Appropriately weighted for ideal table cloth

  • Cons

· Do not fit round tables

8. Benson Mills Chagall Spillproof Fabric Tablecloth

Made of 100% polyester fabric, the Benson Mills Chagall is another awesome product that merits a place among the top 10 best tablecloths reviews in 2022. It is a luxurious tablecloth with a heavy weight construction. It features the latest in spill proof innovation when it comes to table linens. Wine and any other liquids spill easily bead up on this table, allowing you to quickly and easily wipe the top clean with a damp sponge or just napkin. Additionally, due to its modern styled patterns, it is one of the most popular choices for an ever increasing customer base.

  • Pros

· Made of spill proof fabric, thus allowing ease of wipe-cleaning

· Mold resistant material

· Heavy weight fabric ensures durability

· Has an elegant heat transfer print that impresses

· It is available in other sizes

  • Cons

· 52 by 70 inches may not suffice for bigger tables

· Not all may like the charcoal theme

7. Maison d’ Hermine Colmar 100% Cotton Tablecloth

For the most beautifully printed tablecloths, the Maison d’ Hermine is an indisputably leading designer. For instance, their Colmar 100% 60 by 108 inches tablecloth is simply impressive. It features the signature watercolor style of the Maison d’ Hermine, while adding prints of very beautiful spring flowers in admirably varied colors. Its fresh white theme is bordered with cute wind-swayed flowers. Moreover, a rectangle of impressive flowers in the tablecloth’s middle makes the focal point of this awesome product.

  • Pros

· It has one of the most beautiful drapes

· Made of high quality 100% cotton

· Easy to wash

· Has one of the most impressive print patterns

· It is string and durable

  • Cons

· Just for rectangular table designs

6. Ultra Luxurious Textured Macrame Trim Tablecloth

Ideal for tables of 4 to 6 chairs, this is a 70-inch tablecloth you can go for if you want to add exceptional style on your tables for a luxurious look during wedding dinners and any other special events’ dinners. The GoodGram’s Ultra Luxurious Macrame Trim tablecloth is made of 100% high-quality polyester fabric, therefore ensuring not only strength, but also durability. Being safe to wash in the machine, it is an easy to clean tablecloth choice for those who want to safe time while having their cloths washed in a hands-free experience. It makes tables cute for wedding dinners, and also for any other special events’ casual dinners.

  • Pros

· Machine washable for hands-free cleaning

· Has a cute luxurious texture trim

· It is strong and durable

· Other colors available

  • Cons

· Could be small for some users

5. DII Round Tango Red Check Tablecloth

This is another great quality product not only among the best of DII’s, but the top 10 best tablecloths reviews in 2022. It makes a wonderful pick for dinner, summer, and picnic tablecloth. Whether you are holding a baby shower or wedding, it will be suitable for you to use this tablecloth to add the desired elegance and style on your round tables. Its 1-inch folded hem design and mitered corners ensure strength and durability. It is also simple to clean since it is machine washable, thus saving you a lot of time during cleaning. It features great checked pattern you will admire and that will doubtless impress your guests.

  • Pros

· Easy to wash in a machine

· Adds elegance to your round tables

· Made of high quality and durable 100% cotton material

· Folded hem design for extra strength

  • Cons

· For only rounded-design tables

4. Birdies On Wire Cotton Tablecloth

The Birdies On Wire will always impress anyone, including you. Made by the Maison d’ Hermine, this is a 100% cotton tablecloth that you can use and turn your dining table a whole impressive place to savor your meals on. Its muted light brown on the white geometrical print clinches it, stunningly accentuating the beauty brought by the realistic bird prints on this tablecloth. Its edges feature a plaid band running along the breadth and length of the fabric. The colorful bird prints bring life on the table.

  • Pros

· One of the most beautiful print tablecloths available

· Strong construction and high-value design

· Easy to wash and care

· Made of 100% authentic cotton for long life

· Makes dinners lively

  • Cons

· Not ideal for tables bigger than 60 by 90 inches

3. DII 100% Cotton French Stripe Kitchen Tablecloth

If your table allows for 8 to 10 people sitting space, you can spruce it up using the DII French Stripe Kitchen Tablecloth. Measuring 60 by 104 inches, this is a 100% high quality cotton tablecloth that features a 1-inch hem. It comes in a neutral taupe theme with elegantly woven French stripes that make your table a wonderful place to have happy dinner on. It is therefore ideal for not only everyday use, but also for holidays, BBQs, baby showers, buffets, and other special events when you want your table looking great for the mood of the day. Its seamless single piece design makes it strong for both indoor and outdoor use. It is machine washable, and you can also iron it in low heat.

  • Pros

· Machine washable and also iron-safe

· Made of 100% high quality durable cotton fabric

· Big enough for tables allowing 8 to 10-person seating

· Impressive French stripes pattern stuns your guests

· Ideal for daily use and also for special events

  • Cons

· Needs washing to clean, not wiping

2. Benson Mills Gourmet Spillproof Fabric Tablecloth

When you want to impress your family and guests in the best way during meal times, choose the elegant and spill-proof Gourmet tablecloth by the renowned Benson Mills. It is the ideal table cloth for daily use, and it adds unique style to your dining table. You can use it for casual and party dinners. Being spill-proof, all liquids spilled on it are easy to wipe clean. Moreover, the cloth is machine washable, making its cleaning hassle-free. It is made from a unique heavyweight high quality polyester fabric material that is simple to wash and care.

  • Pros

· Easy to use and care

· Spill proof for stain resistance

· Made of durable heavyweight polyester fabric

· Elegant for added dinner table style

· Ideal for any dinner type, even partying

  • Cons

· 60 by 84 inches may not suite bigger tables

1. Benson Mills Flow Heavy Fabric Tablecloth Weight 60 by 104

Benson Mills present the Flow Heavy Weight tablecloth model that outsmarts many others on the market today. It is a 60 by 104 inches rectangular option made of heavy-weight fabric materials for both strength and durability. It features elegant modern décor patterns for a great class on your dinner table. It further incorporates the latest state-of-the-art spill-proof innovation, ensuring no embarrassing stains left during or after meal time. You will easily wipe any spilled wine or liquids with a set sponge or cloth. The luxurious and elegant tablecloth is ideal for improved daily use, casual or formal events dining.

  • Pros

· Spill and stain proof

· Adds wonderful décor to your dining room

· Durable and strong material

· Ideal for both casual and formal events dining

  • Cons

· Just for rectangular table covering


Whenever you want to spruce up your dinner moments, you can do so by acquiring the best tablecloths for your tables. You then add elegance, style, and protection to your tables, while impressing your family and guests for a happier moment. For the best deals on the market, go for the options highlighted in the above top 10 best tablecloths reviews in 2022.

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