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Top 10 Best Egg Cookers Reviews in 2022

Eggs are among the most important part of our human diet. For long, people consume eggs as their very source of nutrients. According to the analysts, eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins, and numerous minerals. However, there are hundred different types of egg cooking techniques, but the most common are frying and boiling.

Also, there are many different cookware designs which assist cooking eggs in the kitchen. They vary in efficiency, size, and number of eggs they accommodate. Whether you are preparing dinner or breakfast for your family, these are the cookers offering a perfect companion. Are you planning to purchase one? It is easy, here is the list of the top 10 best egg cookers in 2022.

10. Genie Electric Egg Cooker

Genie electric egg cooker can cook seven eggs at the very same time choosing from the medium, soft or even hard-boiled. They are the simplest to use since you just place your proteinous foods into this genie, add the exact amount of water to use a measuring cup and only turn on the unit.

Moreover, the steam will then cook your eggs with perfection during each and every time. The amount of water will control cooking time then the alert will let you know the time eggs are okay. Make your breakfast so favorite and create a nutritious snack or delicious appetizers in no time by using this electric egg cooker.


9. Maverick Henrietta Hen – Egg Cooker

Henrietta – Hen Egg Cooker can soft or hard boil up to even 7eggs at a time and also poach four eggs. This egg cooker also has the capability to make the brilliant addition to your kitchen countertop.

Equally, water steams and boils for the correct length of time due to its good level which is easy to adjust. The indicator light shows when the cooker is in use and also chirps exactly when the eggs are done. Most parts of the cooker have a make of dishwasher which is safe for an added convenience.


8. Elite Cuisine Egg Poacher and Cooker

This Automatic Elite Egg -Cooker allows you cook up to 7 eggs at one time. An inclusion of a measuring cup enables you to quickly calibrate your water level so as to consistently prepare the eggs for your desired style; medium, soft, or hard boiled.

In addition to the steaming, this cooker for eggs will also allow you to gently poach your two eggs with the inclusion of a poaching tray. Besides, the install electric and convenient shut-off indicator light will let the user know the exact time when the cooking cycle is very complete.


7. DB Tech Automatic Electric Egg Cooker

Make your eggs by use of DB-Tech egg cooker and choose from medium, soft or hard-boiled designs. It is so easy to use, you just measure out then add the correct amount of water by use of the available markings on measuring cup. Pierce the eggs with the pin, put the eggs on the tray, plug them in and switch it on.

However, the steam will perfectly cook the eggs to have your eggs ready every time. The amount of water put for brewing controls the cooking time and afterward automatically shut off your cooker once it detects there is no more water present in the cooker. It thus follows an alert buzzer sound off which lets you know that the eggs are done cooking.


6. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Healthy and good living will immediately start with the use of Dash Rapid Egg Cooker. How do you like the eggs? This cooker enables you to prepare a full dozen of eggs in under ten minutes.

Moreover, you can cook medium, six eggs at a time either soft boil or hard, scramble, poach or even make fresh and customized omelets. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker equips you with perfect eggs in your way and every time.

Besides, this great egg cooker gives you much chance to process your food to date with the recipe book already put to accompany the purchase. It also enables you to gain access to our database containing thousands of recipes for free.


5. VonShef Egg Electric Cooker Stainless Steel

VonShef Egg Cooker gives you a perfect cook for your eggs every time. Your energy usage is also in reduction, and you will be awarded a hard-boil eggs within much less time.

Apparently, you can conveniently select from medium, soft and hard eggs. VonShef Egg Boiler has an automatic adjustment for the degree of cooking in accord to the quantity of water that is in use. It, therefore, ensures that your eggs will not overcook and get ready without any cracks.

VonShef Egg cooker holds a maximum of 7 eggs which is ideal for cooking large meals or breakfasts for your family while taking between 8 and 10 minutes. It also has a sleek Stainless Steel finish which has an indicator light to show when the unit is working.


4. West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker

This automatic egg cooker quickly poaches up to four eggs and can make up to seven soft or hard. The hard-cook is for devil eggs or spinach salads while soft-cook is for serving in an egg cup. This versatile egg cooker also serves eggs in any way you will like them poach.

West Bend egg cooker is completely foolproof, and the appliance requires that you correctly fill the base with the amount of water in need for the number of eggs you are cooking. The power switch is then flip to start the cooking process.


3. Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker

Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker has a capability to prepare up to seven eggs by use of the exact way you will like them. The eggs owing the same batch will be in a position to combine so as to cook some eggs for medium, others as soft or even hard boil.

On the other hand, the water reservoir contains an electronic timer which has an audible and ready signal in combination with the egg poaching dish. This timer makes the cook of the eggs worry free. This Gourmet egg cooker has an elegant and a brush stainless steel design which ensures durability to the maximum.


2. Cuisinart Central Egg Cooker

The Cuisinart Egg Central cooker appliance contains a new and two-tiered cooking system that can allow a maximum of ten eggs to be a cook at once. These eggs can be the chef to hold a medium, hard or soft consistency.

However, this egg cooker comes with cute removable trays that can be in use to poach eggs while making omelets. The cooking time is in precise control by the amount of water.

Easy preparation of food is possible with this cooker. You just fill the measuring beaker up to the appropriate range then pour the water into the cooking plate. The built-in audible alert containing a LED light is a standby mode that will help in guarding against overcooking.


1. KRUPS Egg Cooker

KRUPS Egg Cooker gives you an ample time to cook seven eggs at a given time. This egg cooker is so perfect for busy families and anyone who appreciates healthy with perfection, high-protein snacks, and breakfasts.

While you cook, the amount of water that in the cooking dish controls with precise the cooking time. It also gives more space to add much more for the hard-boiled eggs and a bit less for soft-boiled eggs. Once it reaches a finish line of cooking, it delivers an audible signal so as to remove the eggs.


Cooking an egg is so simple and should not be in complication at all. These cookers allow you cook more than two eggs hence ideal for the whole family. They have attractive features and durability is a guarantee. Get yours today and enjoy the fun.

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