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Top 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides Reviews in 2022

Being able to enjoy the outdoors with friends or the family, is one of the greatest joys in life. For some people, this is only possible for a few months per year during the summer, while others have warm weather almost throughout the year. One way to cope with the heat is with water, so the combination of water with a huge toy is definitely something to look up to.

This inflatable water slide review is aimed at helping you to choose the best water slide, thereby maximizing you and your family’s water fun. Following is the list of the best water slides in 2022, but first is a list of purchase considerations.

Inflatable Water Slide Purchase Considerations

– Size

The size of the water slide is important, because you should have enough space for it. Some water slides are small, while others are quite large, or even huge. If you are after the big variety, then take measurements of your backyard or garden space if you must, to be sure that it can fit in.

– Design

This is more of a personal than a technical consideration. Some people might like dragons, while others like coconuts. Some people love the yellow color, while others will have red. There are many designs, colors and water-slide styles out there, but whichever one you end up choosing should be to satisfy your personal desires.

– Age of Users

The age of the users often makes a difference. Some water slides are designed for little children, while others are designed for older children, with some even designed for adults. Some are made to be set up in the garden, while others are amazingly designed to be attached to yachts. Know exactly who you are buying it for, and you will make the right choice.

– Already Have a Pool?

If you already have a pool, then you may consider certain water slides that are designed to be attached to a pool, else, you will just have to stick to the standard variety.

– Price

The price is another factor that will determine if a water slide can be bought or not. Everyone has a budget, and you should have one too. The best water slide for you is usually one that lies within your budget.

– Warranty

Product warranties are usually a great statement of faith in their quality. In simple terms, a product with a warranty is usually better than one without, and the longer the warranty, the better the product should be.

10. Intex Inflatable Ocean Play Center for Ages: 2+

Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 14.2 x 5.1 inches

Item Weight: 14.1 pounds

This play center is designed with two different pools. Each of the two pools has its drain plug, plus a control valve for adjusting water flow. The pool is yellow all-round with red edges on the slide. Behind the slide is a palm-tree, which gives this whole play center a beach feeling. Between the palm-tree and the slide is the small pool, great for getting a little wet before sliding down. The package includes a repair patch for emergencies

  • Pros: Two pools in one, bright colors and lovely design
  • Cons: N/A

9. Intex Inflatable Dinoland Play Center for Ages: 3+

Product Dimensions: 131 x 90 x 44 inches

Item Weight: 15 pounds

Intex’s inflatable dinoland is designed for kids starting from 3 years old. It includes a water slide with a soft landing mat. There is also an overhead water-sprayer from an arc, which can as well be turned off when not needed. The pool includes a drain plug and comes with six colorful balls for either volcanic ball roller games, or other games you can come up with. There is also a dino to play with, all guaranteed to keep the kids busy for many hours. Maximum weight capacity is 178 lbs.

  • Pros: Includes water-spray arch, includes 6 balls for playing
  • Cons: Color combination is a little boring

8. Toys&Child Inflatable Pirate Blaster Water Park

Product Dimensions: 23.5’L x 14.25’W x 8’H

Item Weight: 100 Lbs

This Toys&Child play center has everything you need to keep a whole family busy for the day. With its maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs., it can comfortably accommodate up to 6 children at once. It is rated at ages 3+, and pirate-themed, there are two water cannons, a mini bouncer area with safety netting, a crawl tunnel, and of course, the slider with a water sprayer. This play park is of commercial quality, being made from the finest materials. When fully inflated, it measures 23.5-feet Length x 14.25-feet width x 8-feet height.

  • Pros: Large play park, with commercial vinyl bounce floor, includes sprayer and tunnel
  • Cons: The blue color makes it rather dull looking

7. Blast Zone Inflatable Crocodile Isle Water Park

Product Dimensions: 168 x 264 x 96 inches

Item Weight: 95 pounds

The Crocodile Isle from Blast Zone is a great family entertainment center. Designed for up to 5 people, and with a maximum gross weight of 300 lbs., this high-quality park is sure to keep your family busy. There are two slides, and one climber, each slide with its own water sprayer. The pool area is quite large, and will work perfectly for playing ball games. This water park’s package comes with everything needed for setup, including blower, accessories, and a 1-year warranty.

  • Pros: Lovely green-theme, inflates in less than 2 minutes
  • Cons: N/A

6. Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Water Park Constant Air Water Slide

Product Dimensions: 184 x 114 x 95 inches

Item Weight: 45.1 pounds

The Banzai Slide ‘N Soak offers a side climbing wall, and a nice slide into the water. The slide includes a water spray and there is an overhead shower as well. The package comes with everything needed for setup, including its own blower. This play center is recommended for kids of ages 5 to 12 years, with a maximum individual weight of 120 lbs.

  • Pros: Heavy duty construction, quick inflating, has a side shower
  • Cons: N/A

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5. Little Tikes Inflatable Rocky Mountain Play Center

Product Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 101 inches

Item Weight: 47 pounds

Little Tikes’ Rocky Mountain play center comes with two slides, one on each side. In the middle is a climbing wall where children will occasionally get water dumped on them by a surprise dump bucket. There is an elevated island in the center, with the splash water surrounding it. It holds a maximum of 4 kids, with a combined weight of 350 lbs.

  • Pros: surprise dump bucket pours water, double slides
  • Cons: Color combination is uninspiring

4. Blast Zone Inflatable Pirate Bay Water Park

Product Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 8 inches

Item Weight: 85 pounds

Blast Zone’s inflatable Pirate Bay play center comes with two water canons, a slide with water spray and is designed for a maximum of 5 occupants. It takes less than 2 minutes to inflate, has a netted bouncer, a crawl tunnel and an overall fun pirate theme. When inflated, it measure 20 feet in length, by 12 feet width and 8 feet in height. It includes a 90-day warranty for the bouncer and 1-year warranty for the included blower.

  • Pros: Large and spacious, accommodates up to 5 kids
  • Cons: Poor color combination

3. Banzai Inflatable Wild Waves Water Park

Product Dimensions: 88 x 53 x 50 inches

Item Weight: 10.2 pounds

Made from durable PVC, this water park from Banzai is spacious and offers an enjoyable playing space for kids. It features four inflatable rings and a ring toss game opportunity. There is also a basketball hoop for ball tosses. The slide features a sprinkler and is on one side, allowing a large area of the pool to be usable for many other fun activities. Inflation takes less than 2 minutes, and the inflated structure is 88 inches long, 54 inches wide and go inches high.

  • Pros: Spacious and beautifully colored, includes a basketball hoop with backboard
  • Cons: N/A

2. Intex Inflatable Dinosaur Play Center

Product Dimensions: 95 x 75 x 43 inches

Item Weight: 9.3 pounds

This is one fun play center for the little ones with a love for bright colors. The entire play center features a bright yellow color that makes it quite attractive to play in. The kids can slide down the volcano themed slide, and then throw a ball into the dinosaur’s mouth. It comes with a drain plug, a landing mat, a repair patch, and the hose delivering water to the waterfall and palm-tree sprayer, can be adjusted with a control valve.

  • Pros: Nice and bright colors, large 57-gallon pool, palm-tree water sprayer
  • Cons: N/A

1. Intex inflatable Rainbow Ring Play Center

Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 5.5 inches

Item Weight: 14.6 pounds

The Rainbow and Ring play center from Intex includes a water slide, a water sprayer, a wading pool, and utilities for ball roller games, ball toss games and ring toss games. This play center comes with six balls included and four inflatable rings. It has a water capacity of 77 gallons and two pool areas. It is well priced, well made, very entertaining, and absolutely beautiful. It’s therefore our number #1 rated inflatable water slide and play center for 2017.

  • Pros: Lovely colors, 77-gallon capacity, includes water sprayer
  • Cons: N/A

We have gone through the 10 best inflatable water slides in 2022, and although we have made our recommendation, the final choice is all yours to make. You could be interested in more fun games, or in themes like the pirate theme. Or it could be colors that drive your decision. Whichever choice you make, you are sure to provide your family with the best fun for the money.







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