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Top 10 Best Trolling Motors Reviews in 2022

Trolling motors help you as an angler, to precisely control your fishing boat and to catch more fish. The electric trolling motor was invented in 1934 by O.G. Schmidt, but it has undergone many improvements over the years. Today, many companies from around the world offer different types and configurations of trolling motors, making it a little difficult to make a choice. This 2017 top 10 trolling motors review is aimed at helping you to choose the right motor for your fishing boat.

Trolling Motors Buying Guide

Asides from deciding whether to mount your trolling motor on the bow or transom, there are other important issues to consider before making a trolling motor purchase. They are as follows:

– Freshwater vs Saltwater

Knowing where you will be fishing is important. If you do saltwater fishing, then you need a motor that will be able to withstand the effects of corrosion, else any other motor will do.

– Motor Power

The power of the motor is important, because it has to be able to propel the boat. It is recommended to provide at least 5 pounds of thrust for every 200 pounds of boat weight. Trolling motors are available in 3 different voltages of 12, 24 and 36 Volts. 12 Volt batteries are single, and produce up to 60 pounds of thrust, while 24 Volts batteries are double and produce up to 100 pounds. 36-volt batteries are triple and can produce up to 130 pounds of thrust.

– Shaft Length

Most trolling motors have a standard length of 42 inches. You have to measure the height of your boat’s transom, or from the mounting point to the water, then add about 15 or 20 inches. If the water is rough, or there are strong waves, then you might also need a longer shaft.

– Extras

Extra trolling motor features include a foot pedal to free your hands, an adjustable shaft length, LED display, speed control and circuit protection systems.


10. Cloud Mountain Fresh & Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

Cloud Mountain’s trolling motors range from 36 to 86 lb of thrust. There are 2 available shaft lengths of 28 and 36 inches, and 5 levels of motor power, including 36, 40, 46, 50, 55, 60 and 86 lb thrust. Cloud Mountain also includes 8-speed levels, with 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds. There is an aluminum head, a reinforced Nylon bracket, Fiberglass composite shaft and a telescoping handle. An LED indicator system helps you to keep track of battery levels, and Cloud Mountain backs it with a 1-year warranty.


• Available in 28 or 36-inch lengths
• Offered in 7 variations from 36 – 86 lb of thrust.
• 5 speeds forward and 3 backwards for perfect control
• LED power indicator
• Ideal for both fresh and saltwater use

9. Watersnake T18S 24-Inch Electric Trolling Motor

Designed for small boats, dinghies, inflatables and kayaks, this Watersnake T18S also features a propeller design, which allows it to tear through all types of underwater weeds. It is built tough and designed to last. It’s 24-inch shaft is made from a tough alloy, and the motor is also coated to prevent corrosion. There are 2-speed controls of high and low, and a forward or reverse switch, making a 4-speed control. Watersnake supports this motor with a 1-year warranty.


• 24-inch alloy shaft for a long service life
• Underwater vegetation is no problem for the blades
• Ideal for small boats and kayaks
• Backed by a 1-year warranty
• Saltwater suitable

8. Seamax 36-Inch 8-Speed Electric Trolling Motor

This Seamax motor features a 36-inch shaft length, although it is also available with a 40-inch shaft. It’s 12Volt system produces up to 62 lb of thrust, and its handle is telescoping, with a 30-degree adjustable angle. The motor head is made from solid aluminum, and there is an LED battery monitor. There are 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, a quick-release mounting bracket, and a 2-year warranty from Seamax.


• Available in 36 and 40-inch shaft length options
• Telescoping tiller handle
• 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds
• LED battery level meter
• Quick-release transom mounting bracket

7. Outsunny Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor

This trolling motor is transom mounted and offers up to 50 lb of thrust. Based on a 12-Volt system, the motor features a metal head, which is powered by a composite shaft, creating a durable combo. Its lever lock bracket offers 10 different positions, and its handle is very comfortably made and 6 inches telescoping. The 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds offer you full control of this motor, and it is currently offered at a 30% discount.


• Durable shaft made from composite
• 6-inch telescoping handle
• 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds
• Comfortable handle

6. Motorguide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor

Available in 3 shaft lengths of 45, 54 and 60 inches, the Xi5 is a trolling motor in a class of its own. It features a wireless control system out of the box, which enables anyone to precisely control the motor from any part of the boat. Freshwater motors come with a wireless foot-pedal, while saltwater motors come with a handheld remote. Thoughtfully designed status indicators keep you up to date, while the electric motor delivers enough thrust from its 24Volts system, but in a very quiet and stealthy manner.


• Wireless pedal & remote for complete control
• Well designed and helpful status indicators
• Includes digital technology
• Composite shaft

5. Haswing 55-Lb Bow Mount Remote Control Electric Trolling Motor

With over 5,000 km and 700 hours of continuous testing at its top-speed, this Haswing trolling motor is guaranteed to provide you with an efficient and reliable engine whenever you need it. It’s 12V system produces up to 55 lb of thrust, enough to easily power boats up to 3,000 lb heavy. The motor is additionally very quiet at just 35 db, features an aluminum shaft, a clutch propeller, and up to 1,200 rpm at full speed.


• Rechargeable remote control
• 35db ultra-low noise system
• Powerful 55 lb thrust motor
• Automatic clutched propeller
• 2-year manufacturer warranty

4. Goplus Transom Mount 86-Lb Freshwater Trolling Motor

Designed to be transom mounted, this Goplus trolling motor uses a 24-Volt battery system to achieve up to 86 lb of thrust. There are 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, and they control a 3-blade propeller. The telescoping handle is adjustable by 6 inches, and a 10-point LED system keeps you notified of battery levels. The shaft is 36 inches long, and this motor weighs just 22 lb.


• 3-blade propeller
• 86-lb maximum thrust
• 24-Volt system
• 6-inch telescoping handle

3. Intex 36-Inch Electric Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats

Designed for inflatable boats, including those from Intex, this trolling motor fits perfectly into any inflatable boat with a built-in motor mount. The handle is 6 inches telescopic, and can be tilted up and down, and up to 75 degrees. There is a battery level meter, an automatic weed escape system, and a circuit overload protection mechanism. The system produces up to 40 lb of thrust in 8 speeds, 5 speeds forward and 3 speeds for reverse. It requires an additional 12-Volt and 60 Ampere, deep cycle battery.


• Ideal for inflatable boats, including Intex boats
• Telescopic and tilting handle
• 40 lb of thrust from 12 Volts
• 36-inch long shaft

2. Minn Kota Endura C2 55-Lb Electric Trolling Motor

Minn Kota’s Endura C2 is a low rpm, but high torque trolling motor, which is perfect for its low noise. It uses Minn Kota’s cool and quiet power system, a very famous system from a famous trolling motor company. The motor uses larger brushes, commutators and windings to generate less heat. The shaft is made from a high-tensile and flexible composite material, which makes it indestructible. Endura C2’s handle is ergonomic and 6 inches telescoping, and Minn Kota also offers 30, 40 and 45 lb thrust models.


• Available with 36- and 42-inch shafts
• Designed for transom mounting
• Flexing, warping and UV-resistant composite materials
• 6-inch telescoping handle
• Low torque / high rpm system

1. Newport Vessels 8-Speed 55-Lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

Built with stainless steel hardware, this trolling motor from Newport Vessels offers you both salt water compatibility and a long service life. It’s 30 inches long shaft makes it ideal for most small boats. A 6-inch telescoping handle, plus 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, enable you to precisely maneuver any boat with this motor. The motor delivers 55 lb of thrust, the shaft is made of composite fiberglass, and its mount fitting is made from heavy-duty Nylon.


• 30 inches long heavy-duty fiberglass shaft
• 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds
• Heavy-duty Nylon mount
• Stainless steel hardware enables salt water use
• Telescoping handle


We have come to the end of this top 10 list of the best trolling motors in 2022. All these 10 motors are great, and each one has its unique advantages. Although the Newport Vessels trolling motor is our number #1 recommendation, you should still feel free to choose from any of the other 9 motors, as your heart may desire.

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