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Top 10 Best Boat Covers Reviews in 2022

A boat is an important and highly cherished investment. If you own a boat, then keeping it safe and good looking, must be high on your list of priorities. Asides from general maintenance, protecting the boat with a cover is equally of much importance. A boat cover keeps out rain, dust, grime, bird droppings, UV rays and other unwanted environmental impacts from your beloved boat. This top 10 boat covers review is aimed at helping you make the best purchase decision.

Boat Covers Buying Guide

After understanding the importance of using a boat cover, one should as well know the important aspects to look out for, when deciding to buy one. The following aspects are important features of a boat cover that every boat owner should be aware of.

– Trailering vs Storage Cover

When deciding on a boat cover, you should consider the intended use. Trailering and storage covers are different. For trailering, you need a boat cover that fits tightly, and which is well secured. Storage covers can be looser fitting, and don’t even need tie-down straps.

– Boat Size

Boat covers come in different sizes, designed for different sizes of boats. They can range anywhere from 12 to 24 feet in length. You should know the length of your boat, but if you are not sure, then just measure it.

– Boat Cover Fit

There are 3 main types of boat cover fits. There are universal fit, semi-custom and custom fit covers. Universal fit covers are one-size fits all approach, and are the cheapest covers you will get. Semi-custom covers are designed for a group of boats, which share a hull style. Custom boat covers are designed for a specific boat, which means a boat with a specific make, model and year. Although they are the best fitting covers, they are also the most expensive.

– Reinforcements

Seems and corners usually see more wear and tear than the rest of the cover. This makes it necessary to look for a boat cover with reinforced seams and corners. This way, you can be sure of a durable cover for your boat.

– Extras

Extra features to look for include a cover for outboard engines, if your boat has one. A UV and mildew resistant material is important as well. It should also be breathable, and be water resistant and repellent.


10. RockyMRanger Trailerable Heavy Duty Boat Cover

RockyMRanger’s boat cover is designed for covering boats between 17 and 19 feet in length, with a maximum beam width of 95 inches. It is made of a high-quality Polyester material, which is both breathable and water-repellent, making it able to protect your boat from rain, snow, wind and dust. Tie-down straps make this cover trailerable, and it is recommended just for V-hull powerboats.


• Water repellent & breathable Polyester material keeps your boat moisture free
• High-quality straps keep the cover properly secured
• Fastening straps include quick-release buckles
• UV resistant cover prolongs boat life

9. Pinty Oxford Heavy Duty Universal Boat Cover

The Pinty Oxford boat cover is a universal one. It is designed to fit boats between 16 and 19 feet in length. Made from Polyester canvas, it is mildew and UV resistant, giving your boat’s interior the protection it needs. It is also breathable and water repellent, and will protect the boat from snow, rain and dirt. Double stitched seems provide added strength, and there is a 30-day money back guarantee, plus an anti-moisture heavy duty storage bag.


• Universal fit for 16 to 19 feet boats
• Double stitched frames for extra strength and durability
• Breathable fabric with UV and mildew resistance
• Includes a storage bag

8. Leader Accessories 5-Color 600D Waterproof Trailerable Boat Cover

Made from heavy-duty and marine grade Polyester fabric, this Leader Accessories boat cover is available in the 5 colors of Black, Burgundy, Olive, Blue and Gray. It is available in 5 sizes as well, and able to fit boats between 14 and 22 feet. The seams are tightly and doubly sewn for superior strength. A free mesh bag is included for storage, and air vents keep the boat moisture-free.


• Available in 5 different colors including gray and navy blue
• Offered in 5 sizes between 14 and 22 feet, with up to 100 inches beam width
• Designed to fit most popular hull styles
• Made of marine-grade and urethane coated Polyester
• Includes a free mesh bag

7. Windstrom By Eevelle V-Hull Boat Cover

Created from dyed fabrics, WindStorm by Eevelle covers are unique, with an outstanding design and availability in multiple colors and sizes. They are semi-custom fit covers, hand-crafted by experts, and trailerable. The material is treated with a UV sun-inhibitor, to protect your boat from the sun’s harmful rays. There is a matching cover for the motor, a strap kit, and a 7-year warranty, backing the boat.


• Available in 8 colors including black, red and yellow
• Offered in over 30 sizes from 14 to 34 feet in length, and up to 102 inches in width
• Expertly hand-crafted for the perfect fit
• Includes motor cover and strap kit
• Backed by a 7-year warranty

6. Brightent Boat BC1 600D Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

Available in 2 sizes, the Brightent heavy-duty cover is made from a 600D woven Polyester material, which is coated with Polyurethane, making it very waterproof and marine-grade. There is an extra 18-meter belt for binding the cover down unto the boat. There are 8 other strap-belts, plus a carry bag made from the same material. Double stitching on the cover makes it strong and able to last long.


• 600D woven Polyester fabric with PU coating
• Available in 2 sizes
• Includes an 18-meter extra belt
• Double-stitched for more strength
• Includes a carry bag made from same material

5. Pyle Armor Marine Grade Universal Boat Cover Waterproof

Pyle Armor’s boat cover is made from a 600 denier Polyester fabric. A PU undercoating makes it an all-weather boat cover to protect your boat from snow, rain and dust. Double air vents in the rear enable the evaporation of moisture from the inside. Included straps allow the cover to be properly secured, making this cover trailerable. The package includes a free storage bag, and the Polyester StormPro fabric is also UV and mildew resistant, with double-stitched seams for extra durability.


• All-weather Polyester material with PU undercoating
• Includes rear air vents
• Straps make it trailerable
• Universal fitting cover is ideal for boats 22 to 24 ft. in length
• Free storage bag

4. Komo Covers Trailerable Heavy Duty Cover

This Como Covers boat cover is made using a 300D Polyester fabric. The material is coated with Polyurethane, which makes it a completely weather-proof cover. This material is breathable, durable and long-lasting. It is available in 6 different sizes, ideal for boats from 12 to 28 feet in length. It is ideal for V-hull boats, and comes with an 8-month warranty, as well as a convenient carrying bag, plus tie-down straps for the trailer.


• 6 different sizes for boats between 12 and 28 feet
• Offered in either Blue or Gray
• Double-stitched seams plus elastic hem for a perfect fit
• 300D Polyester fabric with PU coating

3. MSC Heavy-Duty Marine Grade 600D Cover Boat

This cover is very stylishly designed and outstanding. In addition to being quite affordable, it is available in 4 colors and 6 sizes. You can get it for any boat between 14 and 24 feet in length, and it is ideal for either long-term storage, trailering and mooring. Made from a marine grade Polyester canvas, it comes with a double PU coating. This cover is also UV and mildew resistant, and it is backed by a 3-year warranty.


• 6 sizes for boats between 14 and 24 feet in length
• Offered in 4 colors including pacific Blue, Beige and Forest Green
• Comes with a free storage bag and trailering straps
• Backed by a 3-year warranty

2. Budge 600D Hard/T-Top Denier Boat Cover

This cover is made from a 600D Polyester material, and offers UV, dust, sun and rain protection. It is ideal for hard-top and t-top boats. Available in 5 sizes, it will fit boats between 16 and 26 feet in length, and with a beam width of up to 106 inches. There are sewn-in strap buckles, a full elastic hem, and a ventilation system for moisture release.


• Available in 4 sizes for boats between 16 and 26 feet
• Ideal for hard covers and t-top boats
• Provides UV protection
• Includes straps and buckles for trailering

1. Classic Accessories Trailerable StormPro Boat Cover

Designed for boats between 12 and 24 feet in length, and with a maximum width of 116 inches, this boat cover offers protection to 3 boat types as well. It is available in small utility, bass boat and V-hull versions. Classic accessories makes it using a 600D material, which is ideal for both long-term storage and trailering. The material is additionally mildew and UV resistant. The strap and buckle system is integrated, and features a quick-release system. It also includes a storage bag and is backed by a 5-year warranty.


• 600D heavy-duty material for durability
• Integrated buckle and strap for easy trailering
• Comes with free storage bag
• Backed by a 5-year warranty

Coming to the end of this top 10 boat covers for 2017 review, the turn is now yours to make a choice. All the covers in this top 10 list are good covers, and although we have recommended our number #1 cover from Classic Accessories, do feel free to make your choice.





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