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Top 10 Best Bathtub Caddy Reviews in 2022

A bathtub caddy is one of those simple pieces of furniture, which can allow you to truly enjoy life. By using a bathtub caddy, you can very easily relax in your warm bath, and either read a book, watch your favorite movie, or simply lose yourself into music. There are different types of bathtub caddies available, so this top 10 reviews for 2017 is aimed at helping you make the right decision.


Bathtub Caddy Buying Guide

In order to be able to purchase the best caddy for your bathtub, you will have to take a few important issues into consideration. They are as follows:

– Material
A bathtub caddy can theoretically be made from any solid and water-resistant material, but most are made from bamboo wood or stainless-steel. Wood is a very natural product, which when treated against water, can be used to make amazing bathtub caddies. Bamboo is naturally water-resistant, and stainless steel is less luxurious than wood, but can offer raw strength and durability.

– Functionality
A caddy is meant to offer you a certain level of convenience, so the question remains, how much convenience exactly? What kind of features do you desire? A smartphone holder? A candle, book, mug, or wine holder? Do you want a stable caddy that you can rest on when getting up, or one that is size-adjustable? These are questions you need to answer first, and then find the appropriate caddy for your bathtub.

– Style
The style is equally as important as functionality. There are such simple caddies, made from simple pieces of wood, that look so great and fit into certain bathrooms. There are also eccentric designs that stand out and fit into more elegant bathroom designs. You have to know your ‘style’, and then find a bathtub caddy that complements it.

– Special Features
There could be extra features that are important to you personally. You could need a caddy for two, in a specific color, or with a particular finish. The offers are wide here, and it is left for you to also reach a compromise, if you can’t find a caddy with the exact special features that you desire.


10. Organize It All Expandable Chrome Finish Bathtub Caddy

This expandable caddy is designed to accommodate all your bathroom accessories, and to as well, be compact enough for storage. Constructed from solid metal, it is strong and durable. The rust-resistant chrome plating makes it both stylish and resistant to rust. It’s mesh allows the easy draining of water, and it can hold books and magazines, allowing you a good read in the bathtub.


• Made from durable metal and chrome plated for corrosion resistance
• Expandable design makes it able to perfectly fit into most bathtubs
• Offers enough room to store your soaps and shampoos
• Includes plastic coated end-caps to prevent damages to your tub

9. Bambusi Extendable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Made from 100% natural bamboo, this Bambusi bathtub caddy is extremely strong, water-resistant, and durable. It includes as many accessories as you could need for a comfortable bathing session. There is a tray for your smartphone, a built-in wine glass holder, and a book holder made from metal, which can also be used for iPad and laptop. This caddy measures 27.75 inches when compact, and 41.5 inches when fully extended.


• Extendable design makes it able to fit most bathtubs
• Natural bamboo material provides water-resistance
• Includes rustproof metal holder for books
• Features wine-glass holder and cell-phone tray`

8. Nature Gear Extendable Premium Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

This bamboo bathtub caddy features enough space for everything you need to enjoy your bathtub. There is a tray to keep smartphones safe from water, a wine-glass holder, and a holder for books, or iPad. Made from bamboo, this caddy is aesthetically pleasing, as well as strong and durable. Nature Gear is so sure you’ll love it, that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on it.


• Adjustable design for the perfect fit
• Made from durable, sturdy and waterproof bamboo
• includes a book/iPad holder for your convenience
• 100% money-back guarantee

7. Slashome Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

For those who want a high-quality bathtub caddy without any compromise, this one from Slashome offers that unique style and approach. Its finish features a high-quality polish, which sets it aside from the rest. It’s book-stand can be adjusted in 3 levels, and is made from stainless steel, offering both water-resistance and durability. There is a glass holder, and lots of other spaces for the things that matter to you. Slahsome even backs it with a 5-year warranty.


• Exceptional style and high-quality finish
• Includes a stainless steel stand
• Water-resistant bamboo material
• 3 adjustment levels for book stand
• Backed by a 5-year warranty

6. Bath Dreams Extending Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Made from natural bamboo, this Bath Dreams bathtub caddy will adjust to fit your bathtub perfectly. It is very stylishly designed, and a perfect gift idea for both men and women. The spacious tray offers you enough space for your shaving razors, soaps and shampoos, as well as candles and other items. A metal stand with a waterproof fabric covering, and 3-position setting, holds your smartphone, table or book for reading. This caddy also folds easily for storage.


• Sleek design perfect for modern bathrooms
• Sturdy, reliable and durable construction
• Offers enough space for your many items
• Adjusts easily to fit any

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5. Ipegtop Extendable Stainless Steel Bathtub Caddy

Ipegtop presents this stainless steel bathtub caddy, designed to fit into any simple but classy bathroom. The stainless steel is food-grade 304 quality and is backed by a 5-year rust-free guarantee. Ipegtop also includes removable wine holders, and a removable reading rack for your books. The simple design means you don’t have to worry about water, since it drains out easily, and its extendability makes it a good fit in every bathtub.


• Solid stainless steel construction offers strength and long life
• Made from 304 food-grade stainless steel
• Includes removable wine and book holders
• Backed by a 5-year Rust-Free guarantee

4. ToiletTree Products 28.5-Inch Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

The ToileTree Products 28.5-inch caddy is for those who love a traditional approach to bathtub caddies. It offers no fancy extras or features, but presents a dependable and durable caddy. Made from bamboo, it is waterproof, and its 28.5-inch length means it will fit up to 99% of bathtubs, which will be up to 26 inches wide. The wood has a glossy finish to prevent water stains, and built-in sidewalls to prevent your items from falling into the water.


• 28.5-inch length fits 99% of bathtubs
• Made from 100% natural bamboo
• Sturdy and durable construction
• Sidewalls prevent items from slipping

3. Pristine Bamboo 12-Feature Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

This is a high-quality bathtub caddy that anyone would be pleased to own. Its design is so upscale, and its quality, so apparent. There are non-slip grips, and a wine-glass holder for your convenience. The main tray is detachable, and can be used for various activities. There is a candle stand, an adjustable reading stand, a bonus Konjac sponge and a soap dish. Pristine Bamboo also supports its caddy with a 30-day money back guarantee.


• Includes wine-glass holder
• Adjustable width from 29.5 to 43 inches
• Includes a free sponge and soap dish
• 100% money-back guarantee

2. Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Luxury Caddy

For those who love pure elegance, this is the caddy to have. Made from bamboo, it is additionally polished to perfection, and features a unique design that sets it apart from the rest. In fact, this caddy truly feels royal. It comes with a free soap holder, it is adjustable up to 43 inches, it is slip resistant, there is a candle stand, an iPad or smartphone slot, a drinking glass slot, and an adjustable reading stand.


• Properly polished and beautiful bamboo
• Waterproof and durable construction
• Adjustable to fit most bathtubs up to 43 inches wide
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

1. ComfySure Adjustable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

If you need an all-around champion of a tray, then this is it. This bathtub caddy from CamfySure will easily double as a breakfast in bed tray, and as a mobile desk for your laptop when on a recliner seat. If you also happen to be 2 people inside the tub, then it also offers enough space. There is one long slot for electronic devices, 2 round slots for candles, mugs and soaps, and a side slot for wine-glasses. For its quality, price and versatility, this bathtub caddy ranks number #1 in this 2017 review.


• 2 round slots for holding glasses, mugs or candles
• Long slot for holding smartphones and tablets
• Doubles as a mobile desk for laptop work or a breakfast in bed tray
• Adjustable from 29.5 to 44 inches to fit most bathtubs
• High-quality bamboo for strength and lightweight


We have reached the end of this top 10 bathtub caddy review, and also shown you our number #1 rated caddy. The turn is now yours to make a choice. All the 10 caddies in this list are great, but you may need a stainless steel type like number #5, or an elegant design like number #2, else our number #1 recommendation, is the Comfysure in position #1.





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