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Top 10 Best Shower Panels Reviews in 2022

Taking a shower nowadays has become smooth and entertaining due to improved bathroom accessories. Among many available bathroom equipment, shower panels are inexpensive and ideal ways to revolutionize your shower room. Unlike older designs, current panel towers are designed with enhanced features such as water and temperatures controller, head speakers and LED rainfall showerheads.

Apart from added features, the construction designs are ideal for complementing the décor of your shower room. This gives your bathroom a complete spa-like experience hence making your showering even more luxurious. The following are some of selected top 10 best shower panels as reviewed in 2022.

Factors to consider when buying shower panels

Before paying for any accessory, it’s advisable to check available features. This is because; it helps you to dice whether it will serve the intended purpose. The Same case is applied when buying a bathroom panel tower. Most current ones are furnished with horizontal water spray, hand shower, digital temperature display among others. However, due to a variety of existing brands, each is available exhibiting differing features.

  • Size

The size of your bathroom substantially determines the type and size of shower panel to install. For people with large bathrooms, selecting a bigger device will guarantee you more convenience. Before you settle on a certain brand, it’s important to measures your bathroom to make sure the panel tower will fit perfectly. With correct measurements, it means you can get the excellent pick without running into problems when fixing it.

  • Specifications

Another feature to look is the specifications of a shower panel. With correct information regarding a panel, it allows you to have the full safety. Nowadays, panel towers are fitted with varying enhancements. Therefore, if there is misuse, they can experience damage or cause harm to the user.

  • Ease of installation and servicing

Having bathroom accessories, which are easy to install, gives you a peace of mind. It means that you don’t have to incur additional installation charges. On the other hand, maintenance should be straightforward. This also will save you significant cost and time as you can be able to fit it yourself. Of course, there is no need to call a technician now and then when there is a slight repair to be done.

10. Luxier SP21-SS Stainless Steel Shower Panel Rain Shower

When you want to install a top shower panel with a rain shower, don’t look anymore. The Luxier SP21-SS is a perfect bathroom accessory which brings satisfaction to your home. It’s durable product, which is designed to last without quality degradation. Designed featuring a combination of stainless steel and fiberglass, it means no chances of this panel corroding or rusting. The main body is built from stainless steel while the shelf is tempered glass and brass creating a complementing composition.

The functionality of this accessory is highly improved whereby; it comes with 4 functions. It features rainfall showerhead, horizontal massage, waterfall and hand shower. This ensures you get your preferred type of shower hence getting an outstanding shower. The rainfall head has 50 nozzles that deliver powerful jets to give your body a perfect shower. Installation is straightforward, quick, and products enjoy 2-years warranty.

What we liked

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Durable construction materials
  • Versatile functionality
  • Tiltable showerhead

What we did not like

  • Installation still takes longer time

9. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower System

Do you want to give your shower room perfect uplifting? Al hassles now are eliminated by this panel tower system, from Perfetto Kitchen and Bath. Manufactured by experts, the system is ideal for installing since it enjoys all-in-one showering functionalities. Additionally, you can enjoy simultaneous functionality. To give your body best experience, the system comes featuring inbuilt temperature control hence ideal to set your required bathing temperatures. Additionally, when bathing, multiples nozzles ensures your body gets a refreshing feeling.

Now, on durability, elegance, and ease of mounting, you can count bet on this system. It is created from brushed stainless steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion as well as keeping your bathroom looking appealing. Additionally, piping connections are reinforced steel made to deliver exceptional durability. Above all the panel tower is UPC certified hence safe for use in any bathroom.

What we liked

  • Comes with installation accessories
  • Simultaneous functionality
  • Durable reinforced pipes
  • Refreshing water jets

What we did not like

  • Exposed edges making cleaning a nightmare

8. Golden Vantage 63″ Multi-Function Shower Panel Tower System

A luxurious showering is now possible these days due to the availability of high-quality bathroom accessories. The Golden Vintage multi-functional panel tower is a bathroom accessory for every home. Designed featuring the latest technology, this system provides a variety of daily needed functions. Equipped with 100 nozzles, the shower gives your body thorough cleaning and soothing. Apart from the head shower, the system features a waterfall and handheld high-efficiency shower which renders this panel ideal for multi-usage.

Having this Golden Vintage panel tower adds efficiency in your bathroom. Unlike others, this one is equipped with a tub filler. This is important as it enables one to fill buckets and for washing pet feet. The hoses are durable featuring chrome plating and brass construction. Installing is easy on a flat wall and is enhanced with thermostatic temperature control. A 1-year warranty backs this product and is availed with all fitting accessories.

What we liked

  • Has tub filling nozzle
  • Lightweight construction
  • Compatible with standard bathroom pipes
  • Durable brushed stainless steel

What we did not like

  • Exposed plumbing

7. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head System

Discover a new way to make your bathroom look stunning. It’s not a hard exercise; you only need to get SR SUN SRSH-F5043 shower head system and revolutionize you home. Unlike other systems available on the market, this one achieves a concealed installation hence delivering a modern and elegant look. On the other hand, the rain showerhead has a broad construction which enables it to have a wider coverage. In order to economize water usage, it is fitted with air injection technology.

The SR SUN SRSH-F5043 shower head system is safe to your family. This is because it is created featuring SUS 304 stainless steel designed with high precision and is non-rusting as well as corrosion resistant. Additionally, tubes are manufactured from brass which is safe to your skin and durable.

What we liked

  • Complete concealed piping system
  • Ideal for water economization
  • High-quality non-leaking design
  • Powerful water jets

What we did not like

  • Head shower not usable with hand held shower

6. Vantory Shower Tower Stainless Steel Shower Panel

As time change, it’s important to update your bathroom, to look elegant and also increase multi-functionality. Designed to fit all body types, this Vantory Shower Tower shower panel is perfect when you need a cold or hot shower. Both hot and cold water are integrated to minimize the plumbing hence maintaining your bathroom looking modern. Additionally, the 4 stages shower function allows for hand shower, rainfall shower, waterfall and horizontal massage spray.

The construction features stainless steel material, but for hand shower, it is made from sturdy ABS which is also lightweight. The rotating locking mechanism gives this panel ability to switch into two modes which increase mobility and flexibility. If not satisfied, the product is backed by 30 days return policy.

What we liked

  • Integrated hot and cold water pipes
  • Rotating mechanism
  • High flexibility and mobility
  • Excellent water pressure

What we did not like

  • Not suitable for simultaneous use

5. Vigo Sutherland Rain Waterfall Shower Panel With Jets and Hand Shower

Vigo is known for its premium products which exceed any other company which produces bathroom accessories. With this Sutherland panel tower, you will experience a state of the art shower room. It’s manufactured with durability and stylish look in mind, due to being made from chrome finish, not forgetting it’s lightweight. Additionally, no worry about corrosion since it is corrosion and rust resistant.

When installing this shower panel, there are no problems or technicians required. It is fitted with pre-installed 5-inch standard plumbing for easy connection. Showering water delivery is excellent considering the large fixed jets horizontal massage and rain shower head. Moreover, the 3-ways valve is designed to control water operations with an integrated hot and cold water thermostat. Above all, it is cUPC certified.

What we liked

  • Oversized jets
  • Quick and straightforward mounting
  • State of the art construction
  • Comfortable hand spray

What we did not like

  • Highly priced

4. Blue Ocean 52″ SPV878392H Stainless Steel Shower Panel

Feel the comfort and excellent soothing by getting this best shower panel on the market. The Blue Ocean allows you to experience a new style of showering ensuring maximum safety to your skin. This is provided by high-quality stainless-steel frame construction combined with tempered glass panels makes sure that durability isn’t a trial and error. Additionally, when it comes to flexibility, the panel tower is great since it features rainfall shower and a multi-functioning handheld head.

It’s possible to get perfect temperatures setting when utilizing Blue Ocean SPV878392H since it has a glass temperature display. For added durability, the pipes are reinforced while hoses are brass made plated with chrome for added beauty, and ease of cleaning as well as durability.

What we liked

  • Digital temperature display
  • 8 adjustable nozzles
  • Clear and fast drying mirror
  • High-efficiency bathtub filling spout

What we did not like

  • A bit heavy

3. AKDY Stainless Steel Wall Mount Multi-Function Shower Tower Panel

AKDY products are built to provide exceptional durability and performance. This 39-inch AKDY stainless steel multi-function tower panel is a great bathroom accessory to own. Constructed featuring high versatility, it is equipped with rainfall, waterfall and handheld showers they deliver maximum performance. Due to this, the showers provide enough pressure hence ideal to give your body excellent relaxation.

On the lifespan of this system, you can be sure that it won’t disappoint. It is manufactured featuring brushed stainless steel which is not only strong but also beautiful. The design and combination of materials ensure the shower panel is lightweight while chrome plated hoses are perfect for durability and body safety. Installation is simple with the system coming with standard adapters for a broad range of compatibility.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and extended durability
  • High-pressure showering water
  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Cheap to afford

What we did not like

  • Inferior shower wand

2. Blue Ocean SPA392M Aluminum Shower Panel Tower

This is another product from Blue Ocean that guarantees exceptional performance in your bathroom. Manufactures following strict production rules, it means you get value for your money. Unlike other brands which are constructed from steel, this one is unique as it features aluminum alloy. As a result, no more heavy weight, corrosion and rusting. On the other hand, the system is equipped with multiple head showers which are ideal in ensuring you enjoy showering experience.

When you buy the shower panel, it is furnished with 5mm tempered glass which adds décor to your bathroom while minimizes breakage. Also, when connecting it to water supply, it’s simple due to 0.5-inch plumbing connectivity. Although this system is designed featuring various showerheads, each operates independently to enhance maximum performance. A 1-year warranty backs it.

What we liked

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Independently functionality for maintained pressure
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Excellent performance

What we did not like

  • Only displays temperatures in Fahrenheit

1. Decor Star 004-SS Rainfall Shower Panel Rain Massage System

Make a date with Décor Star and make our bathroom attain a spa like status. It’s a premium product designed with 4 levels of functionality to maximize user experience. The shower panel provides hand shower, rainfall, waterfall and horizontal massage spray. As you enjoy a shower session, this system features 50 rainfall nozzles and 100 horizontal nozzles for a powerful and ample water delivery. The stylish European design helps in complementing your décor.

Unlike other showers on the market, with Decor Star 004-SS rainfall shower panel it’s possible to turn on all functions without affecting water flow rate. This is because each showerhead possesses independent valve control. To minimize scalding, the panel tower is equipped with a thermostatic control. The frame is stainless steel construction while hoses are brass and chrome plated.

What we liked

  • Looks stylish
  • Works efficiently
  • Integrated hot and cold functionality
  • No scalding like in rivals

What we did not like

  • Pressures decline when you turn more nozzles


It true that bathroom is more than having a shower. Having a well-furnished bathroom with right accessories, it means that you will have a soothing and outstanding experience. Now, as you look for a panel with rainfall shower, it’s ideal to select of the reviewed above. This is because; they are stylish, durable and excellent quality.




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