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Top 10 Best Pasta Makers Reviews in 2022

Many people find it easy and convenient to walk right into the supermarket and pick any one of the many varieties of pasta on the shelves that more often are dried and packed with artificial preservatives. This is because they have not experienced the many benefits of making pasta from home. The starting point in making pasta is to get the right pasta maker.

Buying your own pasta machine will allow you to enjoy the best pasta in the least possible time. It will also save you money because store bought pasta can prove to be expensive with time. A good pasta maker will also guarantee you an excellent service for several years to come. So, how do you go about choosing the right pasta maker? What are the best pasta makers in the market today? Let’s look a the top 10 of the greatest pasta machines.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pasta Maker

Bet you have already realized the many different models and types of pasta machine currently in the market. Choosing the best one can be extremely daunting if you do not have the right information. If you do not find any of the above models good enough for you, then you can use the following buyer’s guide. Here the most important factors to consider:

  • Cost

The prices of pasta makers can vary greatly depending on many factors. The main indicator is whether you go for the manual or automatic model. Between the two models, an important determinant is the reputation of the brand. Generally, manual models are cheaper than their automatic counterparts are. Each of the models has its own advantages and disadvantages. Compare these with the cost.

  • The Pasta Maker Type

You have the chance to choose between roller or pasta maker or extrusion pasta maker. Roller pasta makers are the most common and it is the type you will likely encounter on most kitchen countertops. They function by running the dough through rollers in series that lengthen and flatten the dough out in long sheet then you can cut the sheets into desired lengths before running the sheets through different cutters.
The extrusion types are common with commercial models. They work by pressing the dough via a die, which then creates individual pieces of pasta. All you need to do is to load it with the necessary ingredients and the machine then forms the dough, kneads it and then extrude it through the die. Some small, extrusion-type pasta machines are suitable for home use.

  • Pasta Maker Attachments

Most pasta machines are designed to make just a single type of past – spaghetti or just a few more. To make more of pasta types, you need to look for a pasta maker that allows for a variety of attachments and other accessories. The kind of attachments to add should depend on the types of pasta you intend to make.

  • Pasta Maker Material

I believe everyone wants a pasta machine that will serve him or her for a good period without requiring replacement. The two commonly used materials for making such machines are metal or hardened plastic. Generally, metal constructed pasta machines are sturdy and durable while plastic constructed models are less durable. The major difference besides durability is a cost with plastic models being much cheaper than metal varieties.

10. Imperia R220 Restaurant Pasta Machine

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight: 25 pounds

The Imperia R220 Restaurant Pasta Machine is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy high-quality pasta. In fact, it is a professional-grade, restaurant-quality pasta maker. It boasts of chromed steel construction that is sturdy and durable. It is Italian made giving it the traditional heritage. The R220 can produce a variety of pasta to satisfy your needs by simply adjusting the thickness as well as the rollers. The machine comes with attachments that allow you to make the dough.


• High-quality restaurant-grade pasta maker
• Features high level of efficiency and reliability
• Made of sturdy materials that can last for years
• Adjustability that promotes versatility
• it has several attachments for easy use


• May not be ideal for small homes
• It is quite costly

9. Weston 6 Inch Traditional Style

  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 8.3 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.2 pounds

If you are operating on a tight budget, yet you want to enjoy good quality homemade pasta then Weston 6-inch Traditional Style pasta machine is the right appliance to look for. The machine features adjustable rollers to allow for multiple thickness settings. The Weston Pasta machine comes with a C-Clamp to help attach the pasta machine to the edge of your countertop for convenient operation. it has a double cutting head for spaghetti and fettuccini.


• A super affordable but high-quality pasta making machine
• The machine has been tested for health and safety
• Comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well as a recipe book
• Purchase includes limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


• Cheap construction makes it prone to damage

8. Fox Run 57666 Pasta Maker Machine

  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 8.2 x 6.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.4 pounds

The Fox Run 57666 Pasta Maker qualifies for inclusion in our top 10 best pasta makers reviews because of its wonderful performance and quality. The machine is made of very durable chrome-plated stainless steel allowing it to serve you for years. It features 3 various blade options for fettuccine, tagliatelle, and lasagna. It is sturdily constructed, fitted with nine thickness settings and comes with a cutting attachment. This machine may not have Italian origin but its quality and constructions follow the Italian cuisine heritage.


• Features strong stainless steel construction
• Allows you to create your very own delicious pasta at home with utmost ease
• Hand-operated, no need for electricity this saves your on electricity bills
• Removable crank handle enables easy storage


• Limited pasta options

7. Paderno World Cuisine Manual Pasta Machine

  • Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.6 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 22 pounds

The Paderno World Cuisine Manual Pasta machine is a wonderful addition to the restaurant kitchen or home kitchen of the serious connoisseurs. It produces professional quality pasta in the shortest time possible with utmost ease. It nicely laminates and chops fresh pasta dough. The strong, sturdy construction ensures durability and excellent service. It features a side-knob that allows you to adjust the thickness of the resultant pasta.


• Chromed-steel and stainless steel construction is sturdy and stylish
• Makes professional-grade pasta
• Very easy to use and saves you time and money
• Made in Italy which is a mark of quality


• Relatively new to the market thus requires further testing

6. HomeStart HST5018 Pasta Maker

  • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.2 x 7.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.2 pounds

If you are new connoisseurs, the HomeStart HST5018 Pasta Maker offers you a great starting point. This machine deserves the second position in our top 10 best pasta makes reviews because of its durable construction, elegant design, and great performance. It features a tough and durable stainless steel construction that will withstand daily use. A pull handle allows you to adjust up to nine different thicknesses. It’s sleek, stylish and sturdy design will doubtlessly complement your kitchen décor.


• Very nicely constructed and functional
• Easy, simple and extremely convenient to use
• The package includes easy to start instruction guidebook
• Versatile or making spaghetti, noodles, fettuccine and many more pasta types
• Its gears are case-hardened tempered steel
• Extremely affordable


• Clamping the machine to kitchen countertop might be difficult
• Does not achieve complete cutting of the pasta thus require you to pull it out

5. VonShef 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 x 8.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.1 pounds

The VonShef 3-in-1 Stainless Steel pasta machine makes it to the top rank in this pasta makers reviews because of its unique functionality and extraordinary performance. It is perfect for making a wide range of pasta dishes from the comfort of your home. You can fully adjust it to produce, various pasta thicknesses as well rolling, and kneading. It is designed 3-in-1 because of these three functions. It is stylish, sturdy and features a unique retro design.


• The machine is nicely designed and durable
• Achieves three functions in a single machine
• Care and maintenance instructions are provided
• Made from high-grade stainless steel
• Package includes a free pasta measuring tool


• The included clamp may not be compatible with all kitchen countertops
• Ravioli attachment requires better instructions

4. Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set

  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.9 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 8 pounds

While manual pasta machines are great, they require some effort and ability to use both hands (in most cases). This is a reason good enough to make someone want to upgrade to an automated or electricity is driven pasta machine. The best way to upgrade your pasta machine is by buying the Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with the motor set. The nickel-plated stainless steel machine is powered by a detachable 110-volt electric motor. This machine is fitted with special rollers in alloy for food and you can get 3 different types of pasta in 9 thicknesses.


• Powerful 110-volt or 220V motor makes it painless and easy to roll pasta
• Come with many additional attachments for versatility
• Operates fast and produced high-quality pasta
• Stylishly and elegantly constructed with stainless steel finish


• It comes with a heavy initial cost of purchase
• It rolls perfectly but sometimes fails to finish the cut

3. Philips Pasta Maker

  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 16.5 pounds

Featuring a minimalist design, the Philips Pasta maker is one of the best pasta making machines that come from Italy. The machine allows you to automatically knead and extrude a pound of pasta in as little as 15 minutes. All you need to do is to add all the necessary ingredients via its lid, start the machine and, let it do the rest. The machine is available with four shaping disks for the various types of pasta including fettuccini, penne, lasagna, and spaghetti.


• Italian made pasta machine, a mark of quality
• Allows you to add vegetable juices for colorful and flavored pasta
• Comes with useful cleaning tool, recipe booklet and measuring cup
• Automated operation adds to convenience and ease of use
• Extremely versatile


• It may be overpriced for a home pasta machine

2. CuicinaPro Imperia Machine Paster Maker

  • Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 7.2 x 6.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.6 pounds

The CuicinaPro Imperia Pasta maker has earned the rather superfluous name of Rolls Royce of pasta machines because of its sleek, sturdy design and incredible performance. It is made of heavy-duty, shiny-chromed plated steel. The machine is fitted with a 6-inch wide roller with a double cutter to make fine spaghetti as well as wide fettuccini noodles. Cuisinart’s simple-lock adjustment dial with wooden grip handle cracks out the dough in a hassle-free fashion.


• Very high-quality yet surprisingly affordable
• The machine comes with a recipe book for anyone new to pasta making
• The wooden handle is ergonomically designed for utmost comfort
• Made in Italy which means great performance and durability
• Easy to use and requires minimal force


• CuicinaPro Imperia is capable of making just limited types of pasta

1. Marcato Atlas Wellness 150, Made in Italy

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds

The Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a manual pasta machine. It is available in a variety of colors to match your other kitchen appliances. The machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for making traditional fettuccine, lasagna and taglioni right in the comfort of your kitchen. The machine is made from stainless steel and it is equipped to allow for easy attachment of pasta drive motor or any other 12 pasta-cutting accessories that are sold separately. You can roll dough up to 150-millimeter wide with 10 thickness of 0.6 to 4.8 millimeters.


• Quality Italian style, design, and functionality
• Easily make lasagna, fettuccine, and taglioni.
• Adjustability allows you to choose your desired pasta thickness
• Easy clean and maintain; just wipe with a dry cloth or brush
• Extremely affordable


• It has limited amount of shapes thus requires attachments for variety
• The pasta maker is not dishwasher safe



If you want to enjoy any of the various homemade fresh pasta, a pasta maker is necessary. The tool can make the process fast, simple and easy. You can check out the individual modes of pasta makers we have included in our top 10 best pasta makers reviews to see if you agree with us. Otherwise, you can use provided buyers guide to carry your own research. It is time you improved your connoisseur’s experience by bringing home the best pasta maker that will suit your needs.





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