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Top 10 Best Remote Control Outlets Reviews in 2022

Remote control outlets are some of the most welcome home automation technologies. For instance, who would not love the convenience of switching off highs and/or electrical appliances in their living room right from the comfort of their bed? I guess no one. These gadgets have so many benefits making them number one choice of homeowners keen on home automation.

So many companies have ventured into the production of remote control outlets. While the vast number of models provides users with limitless choices to choose the best unit to take home, it also makes it extremely difficult for inexperienced individuals to make a choice. With the right information, however, the process can be easier. Here are reviews of the top 10 best remote control outlets reviews.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Remote Control Outlet

From the above reviews, you can already appreciate the presence of numerous brands and models of remote control outlets currently in the market. But, how do you go about finding the best one for you? Here are the most important factors to consider:

  • Range Of Operation

Depending on the locations of the electrical appliances you need to control, the range of operation you choose is your own prerogative. Generally, I would have you go for longer range gadgets because they will offer you enough flexibility to control far range appliances.

  • RF (Radio Frequency) Strength

I believe you will appreciate remote control outlet that will allow you to switch your appliances and lights on/off no matter where in the house you are. A good RF strength remote will be able to pass through the walls and doors. The same cannot be said of low RF strength models.

  • Weight

Some people may not consider weight as an important factor to take into account before buying a remote control outlet but I am many would disagree. A bulky model will not allow you to have multiple in one outlet. Unfortunately, some of the best performing remote control outlets are heavy.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is another important consideration when looking for the best remote control outlet for your needs. Just imagine what would happen if you were to spend time and money buying the gadget only to bring it home and fail t o use it because of incompatibility. Most models are designed to work with standard plugs. If you have non-standard plugs then you need to be keen in your choices.

  • Budget

Your budget should be the most important determinant of the remote control outlet you can buy. Generally, these gadgets are affordable but very high-quality models may cost much higher. Be ready to spend to get a good quality model to work with.


10. Indoor Outdoor Remote Control 2 Outlet Receiver

In the dark and cold winter time, exposing yourself outdoors is a bad idea if you have an alternative. The best alternative is to use the indoor-outdoor remote control 2 outlets. This remote control receiver is easy to use (two steps), has an 80ft range and 2 outlets. It is ideal for holiday, landscaping and security lighting. You can also use it indoors for space heaters, basement lights, and fans.

While this remote is a good performer, its buttons are not well made making them have the tendency to stick and die with time. Another issue is that this unit is only compatible with the standard plugs. If you have a non-standard plug then you might need to look elsewhere.

9. Master Electrician RC-012-1-TR-009

The Master Electrician RC-012-1-TR-009 is another remote control outlet designed for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its waterproof casing. It plugs into any standard outlet allowing you to use it to operate lamps, Christmas lights, stereos, TVs and assorted small appliances. RC-012-1-TR-009 features assorted remote control channels, which allow you to operate more than one without an interference. Its range is 80 feet.

Using this remote control on one channel is no brainer but it may require some skills to know how to change the channels successfully. Another common complaint is the battery used by this remote control outlet. It uses a small 12v battery which, although is readily available, is quite expensive.

8. Ankuoo REC 1800W 15 Amp Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

The Ankuoo REC allows you remotely control electrical devices and appliances up to 100 feet away. It features an LED power status indicators on each switch. Its maximum power output is 15Amps/1000W. This remote control outlet is FCC and ETL certified making safe to use. It is plug and play device. It does not need any special skills to use.

For new users, figuring how to link the target appliances can be difficult at first. However, it comes with a user manual containing information on how to do the linking successfully. Besides this issue, most users have found Ankuoo REC a good remote control outlet to use.

7. Magicfly Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet

If you want a wireless device that will allow you to control hard-to-reach appliances and devices without manual switching, then you can trust Magicfly Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet to do the job. It has a strong RF signal capable of working through walls and doors without interfering with other electrical appliances. It is also compatible with all appliances.

Although this remote control is effective, it is quite large in size, very basic and not at all fancy. However, it has a unique ability to work exactly as described by the manufacturer. There may be some questions about its durability but this is subjective.

6. JTD 1 Auto-programmable Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet

Do you want a device that will allow you to control your electric appliances from the comfort of your bed or couch? I believe you might like this brand from JTD. It saves you the trouble of having to plug in and unplug your electric appliances to converse energy by limiting wastage. It has a very strong RF with a 200 feet range in line of sight.

This is a very nice piece but it lacks the dimmer option. The dimmer option allows you to reduce the intensity of light if there is a need. It comes with instructions for use but it may take you a bit to decipher details.

5. Woods 32555WD Weatherproof Outdoor Outlet Remote Control

Designed to specifically help you control your outdoor security lights and holiday decorations from the comfort of your car or home, the Woods 32555WD Weatherproof Outdoor Remote Control Outlet is the best choice for you. The remote is compact, sturdy and small in design allowing attaching conveniently into your keychain, to fit your purse or glove box. It comes with a battery and is capable of 60 ft frequency. It has a weatherproof base allowing it to work perfectly outdoors.

While the Woods 32555WD is wonderful remote control outlet, most people have a problem with its rather short range of operation. The unit is rated waterproof but strictly speaking, it allows water in since it consists of two parts joined together.

4. INTEY Wireless Remote Control Outlet

If you suffer from a condition that limits your mobility then you will benefit from the INTEY wireless remote control outlet. It has seamless expansion ability enabling you to activate multiple devices with a single button or control a single device with multiple remotes. In other words, you can synchronize multiple remote control outlets together with total disregard to their differing frequencies. It has a range of 100 feet.

The INTEY Wireless Remote Control Outlet is designed to 12V batteries which are quite costly but do not have a long life. Furthermore, the range is quite frankly not so good although it is rated 100 feet. Nevertheless, it is a good home automation device to check out.

3. Instapark ORC-T2R5 Wireless Remote Control Outlet

The Instapark ORC-T2R5 series offers you an easy, convenient and affordable solution to switching on/off lights, appliances, devices without built-in on/off switches and devices in out-of-reach locations. It is also an important solution for persons with limited mobility. This gadget comes with 2 remote controls and 5 outlet receivers/adapters. You will also like the fact that it has a pair of on/off button controlling all paired appliances at once.

Because of its sophistication, this remote control might be difficult to use at first. This means you must be capable of reading and understanding the user manual fully in order for it to work appropriately. Once you figure out how to set it up, the proceeding will be extremely easy.

2. Goronya Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch

To ensure very low standby power consumption and reduce energy use then you can trust Goronya Wireless Remote Control Outlet switch to deliver. This gadget is suitable for any household electrical appliance such as lights, lamps, security applications as well as holiday decorations. Its operational range is 100 feet in line of sight thanks to its strong RF. This unit is great for the elderly and the physically challenged.

It is hard to find a reason to complain about quality, performance, safety or price of Goronya Remote Control Outlet. The only wish many users have is that the gadget should have some way of hanging it on surfaces; something like a small wire string.

1. Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet

It is not hard to understand why Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet is definitely #1bestseller on Amazon and top 1 our review. This gadget controls household appliances directly from electrical outlets. It is perfect for use in very tight spaces thanks to its compact design. It’s ON/OFF schedule and learning functions provided diversify how you will operate your devices. This device is ETL and FCC certified and has an operating range of 100 feet.

This unit has a very strong RF making it extremely sensitive and powerful which is a good thing but it is quite bulky compared to other models. This means you cannot use multiple in a single outlet. Otherwise, it delivers an exceptional performance.


As you can appreciate from the above discussion, there are great remote control models out there, which can satisfy your needs. Take time and check them out. I am sure you will likely find one that will be good enough for your home automation efforts. If you or anyone in your home has mobility problems due to disability or other reason then you might have to install one of these units.




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