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Top 10 Best Shallow Well Pumps in 2022

There are many reasons to choose the use of groundwater. These include supplying water to a family house, to farms, factories and many others. Groundwater can sometimes, also be the only option for good water in a given locality. You don’t need a bucket and rope to pull water from a well anymore, because well pumps are there for you. This 2017 top 10 shallow well pumps review is designed to help you choose the right pump to meet your needs.

Types of Well Pumps

There are basically 3 types of well pumps, based on their pumping depth and power. This classification is based on 25 and 100 feet ranges.

• Shallow well pumps are used for wells that are less than 25 ft. deep
• Deep well pumps are used for wells that are deeper than 25 ft., but less than 100 ft.
• Submersible pumps are usually the best option for wells which are deeper than 100 ft.


Deep Well Pump Buying Guide & Purchase Considerations

In order to buy the right pump which will meet your needs, the following important features and issues should be properly considered:

– Well Depth

As stated above, the depth of the well will determine if you need a shallow well pump, or not. Shallow and deep well pumps both sit above ground, but deep well pumps have a submersible jet ejector. Submersible pumps, like their name suggests, are completely submersed.

– Water Demand & Replenishment

Another important consideration is your water demand and the speed with which the well gets replenished. The water demand is usually measured in Gallons Per Minute (GPM), and should be equaled by the rate of replenishment. A 0.5hp pump is usually enough for most homes.

– Boosters & Water Pressure

Devices known as boosters, are often used to boost the pumping rate of the machine and pressure of the water. Whether or not you need this, will depend on if your rate of water replenishment.

– Extras

There are many extras that could be included in the pump, depending on your individual needs. Still, there are basics that should not be missing in a standard shallow well pump, like a foot valve, an overload protection and a thermal protection system.

– Budget & Price

Shallow well pumps will normally range in price between $200 and $400, depending on their power. There can be cheaper or more expensive offers anyway. So, set a budget and stick to it.


10. STA-Rite Shallow Well 0.75hp Jet Pump

The STA-Rite shallow well pump is powered by a 0.75hp electric motor. Encased in a cast iron body, this pump can lift up to 13.7 gallons of water per minute (GPM). It includes a drain port to make winterizing easy. The motor features heavy-duty ball bearings, and is single phase. With a maximum inlet pressure of 50psi, this machine will pump water from up to a 25-ft. depth. It primes very quickly, it can handle air well, and the motor’s windings are insulated with a high-quality material for a long service life.


• High-quality pump with cast iron body
• Pumps water from up to 25 ft. depth
• Pressure setting between 30 & 50 PSI
• Also available in 0.5 and 1.5hp models

9. BurCam 503221S Cast Iron Shallow Well Pump

Featuring a large cast-iron body, this electric pump is designed for wells up to 25 ft. deep. Its impeller is made from Noryl, which is a blend of Polyphenylene Ether. This pump generates a maximum water pressure of 70psi and will pump a maximum of 15 GPM. Its electric motor is fan cooled and completely enclosed. The motor will use 115 and 230 Volts.


• High efficient Noryl impeller gets the job done easier
• Large and strong cast iron body
• Easy to prime pump
• Pumps water from up to 25 ft.

8. Grundfos JP4-61ASA 1hp Cast Iron Shallow Well Pump

The Grundfos JP4-61ASA shallow well pump features a 1hp electric motor, which enables it to pump up to 20 gallons of water per minute. It will pump water up from up to 25 ft. depths, and with a 40/60 psi high-quality pressure switch. A built-in ejector, Technopolymer impeller, mechanical seal and top-discharge arrangement, all work together to produce a trouble-free operation. This pump is also self-priming, and will work with 115 and 230 Volts.


• Anti-corrosion stainless steel for long life
• 1hp electric motor with 115/230 Volt
• Built-in ejector including clean-out-port for blockage clearing
• High-quality Technopolymer impeller

7. Oanon 1.6hp Stainless Steel Shallow Well Pump

This Oanon 1.6hp shallow well pump is beautifully designed and features a stainless steel body, which also increases its durability. Featuring a 1,200 Watts motor, it produces 1.6hp of force, enough to draw water from a depth of up to 23ft. It will also pump water upwards, and to a height of up to 137ft. Both inlet and outlet are 1 inch in diameter. A de-watering outlet allows you to drain-off water in a case where the machine won’t be used for a long while. The maximum water pressure is 66ft., and it can handle over 11 gallons of water per minute. This package includes a user manual.


• Stainless steel body provides long life
• 1.6hp engine provides up to 23 ft. suction height and 137 ft. lift
• Waterproof switch for improved safety
• 66psi pressure makes it ideal for many applications
• Pumps up to 11.6 GPM

6. Goulds J5S 0.5hp Shallow Well Pump

Goulds J5S is a shallow well pump, designed specifically for homes, cottages, e.t.c. It features a back pullout system which allows it to be disassembled, without disturbing the piping. The impeller is FDA compliant, and made from abrasion and corrosion resistant Noryl, which is additionally glass-filled. This pump is also self-priming, after the initial prime. The package includes a nozzle, venturi and pressure switch.


• 0.5hp motor generates 3,500rpm
• Plastic tubing and fittings are corrosion resistant and easily cleaned
• Comes with nozzle clean out plug
• Shaft is made from stainless steel for long life
• 30-50 psi pressure switch preset

5. Red Lion RJS-100 Cast Iron Premium Shallow Well Pump

The RJS-100 premium pump from Red Lion is a high-performance machine, ideal for supplying water to homes, cabins, farms e.t.c. Featuring a preset 30/50 pressure switch, with a maximum pressure of 50psi and auto-shutoff, this water pump can draw water from up to 25 ft. below. Its impeller is a glass-filled thermoplastic material, which delivers a high-efficiency performance. You can rely on this rugged, red, lion, to serve your water needs for a long time to come. It is protected by a cast iron casing, and is dual voltage compatible.


• Glass-filled thermoplastic impeller
• Factory preset 30/50 pressure switch with auto shutoff
• Extra durable cast iron casing
• Draws water from depths up to 25ft.

4. Red Lion PWJET50 Dual-Voltage Shallow Well Pump

Weighing 23 lbs., the Red Lion PWJET50 measures 17 x 12 x 11 inches in physical dimensions. It will draw water from up to a 25ft. depth, and pump it up to a 145ft. height. The 0.5hp engine generates water pressures up to 50psi, and pumps up to 7 gallons per minute. There is a cast iron casing, which provides a long service life, pumping water for homes, cabins and farms.


• Dual voltage compatible with 115 and 230 Volts
• Draws water from depths up to 25ft.
• 50psi maximum pressure with auto shutoff
• 0.5hp engine pumps up to 7 GPM

3. Homdox 1.6hp Stainless Booster Shallow Well Pump

The Homdox 1.6hp water pump can be used as a well pump, a booster pump, irrigation pump and much more. It generates up to 66psi of water pressure, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses. This Homdox pump comes with a carry handle, making it really portable. There is a waterproof On/Off switch, 13 GPM water rate, a 23ft. the suction depth and 137ft. pumping height. Homdox supports it with a 1-year warranty, and the package includes a user manual.


• 1.6hp high-efficiency electric motor
• Pumps up to 13 gallons per minute
• Suction depth up to 23ft.
• Pumps water up to 137ft. high
• 66psi water pressure
• 1-year manufacturer warranty

2. Flotec FP4012-10 0.5hp Shallow Well Pump

Designed for shallow wells not deeper than 25ft., the Flotec FP4012-10 is covered with a fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic for good corrosion resistance. It comes pre-wired with a 30/50 pressure switch, allowing it to pump up to 8 gallons of water per minute. With a 1.25-inch inlet and 1-inch outlet, it has a maximum pressure level of 77psi, with a 30/50 initial factory setting. It is self-priming after initial priming, and is available in 0.75hp and 1hp models. Flotec backs it with a 1-year warranty, and CSA certifies it.


• Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic cover prevents sandy water and corrosion resistance
• Stainless steel shaft and heavy-duty ball bearings
• Up to 25ft. water depth
• Delivers 8 GPM of water
• Mechanical shaft seal

1. Wayne SWS100 Cast Iron 1hp Shallow Well Jet Pump

Wayne’s 1hp SWS100 cast iron shallow well pump, is a high quality and efficiency machine. It is made in the USA, features a cast iron casing, and is designed to draw water from depths up to 25ft. This pump’s maximum flow rate is 10.5 gallons per minute, at 50psi. There is a dedicated priming port, with a dual voltage adaptability between 120 and 240 Volts. The inlet is 1.25 inches wide, while the outlet is 0.75 inches wide. It is great for watering gardens and farms, as well as ideal for sewage and sump systems.


• 1hp motor delivers up to 10.5 GPM
• 50psi water pressure with 30/50 setting
• Dual voltage 120 and 240 Volts compatibility
• Cast iron volute


We have come to the end of this 2017 top 10 list of the best shallow well pumps. We have shown you the necessary features to look out for, including our number #1 recommendation. These are all great pumps, but it is now your turn to make a choice.




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