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Top 10 Best Band Saws Reviews in 2022

Band saws are one of the most versatile tools in the world. Industries, repair people and even ordinary people find band saws extremely useful, precise and efficient in getting most jobs done. This tool features a long, sharp blade that consists of a continuous band of toothed metal stretching between 2 or more wheels to cut into wood, metal, plastic or other material.

Because of their usefulness, many companies have ventured into developing different models of band saws. These come in various sizes, designs, performance features and price making it difficult for some people to find a model that will suit their needs. Before reviewing our top 10 band saw choices, let us look into some of the important features to consider before buying this machine.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Band Saw

All Band Saws are the best products, so it’s very difficult in making a decision. Please read each product description to find the best one that satisfies your need. Welcome to Band Saw 2017.

– Why do you need one?

Band saws fall into two major categories – shorter units designed for mounting on a bench top or a dedicated stand and floor-standing cabinet models. The shorter units are ideal for you if you are looking for a band saw for domestic use while the cabinet models are suitable for professional use.

– The style of its frame

While the frame materials for band saws are different, the most preferred material by many brands is cast iron. Some of the latest models feature welded steel, which is not nearly as strong as cast iron and is only suitable for larger cabinet models. A better idea would be to go for cast iron frame with two layers of metal welded into a sandwich.

– Size of motor

Modern band saws use an electric motor to power the saw. The domestic models feature 3/4 to 1 horsepower motors that usually deliver same speed. The industrial models on the other hand feature very powerful motors capable of providing variable speeds. The variable speed feature is important if you are going to use the band saw on different materials.

– The cutting speed

The cutting speed of a band saw determines how fast it can cut the material fed into it. The max cutting speed for band saws is 3500 feet per minute. Smaller models may operate at a lower speed. Variable cutting speed is important because harder material such as metal and hardwood may require cutting at much lower speeds.

– Blade measurements

The size of a band saw blade including thickness, length and width determine how well such blade is capable of handling tension. To deliver precision cuts with straight tracking, the blade has to be tensed appropriately. Look for information on the band saw blade guides in order to make the right decision.


10. Rockwell RK7453 Shop Series 9-Inch Band Saw

  • Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 30.1 x 18.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 42 pounds

The Rockwell RK7453 is a powerful 9-inch bench-top band saw with some of the best features you can ever hope for. It offers you all the basic features you need to successfully cut materials. It also has additional features designed to make your work even easier. The unique feature of the Rockwell RK7453 includes integrated light attached to a bendable cord to allow you have the best view of your cutting line. You will also benefit from blade guide adjustment that allows you to configure your cutting depth.

Although the manufacturer of this unit did a good job to include all the necessary features for optimal performance, the reputation of the Rockwell RK7453 model is quite poor on most online retailers probably because of poor customer care.

  • Pros

• Lightweight and easy to transport (weighs only 43.5 lbs)

• Reinforced cast aluminum table top ensure strength and durability

• Flexible adjustment work light illuminates your cutting

• Smooth and appealing design

  • Cons

• Certain parts of the machine fall apart easily

• Setting it up can be cumbersome


9. Ryobi BS904G 9″ BANDSAW Green

  • Product Dimensions: 31 x 18 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: 42.8 pounds

Ryobi BS904G is specially designed for various woodworking applications. A few of its many great features include a blade-tracking window, rack and pinion blade support system to ensure optimal performance. This corded-electric band saw is fitted with built-in dust collection port to eliminate messiness. Unlike most brands that vibrate violently when in use, the Ryobi BS904G features extremely low vibration.

The manufacturer of this band saw was too assuming. The product comes with a manual that contains no information on vital aspects of using the band saw. This may make it difficult for new persons to know how to use their newly acquired machine, a fact that could lead to serious consequences.

  • Pros

• Small, compact and lightweight design for portability

• Great for woodworking but also versatile for use in metal fabrication

• An affordable model but high performing

• Finished in good looking green color

  • Cons

• Operator manual is lacking information on correct usage

• Some units are delivered lacking keys for the safety switch


8. JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 28 x 77 inches
  • Item Weight: 258 pounds

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO is the ultimate band saw you need if you want to cut wood and metal precisely. It is made of extremely hard and rigid cast iron frame, which is strong and durable. The machines powerful motor delivers high cutting speeds of 1500/3000 SFPM. It is fitted with a flexible blade, which can tilt 10 degrees left, and 45 degrees right allowing you to conveniently cut to your desires.

This JET band saw is high performing but its blade tensioning mechanism is a little bit complex. Vibration may be too much when the machine is functioning and it may be difficult to access the lower ball bearings. It is also one of the most expensive band saws in the market.

  • Pros

• Very strong and durable cast iron construction

• It has two different speed options for versatility

• The kit includes an enclosed stand with a useful storage shelf

• It is easy to set up, install and use

• Comes with 5 years warranty

  • Cons

• Cumbersome blade tightening mechanism

• Too much vibration during use

• The unit does not include rip fence


7. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw, Black/Grey

  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 25 x 70.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 267 pounds

I would say the Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 is designed for an occasional resawer. It features a stout European frame with ample capacity for resawing. You can run the saw on an 110-volt power which something of a feat. It is fitted with 14 Amp motor that delivers 1-3/4 HP for optimal cutting power. The Laguna guides steer blade for perfect curve cuts. It’s quick blade release makes this band saw blade extremely easy to change.

You might have a problem with the durability of the motor of this Laguna band saw because it is made in Taiwan. Seemingly, Laguna did this to mitigate prices and to make this unit more affordable. Some users have question marks on the durability of this Taiwan made the motor.

  • Pros

• Frame is made of lightweight but durable cast iron

• Comes with an optional halogen work light

• Convenient 4-inch dust collection port

• Uses quality components throughout its design

  • Cons

• Motor is made in Taiwan leading to questions on durability

• Fence system may be a bit flimsy but still functional


6. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence, 10-Inch

  • Product Dimensions: 35.5 x 18 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight: 76 pounds

The Rikon 10-305 band saw offers you all the features of a full-size band saw model. It features a strong and durable cast iron table with the edge facing thrust bearing. This is a functional design boosts performance. It is equipped with a powerful 1/3 HP induction motor capable of delivering up to 4-5/8 in cutting capacity. The unit allows for an optional stand for the functionality of a floor model.

While this Rikon band saw is a good choice, the manufacturer would have done well by including a miter gauge and a stand. Some unit comes with a poor blade that may not work well and thus requires replacement even before it is used.

  • Pros

• Made of strong and durable cast iron frame and wheels

• Tracking adjustments is easy and straightforward

• Smaller footprint and lighter design compared to competitive brands

• Has dust port that allows removal of most dust

  • Cons

• Miter gauge and stand not included

• The included blade is poor quality


5. Grizzly G0513ANV 2 HP Bandsaw Anniversary Edition, 17-Inch

  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 31 x 81 inches
  • Item Weight: 358 pounds

Gorgeously designed with inviting color scheme, the Grizzly Band saw Anniversary Edition, is what you need to for you woodworking and metalworking projects. It features precision-ground cast iron table as well as deluxe extruded aluminum fence for dependable durability. The unit includes a miter gauge. It also features computer balanced cast aluminum wheels with polyurethane tires for easy and quick blade release. It has many additional great features.

Generally, Grizzly G0513ANV is a high-quality band saw. However, experienced users will tell you that it does not tension as nicely as it should and tracking is quite difficult. Otherwise, it is a great band saw to bring home for making precision cuts on woods and metal.

  • Pros

• Extremely nice design with unique color scheme

• Cast iron table and extruded aluminum fence offers durability

• The unit includes a miter gauge for versatility

• Computer-balanced cast iron wheels for quick blade release

• Highly versatile for both domestic and industrial use

  • Cons

• Tensing blade and tracking may be difficult

• Requires large space because of large size


4. POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch

  • Package Dimensions: 31.3 x 17.4 x 11.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 43.4 pounds

POWERTEC BS900 band saw is a great addition to your collection of power tools. It provides you with cheaper but sturdier vertical band saws for use in your shop or home. It features a patented blade guard adjustments allowing you to swap blades easily with rapid-release blade tension lever. This band saw has blade-tracking window to allow you make accurate cuts. Its blade width range offers increased versatility to make it suitable for resawing and scrolling applications.

The motor of this highly affordable band saw is not nearly as powerful as that of other vertical band saws. The frame is not made of strong material and features a lot of plastic making it unable to take beatings. However, you will get what you pay for.

  • Pros

• One of the cheapest band saws currently in the market

• Highly versatile capable of working with a wide range of woods

• Very easy to set up and install right out box

• It’s lightweight and therefore easy to handle

  • Cons

• Features a lot of plastic in its construction

• Its motor is not as powerful as it should be

• Comes with low-quality standard blades


3. SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

  • Product Dimensions: 31.1 x 16.2 x 12.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 37.9 pounds

SKIL 3386-01 is not only nicely built and aesthetically appealing, it is also packed with great features making it ideal for numerous applications in woodworking and metalworking. The unit is fitted with rip fence to allow for straight, precise cuts. You may also love the articulating LED work light for a better view of your workpiece and cut-line. It also features rack and pinion table adjustment for quick height and angle adjustment.

It is hard to find any reason to criticize SKIL 3386-01 band saw except that it single speed motor for both wood and metal cutting needs. This may limit versatility as some metals may require very low cutting speeds. However, most users agree it is one of the best-performing band saws currently in the market.

  • Pros

• Very high-quality band saw at good price

• Delivers straight and precise cuts

• Bright LED work light illuminates your work station

• Best selling band saw brand and model

• Strong and durable construction

  • Cons

• Single speed motor may limit versatility

• Good only for small domestic jobs


2. Grizzly G0555 The Ultimate Bandsaw, 14-Inch

  • Product Dimensions: 44 x 20.8 x 19.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 195 pounds

Grizzly is well known for producing high band saws. The G0555 is definitely one of the best band saws you can ever find. It seems as though Grizzly has incorporated features into this saw that are either not available in other brands or optional. Its heavy-duty construction ensures strength and durability. Quick-release blade tension lever makes it easy to change blades. It has lower and upper ball bearing blade guides, and fence and miter gauge.

This unit features a mechanical, which may pose a safety hazard in the case of a power outage while the machine is operating. This means the saw may start if the power comes back on when you are not aware. It would be better if Grizzly installed a magnetic switch.

  • Pros

• A high-quality band saw for domestic and professional use

• Impressive construction and craftsmanship

• Great performer at affordable price

• Very easy to change blades

• Easy to set up, install and use

  • Cons

• Comes with risky mechanical switch

• Customer support is wanting


1. WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 58 inches
  • Item Weight: 73 pounds

Equipped with a full 6 inches of resaw capacity, the WEN 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw is designed to prove you with the ability to attack thick boards. It also allows you make bevel cuts from 0 to 45-degree angles. This band saw comes with a variety of blade options for versatility while 3-in-1 dust port fits various dust collection hose sizes. You can run the either blade at 1520 or 2620 feet per minute to satisfy the needs of any desired applications.

Most people who have used this machine report no negative experience with it. However, a few claim that changing the blade may require practical knowledge because it is not that easy. Tall people may find the included stand too inconveniencing to use because of its short height.

  • Pros

• Very elegant, stylish and durable construction

• It is quite affordable given its great quality

• Set-up is easy and straightforward

• Dual speed adds to versatility

  • Cons

• Changing blades can be quite a chore in less experienced users

• The lights are mounted on the wrong side


I believe you have learned your lesson from the above reviews and buying the guide. Next time you leave to go a shop for the best band saw for your needs, remember to use this resource as a guide to help you make the right choices. These reviews only provide you with basic information on each brand mentioned; it is your job to research further to get full information.


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