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Top 10 Best Hammock Stands Reviews in 2022

While there are several kinds of hammocks available, finding the right hammock stand is quite a challenge for many. We have several types of hammocks which include porch swings, chairs, and camping hammocks. As we all know, traditionally, you need two trees to hang your hammock. But, finding two trees in nature which are close enough to install your hammock, is quite hard.

A practical solution to this challenge is to have a hammock stand. This is an important camping equipment because it allows you to set your hammock anywhere that pleases you. Having that in mind, you have to also select the right hammock stand among a wide array of options on the market. To ease your purchase decision and help you select the best stand for your hammock, we review the top 10 best hammock stands in 2022.

Factors to consider when buying a hammock stand

Nothing is embarrassing than investing in something that you will end up not helping you. This issue is quite true regarding a hammock stand. You have to consider several factors before making the final decision of the best hammock stand.

  • Weight capacity

As we are all aware, you will be using a hammock outdoors. In that case, you will need to carry as much little weight as possible. But as much as you need the stand to be lightweight, you also need something that can accommodate many pounds of your weight. Therefore, it is advisable that you go for the one with ultra-light slings or two people sized hammock stand for more rigidity.

  • Dimensions

This is another unavoidable factor to consider when selecting the best hammock stand. The width and the length of you hammock system will affect your comfort in one way or the other. Most of the stands have a length ranging from 10 to 15 feet. Depending on the intended use of the hammock and the hammock sizes, you have to match the features carefully.

  • Strength and rigidity of the stand

It is worth noting that low-quality hammocks do snap. Unless the hammock stand is made of durable material, you may be putting your life in danger. Ensure that the frame is made of a quality material such as powdered steel. Also, plastic caps at the edges are important features since they prevent unwanted injuries.

  • Cost

Even though this factor is debatable, you should go for the best price that matches the quality of any product. Similarly, when buying a hammock stand, you need something that can be extensively be used for many years. But of course, you have to dig deeper into your pockets. It isn’t practical to buy something that will last a while then you are back to the market for a newer one. However, if you don’t require much for the personal level, there are many cheap options available for you. But, it all comes down to the best use of the product.

  • Versatility

This is a key concern regarding selecting the best hammock stand. One thing that is positive is that you need a stand that has multiple uses or the one that accommodates different models of hammocks. Besides, the stand should fit in any environment whether jungle or indoors.


10. EGO BIKE Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand, Black and with Carrying Case

This hammock stand features a unique design that can be set anywhere. It is designed to support your hammock excellently without causing any problem no matter the load capacity. The stand is a great space saving because it can be set up easily and brought down in a matter of seconds. Even though a little assembly is required, this stand boasts a powder coated steel frame providing a robust solution for any hammock.

About space saving, it measures 104 (L) × 48 (W) x 41 inches (H). Also, it is incredibly lightweight for easy transportation and set up. It weighs just 26lbs but has a weight capacity of approximately 450 lbs. which means that it can handle two people. And by being coated with a powder, it becomes weather proof no matter the part of the world you are. Steel, on the other hand, is appreciated for its durability and hence will serve you for a long time.

  • Pros

· Space saving design

· Powdered steel for enhancing durability

· No complicated set up is needed

· Friendly price

  • Cons

· Slight imperfections in metal work as a result of hand finishing

9. OnCloud Hammock Stand, Outdoor Universal Space saving Steel Design

If you are looking for a space-saving and adjustable hammock stand, Oncloud is a practical option to have. It is designed for non-spreader bar hammocks to provide you with a comfortable place to relax. The prolonged weight on the hammock will cause it to stretch and may not fit on the stand anymore. Each side of the stand features 6 holes placed 4 inches apart which allows perfect adjustability of the hook.

Regarding space saving, this stand measures 9 ft. long unlike others which measure about 15 feet. This compact design makes it ideal for bedrooms, balconies, decks, porches among others limited spaces. For long times use and sturdiness, this equipment is made of steel with the powdered coating. The frame also features plastic caps at the edge to enhance a soft finish. This sturdy construction allows you to exceed the load limit of 300 lbs. to 400 lbs. If at all you stay still on the hammock.

  • Pros

· Easy to assemble

· Safe to handle due to plastic caps at the end

· Great product that matches awesome price

· Space conscious design

  • Cons

· Screws need some effort to drive in during installation but very use once you get the experience

8. Sundale Outdoor Heavy – Duty Steel

In retaliation to the ever growing outdoor leisure market, Sundale heavy-duty steel hammock stand is a product that the company has put a lot of emphasis on it. Now, the construction of this hammock stand sticks to high quality, fashionable design, and exceptional service. This equipment is designed to make every outdoor space charming and stunning.

It features an easy to assemble design that would only require a few connective poles with a simple push button fastener. And it’s 15 feet length comfortably accommodates spreader bar hammocks that are 12 to 15 feet long. There are also two20.5 ices steel chains which ensure easy fitting of different hammocks during camping.

The versatile design of this hammock stand gives you the freedom to use it anywhere you want. You can choose to chill on the balcony or patio depending on the convenience you are looking for. And depending on the style and taste, this stand is available in multiple finishes.

  • Pros

· Easy to assemble

· Fashionable design

· Multiple finishes available to enhance style

· Complements beauty of any environment

  • Cons

· A bit pricey than competitive models

7. Island Bay Free-Standing Hammock Stand, Designed for Spreader Bar Hammocks

Looking for a perfect and secure way to hang your hammock. Island Bay is a free standing hammock stand that offers a unique and secure way to hang your hammock and enjoy relaxation, without limitation. It measures 15 feet so that it accommodates all hammocks. To ensure that the stand remains tough and durable, the manufacturer has used a 12 gauge steel which is known to have great strength and rigidity.

By including a newly innovated technology, the welded joint is stronger is looks more appealing and provides a smart appearance. Through its sturdy construction, this stand can support two heavyweight individuals. Durable powder coating enhances weather protection for long time use. The product itself is lightweight as it measures 56lbs and has a capacity of 450lbs.

  • Pros

· No tools needed for its set up

· Great price that reflects the unique design of the stand

· Large design and sturdy construction

· Fits larger hammocks that are more comfortable to use

· Attractive bronze color

  • Cons

· Pricier than some models

· Packaging box is a bit thin

6. Caribbean Hammocks Heavy Duty Stand

Being one of the strongest hammocks stands in the industry for a long time, Caribbean hammock stand is for sure a great selection to make. It boasts a super quality metal tri- beam design and comes in an attractive mocha color. By being made of 12 gauge steel tubes that have feature powder coating, this stand offers ultimate resistance against elements. This, there is no gamble in the durability of this heavy duty Caribbean hammock.

The quick assembly will get you relaxing in no time. That’s why you won’t require using any particular tool to set up this stand. It is 15 feet long and comes with all the required chains and hardware to anchor and hang spreader hammock. The stand is also cleaner and smooth which allows easy application of paint to ensure that it survives longer in elements. For guaranteed security and safety, this stand has a weight capacity of 600lbs and features a spring pin assembly that takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Pros

· Attractive design that comes in a charming Mocha color

· Three years warranty

· No tool assembly

· Reinforced steel for durability and strength

  • Cons

· Pipes don’t fit snugly in certain instances

5. Prime Garden Heavy – Duty Steel Tubing Hammock Stand Measuring 15 feet

Being a serious and reputable manufacturer of outdoor leisure products, prime garden LLC has produced an excellent hammock stand that will surely transform the way you enjoy outdoor leisure. Apparently, it features 12 gauge steel construction which has a powder coating for making it attractive and weather proof. This varnish coating lets the steel tube remain incredibly strong but lightweight enough for durability. And to accommodate all spreader hammocks, this tool measures 15 feet long.

Behind the innovative technology, this equipment has stronger joints. Manufacturing the welded joints is consistent and hence provides a smooth, clean appearance. Featuring a patented welding design, this hammock stand features a remarkable strength than other models available on the markets. Also, the package encompasses a stand pullers, durable hardware
accessories and boasts a 450 lbs Weight capacity.

  • Pros

· Includes a wheel kit

· Easy to set up and bring down

· Rust free and durable design

· Smooth and strong joints

  • Cons

· Pricier than close brands

4. Zupapa Heavy duty, 550 LBS Weight Capacity

In our review of the best hammock stand, Zupapa heavy-duty hammock stand shows its prowess in providing a comfortable system to hang your hammock. It features two extendable steel chains and hanging hooks that boast heavy gauge for durability and sturdiness. This design allows you to use hammocks of varying heights and sizes. The frame features plastic end- caps
which prevent the occurrence of an injury.

Besides, the spring pin construction complements the stability of the interlocking poles and makes the system safe and sturdy. Also, the tube measures two inches in diameter and is a high gauge. Further, it is coated to ensure that it remains rust free for long time use. Moreover, the black powder coating complements the décor of any environment especially outdoors. It is lightweight as it measures 55 lbs. But can handle up to 550 lbs. of weight. Also, it comes with a fashionable and durable carry bag.

  • Pros

· Great for outdoor use because it is weatherproof

· Spring pin design for sturdiness and stability enhancement

· Coated frame and high gauge construction for increased durability

· Attractive and sturdy carry bag

  • Cons

· Pricey

3. Vivere 15BEAM-ORB Heavy Duty 3-Beam Hammock Stand

Among the top rated and best-selling hammock stands on the market, Vivere produces a unique product at reasonably lower price than other manufacturers. By measuring 15 feet, this system can accommodate the majority of spreader bars that measure 10 to 15 feet. One of the novel features of this product is that it is made of heavy-duty steel tubing with a powdered finish for enhancing durability. The powdered coating protects the metal from rust and other elements.

Unlike other hammock frames available on the markets today, this one has nicely curved plastic caps at the edges to create a soft finish. It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and measures 180 by 48 by 48 inches when fully assembled. It constructs in a matter of seconds and requires no use of tools or experience. Besides, it comes with all the necessary hardware and set of instructions for you to follow if need be.

  • Pros

· Great usability

· Beautiful design

· Extremely sturdy

· Durable materials of construction

  • Cons

· A bit heavy to some people but very sturdy

2. Sunnydaze Universal Heavy Duty Steel and Multi-use Hammock Stand

Almost at the top rank of our top 10 best hammock stands review, Sunnydaze hammock stand is both practical and extremely easy to assemble and use. It surpasses the majority of the brands on the market due to its special construction.

Precisely, this stand features a versatile design that fits most of the hammocks available on the market today. Now, the frame features an ultra-durable powder coating on its steel construction. This special coating looks great and offers maximum protection against corrosion, rust, and bacteria among other harmful elements.

As everyone tends to hate complicated assembly, this equipment avoids any technicality by allowing easy spring snap mechanisms which allow the joints to lock together in a matter of seconds. Weight capacity is 440 pounds while it weighs just 25 pounds and measures 15 feet in length.

  • Pros

· Safe to handle

· Easy to assemble

· One year manufacturer’s warranty

· Features hanging hooks and chains for easy adjustability

· Durable coating for weather proofing

  • Cons

· Pricier than competitive models of hammock stands

1. Best Choice Products Steel Hammock Stand, Space Saving Design

How this product has emerged as the best hammock stand is straightforward and there is no question about it. As the name of the product insinuates, this stand boasts a space saving design which is constructed using tough steel. By having a heavy duty construction, this stand is made to last for years. Thanks to the powdered steel construction which is weather resistant and supports up to 450 pounds of weight.

Besides, the 360 degrees welding at the joints enhances durability as well as safety. It has a versatile design which fits various sizes of hammocks without requiring any serious modifications. Besides, it works even for the non-spreader type of hammocks. Moreover, this stand is incredibly portable as you can easily bring it down and pack it into the included carry- bag. So, you can comfortably take it with you to a family barbeque and the like.

  • Pros

· Easy installation without any tools

· Highly portable design

· Fit for both spreader and non-spreader hammocks

· Versatile design that fits various sizes of hammocks

  • Cons

· Length is a bit small


Camping should be fun, and there should be no reason to go out scrambling to find a tree for your hammock. The review above provides you with a collection of hammock stands that can precisely accommodate any size or shape of a hammock. Once you get yourself one that matches your needs, tastes, and preferences, you will never worry about enjoying to the fullest as you relax on your hammock. You can set it anywhere you want without being limited by anything. Using a hammock is better than laying on a regular bed as it offers uncountable health benefits. Just decide and pick one from the listing above and be sure to change your camping experience forever.



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