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Top 10 Best Snorkeling Set Reviews in 2022

If you plan on having a great time snorkeling, then you should have the right snorkeling gear. A good snorkeling set will not leak, neither will your mask get foggy. The snorkel itself needs to be well made, so that you can completely enjoy the experience. This snorkeling set guide offers you the top 10 snorkeling sets in 2022, so that you can make the right choice when making the purchase.

Snorkeling Set Buying Guide & Purchase Considerations

When shopping for a snorkeling set, there are features to watch out for, if you want to choose the right set. The most important of these considerations are below:

– The Right Size

If you get a snorkeling set that is either too big or too small, then you will have problems. Size is the first issue to pay attention to, whenever it comes to a snorkeling set.

– The Right Diving Mask

The mask is the window through which you see the world under the water. This makes it necessary to have a good mask. Being shatterproof is also important. A mask that can handle enough pressure allows you more freedom in the water.

– A Good Snorkel

There are 3 basic types of snorkels. These include simple tubes, then there are lower-purge valves and the third are dry top snorkels. Lower purge valve snorkels trap water that gets into it, And pushes it out through the bottom. Dry top snorkels have a float mechanism at their top, which allow them to block water from entering the snorkel when you submerge.

– The Right Price

You can get a good set for under $50, or you could go for more expensive sets. It’s only important that you know how much you are willing to spend, and then to stick to the budget.

– Extras

Any set that offers you any extras is of course interesting, and should be well considered. An extra could be a bag, or any other of the various accessories that you might need. These include a wet-suit, a camera, snorkel vest and so on.


10. Speedo Adventure Mask Snorkel & Fin Set for Adults

Speedo Adventure’s mask with snorkel and fin, is a great set for recreational swimming and snorkeling. The mask features a double-feathered silicone skirt, with shatter-proof glass made from anti-fog polycarbonate material. The snorkel is a semi-dry tube and comes with a comfortable mouthpiece that is easily exchangeable. There are 2 fin-sizes available: size S/M which fits US shoe sizes 5 to 8, and size L/XL which fits US shoe sizes 9 to 12. This snorkeling set is backed by a 3-month warranty.

  • Pros: Comfortable silicone skirt, shatterproof anti-fog lenses, 3-month warranty, durable fins.
  • Cons: Only 2 fin sizes could create issues with fitting.

9. ProDive Snorkel Set with Tempered Glass & Dry Top Snorkel

ProDive’s set includes a dry top snorkel and a diving mask with tempered, impact-resistant glass. The fog-free mask provides you with many hours of enjoyable snorkeling, diving or swimming. This mask’s lens is so tough that it is virtually unbreakable. The snorkel is also a high-quality product with a customizable mouthpiece, silicone-straps for adjustment, and a system that keeps the tube practically free of salty sea-water.

  • Pros: Impact-resistant, tempered glass, anti-fog lens, dry top snorkel.
  • Cons: No fins included.

8. Aqualung Mask Snorkel & Fin Set

Available in either blue or pink, this Aqualung snorkeling set is designed solely for women. There are 2 sizes available, S for sizes 5 to 8, and M for sizes 8 to 11. The set is compact and perfect for traveling. In addition to including feminine features, this snorkel is also ergonomically designed. There is a silicone face skirt, tempered glass, and pinch and pull buckles on the lens. The snorkel includes a 1-way purge valve, a submersible dry top technology and a comfortable mouthpiece. This set also includes a carry bag.

  • Pros: Ergonomically designed snorkel, pivot-dry technology, feminine design.
  • Cons: Available in only 2 sizes, only for ladies.

7. U.S. Divers Premium Admiral Snorkeling Set

Available in 6 sizes, this set is also available in 9 different colors. It includes a mask, snorkel, fins and a carry bag. The snorkel is 100% submersible, and maintains a high level of dry-breathing, thanks to the patented Pivot-Dry technology of U.S. Divers. The fins feature short length blades and are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, each for men and women. The snorkel features a silicon skirt and mouthpiece, with the mask also featuring tempered glass lenses.

  • Pros: Includes mask, snorkel, fins and a carry bag, available in 9 colors, 3 sizes.
  • Cons: N/A

6. Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkeling Set with Bag & Fins

Featuring Palau Short Fins, a 100% dry snorkel, a 100% silicone mask and a mesh carry bag, this snorkel set is available in 6 colors, and up to 8 different sizes. The snorkel and mask are both made of a transparent, soft and 100% hypoallergenic silicone. Ergonomically designed, the mask features a skirt edge which adapts to most faces. The snorkel’s end features an ingenious anti-splash mechanism, and the fins feature strong and rapid action buckles to adjust their straps.

  • Pros: Available in 6 colors and 8 sizes, includes the carry bag, ergonomic design.
  • Cons: N/A

5. SealBuddy Panoramic Snorkel Set including Carry Bag

SealBuddy’s snorkel set features a polyurethane snorkel tube with a hypoallergenic mouthpiece. It includes a panoramic snorkel mask and a hypoallergenic face skirt made of silicone. The mask features a high quality and anti-impact glass lens. The snorkel features a patented dry top ball, which makes it fully submersible and able to keep water out. SealBuddy includes a travel bag with this set and supports it with a full 1-year warranty.

  • Pros: Panoramic mask, hypoallergenic silicone skirt, dry-top snorkel, 1-year warranty.
  • Cons: Available in only 1 size.

4. Promate Snorkeling Set with Bag & Fins

The Promate snorkeling set includes a mask, fins, a snorkel and a nylon mesh bag. The snorkel is the dry top-type, the mask has a single lens, while the fins have an open heel, with an easy adjust strap, including release buttons. This set is available in 2 sizes and in 4 colors, including black, pink, yellow and blue. The package include a Nylon mesh bag, with the snorkel featuring a pre-curved and flexible silicone low section. Its mouthpiece is also ergonomically designed to help prevent jaw fatigue.

  • Pros: Includes carry bag, single lens mask, dry top snorkel, nylon mesh bag.
  • Cons: Available in only 2 sizes.

3. Cozia Design Snorkeling Set with Fins & Full-Face Mask

This set from Cozia Design is a premium package that incorporates high-tech features, a wide and crystal-clear view, and easy breathing in addition. The full-face mask includes a drainage valve that allows easy emptying of water from it, without having to remove the mask. It also features a dual airflow anti-fog system, and allows you to breathe as you please, from either the mouth or nose. This package is offered in 2 sizes and 3 colors, including black, blue and green.

  • Pros: Full face design with drain valve, dual airflow, anti-fogging, 180-degree view lens.
  • Cons: N/A

2. Phantom Aquatics Adult Speed Sport Mask Snorkeling Set

This snorkeling set from Phantom Aquatics is designed for speed, enabling you to move faster with just half of the effort. The mask is streamlined, made from silicone, and has a low internal volume. The snorkel features a semi-dry valve, and the fins are open-heeled with an adjustable strap. These fins are lightweight, but they are quite powerful. The package comes with a mesh bag, which provides convenience, as well as allows your gear to air-dry.

  • Pros: Speed sport mask, lightweight fins, 8 colors, mesh carry bag.
  • Cons: Only available in 2 sizes.

1. Seavenger Snorkeling Set for Adults & Kids

Seavenger’s snorkel set comes complete with a single lens mask, a dry top snorkel, a set of fins, and a plastic mesh bag. This set is available in 10 different colors, including neon-yellow/gray, red/gray and other combinations. The mask’s single lens provides a panoramic view for your pleasure. The fins are short but powerful, and the included plastic mesh bag provides a convenient and compact means of organizing your gear. This package is available in 3 sizes, including 1-4, 4.5-8.5, and 9-13.

  • Pros: Dry-top snorkel, single lens mask, carry bag, available in 10 colors.
  • Cons: N/A



We have come to the end of this top 10 review of the best snorkeling sets in 2022. We have presented you with the best, including our number #1 pick, and it is now your turn to make a pick. You can go with the Seavenger set for its practicality, or Speed Sport set in position #2, or you could even choose the full-face set in position #3, the choice is yours.



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