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Top 10 Best Cat Climbers Reviews

Although they make the best companion creatures, cats are also some of the most territorial pets. As such, they will want to turn virtually every area and piece of furniture in your home, to their territory. Thankfully, we now have cat furniture items-such as condos, towers and scratching posts- which are specially designed for these animals.

Cat furniture items are a must-have accessory if you want to prevent them from scratching and damaging your furniture. These furniture items help to resolve the instinctual requirements of cats while relieving the stress that can develop when your feline is forced to share her environment with humans and other pets.

Are you looking for the best cat climber? Read on to learn about our recommended best cat climbers reviews 2017.

Cat Climber Buying Guide

As we earlier mentioned, cats adore having a personal space as much as humans do. Whether it’s enjoying his environment from an elevated point or merely taking a nap, away from noisy toddlers, your kitten will benefit tremendously from having his territory. Check out these tips on how to purchase the ideal cat tree for your pet.

Consider construction and design

The first aspect to take into consideration entails the cat climber’s appearance and structure. Choose a design that is appealing to you and your feline. Also, ensure that it has a sturdy structure featuring quality construction materials.

Cat Tree Weight

Occasionally, you may have to move the cat tree around your home. In this situation, it will be prudent to invest in a lightweight cat tree. Alternatively, choose a furniture unit that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Interactivity and Engagement

Some cat species are naturally playful. For kittens with such behaviors, you ought to purchase cat climbers with play sections, scratching posts, and toys. Conversely, if your cat loves to nap, choose a cat tree fitted with a comfy resting surface.

Top Cat Climbers Reviews

10. TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

If all you want is a cat furniture item for playing and relaxing, the Trixie Pet Tower is the perfect accessory. Although it has a rather short height, the Trixie is fitted with a sisal-made scratch surface, hanging play items, a hammock, and a hideaway. Ideally, you can let your cat curl up in the hammock.

Perhaps the most admirable feature about this cat climber is that is foldable; hence, easy to store when it is not being used. More importantly, you can bring it along when traveling with your cat.

  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Ideal for small-spaced apartments
  • Cushion is removable and machine-washable
  • Not convenient for big cats
  • Too short for a cat tree
  • The hammock is susceptible to stretching

9. The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The Lotus Cat Tower has one of the most exquisite, contemporary designs. With a height of 69 inches, this cat climber has two stepped shelves, which then lead to a big platform at the top. Also, there is a boxed cubby at the bottom where your cat can hide.

The Redefined Feline Company opted to add a 20-inch sisal scratching post on the side. Overall, the tower is constructed using ply with oak veneer. You may choose between two finishes, that is, mahogany and espresso. If you intend to purchase the Lotus Cat Tower, you should be ready to assemble the twenty pieces that it comes with. The good thing is that assembling it is straightforward and can be completed in less than an hour.

  • Excellent quality and functionality
  • Multi-cat friendly
  • Modern design
  • Removable cushions
  • A bit wobbly
  • Has tiny openings

8. Kitty City Castle Cat Furniture

Provide your cat with a playful space by investing in this cat castle by Kitty City. The best part about this furniture item is the fact that all the fittings and pole pieces are of the same size. It means that you can assemble the unit in whichever manner you see fit. This aspect also allows you to change up the pieces on occasion.

The Kitty City Castle comes with an array of optional accessories that include a sleeper unit, fortress tower, and a starter kit. This cat tree features some sisal-made columns and scratching mats. These elements come in handy since the fabric used in making the tower is not meant for scratching.

  • Easy to assemble and extend
  • Perfect for multiple cats
  • Features heavy-duty ABS build
  • Thin fabric that is prone to scratching
  • Poles are not stable
  • No color alternatives

7. EliteField Cat Tree, Scratcher Furniture

Another product that has made it to our top ten cat trees reviews is the Elitefield cat furniture. It features two cat condos constructed from pressed wood, then covered with a layer of faux fur. It is easy for your cat tree to climb this tree since there is a ladder leading up to each compartment.

For the playful species, this furniture item is fitted with hanging toys, which will keep your cats entertained for hours. Assembling the Elitefield cat tree is a piece of cake since each piece is labeled. What’s more, the pole pieces fit into the horizontal components very smoothly.

  • Easy assembly
  • Has scratching posts
  • Durable build
  • Only available in beige color

6. Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture

The Furhaven Tiger does more than just serve as a cat tree. It has a vintage look, making it the perfect décor item for your home. This cat furniture is available in a broad range of sizes and accessory options. With regards to size, you can choose between medium and the floor-to-ceiling options.

The Furhaven cat tree also has multiple play toys, sleeping spots, and hideaways. For instance, it has natural sisal incorporated into its design; hence, making it an interactive space. Also, the IQ busy box is equipped with two jingle balls to provide sufficient entertainment for the playful kitten.

  • Broad range of colors and configurations
  • Ideal for multiple cats
  • Easy to assemble
  • Platform surfaces are relatively small
  • Large cats may break some of the furniture pieces

5. Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

When compared to other cat trees in the market, the Amarkat is one that fits in your sitting area very easily. This cat climber comes in ten different pieces. Fortunately, the manufacturer has provided sufficient details on how to go about the assembly.

One concern that many cat owners have is the wobbly nature of some cat condos and towers. With the Amarkat cat furniture, you will never have to worry about this issue. It neither wobbles nor dismounts once you assemble it. You do not even have to support it with additional items.

  • Easy assembly
  • Has an attractive fleece covering
  • Sturdy construction
  • Has a loop that allows you to incorporate your cat’s favorite toys
  • Toy strings are rather thin
  • Platform is not large; hence, it cannot accommodate big cats

4. Vesper Cat Furniture Climber

If providing your cat with a place to hang out is your primary goal, consider the Vesper Cat Furniture unit. As the name suggests, the V-High Base is considerably taller than most cat trees. The elevated height is perfect for cats that love to look around and take in everything that is happening in their environs.

Vesper cat furniture features four scratching posts and four sitting posts. It also has a batting rope and three quality rattan balls. This unit will entertain your feline for hours on end, as it claws, scratches, jumps and pounces.

  • Exquisite look
  • Memory foam sleeping pads
  • Variety of color options
  • Some pieces come chipped
  • Pricey

3. AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

The AmazonBasics is available in two standard sizes: small and medium. The medium-sized unit has two platforms, allowing your feline to jump from one level to the other. This unit also has scratching posts.

Measuring 17.7 by 17.7 by 45.9 inches, the AmazonBasics is a space-saving cat furniture item, making it perfect for pet owners who live in small apartments. It also has a cozy sleeping area and can provide stability for one or two cats.

  • Short and simple assembly
  • Ideal for playful cats that love to climb
  • Compact; takes little space
  • Not too durable for big cats
  • Has a rather small base

2. GoPet Club Cat Tree

Keep your cats engaged with the GoPet Clubcat tree. The unit is fitted with three perches and two condos. It has ample room, which means that multiple cats can play on it. The cat tree has at least five posts, all of which are made with sisal rope for scratching.

GoPet Club cat tree measures 52 inches in height with a 19-inch square base; thus, occupying very little of your flooring space. This cat tree is ideal for medium-sized cats. Its platforms are constructed from compressed wood, making it light enough to move about.

  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Five scratching posts
  • Wobbly if not assembled correctly
  • Not designed for multiple cats

1. Roypet Fashion Design Large Cat Trees

The Roypet Fashion Design cat tree is a perfect gift for your feline. This cat climber features three floors, with an array of different activities available on every level. Thanks to the soft faux fur, your cat will have a cozy, plush surface for resting. The scratch posts on each level help to keep your kitten from scratching your carpet and furniture items. Moreover, all the tools that you would need for assembly have been included in the package.

  • Several features for your cat’s playtime
  • Exquisite design
  • Durable construction
  • Relatively smaller than most cat trees


Purchasing a cat climber does not have to be a complicated process. All you have to consider is the weight, design, and functionality. The best cat climbers include Pawhut Cat Tree House, AmazonBasics Cat Tree and GoPet Clubcat climber.











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