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Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans Reviews in 2022

A bathroom exhaust fan is necessary in every bathroom, because it prevents the buildup of excess moisture on your bathroom walls. Moisture buildup on your walls can weaken the building structure, and create an ideal habitat for molds and mildew as well. In order to buy the right bathroom fan, to get rid of moist air from your shower or bath, you will need the help of this top 10 review of the best bathroom exhaust fans in 2022.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans Buying Guide

The bathroom exhaust fan has its specific features that make it the ideal device for eliminating moist air from bathrooms. You will need to understand specific aspects of its design and functionality, in order to be able to make the right choice. The features you should keep an eye on, include:

– Airflow Capacity

Measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm), airflow capacity refers to the fan’s rate of air movement. The standard is 1cfm per square foot of your bathroom’s floor space. Small bathrooms measuring less than 50 sq-ft., need a 50cfm fan. For larger bathrooms measuring over 100 sq-ft., 50 cfm is added for each toilet, bath or shower. While 100cfm is added for each whirlpool. These figures are recommended by the Home Ventilating institute.

– Noise Level

Noise level of bathroom exhaust fans is measured in sones. The lower the fan’s sones rating, the quieter it is. Fans rated above 4.0 sones are noisy, while anything less than 2.0 sones is okay. If you are concerned about noise, then look for a fan rated below 1.0 sone. They are whisper quiet.

– Energy Efficiency

All fans are powered by electric motors, but all electric motors are not equally efficient. An energy-efficient bathroom exhaust fan, uses less electric power to move an equal amount of air, saving you money and protecting the environment. Look for an Energy Star label if you care about the planet and about saving energy.

– Extra Features

Asides from simply moving air, there are extra features that can be integrated into a standard bathroom exhaust fan. These make it more modern and smart. Such features include the ability to be activated by a motion sensor, or with the bathroom light’s switch. It could also include a humidity sensor, enabling it to get to work once the bathroom becomes humid. Other extra features include a built-in night light, and a heater.

The Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans Reviews in 2022

10. Delta Electronics Breez GreenBuilder Frosted Glass Exhaust Fan

This Delta Electronics bath exhaust fan is super silent at just 1.5 sones. It is additionally Energy Star compliant, and rated at 7.6 cfm/watt, thanks to Delta Electronics’ innovative and brushless DC motor. The Breez GreenBuilder is designed to look like a bathroom ceiling light fixture, but it also contains a fan. The light is powered by a 13-watt LED bulb, which is included in the package, and boasts of a 30,000-hour lifespan. The glass is frosted, and is available with either chrome, brushed bronze, brushed nickel or polished white finials.


• Ingenious design makes it look like lighting
• Energy efficient brushless motor
• Energy Star qualified
• 30,000 hours LED light life

9. Hampton Bay 50-CFM Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Hampton Bay’s 50cfm exhaust fan is designed for bathrooms up to 50 sq-ft. in size. This bathroom exhaust fan is ultra-quiet at just 1.0 sone, and it uses about 65% less energy than competing devices. It is Energy Star certified, UL listed, and comes with mounting hardware included. It fits 2 x 4-inch ceiling construction, and 3-inch round ducting.


• 50cfm airflow capacity makes it perfect for most bathrooms
• Super-quiet 1.0 sone makes it one of the most quiet exhaust fans
• UL listed and Energy Star compliant
• Modern grill-design fits into most modern bathrooms

8. Air King 90-CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Featuring a 10 x 10-inch white polymeric grill, this bathroom exhaust fan is a high performer with a low price. It is great for anyone on a budget, and requiring an exhaust fan with plenty of power. Rated at 90cfm, it is also available in 100cfm and 120cfm models. It can function continuously without any problems, and generates 2.5 sones during operation. This fan comes with an easy snap-in installation system, and is available in white or cream.


• Also available in 100cfm and 120cfm models
• 2.5 sones loudness at 90cfm
• Designed for easy snap-in installation
• Can function continuously without issues
• Attractive budget-friendly price

7. Broan AE80B 80-CFM Invent Energy Star Qualified

The AE80B is Broan’s mid-range bathroom ventilator. It is UL listed for use over tubs and showers, and is Energy Star certified as well. With an 80cfm performance, bathrooms up to 75 sq-ft. in size can easily get dried up. This fan can be quickly retro-fitted, and its Damper technology reduces air leakage by up to 50%, when compared with competing devices. It uses 26 watts, generates 1.5 sones during operation, and Broan backs it with a 1-year warranty.


• 80cfm capacity at just 1.5 sones
• Perfect for bathrooms up to 75 sq-ft.
• Easy installation
• Energy Star certified and UL listed

6. Kaze Appliance SE90TL2 90-CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan

With a barely audible 90cfm operational sound of just 0.3 sones, you will definitely not be aware of this fan’s existence, while it operates. Its design includes an 11-watt LED light, which provides enough illumination for most bathroom activities. It also features a smaller, 2-watt LED night light. The 2 lights and the fan can either be wired together or with separate switches. The grill has a dimension of 13 x 14 inches, is made from polymeric resin, and Kaze Appliance backs the entire device with a 3-year warranty.


• High capacity fan at 90cfm
• Ultra-quiet operation as low as 0.3 sones
• Includes LED light and night light
• Energy Star certified
• 3-year manufacturer warranty

5. Nutone EZ80N 80-CFM Bathroom Ventilation Fan

Featuring an innovative design and a polymeric grille, this fan’s lock tabs also make it easy to secure to the ceiling. It produces 80cfm and is 1.1 sones quiet, which is quite good. In addition to being UL listed for use over bathtubs and showers, the EZ80N features a rugged, galvanized steel housing, and a permanently lubricated motor. It can be operated continuously without issues, and Nutone offers a 1-year warranty on it.


• 80cfm airflow capacity
• Low noise 1.1 sones
• Easy installation system
• UL listed, plus a patent pending design

4. Delta Products SLM70 70-CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This Delta SLM70 exceeds Energy Star’s requirements, and will not only save up to 85% energy for you, it will also last longer. Made with a brushless DC motor, you can be sure that this fan will continue to operate for a long time to come. It generates just 2 sones of operational noise, which is not bad for a 7.5 x 7.5-inch bathroom fan. The SLM70 is also UL listed, and can be retro-fitted easily.


• Also available in 50cfm, 80cfm and 100cfm models
• Available with a humidity sensor option
• 2.0 sones noise level
• Energy Star compliant
• Long life brushless DC motor

3. BV BF-01 90-CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The BF-01 from BV is a top performer, delivering 90cfm at just 0.7 sone. The device is also available in 110, 140 and 160cfm models. This one is designed for bathrooms up to 90 sq-ft. in size. It is HVI-2100 certified, CSA and ETL approved. There is also a 4-inch stainless steel duct collar on the fan, plus a 1-year warranty.


• Also available in 110cfm, 140cfm and 160cfm models
• Super silent 0.7 sone operating noise level
• Ideal for bathrooms up to 90 sq-ft. large
• 1-year warranty

2. Delta Products GBR80 80-CFM Bathroom Ventilation Fan

With an airflow rate of 80cfm and at just 0.8 sone, this Delta bathroom fan is a high quality and almost silent fan. There are 50cfm and 100cfm options available as well. The GBR80 is also available in multiple configurations, including with LED light, motion sensors and even with a humidity sensor. It consumes 10 watts, has a 7.6 CFM/watt efficiency, and is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


• 80cfm airflow capacity
• Available in 50cfm and 100cfm models
• Can be configured with humidity or motion sensors
• LED light option available
• Virtually silent fan at 0.8 sone

1. Panasonic FV-11VQ5 110-CFM Bathroom Ceiling Fan

Panasonic presents the FV-11VQ5, which is quite an impressive bathroom exhaust fan. It produces 110cfm of airflow capacity, and at an amazing 0.3 sone level. This makes this fan outstanding. It comes with both a 4 and a 6-inch duct adapter, and the grille design is simple and unobstructive. This fan is available in 50cfm, 80cfm and 150cfm models as well, and the motor is a completely enclosed condenser AC motor. For its power, silent operation and overall high quality, the Panasonic FV-11VQ5 takes the number #1 position in this review.


• Amazon 0.3 sone virtually silent sound level
• 110cfm airflow capacity
• UL listed for tub/shower use
• Exceeds Energy Star 3.0, and Ashrae 62.2


We have come to the end of our review of the top 10 bathroom exhaust fans in 2022, and the turn is now yours, to make a choice. All the fans in this list, are all great fans, and although we have made our number #1 recommendation, you should still feel free to make your choice.





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