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Top 10 Best Hydration Packs Reviews in 2022

Hydration packs are a must-have accessory for every outdoor enthusiast; whether you are a hiker, jogger or biker. The advent of hydration packs has eliminated the hassle of having to lug around several water bottles whenever you go for a run. With this hydration system, you have easy, hands-free and constant access to water, which is stored in a detachable reservoir.

Presently, there are tons of hydration packs in the market. They come in different sizes, shapes and with varying features. In this overview, we will examine the attributes that you should consider when shopping for a hydration pack, as well as highlight the top 10 best hydration packs reviews in 2022.

Hydration Pack Buying Guide

As earlier mentioned, you will find tons of hydration packs in the market. These hydration packs have different features that enhance their performance. In light of this, there are a couple of crucial factors to take into account when selecting a hydration pack. They include:

  • Backpack and Hydration Capacity

Firstly, you should take the capacity of the backpack and its hydration bladder into account. For avid hikers, the ideal hydration backpack is one with a capacity of at least 900 cubic inches, an array of compartments and a hydration bladder that can accommodate up to 100 ounces of water. Conversely, joggers and runners are better off with small-sized water backpacks with capacities of between 50 and 70 ounces.

  • Water reservoir and Valve

Overall, we have two core types of hydration reservoirs. The first one has a screw-on cap and the second features an upper seal. Hydration reservoirs with screw-on caps are especially popular given their aptitude in holding water securely. However, the latter type also has an advantage in that is much easier to clean than the one fitted with a cap.

  • Material

You also need to consider the material used in making the hydration pack. The majority of hydration packs are made from nylon, polyester or Oxford fabric. Nylon, a reliable and water-resistant material, is the most popular of the three.


10. WACOOL Waterproof Hydration Bladder Pack

If you have a limited budget and are looking for a simple inexpensive hydration pack, the Wacool brand is the best alternative. Its hydration bladder is fabricated from simple and flexible material. The bite valve is made of soft plastic and has an inbuilt closure to prevent dripping. Another exceptional feature included in this pack is a bite valve cover that keeps the bite valve clean. Filling the water reservoir is easy, thanks to the rigid handle of the bladder.

  • Light
  • Inexpensive
  • Incredibly good flow from hydration system
  • Hydration system is not durable
  • Shoulder straps do not fit well

9. Sports Imagery-Hydration Pack Premium Backpack Daypack

Sports Imagery, a reputable brand in sporting equipment, has created an exclusive hydration backpack. The backpack features a relatively large hydration bladder with a capacity of about 100 ounces. Besides serving as the perfect backpack, it also has three compartments, where you can keep other items. The backpack is made of nylon material, which is durable and waterproof. This way, you do not have to worry about your personal belongings getting wet. The hydration bladder is fabricated from a non-toxic, BPA-free material; implying that it is both durable and safe.

  • Hydration bladder has large capacity
  • Made from strong, long-lasting nylon material
  • Backpack also made of waterproof material
  • Only available in black/grey color
  • Backpack may feel bulky

8. Miracol Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder

The Miracol backpack is fitted with a hydration system, and is a relatively versatile accessory for individuals who love to run, cycle, and hike. The backpack has a compact design and is ideal for both men and women.

The best feature about the Miracol hydration pack entails the insulated water bladder, which is designed to maintain the current water temperature for up to four hours. Moreover, the screw-on cap has a large size, making refills a hassle-free task.

  • Has an insulated water bladder
  • Big-sized screw-on cap
  • Compact design
  • The latches on straps are rather tight to open and close

7. CamelBak 2017 Rogue Hydration Pack

If your greatest concern when finding a hydration pack is weight, your best bet is to invest in the CamelBak Rogue pack. It is one of the lightest with a Crux 2.5 L water reservoir. Although light, this backpack still has storage space to pack a few other personal items.

CamelBak, has for a long time, been known as the leader in hydration system designing. A considerable portion of this fame is attributed to the readily available drinking bite valves. This hydration pack carries on this tradition, with a 20% increase in the amount of water delivered per sip. Also, the hydration bladder features an ergonomic design that makes refilling an easy task.

  • Has a lightweight design
  • Cheap
  • Easy access to water reservoir
  • Minimal comfort for people with broad shoulders
  • Not enough storage space

6. Platypus Duthie A.M. 10.0 Hydration Pack

Platypus, the brains behind this incredible invention, describe it as a quintessential all-mountain pack. With a water carrying capacity of three liters, this hydration pack is in it for the long haul.

If there is one area where this pack stands out, it is in its storage and organization. The backpack is fitted with an excellent assortment of pockets, where you can store other sporting equipment.

  • Large capacity
  • Durable
  • Ample storage
  • Mainly designed for mountain bike riders

5. Camden Gear Hydration Pack

Without a doubt, this hydration pack by Camden Gear is one of the best accessories to bring to your road cycling tour. It is small-sized, compact and conveniently light-weight. It has a capacity of 50 oz of water as well as three extra pockets, which you can utilize to store other personal belongings.

As for the hydration reservoir, the pack is fitted with a plastic bladder that has a screw-on cap. The reservoir is very easy to use and not prone to leakage problems. Overall, the backpack is made from nylon, one of the most wear-resistant materials.

  • Solid construction
  • Light-weight and compact design
  • Hydration reservoir is hard to clean

4. Nathan Intensity Race Vest

The Nathan Intensity Race Vest is specially designed for women. Nathan Company has used a breathable material in fabricating the mesh-like shoulder straps and back section. This feature allows free flow of air across your back ensuring that you remain dry at all times. The hydration bladder has been placed strategically, making it easy to reach. The backpack also has some extra zippered compartments, where you can store additional sporting gear.

Based on consumer reviews, the hydration backpack is so light that it almost feels like an extension of your own body. Customers will also love the fact that it comes in a broad range of eye-catching color variations.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Hydration bladder is easily accessible
  • Soft padding of the back panel
  • The backpack is difficult to adjust when you running

3. Tactical Hydration Pack by Unigear

With this hydration pack, Unigear decided to toe a precarious line between frugality and performance. Depending on your water needs, the backpack is ideal for walks, treks and even marathons. It is fitted with a 2.5L, BPA-free bladder for storing water. The bladder can keep your water at cool temperatures for as long as you want. Overall, the entire backpack is made using 600 Denier polyester, a very durable material. It also has two zippered compartments, which you can use for storing keys, hunting knives among other camping gear. This hydration pack is made with an ergonomic foam padding on the back section to provide optimum comfort.

  • Waterproof, sturdy construction
  • Replaceable 2.5L bladder
  • Breathable ergonomic design on the back
  • Leaks in some compartments

2. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack

When planning a backpacking or cycling tour, it is crucial that you carry all the items that you need including food and clothes. Nonetheless, it is also vital that you avoid overburdening yourself. With an impressive capacity of 1100 cubic inches, the Teton Sports Hydration Backpack provides an excellent balance between storage space, functionality and weight. Its hydration system can hold 68 ounces of water, which is adequate for a mountain bike tour.

The bladder features soft BPA-free plastic; hence, preventing any health hazards. Thanks to the screw-on cap, it is easy to refill the water reservoir. The harness straps constitute padding material, providing utmost comfort and distributing weight evenly.

  • Has ample storage space to pack all your camping gear
  • Water reservoir has screw-on cap to prevent leaks
  • Harness straps are padded
  • The meshed sides are prone to tearing when overloaded

1. Osprey Packs Raptor 10 Hydration Pack

Osprey, an American-based corporation, is well-known for making high-end backpacks; and the Osprey Packs Raptor is credible evidence of their prowess in this area. Ideal for backpacking, hiking and cycling, this hydration pack features a unique shape, ventilated contact spaces and a hip belt.

Its hydraulics reservoir has a capacity of 100 oz. Moreover, the bladder is fitted with a screw-on cap that allows for seamless refills. The hydration reservoir has been placed in its own sleeve; hence, it is secure as it never comes into contact with other items. The backpack is also equipped with Lid lock mechanism for storing your helmet when not in use.

  • Features soft harness straps
  • Has a mesh spacer for efficient ventilation
  • Lid lock system for helmet storage
  • Chest and waist straps are too narrow; hence, require an adjustment


For the casual hydration pack users, you will find this overview incredibly helpful. It highlights some of the best hydration packs, which include the TETON Sports Oasis 1100, Osprey Packs Raptor 10, Tactical Hydration Pack by Unigear and Camden Gear Hydration Packs.

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