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Top 10 Best Ladder Ball Games Reviews in 2022

Ladder ball game is usually termed as ladder golf sets and refers to a fun outdoor and indoor game. This game is favorable for kids and adults and forms a staple during family reunions or barbecues. Each player has three bolas, and they throw them trying to catch them on a rung 15 ft. away. But, you need the best equipment working for you and taking your game to the next level. That’s why we’ve done a thorough on the best ladder ball games set in 2022 reviews. Before that, here are is a small guide.

Factors to Consider When Buying Ladder Ball Game Set

· Material of the ladder

Some are made of wood, metal, and others PVC materials. Each material has distinct merits. But, materially affects weight, durability, and safety. Depending on whether it will be used by kids or adults then you will be able to select the appropriate material. So, the material really affects the reliability of the frame.

· Ease of installation

The design of the ladder affects how fast you can set up and start enjoying the game. Also, you need something that you can set apart in a few seconds, toss it in a bag and save your time. Some brands are made with a unique design aimed at enhancing fast set up and uninstallation.

· How soft or hard the ball is

This game involves kids, and you need them to play safely. That said, a golf ball may pose a great danger since it is pretty hard. In that case, a ladder ball should be a bit soft such that it won’t cause harm if it hits the kids. So, the balls should be fairly soft so that they won’t hurt the kids when they get tossed.

· Stability of the base

A sturdy base ensures that the ladder remains stable under any setting. When purchasing the best ladder, you should ensure that the base lays flat solidly and with great stability. This will ensure that it doesn’t fall no matter how rigorous and interactive the game becomes.

· Price

Depending on the quality of the design, material, and balls, ladder ball set comes at various prices. One thing you need to understand is whether the prevalent price justifies the quality. It doesn’t mean cheap things are bad and expensive ones are good. No, there are models that are fairly cheap and possess great functionality.


10. Sportcraft Ladderball by Crown Sporting Goods

A ladder game should be interactive and easy to learn with the right equipment. Crown Sporting ladder ball set has been designed with that in mind, making it a top-rated ladder ball set. It is one of the best-selling because it makes the game easy to learn and offers unlimited interactive family fun. The design features two upright ladder targets framework measuring 40 by 24 inches. It includes three red and three blue bolas. The PVC framework is pretty easy to assemble and lightweight for easy transportation. Also, this equipment suits players of ages 14 and up and can serve indoor and outdoor too.

  • Pros

· Lightweight PVC construction

· Offers unlimited family interaction

· Fashionable framework and balls

· Standard size and can work for outdoors and indoors

  • Cons

· Not ideal for kids below 14 years

9. Triumph Sports Ladder Toss Equipment

Are you looking for an excellent game to bring to barbecues, tailgates or any other outdoor event? Triumph sports ladder toss is an excellent pick. It boasts a fully weighted base for top quality stability. The equipment includes a scoring system which makes it easy to make perfect scores. The ladder of this equipment is easy to install and doesn’t need any tools. The playing gears include a total of 6 bolas i.e. 3 red and 3 blue balls. The product also includes a carrying bag which looks decent and eases transportation of the system

  • Pros

· Pretty easy installation

· Lightweight PVC material

· Ideal for both adults and kids

· Safe for kids and is affordable

  • Cons

· A bit flimsy if not connected properly

8. Ladder Ball Pro Steel Equipment

There’s nothing joyful about a family that than having an interactive play. This ladder ball pro steel is specially designed to allow parents to play together with their kids and have unlimited fun. The system is durable because it is powder coated and steel metal is very rigid. For the bolas, this set uses the same popular bolas as the original double ladder ball games. It is very straight forward to assemble and dismantle. And for portability purpose, this ladder ball set comes with a carrying case. Stay safe and assured of quality as this set has gone through ASTM certification.

  • Pros

· Affordable

· Steel material is robust

· Frame is powder coated for durability

· Incredibly heavy and sturdy base for superior stability

  • Cons

· A bit heavy and risky for small kids

7. Kid Agains Heavy Duty Ladder Ball

While the ladder game gets intense, Kids Agains is there to ensure you enjoy safely. It boasts a heavy-duty construction which is very stable and doesn’t fall over. The design is more compact than the ordinary ones and is strictly designed for intense competition. This game set includes 2 ladder frames, 6 toss balls, and a carrying case. About 90 percent of this set is preassembled to ease installation work. And then, you will enjoy with all kids that are above the ages of 6 without limitation. Pricewise, Kids Again is a reliable game set that won’t force you to break your bank.

  • Pros

· Affordable price

· Pre-assemble to minimize installation work

· Softballs for kid’s safety

· Large and heavy base for stability

  • Cons

· Quite heavy

6. Yard Games Premium Set Ladder Toss

Yard games ladder toss set is an ideal way of investing your money. If you think money can buy happiness, this game set proves you right? It includes premium targets, 6 bolas, polyester carrying bag and a set of instructions. For authentic game play, this set features quality rope and balls to take your game higher. Another great aspect is that it can be used by anyone without age limit. Apparently, it offers an incredible company for BBQs camping and tailgating.

  • Pros

· Easy to install

· Safe for all ages

· High-quality rope, balls, and frame

· Easy portability

  • Cons

· PVC isn’t very sturdy

5. East Point Sports Gater Gold Ladder Ball Set

East point ladder ball set has a deluxe design and offers maximum interaction and allows kids to upgrade their skills. Besides having a deluxe design, it is perfect for all weather use. With its quick set up, lock on the go, it has an easy installation which is ideal for anywhere performance. The set comprises of two steel ladder targets, 6 weighted boluses and comes in two team colors. Built in slide scoring allows you to keep track of action easily. Furthermore, this play equipment is ideal for all ages and comes with a full set of instructions.

  • Pros

· Durable metal construction

· Strong frame to withstand powerful toss

· Pretty easy and, effortless installation

· Affordable price

  • Cons

· Lacks precision machining

4. Triumph Sports Trio Toss – Ladder Toss Set

Featuring a convenient three in one outdoor game, you will never get bored using this equipment. Play bag toss, ladder bag toss, and washer toss will indeed make your moment highly interactive. It boasts two wooden platforms measuring 28 by 18.5 inches. These platforms are one side for bag toss, and the reverse side is for washer toss. The ladders boast PVC material of construction which is easy to install and lightweight for mobility. The combination includes all accessories for each game. These include the 5 inches square toss bags, 4 red, 4 blue rubber bolas and six metal washers. For portability, these game pieces combine and fit inside the carrying case which has a shoulder strap for effortless carrying.

  • Pros

· Lightweight yet stable platform

· Three games in one design

· Elegant platforms

· Affordable

  • Cons

· Requires care when making a toss, the frame is a bit fragile

3. Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladder Ball Game

From a renowned company, Maranda, this metal ladder game set is worth your dollars. It features a metal frame with horizontal bars being made of plastic. This awesome construction makes it an award winning game designed for two to four. The set includes steel goal uprights, three red bolas, and three blue bolas. It is easily dismantleable and includes a carrying case o that you may take it anywhere with you. During graduations, team events, family gatherings, and other outdoor events. It is ideal for ages 8 and above and has passed a series of tests and that’s why it is the safest ladder ball set.

  • Pros

· Solid and quality construction

· Easy assembly

· Safe materials of construction

· Attractive design lightweight and easily dismantleable

  • Cons

· Weak bolas

2. Go Sports Premium Ladder Toss Game Set

Don’t worry why this ladder ball set is number one best seller and a highly rated premium ladder. The answer is obvious, it features a premium quality and is available at low price. The set includes two PVC targets, 6 bolas, set of instructions and a carrying case. Nobody would wish to face tangles, that’s why this set is dedicated to providing authentic gameplay. These qualities make it a great game for the whole family. Simplified assembly, on the other hand, means that even the kids will have the freedom to play anytime they want.

  • Pros

· Lifetime warranty

· Attractive and durable carry bag

· Affordable price

· Sturdy yet lightweight frame

· Assembly is a breeze

  • Cons

· Durability issues

1. Lifetime #90466 Bean Bag Toss

Our award -winning ladder ball set is LIFETIME#90466 Beanbag Toss. It is the best way to enjoy ladder toss or folding tailgate or combination. The set incorporates eight bean bags, 6 toss sets, and the frame can be used as two tables when folded. It is an ideal set for enhancing fun during BBQ, tailgating among other outdoor occasions. For easy mobility, the tables have an easy carry handles, and the product includes 2 canvas carrying bags. Besides, the table tops are UV protected by a high-density polyethylene which doesn’t fade, split or crack under any conditions.

  • Pros

· Great versatility

· UV protected materials

· Set up is a breeze

· Sturdy base

· Affordable price

  • Cons

· A bit heavy to carry


Outdoor events need to be accompanied by an interactive game. A game whereby everyone can participate and be part of the fun. Ladder ball game remains to be an awesome thing to do during BBQ, tailgating among other outdoor events. Your purchase decision is fully catered for by our reviews. The top 10 ladder ball games in our review are durable, easy to assemble, affordable and have great quality. A real value for your money, indeed.


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