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Top 10 Best Travel Pillows Reviews in 2022

Your comfort is important whenever you are traveling. It doesn’t matter if it’s by rail, car or on an airplane, the travel pillow remains the simplest method of guaranteeing yourself a certain level of comfort. Travel pillows should be easy to transport and provide some comfort, even in the most confined of spaces. This top 10 travel pillows guide will help you to choose the right travel pillow.


Travel Pillows Buying Guide

There are different types of travel pillows, based on their features and other classifications. The most important of these features, which you need to understand and look out for, are as follows:

– Shape
Travel pillows come in very different shapes. There are U-pillows, which go around the back of the neck, and provide support while you are sitting in an upright position. There are cushions, which come in the traditional rectangular shape that pillows are known for. They are multi-functional, but they do not provide any specialized comfort. There is the J-Pillow for supporting the neck and chin, and the wedge-pillow for supporting the back and spine. Other pillows include the SkyRest, TravelRest, cylinder-shaped pillows, e.t.c.

– Filling Material
Most pillows are only as good as their filling materials. Travel pillows can either be inflatable using air, or they can contain other types of filling material. These materials include foams, which can come in various degrees of firmness. There are pillows with Polyester filling, and those with wool filling, which can be quite soft. Pillows filled with beads are easy to shape, but they are also heavier than normal.

– Size
You should keep in mind that airlines will often have strict restrictions on how much carry-on luggage you are allowed. If you are taking the pillow with you on flights, then this means that you should take its size and weight into consideration when shopping. Inflatable pillows work best here.

– Style
This one is a personal decision. You have to pick a pillow that you are comfortable with both its style and color.


10. Travelrest Memory Foam Therapeutic Neck Travel Pillow

Travelrest’s U-shaped travel pillow is designed to be very portable, and it includes a carry-strap for attaching it to your luggage. It is covered using a washable micro-fiber cover, which helps you to maintain a high level of hygiene. The U-shape allows it to mold perfectly to the shape of your neck, while the temperature sensitive memory foam provides your head with the right amount of support. This pillow is backed by a 2-year warranty.


• U-shape fits the neck for perfect comfort
• Micro-fiber cover for easy maintenance
• Memory foam for soft support
• 2-year warranty

9. Flexi 4-in-1 Adjustable & Convertible Pillow Stomach and Back Sleepers

The Flexi 4-in-1 travel pillow is available in Navy, Grey and Orange colors. It is easy to carry, and comes with a carrying bag, which not only makes it convenient to transport, but also keeps it clean on the road. An adjustable strap allows you to fit this pillow to any part of the body that you desire. The inside is filled with millions of soft-gel beads, and the cover is easy to unzip and wash. This pillow will serve the back, stomach and side sleeper well. It is backed by a 10-year warranty.


• Adjustable strap allows to fit this pillow perfectly
• Millions of soft microbeads allow you to shape it
• Very comfortable and fits all body parts
• Includes a 10-year warranty

8. Purefly Inflatable Soft Velvet Travel Neck Pillow

This Purefly travel pillow features one big innovation. You can inflate it by simply pressing on a button repeatedly. To deflate, simply release the valve. The pillow spots a rather U-shape, which makes it ideal for the neck. The soft velvet cover is smooth on the skin and can be washed easily. Purefly adds a carry bag in the package, making transportation easier.


• Automatically inflates at the press of a button
• Soft velvet material feels good on your skin
• Includes a carry bag for convenience
• Easy to wash and maintain

7. Daisy Pillow Extra Comfortable Polyester Travel Pillow

The Daisy Travel Pillow features a unique design that offers a strong and firm support for the chin, face, neck and back of the neck. This unique design makes it a very comfortable travel pillow. The cover is made from a soft Polyester material, while the inside is filled with Polyester cotton. It is machine-washable and holds well against a seat.


• 100% Polyester material
• Friction holds the pillow against seat
• Simple and comfortable design

6. Crafty World Extreme Comfortable Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The Crafty World is guaranteed to relieve any neck pain. It is 12 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches in dimension, and available in Blue, Grey and Purple colors. Filled with a highly thermo-sensitive memory foam, it provides your head and neck with the best support possible. The cover is made from soft velour, and is easily removable for washing. Crafty World supports this pillow with a 5-year warranty.


• Available in Grey, Blue and Purple colors
• Memory foam provides the perfect fit
• Provides relief from shoulder, neck and back pain
• 5-year warranty

5. Cabeau Evolution 360-Degree Support Pillow – Head & Neck Support

The Cabeau Evolution is a revolutionary travel pillow, which offers many innovative features. It can shrink in half for easier transport or storage. You can adjust it 360 degrees around your neck to get the perfect fit. The package includes earplugs made from memory foam, while the pillow itself features an innovative air circulation system to keep you cool. The cover can be easily removed for washing, keeping your travel pillow clean.


• Available in 4 colors, including Titanium, glacier, sublime and cosmos
• Features a highly comfortable memory foam
• Correctly contoured for the perfect fit
• Includes cooling vent technology to keep head cool

4. Enzo’s Private Selection Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillow

This travel pillow features a premium memory foam and cooling gel. It was featured on TV, including ABC, FOX News, NBC and others. Enclosed in luxurious velour, you will enjoy every moment your neck rests on it. You can rotate it 90 degrees to get the best fit, while the memory foam contours to fit your unique shape. The cooling gel prevents excess heat and reduces muscle tension and neck pain. Enzo’s Private Collection backs it with a 2-year warranty.


• Premium velour cover for a smooth and luxurious feel
• Cooling gel keeps your neck cool
• Available in Red or Grey
• 2-year warranty

3. Travelrest Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Travelrest offers a radically different pillow, with a completely different functionality than normal travel pillows. This pillow is inflatable, and great for flying. It has multiple uses, like positioning across the torso, or down the side. It will also prevent the head from nodding forward while you sleep. You can easily wash it, as well as give it as a gift. It can be tethered to an airline seat or looped over a headrest. Travelrest backs it with a 2-year warranty.


• Provides complete lateral support for the upper body
• Ergonomic design helps to prevent neck strain
• Keeps the head from falling forward
• Inflatable and lightweight
• 2-year warranty

2. Bcozzy Patented Chin Supporting Adult Travel Pillow

This Bcozzy travel pillow is designed to stop the head from falling forward while sleeping. It features a unique design which offers extra support for the chin. By twisting and arranging this pillow properly, you can control how tight it is around your neck. It is great for children as well, and helps to prevent the chin from snapping. The cover is washable and the package includes a carrying bag. You can also use it at home while reading or watching TV.


• Available in 7 colors and in adult and child sizes
• Patented design provides extra comfort
• Also works for watching TV, reading and other activities
• Includes carrying bag

1. Cabeau Evolution 360-Degree Head & Neck Memory Foam Pillow

This Cabeau Evolution pillow takes travel pillow design farther. Its award winning design actually supports the neck in a very comfortable way. The memory foam inside is super sensitive and of a high quality. The design allows you to rotate this pillow up to 360 degrees, so you can get the perfect fit. It’s high-quality velour cover is available in many colors, including orange, black, red e.t.c. This pillow can shrink up to 1/4 of its original size, perfect for transport or storage in the included carry bag, and the package also includes memory foam earplugs.


• Perfect for all sleeping styles
• High quality and luxurious velour material
• Includes carry bag for your convenience
• Money-back guarantee


We have come to the end of our top 10 travel pillows in 2022, and the turn is now yours to choose. All 10 travel pillows are great, but our number #1 recommendation is the Cabeau Evolution in position #1, because of its quality, price and high-tech design.

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