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Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews in 2022

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition. It is responsible for more heart attacks and strokes than any other condition. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, the original sphygmomanometer has been nearly replaced by digital blood pressure monitors. These too are incidentally, much easier to use. If you are considering the purchase of a blood pressure monitor, then this 2017 top 10 review of the best monitors will put you on the right track.

Blood Pressure Monitor Buying Guide and Purchase Considerations

Before getting into the individual product reviews, let’s take a look at the most important aspects of a blood pressure monitor, and the features to look out for as well.

– Type of Monitor: There are many different types of blood pressure monitors. They include the old-fashioned sphygmomanometers, which are entirely manual and require no electricity to operate. Then there are the digital monitors, which are often self-inflating, and will easily give you your blood pressure reading, unlike the manual type. Both types of monitors are usually worn on the upper arm, although wrist-worn digital monitors are becoming more popular. Upper arm monitors are more accurate on the average.

– Fitting Cuff: Some of the cuffs will fit almost all arm sizes, while others have a certain size range that they will fit. This makes it necessary to pay close attention to the type of cuff provided with the monitor, and its size, if needful.

– Complexity: This one is for you to decide. Old monitors require some training before you can read them. Digital monitors on the other hand, provide the results automatically, but they can also connect to smartphone apps, store data for multiple users, and so on. The level of complexity you want should be your decision. What works best is and easy to understand system and display, large buttons and an intuitive design.

– Official Validation & Accuracy: When it comes to the accuracy of the monitor, it’s important to note that officially validated devices are often more accurate than the rest.

– Price: Of course, you should only buy products you can really afford. The best solution is to have a budget, and then stick to finding products within our budget.


10. GoWISE USA Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The GoWISE USA blood pressure monitor, is a digital system with a large LCD display, touch sensitive buttons and several extra functions. It will inflate the cuff automatically, and then display both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In addition to that, the system will provide you with a classification of the blood pressure, and will also give you your pulse rate reading, using oscillographic testing mode. It also watches out for irregular heartbeats.

  • Pros: Available in black & white, irregular heartbeat detection, touch buttons.
  • Cons: Not very stylish.

9. GoWISE USA FDA Approved Digital Blood Monitor with Carry Bag

Featuring a large LCD display, the GoWISE blood pressure monitor also auto-inflates its cuff, displays both the systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and gives a pulse rate reading. It displays a blood pressure classification, and will as well detect irregular heartbeats when available. This monitor comes with a large cuff that can a measure between 8.75 and 16.5 inches (20 and 40 cm) circumference sized arms. Included in the package is the monitor, upper arm cuff, 4x AAA batteries, and a well illustrated instruction manual.

  • Pros: Large LCD display, carry bag, FDA approved, 52% price discount.
  • Cons: Not very stylish.

8. Balance Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor is simply beautiful. Featuring a nice design and color combination, it also packs lots of functionality. It is FDA cleared, uses an upper-arm cuff to get very accurate measurements, and it comes with a large and nicely colored display. There are touch buttons, a 2-user memory bank for storing results, and a full kit which contains a wall plug, batteries, and a storage case. It will display systolic, diastolic and pulse rates. The cuff is made from premium soft fabric, it is backed by a 2-year warranty and currently available at a33% price discount.

  • Pros: Lovely design, FDA approved, accurate results, full kit, 33% discount, 2-year warranty.
  • Cons: N/A

7. Red Medical Upper Arm Digital blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor from Red Medical features a well laid out display. It features systolic and diastolic pressures display, a pulse rate monitor, and easy touch buttons on the side. There is enough integrated memory to store up to 90 days of data for 2 users. This device is FDA approved, provides highly accurate readings, and is powered by 4x AA batteries or a 6V DC adapter, both power sources of which are not included.

  • Pros: High contrast LCD display, stylish design, 2 user memory recall, 30% discount.
  • Cons: Batteries and adapter not included.

6. Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

If you are more interested in the portability of your blood pressure monitor, then a wrist monitor like this one should be worth your focus. It is stylish and trendy, features a relatively large LCD display, and looks cool to wear. In addition to normal systolic and diastolic displays, it will also detect irregular heartbeats, and it displays the pulse rate as well. There is additionally a 90 reading memory bank for 2 users, and Care Touch backs up their device with a 1 year warranty.

  • Pros: Compact wrist monitor, large LCD display, fast reading, 16% discount, 1-year warranty.
  • Cons: N/A

5. LotFancy Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Clear and professional looking, this blood pressure monitor is FDA approved. It features a cleanly designed LCD display, and 1-touch reading with a large cuff that accommodates hands between 11.8 and 16.5 inches (29 and 42 cm) in circumference. The device also integrates and irregular heartbeat detector, plus the capability to store up to the last 30 readings for 4 users. Included in the package is the monitor, cuff, carry pouch and user manual.

  • Pros: FDA approved and reliable readings, large upper arm cuff, 4 user memory, 35% discount.
  • Cons: Device looks rather boring, and batteries and adapter are not included.

4. Vive Precision Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Available in either silver or black colors, the Vive Precision blood pressure monitor comes with everything you need. There is multi-sized cuff, 4 AA batteries, a user manual with illustrations, plus a 2-year warranty. The cuff will fit arms with a circumference between 8.75 and 16.5 inches (22 and 41 cm) in circumference. Displayed measurements include diastolic, systolic, pulse rate, date and user. Up to 2 users can store data on the machine for 500 readings.

  • Pros: Includes batteries, large display, 2 users 500 records memory, 2-year warranty.
  • Cons: N/A

3. Euph Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This FDA approved wrist blood pressure monitor, is compact and easy to use. Available in 2 colors, it features a single button operation, which reads and delivers blood pressure and pulse information quickly. It is FDA approved, and will also alert when there are irregular heart rhythms. This monitor allows the saving of up to 90 different readings each for 2 users, including information such as systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date and time, as well as the user,

  • Pros: Available in black or white, compact, portable, large LCD, 67% price discount.
  • Cons: Batteries not included

2. Generation Guard FDA Approved Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Offering you quick and easy blood pressure monitoring at all times, this FDA approved monitor with a large screen is stylish and well designed. It reads and displays systolic and diastolic pressures, the pulse rate and monitors the heart’s rhythm as well. The device is clinically accurate and FDA approved, plus it can recall your last reading, so you can record it. Generation Guard also backs it up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Pros: Small and compact design, relatively large display, 52% discount.
  • Cons: N/A

1. Omron Clinically Accurate Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Although most wrist blood pressure monitors are less accurate than upper arm types, this one from Omron has been tested and validated to be as accurate as an Omron upper arm monitor. Omron is the most popular brand in the blood pressure marketing world, and the design, functionality and reliability of this monitor justifies their 40-year experience. It detects irregula heartbeats, does reading averaging, and offers 100 memory spots of data storage.

  • Pros: Very accurate device, most popular BP monitor brand, irregular heartbeat detector.
  • Cons: N/A


We have come to the end of this top 10 blood pressure monitors for 2017. As you can see, there is a wide variety of product offerings. You can either choose our number #1 recommendation, the Omron, or you could also settle for something that costs less, the choice is yours.



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