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Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes Reviews in 2022

When it comes to getting your makeup techniques right, having the correct makeup brush can mean all the difference in the world. Makeup brushes come in different shapes and sizes for a reason. Their differences create unique color and contrast effects, and this makes each brush unique and perfect for specific purposes. The makeup brush set is therefore a necessity for any woman who likes to keep herself attractive, and this review of the top 10 makeup brush sets, aims to aid you in choosing the right tool for your beautification.

Purchase Considerations for Makeup Brushes

Makeup is an art, and the better you know your tools, the better your makeups will turn out. Following are considerations you should make when you are in the market for makeup brushes.

– Synthetic vs Natural

Some brushes are made from real animal hair while others are made from synthetic materials. Although some people may swear by animal hair makeup brushes and cite its numerous advantages over synthetic brushes, other people may be more concerned by cost, hygiene, or in not lending a hand to animal cruelty.

– Number of Brushes

Buying your makeup brushes in a set can be much more cost effective than buying single brushes. Still the question remains: How many brushes should I look for in a set? While there is no single best answer to this question, you should look for a minimum of a powder, a foundation, an eyeshadow, a concealer, a blending and an eyeliner or blush brush.

– Design

A makeup set is an important accessory for many women. It should therefore be good looking and designed in a way that complements your lifestyle. Having brushes which fit your handbag, bathroom or even the way you dress, can go a long way in adding to your flair.

– Quality

Of course the brushes should be well made and sturdy. You don’t want to have to buy a new brush every few weeks.

– Carrying Case Or Pouch

A carrying case or pouch for the brushes is important, but a brush set will get extra points for having a beautiful carrying case, because you can never have enough beauty in your life.

10. Set of 32 Pieces of Makeup Brushes from DRQ

Our first set of brushes comes is a full set of 32 different brushes, all beautifully made in pink. The brushes feature synthetic bristles which are basically white, but with pink edges. The ferrules are black, while the handles are in pink. The carrying pouch also matches the theme with its pink color. It can be easily rolled up or rolled out to expose the 32 brushes, which include every imaginable type of makeup brush. The set is also available in full black, and in a black/brown combination.

  • Pros: Beautiful in pink, 32 brushes in total

9. Unimeix 12 Pcs Makeup Bushes with Flower Patterned Case

The Unimeix brush set is made from high quality goat hair, wood and aluminum. The aluminum ferrules are painted black, while the wooden handles are white. The flower patterned carrying case is made from faux leather, and is very elegant, perfect for carrying around and travels. The brush handles are very sturdy, and the bristles very soft and well made. The set features a fan brush, foundation, eye-lash, blusher brush and a few others.

  • Pros: Classy design, natural bristles, full sized brushes

8. SHANY Ombre 10 Piece Brush Set with Travel Pouch

The SHANY Ombre is a set of 10 well made brushes featuring synthetic bristles. The set includes a powder, foundations, concealer, blush, and contour brush among others. The brushhandles are black, with metallic ferrules and multi-colored bristles. The brushes have an average length of 7.5 inches (19 cm) and come with a black faux leather travel pouch.

  • Pros: Soft bristles, sturdy
  • Cons: Travel pouch looks unattractive

7. BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set

In position #7 is the 15 pieces beautiful set from BH Cosmetics, a makeup brush set that was designed to deliver quality brushes in a beautiful package. The ferrules are in rose-gold, with the bristles having a dark red paint. The brushes include a powder brush, an angled blush brush, angled liner, blending, foundation and an angled shadow brush. The carrying case is made from a trendy auburn material, giving the whole set a very chic vibe.

  • Pros: Very stylish black and rose-gold combination, high quality carrying case.

6. Coastal Scents 22 Piece Black Makeup Brush Set

The Coastal Scents makeup brush set comes with 22 brushes in total, including a quite large fan brush. The set comes with its own roll-up carrying pouch, completely in black. The brush handles and ferrules are black as well, with the individual bristles varying in color. In addition to the large fan, the set contains a powder brush, blender, foundation and concealer brush, plus a host of others. In addition, some of the brushes come with natural bristles, while others feature synthetic bristles.

  • Pros: Complete brush set, soft bristles, includes large fan brush
  • Cons: Unattractive carrying pouch

5. Bestidy 10 Piece Unique Makeup Brushes in Gift Box

The Bestidy brush set takes to design and aesthetics to new heights. Designed differently from most other brushes, this set features 10 brushes in a toothbrush design. In addition to that, the black handles are so beautifully curved in a classic manner, that you’ll feel beautiful already, by just using the brushes. The set includes a foundation brush, powder brush, concealer, blush, eyeliner and others. There is also a beautifully designed box to store the brushes in, giving it all a very romantic appeal.

  • Pros: Unique design, perfect as a gift for loved ones, very beautiful

4. Sixplus 11 Piece Makeup Brush Set with Synthetic Bristles

The Sixplus 11 piece set features hand made brushes with sturdy, wooden handles. The bristles are made from synthetic hair and feature a dual black/gray coloring, while the ferrules are made from aluminum. The set contains most basic brushes like the powder, foundation and blush brushes, plus 8 more. The set comes with a black faux leather carrying case for either storage or traveling.

  • Pros: Soft synthetic bristles, beautiful royal gold ferrules
  • Cons: Carrying case looks boring

3. Andre Lorent Gorgeous 5 Piece Makeup Brushes with Designer Case

The Andre Lorent designer makeup brush set exudes pure elegance and beauty. Although there are just 5 brushes in the set, the style and skillful craftsmanship with which they are designed, makes the set a worthy investment, still. With their metallic brown ferrules and pure white handles, these brushes really stand out. The carrying case also differs tremendously from other brush sets, and features the finest levels of detail. The five brushes are the foundation, powder, angled liner, eyeshadow and lip brushes.

  • Pros: Gorgeous brushes, exquisite case, top designer item
  • Cons: Has only 5 brushes

2. SHANY 18 Piece Makeup Brush Set

SHANY’s 18 pieces black makeup set offers a great solution for the makeup artist who requires reliable brushes, as well as a good carrying pouch. The pouch features elastic bands that hold each brush firmly in place. The brushes themselves have both black handles and black ferrules, with an unconventional ferrule design that makes them look very modern and trendy. All brush types are also present, except a fan brush, and the bristles are made from both synthetic and natural hairs.

  • Pros: Features many brushes, black trendy design, sturdy
  • Cons: 18 great brushes but no fan brush

1. Qivange Premium Makeup Brush Set

The Qivange premium makeup set features synthetic bristles in cool handles. Five of the brushes have black handles that are quite thick and unique in design, while the other brushes are stylishly slender. The bristles are blue in color, and with black edges. The large brushes are the foundation, blush, contour and powder brushes, while the slender ones are the concealer, eye-shadow and blending brushes. The handles are made from durable wood, and the set comes with a carrying pouch. It is also available in coffee/brown color combination. With its quality, practical design and currently 80% price discount, this Qivange makeup set holds the #1 position in this review.

  • Pros: 80% discount, cool and modern design


A makeup brush set has to fit into your lifestyle. You might be the romantic type, in which case you may be inclined towards the #5 Bestidy set in a gift box. You could also be totally into aesthetics. In this case, the Andre Lorent in position #3 might be your thing. For the all-round best brush set anyway, our recommendation is the Qivange Makeup Set in position #1.




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