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Top 10 Best Dual Lens Car Camera Reviews in 2022

Dashboard cameras are very valuable for many reasons, and the dual lens systems are even much more valuable. They are fun, they can be used to capture beautiful moments, and they can even be used as evidence to prove your case in situations like accidents, as well as in reporting bad drivers. All these advantages make having a dash cam a necessity, especially a dual lens cam, and this review is aimed at providing you with enough guidance, so that you can make the right dual lens camera purchase decision.

Dual Lens Dashboard Camera Purchase Considerations

In order to make the right dashboard camera choice that is perfect for you, it is necessary that you understand some of the terms that surround dashboard cameras, and what they actually mean. Following is a list of the major terms.

– Auto Record

This is the ability of the camera system to start recording on its own, without your having to press a button. The system could use motion detection to know when to start, or it could also start after ignition of the vehicle.

– Wide Angle Lens

A wide angle lens is a technology that allows a camera to pick up a wider area of a scene, from a relatively close range. This is turn provides you with more data.

– Memory Capacity

This refers to the video recording capacity of the system. Most systems will support memory cards of up to 32GB of storage capacity, although some will support up to 500GB. 32GB can hold up to 4-5 hours of compressed HD video. If you need longer videos, then you need a system that supports larger memory cards, or you can just switch cards.

– HD or Full HD

HD video is video with 720 horizontal lines (1,280 x 720 pixels), while Full HD provides 1,080 horizontal lines (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). Although Full HD has almost become standard in single dashboard camera systems, dual lens cameras with only HD resolution are still considerable because of the toll that processing two Full HD streams can place on the system.

– G Sensor

A G-Sensor is used to detect forceful impacts on the vehicle. If detected, the recorded video will be saved separately in a secured mode that cannot be overwritten by loop-recording.

– Loop Recording

Loop recording is the process of simply overwriting previously recorded video with new ones, once the storage medium has reached full capacity. This means that once your 32GB microSD card is full for example, the system will just jump back to the beginning of the card and continue recording from there.

– GPS Capability

Some systems will create GPS timestamps of your locations and save them with the video.

– Night Vision Capability

Some cameras will have infra-red LEDs that shine a light invisible to the human eye, but visible to cameras at night. This way, you can also record videos at night.

– Frames Per Second

This is the number of pictures that is recorded per second. The standard is 30 Frames Per Second (FPS), although 60 FPS systems are possible, as well as other higher resolution systems.


10. ITRUE X6D Dual Lens Car Camera System

Our first dual car camera system comes from ITRUE. The X6D features a small and inconspicuous design, is easily installed using a 3M adhesive tape, and also features a 170 degree wide angle camera. It offers night vision, date-stamp, and secures recordings in the case of physical impact. You can monitor the FULL HD videos using its 2.4 inch LCD monitor, and the package comes with a free 16GB SD card.

  • Pros: Night vision, G-Sensor, 1080p Full HD, includes memory card
  • Cons: small 2.4 inch monitor

9. PRUVEEO MX2 Dual Car Dash Camera System

The PRUVEEO MX2 features a different design altogether by incorporating the two cameras and the LCD in a unique way. The video quality is HD video with 720p resolution, with 30 FPS, loop recording and a G-Sensor to secure crash recordings in memory. The LCD monitor is 2 inches wide, and it also features a built-in speaker, with a 32GB maximum supported memory. The package includes adhesive and suction mounts, a car charger, and of course, the system itself.

  • Pros: Affordable, 240 degrees wide angle
  • Cons: Low resolution video, small 2 inch monitor

8. Rexing Full HD Wide Angle Dual Dashboard Camera System

Our number #8 camera system in this review comes from Rexing and offers a weatherproof second camera with a 19 ft. (5.7 meters) long connection cable. The front camera records at a 1080p Full HD resolution, while the rear camera records at a much lower VGA 640×480 resolution. It outputs video files in MOV format, while still images (pictures) are saved in JPG format. It also features a 2.4 inch TFT LCD display and it comes delivered with a USB cable, user manual and an in-car charger.

  • Pros: 170 degree wide angle, G-sensor impact detection system, allows up to 128 GB SD cards
  • Cons: A little bulky, 2.4 inch monitor

7. Vehemo Full HD Dual Lens Car Camera System

The Vehemo Dual lens system uses the rear-view mirror to display its videos. The system delivers a Full HD resolution video, with the front camera having a 170 degree wide angle view. The system can also be switched to a motion detection mode, in which case it will automatically start recording once motion is detected. It can also detect serious impacts, like from accidents, with its G-Sensor, and it will also secure the video. The rear video can be displayed inside the main video as picture-in-picture, or individual videos can be selected by the push of a button.

  • Pros: Full HD, motion detection system
  • Cons: Uses TF memory, with a 32GB maximum

6. AUTO-VOX Dual Lens Car Camera System

The AUTO-VOX M2 system also displays its video using a rear-view mirror. The system features an anti-dazzle blue-screen that you can just stick onto your existing rear-view mirror. The rear-view camera is weatherproof and so can be installed even outside the car. Installation is simple and quick, and it also features a G-Sensor, loop recording, and a free 32GB memory card.

  • Pros: Free memory card, G-Sensor, weatherproof rear camera

5. Nexgadget Dual Lens Dash Camera

The Nexgadget system comes with a Full HD front camera, a VGA rear camera, built-in speaker, a user manual, a car charger, mounting straps and screws. It has a built-in battery and a USB port, so you can charge your phone while driving. When the car is parked and the system switched in parking-guard mode, it will start recording automatically, if it detects any external shock.

  • Pros: 38% discount, weatherproof rear camera, USB port
  • Cons: Maximum supported memory is 32GB

4. Vantrue N2 Dual Car Camera System

In position #4 is this super stylish system from Vantrue. It integrates its LCD monitor and two cameras in the same device. The front camera delivers Full HD signals, while the rear camera delivers 720p HD signals. The front camera also has a 170 degree viewing angle, while the rear camera has a 140 degree angle. It features a G-Sensor for impacts, loop recording, motion detection parking mode, and time-lapse pictures parking mode. The front camera also has night-vision capability.

  • Pros: Very stylish, high quality device
  • Cons: A little pricey

3. Falcon Zero F360 Dual Car Camera System with SD Card

The F360 from Falcon Zero is a stylish and yet quite efficient system. It can be easily clamped over the existing rear-view mirror, and with included equipment, can be easily set up for multi vehicle use. The monitor is a 3.5 inch LCD, and the cameras have a 120 degree viewing angle. They can even be rotated up to a 180 degrees on their axis. The package comes with a free 32GB memory card and 5 years manufacturer’s warranty included.

  • Pros: 47% discount, night vision capability, 5 years warranty
  • Cons: Rather small 3.5 inch monitor

2. Z-Edge Z2 Dual Lens Car Dash Cam

This system features a 150 degree viewing angle and a 1080p Full HD front camera, plus a 720p HD rear camera. The LCD monitor is a full 5 inches large, and the system installs over your existing rear-view mirror. It features a motion sensor, parking mode watch-dog, loop recording and a free 16GB memory card. It can support a maximum of 64GB of memory and it comes with 18 months manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Pros: 5 inches LCD monitor, Free 16GB memory card, lots of included accessories

1. OUMAX Dual Lens Car Dash Camera System

The OUMAX dual lens system also integrates into your existing rear-view mirror. It offers a picture-in-picture display of the front and rear cameras. The front camera features a 120 degree viewing angle, and delivers 1080p Full HD signals, while the rear view camera delivers a 480p VGA signal. The package comes with everything necessary for installation, and also includes a free 16GB memory card and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. It also has an internal battery, G-Sensor, a microphone and a speaker for audio recording and playback. Because of its quality design, affordable price and many accessories, this dual camera system ranks #1 in this review.

  • Pros: 12 months warranty, free 16GB memory card, G-Sensor, many accessories
  • Cons: 32GB memory card limits

When making the final purchase decision, you’ll have to consider your vehicle as well, so that whichever camera system you choose, will also fit your vehicle. As you have seen, there are many designs to choose from. If you like super stylish and futuristic looking gadgets, then you can try the Vantrue in position #4, but if you want the over-all best product, combining good design, good price, good technology and accessories, then our recommendation remains the OUMAX in position #1.





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