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Top 10 Best Camping Hammocks in 2022

Very few things in life feel as good as lying in a hammock somewhere in the woods, with the smell of the evening breeze arousing your senses, while the sun sets, or even rises. Hammocks are amazing. They provide you with a certain level of peace and relaxation, which is otherwise difficult to get from other devices. Going camping with a hammock unites the beauty and peacefulness of the woods, with the comfort of the hammock.

If you are considering buying a camping hammock, then this guide is designed to help you out, by providing you with the 10 best camping hammocks in 2022. First of all though, let’s take a look at the different aspects of a hammock that matter the most.

Camping Hammock Purchase Considerations

– Length

Most hammocks are adequately long, so length should not be much of an issue for most people. If you are a rather tall fellow anyway, you might want to consider a hammock that is longer than 8 feet. This way you can be sure of your comfort.

– Width

Hammocks can vary widely in their widths, starting from 4 feet, up to 8 feet and longer. The width should be based on how much space you personally need, as well as if it’s for you alone or for two.

– Hammock Weight

The total weight of the hammock itself is of course quite important. Although a weight of 2 to 4 pounds may seem negligible, it becomes a rather important factor when camping and you need to keep your entire gear as light as possible. So keep an eye out for the hammock’s weight to avoid surprises.

– Weight Capacity

This refers to how much weight the hammock can comfortably carry. This can be anything from 150 to 500 lbs, and depends on the material used in its manufacture. You have to make your calculations and know how much you weigh, plus extras, then find the perfect hammock.

– Accommodation

This is basically how much people can fit into it, although it all boils down again to the maximum weight capacity of the hammock.

– Extras

Extras include the carrying bag, suspension systems, as well as bug screens and rain tarps. Some makers will offer some of these, while others will not. The decision here is solely yours to make.


10. OuterEQ Camping Hammock with Nylon Fabric

The first camping hammock in this review comes from OuterEQ and is made from nylon, the very type of material popularly used in manufacturing parachutes. This nylon material is light, can be cleaned easily, and it can also dry off easily when washed or simply wet. This hammock is rated at a 150kg (330 lbs.) weight capacity, although it can easily carry more than that. It measures 275 x 140 cm (9 x 4.5 feet). It features an easy system, where you simply tie the hammock with the two bindings strings that are delivered with the package, and then tie the strings to trees or to poles. It comes with its own carrying sack.

9. Winner Outfitters Lightweight Nylon Camping Hammock

This second hammock is available in four colors, including green, khaki, red and blue. It is made from nylon just like the previous hammock, and is quite lightweight as well. This camping hammock though, is designed for up to 2 persons. It has a rated weight capacity of 226kg (500 lbs.) and will provide ample space for you and your colleague or lover. It is 118 inches long and 78 inches wide, and comes with two ropes, two solid steel carabiners and two tree friendly straps. Setting it up takes less than 3 minutes, and Winner Outfitters guarantees that if you don’t like this hammock for whatsoever reason, they will refund you your money, while you get to keep the hammock.

8. Live Infinitely Double Outdoor Camping Hammock from Nylon

Live Infinitely’s hammock comes in eleven different colors, ranging from blue and green, to purple, gray, orange and many others. It is made from lightweight and high-quality 210T nylon, and it features triple-stitched seams and steel carabiners. This hammock is guaranteed to hold 450 lbs. of weight, which makes it perfect as a double hammock foe either friends, or lovers. The hammock is 10 feet (300cm) long and 6.5 feet (200cm) wide. With plenty of room for two full-sized adults to sleep in, and colors that are guaranteed not to fade, this camping hammock can be setup or taken down, in less than 2 minutes.


7. ProVenture Double Camping Hammock with Free Straps

This one is available in the three colors: bronze, blue and green. It comes with a nautical grade robe, steel carabiners, and free tree straps which make the setup fast and easy. It is made from high-quality 210T parachute nylon, which is quick drying and lightweight. It is also triple-stitched for your safety and comfort. It has a rated weight capacity of 400 lbs. (181kg) and it is 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, making it appropriate for two normal sized adults. It is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


6. WildHorn Outfitters Camouflage Parachute Nylon Camping Hammock

Although available in camouflage, this hammock is also available in six other plain colors, as well as in the choice of either a single or a double hammock. It is 11 feet long, a luxury for really tall people, allowing you more space to move your feet around. It is made from 70D parachute nylon, and although rated with a weight capacity of 400 lbs., this hammock has been successfully tested at over 1,000 lbs. It comes with its own sack, and weighs just 1 lbs. 3 oz. making it very easy to carry and a rewarding hammock as well.

5. Bear Butt 75D Parachute Nylon Double Hammock

Bear Butt is a startup company with a focus on affordable, high-quality gear. This hammock is available in up to six different colors, including lime, blue, red, khaki and orange. Made from high quality, 75D nylon material used for parachutes, it weighs just 24 ounces packed into the provided carrying sack. It is also half the cost of other hammocks of comparable quality, which utilize 75D nylon material. This hammock is rated at 500 lbs., although it could hold more. It comes with Bear Butt’s guarantee that is as crazy as the company’s name: If you don’t like the hammock, you will be refunded in under 6 hours, and you will get to keep the hammock too.

4. TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock

Founded by two environmental scientists, TNH Outdoors makes products that are both high quality and environmental friendly. TNH Outdoors’ hammock is also much safer, using a thicker material than the competition, as well as reflective stitching. No matter your intention with the hammock, you are guaranteed top quality. It is available in green, blue and red. It also comes with a carrying sack, straps and carabiners.

3. Legit Camping Parachute Nylon Double Camping Hammock

The Legit Camping hammock is available in eight colors, from orange to blue, green and many others. As a double hammock, it is made from a military grade 210T nylon material, and is rated with a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. Setup is simple and quick. There is enough room for two adults in this hammock. It is lightweight when folded and packed into the carrying bag, and it is backed by a lifetime warranty from Legit Camping.

2. Wise Owl Outfitters Top Quality Double Camping Hammock

Made from high-quality parachute hammock, Wise Owl Outfitters makes this hammock available in over 10 color combinations and in two weight classes of single and double. The Single-Owl hammock weighs 16 oz. and is 9 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. The Double-Owl, which accommodates two campers, weighs 26 oz., is 10 feet in long and 6.5 feet wide. Everything you need is included in the package, like carabiners, ropes and an electronic instruction manual.

1. Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Our number #1 ranking camping hammock comes from the popular Eagles Nest Outfitters. It is available in over 20 different duo-color combinations. Made from 70D high-quality nylon taffeta, with triple interlocking stitching, this hammock features a high breathability and tenacity. It is also rated at 400 lbs., and although its suspension straps are sold separately, this hammock is well loved for is durability, versatility, overall quality, and price. It is therefore, our number #1 rated camping hammock.

Although we have rated the Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock number #1, the final choice is till yours to make. Everything from color, material, design and accessories, could influence your final purchase decision. So no matter which of the above 10 hammocks that you choose, happy camping!

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