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Top 10 Best Drone Backpacks Reviews in 2022

Drones are not cheap, they are expensive investments. It is therefore necessary to have a safe and secure means of transporting them. If you are like most people, you will also not be taking just your drone with you, but will rather include a bundle of equipments. This makes a drone carrying case a necessity, and for many drone owners who are active people, like hikers, a drone backpack becomes a very natural and intuitive solution to the problem. This review looks at the top 10 and best drone backpacks in 2022, with the goal of making your purchase decision an easier one.

Issues to Consider

If you are in the market for a drone backpack, then there are certain issues to consider in order to make the best possible purchase decision. Following are the most important of these:

– Water Resistance

This is very important because contact with water or other liquids could destroy your gear, including laptops, cameras e.t.c.

– Compatibility

There are many different drone makers with many different designs and shapes. This makes it necessary that you pay attention to the compatibility of the backpack, including if it is universally compatible.

– Enough Space

A good drone backpack should have enough space for your laptop or smartphone, extra batteries, memory cards e.t.c.

– Toughness

A backpack made from a tough material is also good. In fact, the tougher the material, the better the backpack can protect your drone and the rest of your gear.

– Looks

Okay, not everyone is very fashion conscious, but a bag should fit in with the rest of your style.


10. DroneGuard Customizable Backpack from Lowepro

The DroneGuard backpack is a one of a kind solution for active drone owners. It is first of all, a beautifully designed bag, which looks as modern as it is functional. It can fit a wide variety of drones with different shapes and sizes because its interior compartments and dividers can easily be moved around to create space. The backpack is also built with a form shell construction, which makes it rigid enough to offer perfect protection to all the equipments inside.


9. Oumers Easy Carry Drone Vest

If you are not going for a long, complicated trip, then this one should be perfect. It offers a solution to easily transport your drone over short distances. The vest features nylon straps for secure attachment of your equipments. It is compatible with all DJI Phantom models and similar drones. The vest itself looks great to wear and has space to secure a drone, remote controller, battery and four propellers.


8. Smatree DP3000 Backpack for DJI Phantom 4

This backpack has been specifically designed to accommodate the original Styrofoam case that the DJI Phantom 4 comes with. This means that the backpack does not come with its own foam. It additionally has enough customizable space for a tablet device, the remote control, propellers and up to 4 batteries. It’s made from high grade and tear resistant polyester to guarantee the safety of your drone.


7. PolarPro Dronetrekker Universal Drone Backpack

The PolarPro Dronetrekker is a high quality backpack guaranteed to last a lifetime. It fits most Phantom models and similar drones as well. It includes enough space for your remote control, camera, lens and even for water bottles. It also comes with a high quality, TSA approved lock for extra security, perfect for airports and flights. The dividers inside the backpack can be easily moved around to accommodate any drone or even turn it into a camera backpack. The extra shoulder-strap padding and waist-belt make this a great backpack, worthy of its manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


6. Koozam Light Weight And Secure Backpack for DJI Phantom 4

If you don’t like heavy packages, but you still desire protection and security for your Phantom 4 drone and other gear, then you should check out this backpack. It is water resistant, weighs just 3 pounds (1.3kg) and is small enough to function as hand carriage during flights. The backpack has one additional security twist, in order to open the main compartment, you will have to remove the bag from your back. This is because the zipper is not on the outside, but rather on the inside, between the two shoulder straps. This further increases the security of your luggage.

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5. Manfrotto Professional Drone Backpack

This backpack will accommodate your DJI Phantom or similar drone in one of two ways. The drone can either be carried inside the well protected backpack, which is perfect for long distance journeys, or you can strap it on the outside of the bag for shorter distances, like changing shooting location. The backpack additionally has enough space for all your gear, including remote control, DSLR camera, lens and even a tripod.


4. Depstech Hardshell Drone Backpack

In position #4 is the Depstech backpack with a hardshell body and precise foam moldings inside for DJI Phantom Series 1 to 3. Although a hardshell case, it is still lightweight and small enough to be carried around easily. It contains extra slots and spaces for all your drone’s accessories, and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


3. Lykus Water Resistant Universal Drone Backpack

This Lykus universal backpack is as trendy and cool looking as it is functional. It can fit all Phantom models, or of similar drones. It is also well padded by the shoulders, and comes with a waist belt for more comfortable treks. It will hold all your drone accessories as well, including smartphones or pads, batteries and camera. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, guaranteeing this backpack’s quality.


2. Atomic RC Universal Waterproof Drone Backpack

From Atomic RC comes this waterproof and universal backpack. It features a tough and waterproof material and even includes a rain cover. The interior is made up of customizable slots, which enables you to load your gear any way you wish. There is also space on the external pouch for your memory cards, lenses and propellers. With its design flexibility, this backpack will comfortably fit most 350mm drones, including accessories.


1. SSE Waterproof Universal Drone Backpack

Our number #1 ranked backpack is this universal drone backpack from SSE. It in fact looks exactly like the $300 backpack from DJI, the makers of the Phantom drones, but it is much more cheaper at just a quarter of the price. Yet it’s a high quality product, made from the tough and water resistant material. It includes a rain cover, and protective cushioning for your gear. It can hold any DJI Phantom or similar drone, remote controller, five batteries with charger, many propellers and a laptop of up to 15 inches. For its high quality, accommodating ability, price and professional look, this backpack beats the rest to be our number #1 ranked drone backpack for 2017.


If you an active drone owner, that is, you like hiking or traveling with your drone to places where you can take amazing pictures or videos, then you should know that you need a backpack for transportation. Whichever backpack you end up choosing is up to you. The Oumers in position #9 is the cheapest, though most insecure solution. But if you want a great backpack, at a great price, then the SSE backpack, our number #1 choice in this review, should be right for you.












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