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Top 10 Best Smart Phone Stabilizers Reviews in 2022

Smart phones have gained popularity in the recent past. Many people have realized that the smart phones can serve a lot of purposes including video taking. However, many people consider an additional device when taking photos and videos using their smart phones. We are talking of the smart phone stabilizers. Smart phone stabilizer refers to a device used to anchor smart phones so that you capture photos and videos that are aren’t blurred.

These devices ensure that you capture smooth and shake-free images. They look more of a selfie stick but possess some differentiations. As a matter of fact, many people are no longer buying cameras. But, instead, they just stick their smart phone onto this device and use it for taking pictures and recording videos. Now, when it comes to buying an incredible stabilizer, you must consider some aspects. These are compactness, maneuverability, material and durability, weight, affordability among other factors. In our Top 10 Best Smart Phone Stabilizers Reviews in 2022, we bring to you great devices that will surely fulfill your expectations.

10. Sharper Sales Portable Video Stabilizer

Do you wish to own a smart phone stabilizer that will make moving shots a breeze? Stop wishing and go ahead and get this portable stabilizer from sharper sales. This device is compatible with any smart phone device. It is specially designed to make perfect shots for moving objects. Thanks to its ultra-portable and lightweight design. Besides, it is easy to use and thereby fits both the professionals and the newbies. Moreover, its patented design enables the capturing of ultra-smooth and professional looking videos. It requires no power or battery, just clip your Go Pro or smart phone and start making perfects shots right away.

  • Pros

It has a simple design easy to handle.

It is light and easily portable

Can handle both smart phone and action cameras

  • Cons

Not perfect for underwater use

9. Zhiyun Smooth II 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for camera and smart phones

Have you ever thought of having a camera stabilizer that offers the best functionality? Zhiyun is that type of stabilizer you should consider buying. It boasts 360 degrees rotation along the pan axis and has a five-way joystick for adjusting the angles accordingly. Moreover, you can control the stabilizer wirelessly via Bluetooth using an app called Zhiyun app for ios and android devices. Its battery life is incredible as it can last for five hours. Also, it supports phone charging and comes with mounting thread in the bottom of the gimbal to support threaded devices such as extension rods and mounts. Besides, it is equipped with reverse circuit discharge protection to prevent the motor from malfunctioning in case it is overloaded.

  • Pros

Safe to use due to the reverse circuit discharge protection

Mounting threads offers more functionality of the device

The included joystick enhances the use of this device

The 360 degrees rotation improves the functionality

  • Cons

The pivot area weakens over time but quite durable

8. KumbaCam 3 Axis Smart phone Stabilizer

Enjoy your photography session as you take the best shots using this smart phone stabilizer. It features a new generation model with excellent performance and reliability. It boasts three-axis motorized stabilization for smooth and professional videoing and snap taking. Also, It provides three modes of shooting which include following mode, portrait and pan support mode. Moreover, it comes with a joystick device for convenient and stable control.

  • Pros

Three modes of shooting

Easy control by joystick

Incredible three axis stabilization

  • Con

Not ideal for inexperienced persons

7. Camkix Stabilizing Hand Grip for GoPro HERO5 and smart phones

When you use a versatile stabilizing gimbal, you get the freedom of making accurate shots using different devices. In this case, Camkix is a handgrip stabilizing Gimble represents a versatile photo and video kit which offers great practicality. By being a perfect hand grip device, you can use it to take great selfies including group selfies. It features a tripod holder which you can maneuver o attach a compact camera as well as a universal holder for attaching various smart phones. Furthermore, when it comes to more functionality, Camkix offers one of the widest selections of Go Pro mounts and accessories to create a custom solution for videoing and photography.

  • Pros


Great functionality

Easy maneuverability

Great versatility

  • Cons

The clamp cannot stretch outwards remarkably to accommodate big sizes

6. Z1-Smooth-C Multi-function stabilizing gimbal

Featuring a unique construction and three operational modules, this gimbal device is the best smart phone stabilizer. The three operation modes include the heading following mode, locking mode and the pitch following mode. Also, it has an automatic calibration that comes into effect 10 seconds after powering it on. Unlike other competitive stabilizers, this ZI smooth gimbal boasts an independent built-in IMU module. This module ensures fluency and precision in your recordings. It allows you to prevent bumpy footage.

  • Pros

Low power consumption

Built in IMU for precise and accurate recordings

Three operational modes

  • Cons

Quite weighty for one hand operation

5. Fantaseal Ergonomic Smart phone – Handheld Grip Stabilizer

Whether you are looking for versatility, functionality or durability, this smart phone stabilizer will surely fit you. It features a built-in smart phone clamp so that you can enjoy selfies and POV shooting without a muscle strain. It boasts an ergonomic pistol design for perfect and stylish shooting. For durability, his device is made using high strength ABS material. Also, it has rubber plates that prevent slipping over and droppings. The portable and lightweight design make it ideal for both outdoor and indoor uses such as in banquet, birthday party, and travel adventures. It ensures you don’t miss any spectacular scene that excites you.

  • Pros

It is lightweight

Stylish pistol design

Durable due to the ABS material

  • Cons

No threads for the pistol grip

4. DURBPRO BLACK smart phone stabilizing device

The design of this stabilizer combines the features for a handgrip and a tripod. This design allows you to perform on the go filming, selfies, face timing and more styles. It includes integrated standard threads for mounting cameras and a universal adapter for mounting smart phones. It comes with a complete money back guarantee.

  • Pros

It is versatile

Ergonomic design

Integrated standard threads

  • Cons

The frame isn’t sturdy enough to hold heavy cameras

3. Accessory Basics SNAP-II Smart phone – Hand Grip Stabilizer

Do you need to feel comfortable while taking super steady shots? Look no further as this device from accessory basics has got you covered by all means. It features an adjustable spring lock holder making it compatible with any smart phone in existence. The anti-shock soft rubber springs reinforced holder is compatible with all smart phone devices. Besides, it is very easy to set up and requires just common sense and no previous experience.

  • Pros

Comfortable to hold due to the anti-shock soft rubber springs

Sturdy material and construction

Easy adjustability

  • Cons

The attachment for Go-pro about the smart phone attachment is a bit confusing

2. Charger-City Multi-Use Handheld Stabilizer

This device features an innovative and state of the art design. It has the incredible flexibility that holds the phone with and without the cover. Besides, the design can be transformed from pistol grip to tripod grip with easy installation that requires no tools. It comes along with an SD card reader to enable installation of a memory card to serve as an extra storage facility for the data recorded.

  • Pros

Natural transformation from pistol to tripod design

Offers Anchorage for an SD card for mass storage

  • Cons

The adapter for phone attachment has a weak joint

1. RetiCAM Smart phone hand grip and tripod stabilizer

This device is our number one in the Top 10 Best Smart Phone Stabilizers Reviews in 2022. It features a sturdy design made of all metal construction for both the phone mount and grip part. But, the grip has a soft rubber cover and a removable lanyard for extra safety. Besides, the tripod mount has a steel bolt mechanism to secure your smart phone device.

  • Pros

Super durable all metal construction

Comfortable hand grip

Extra safety due to steel bolt lock and retractable lanyard

  • Cons

Expensive but well worth it

Regardless of the inherent stability of your hands, you can still achieve a superb video and photo shot with the right smart phone stabilizer. This device gives us all equal chances of taking perfect and stunning selfies, on the go shots and record with ultimate precision. They are the Top 10 Best Smart Phone Stabilizers Reviews in 2022.


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