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Top 10 Best Stun Guns Reviews in 2022

Personal safety is a very delicate topic for most people. Parents are usually the ones who are most concerned about their kids especially when they can’t be around. Knowing that your child is away from home without any form of protection can be quite stressful for any parent. As such, most of them choose pepper sprays. However, as everyone knows, they aren’t the most reliable tools for self-defense. Even though they can help, there are still better options out there like a stun gun.

Stun guns can be bought by anybody as they’re considered safe and non-lethal for the user. The stun gun models that can be bought today are fairly varied and they can come in various colors, shapes and sizes. For instance, there are small stun guns that can be hidden easily inside a palm. These models are designed to be kept inside a smaller bag. On the other hand, there are also larger models that are designed for use by people who work in security or those that require one at home. Below is a comprehensive review of top 10 best stun guns reviews in 2022:

10. Vipertek VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun

The Vipertek VTS-880 stun gun is certainly one of the most popular models and for a good reason. The stun gun has a relatively simple design and it features a compact form factor. In a bid to improve safety, this model is coated with rubber material thus preventing it from slipping out of the user’s hand. Like any other model of the stun gun, this gun has its own internal rechargeable battery and it also features the flashlight function. In addition, this model comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

9. Guard Dog Security Diablo Tactical Flashlight And Security Stun Gun

Guard Dog Diablo Stun Gun is yet another compact gun that comes at a decent price with a sturdy build. Even though it’s designed as a normal stun gun but it looks like the regular flashlight just like other models with similar functionality. In regard to power, this stun gun is able to deliver about 4.5 million volts. The unit also uses the patented inner-stun technology which makes it safer as compared to regular stun guns. In addition, its body is made of the aircraft grade alloy with a unique design that guarantees a firm grip.

8. Terminator, Stun Gun With Flashlight

As the name suggests, this stun gun shall terminate any attacks even before it starts. The attacker shall be frozen right on spot by the 230 million volts of electricity. It has also metal prongs that are wide and flat to make the delivery even better when not firmly in direct contact with the attackers. It features powerful in-built LEDs flashlight that you can use to light up the surroundings or to protect you by temporarily blinding or making the attacker go in a daze.

7. Guard Dog Security Electra Concealed Lipstick Stun Gun

Guard Dog Security usually makes a wide range of personal stun guns which are designed for regular consumers. The Lipstick stun gun is a very compact unit that was made well so as to fit even inside smaller purses. It also comes with added functionality as you can use it as a 100-lumens flashlight. The stun gun is available in black, pink or red. Its rated power is more than 3,000,000 which makes it pack quite a punch for such a compact size. Due to its smaller size this model can be mistaken for a lipstick thus misleading any potential attacker.

6. LetsFunny, Mini Lipstick Stun Gun

Producing just over 3,800,000 volts, this lipstick stun gun model from LetsFunny shall stop any assailant on the spot even when they’re wearing heavy clothing. This stun gun resembles a lipstick which makes it quite easy to carry and at the same time very discreet. It has non-visible probes which penetrate clothing and the skin. It’s also powered by in-built rechargeable batteries for optimum functionality. Also included is the LED flashlight that produces 180 lumens and the portable power bank.

5. Sabre S-1000SF Tactical Stun Gun

The Sabre S-1000SF stun gun is an excellent inexpensive personal protection gadget for the ones under a limited budget. The gun has a relatively simple design with the robust build quality. The model also works as a flashlight thus offering a luminosity of close to 300 lumens. The body is made up of high durability aluminum which makes it sturdy and lightweight. The stun gun also comes with a higher capacity in-built battery and a 2-year warranty. It’s capable of delivering 2.5 mA through thick clothing which is enough to neutralize any targets.

4. Police All Metal Stun Gun Baton

The Police stun gun is an inexpensive unit that is able to deliver 49 million volts. This is actually enough to render any person completely paralyzed. The model is also quite large when compared to other stun guns mostly due to the large capacity. Taking a look at the form factor, this stun gun is 13.5 inches long with in-built rechargeable batteries. The grip or handle of the gun has been covered in rubber materials to prevent the gun from slipping from the user’s hand. According to the manufacturer, it has a tactical stun baton that’s strong enough for use as a glass breaker and it can literally paralyze the attackers.

3. Vipertek VTS-195 Heavy Duty Stun Gun with Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

Vipertek VTS-195 stun gun is yet another very affordable model that fits inside of smaller bags. It has a very simple design which makes it resemble the regular flashlight. The gun is cleverly concealed within the flashlight so that it doesn’t raise any suspicion. The gun can deliver lots of power thus rendering any potential attacker fully paralyzed. As for its flashlight, the gun is extremely bright. It provides a luminosity of more than 300 lumens and it also comes with the rechargeable battery. The stun gun comes with the alloy body.

2. Guard Dog Security Special Ops Tactical Stun Gun

Guard Dog Security company offers a professional grade gun at an affordable price. Their tactical stun gun and flashlight is fairly small for the power that it offers. It’s capable of releasing 8,000,000 volts charge which is good enough to stun the attacker. The gun itself is hidden inside what appears like a flashlight. The LED flashlight provides up to 380 lumens on high and close to 50 lumens on the low. The bulb’s lifespan can reach 100,000 hours. According to the manufacturer, the batteries should be charged for eight hours before the gun can be used.

1. Vipertek VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

Vipertek VTS-989 stun gun is so powerful to an extent that some people might think about it being used a lethal weapon. It’s capable of delivering up to 53,000,000 volts which are enough to literally neutralize the target or threat. It’s surprisingly powerful and small but the most interesting feature about it is the low price tag. Vipertek company kept the design of this stun gun quite simple. It features 2 shock plates on the side of the unit, a well-placed button and a rubber cover which ensures the strong grip.


Having a functional stun gun with you will enable you to enjoy your outdoor activities without having to fear about being attacked by unscrupulous individuals. The above guns are well-built so as to produce powerful shocks, withstand constant use, ergonomic and also easy to handle. What’s more, their high rating and popularity clearly indicate they’re effective and reliable.


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