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Top 10 Best Water Heaters Reviews in 2022

Water heaters offer a reliable solution for preparing hot water either for bathing, beverage preparation among other situations that require hot water. At times you may find out that hot water has run out when you get into the shower, or it is taking quite long before your faucet heats up. You won’t experience any inconvenience if you have an incredibly constructed water heater as an alternative.

But, you should consider high-quality water heaters that can resist corrosion or rust since the device is vulnerable to water damage. When choosing a good water heater, you should consider the one with great capacity. This feature will enable it to serve multiple uses without the need to refill and heat again. Other factors include model, durability, and price among others.

10. Westinghouse Electric Water Heater

Don’t invest blindly on low-quality water heaters whereas there exists Westinghouse water heater. This device unique from the rest in that it boast stainless steel construction that can last a lifetime. It is efficient such that it draws large amounts of water without consuming much power. It is rated 4500 watts and 240V.

The device is versatile and reliable as it provides sufficient water heating for your household or commercial uses. Besides, this unit is adjustable to enhance proper temperature control for your comfort and convenience. On the other hand, this gadget comes with the best lifetime warranty.

Equally, the high limit control feature ensures that the device doesn’t overheat at any time. Easy installation and convenience of use are factors that make the device quite invincible. Thanks to the lightweight design together with power outlet feature. Moreover, the capacity is great and can serve multiple users at a go. Thanks to the 84-gallon capacity.

  • Pros

· Resistant to overheating

· Ideal for heating large amounts of water

· Very powerful

  • Cons

· pricey


9. Reliance – Compact Electric Water Heater

As the name of this product entails, you will get ultimate convenience and reliance when you install it at your home. It is uniquely constructed for under the counter installation. It’s compact for easy portability and looks elegant in any space of your home. It serves 6 gallons and boats 6 years of warranty. Efficiency is remarkable for this device as it is rated 120V and 1650 watts. Thanks to the high-quality copper heating element of the device.

The cold and hot water outlet are side mounted for convenient and easy installation. The inclusion of temperature and pressure relief valve feature added safety and controlled heating of water. Indeed, the device can be counted as among the best you can ever have.

  • Pros

· Great energy economy

· Perfect for under counter installation

  • Cons

· A bit pricey


8. Bosch Electric Mini-Under Sink Water Heater

Whether you need to heat water for small apartments, garages, RVs, Boats or any other place; Bosch will do all the work you need. By boasting a 2.5-gallon point of use and mini tank, this device is compact such that it can fit under the sink to make sure that you get hot water at the right place. The tank is protected by a glass lining to make sure that it serves you a lifetime period.

It works with 120V power outlets. Also, it is ideal for independent installation or large hot water source. Besides, the fast recovery time of this Machine eliminates sought of delays. Easy installation of this heating machine allows mounting on walls, shelf or floor. The compact and sleek design ensures that it remains attractive and compatible with any existing décor.

  • Pros

· Stylish and admirable design

· Easy storage due to compact design

· Highly durable

  • Cons

· pricey


7. Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Hot water heater

Do you need a water heating device that gives you comfort and convenience of use? Well, Camp Chef HWD5 water heater is that type of device. The heating unit has an automated igniting system that ignites whenever water is turned on. With a heating capacity of 1.5 gallons per minute, you can rely on this machine to heat up all the water you need for various uses.

The four setting shower head the off, mist, shower and jet. The included 8-foot hose ensures easy maneuverability and great usability of the device. With A minimum 20 to 30 PSI and a maximum of 80 PSI, Camp Chef delivers excellent performances characterized by excellent heat function.

  • Pros

· Great versatility and usability

· Automated ignition

· Durable construction

  • Cons

· A bit heavy


6. SioGreen Supergreen IR260 Water Heater

With a flow rate of 30 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature rise of 1.5 gallons per minute, you can rely on this device to provide hot water in all conditions. It has no metallic corrosions, zero calcium deposits, no maintenance, and no NOXs pollutants but just excellent thermal energy efficiency. The device uses low power amperage and maintains higher water flow capacity without consuming much energy. Besides, the unique design allows it to fit excellently into various applications. Durability is great for a SioGreen water heater, thanks to the Quartz heating elements which can resist rust and corrosion for an extended lifetime.

  • Pros

· Eco-friendly design

· Energy efficient

· Anti- Rust and corrosion features

  • Cons

· pricey


5. Marey Power Digital Panel Tankless- Water Heater

Featuring a state of the art design, Marey power Tankless heater is capable of delivering the endless amount of hot water. It does so while consuming less energy, thanks to the highly efficient heating element of the device. It is incredibly versatile as it doesn’t rely on electricity but instead uses gas. There are control knobs for both water and the gas to ensure the process remains economical and viable.

The digital panel displays the water temperature. Ignition is easy and straightforward, thanks to the electric pulse ignition that uses 2D cell batteries. For safety assurance, the device is equipped with Anti-combustion and gas pressure protection feature. It works well with water pressure between 3.6 to 145 psi.

  • Pros

· Digital control panel

· Easy pulse ignition

· High water pressure tolerance

  • Cons

· Design isn’t beautiful


4. Camp Chef Triton Portable Water Heater

Are you looking for the best portable water heater? Stop more searches and rest assured that Camp Chef will do a marvelous job for you. It has a heating capacity of 2.6 gallons per minute which is quite exceptional and reliable for some uses. Moreover, it is quite simple to install and operate. With just a simple electric ignition that only requires 2D batteries, you can bet that this device has one of the simplest functionalities ever. Besides, you can move around with it anywhere you want, thanks to the included carry handle which also folds down to allow easy storage. Further, there is a regulator pipe for bulk propane tanks.

  • Pros

· Fast ignition

· Highly efficient

· Foldable handle for storage

  • Cons

· Costly


3. Rheem RTE Electric Tankless Water Heater

Boasting a heating capacity of 4 gallons per minute, Rheem delivers the best water heating. It has been designed to serve for a great shower application, with exceptional specifications of240V, 13 kW, and 4 GPM as the maximum flow rate. The construction is durable, and the design includes on unit temperature control and LED that show active element as well as standby mode. The rugged brass and copper heating material ensure non-corrosion or rust which in turn reduces instances of leaks or breakdown of the whole system. Installation is easy and can be done by anyone as long as you follow instructions on the manual.

  • Pros

· LED display features

· Highly energy efficient

· Affordable

· Durable materials and construction

  • Cons

· Not fashionable


2. Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater

Eccotemp water heater is one of the best and energy efficient appliance. It boasts a technological advancement regarding energy consumption and conservation. To start with, this device is lightweight for easy portability. With a weight as low as 13 pounds, the device can easily fit cabins, barns or any off-grid application. The compact size ensures easy handling as well as enhancing the décor of your home. The heating appliance gives a temperature range of 80 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit with a 1.4 gallon per minute heating efficiency. Besides, auto-shut off feature shuts the system after every 20 minutes of operation just for the sake of safety. Also, the device comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts.

  • Pros

· Light in weight

· Highly efficient in energy consumption

· Auto shut off feature for safety purpose

  • Cons

· Not identified


1. EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

At the top rank of our review, EcoSmart water heater takes the highest praises. It is outstandingly constructed with the main idea being to conserve water and energy usage. As a matter of fact, this device cuts the water heating cost by approximately 50 percent. The included digital control feature with a one-degree increment feature allows proper control of hot water. By having stainless copper heating elements, the device experiences no corrosion or rust. Hence, it remains durable, efficient and easy to replace. Furthermore, the compact size ensures it remains stylish while saving you storage space. It is rated 27 kW and 240 volts. Besides, it can handle up to 6 gallons per minute, and with temperature control feature you can set 80 to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Pros

· Sleek and compact design

· Eco-friendly design

· Digital control feature

  • Cons

· A bit pricey but worth the money


Hot water is necessary for human life on daily basis. Therefore, it is inevitable to have a water heater as necessary home equipment. Whether it is for showering, sanitation, cooking, garage or any other application, the heating appliances reviewed will serve you best. Remember, they are the best-selling and highly rated devices dedicated to serving you. They have outstanding features to help you carry on with your daily life in the most comfortable way.

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