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Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews in 2022

Pressure cooking is a fast, healthy and energy saving method of cooking, and when you’ve got an electric pressure cooker, then it’s even much more efficient and cleaner than other cooking methods. The electric pressure cooker belongs in every kitchen. It helps you to retain more nutrients like vitamins in your food, as well as offering many ‘smart’ cooking options through its programmability. This guide is intended to help you in making the right pressure cooker purchase decision, from the myriad of appliances available in the market.

Pressure Cooker Purchase Considerations

The following are basic features of a pressure cooker that you should know about, and also consider when making a purchase decision.

– Overall Safety

As the name implies, electric pressure cookers work with high pressure. This opens up the possibility of explosions in the kitchen. For this reason, you have to make sure that you are buying a good product from a reputable maker, which was designed with user safety in mind.

– Cooking Baskets & Racks

A pressure cooker which comes with baskets or racks will of course be more valuable, because it enables you for example, to cook different items together without a mix-up, saving you time and energy thereby.

– Safety-lock Features

A good pressure cooker will come with a cover safety-lock mechanism. This is any safety feature that prevents the cover from being opened once there is high pressure in the pot.


10. NutriChef Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Cooker

Our first in-line pressure cooker is the PKPRC15 from NutriChef. It has a removable Teflon pot with a cooking capacity of 6 Quarts (5.6 liters), and can be used to bake, braise, steam and boil food. It features a rotary knob in the front of the cooker, which can be used to easily select the desired preset. It also features a lid with a quality safety valve and lock system.

  • Pros: Simple functionality, 22% discount
  • Cons: Lacks ‘smart’ digital functionality

9. Power Pressure Cooker XL 8 Quart Cooker from Power Pressure Cooker XL

The 8 quart (7.5 liter) cooker from Power Pressure XL comes with a non-stick inner pot, and is great for canning fruits and vegetables, slow cooking, soup making, steaming and cooking rice. It features a digital control system and display, which makes it easy to select different operation modes. It also features a safe-lock lid with a manual steam release as safety features. There is also a smaller, 6 Quart version of this cooker, but this 8 Quart version is currently available at a 42% discount.

  • Pros: Large cooking pot, digital control

8. Aobosi 6 Quart Programmable Pressure Cooker

The Aobosi smart cooker features up to 12 cooking programs, with adjustable cooking time and pressure. It also features a keep-warm function, and can be used for making stews, cooking rice, as a steamer, a warmer, a slow cooker, as well as a pressure cooker. The cooking pot is made from stainless steel, and it comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Pros: Stylish design, programmable, 24% discount, 1 year warranty

7. Cosori Multi Functional 6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

In position #7 is the Cosori cooker with 15 different cooking modes for meat, vegetables, beans, rice e.t.c. It can also be used as a sauté pan, a warmer, and a steamer. The cooker features three pressure levels, a stainless steel cooking pot, a digital control system, and a silicone sealing ring. With a total of 9 safety mechanisms, and FDA, UL, FCC and CUL approvals, plus a one year warranty, you can rest assured that this is one top electric pressure cooker.

  • Pros: Comes with sealing ring and other top safety measures, 71% discount
  • Cons: Originally quite costly at $349

6. Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum 8 Quart Pressure Cooker

The Elite Platinum from Maxi-Matic comes in a brushed stainless steel housing with a removable 8 Quart non-stick cooking pot. It features a digital control system with a delay timer and 14 cooking programs, which include fish, potatoes, vegetables, rice and reheat programs. It also features a total of 8 safety mechanisms, including lid-lock, temperature sensor, pressure control, and others.

  • Pros: Large 8 Quart pot, 8 safety mechanisms, digital control, 41% discount
  • Cons: It doesn’t look quite attractive

5. Secura 6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

The Secura 6 Quart pressure cooker is the perfect replacement for your rice cooker, slow cooker, soup maker and many other kitchen appliances, all rolled into one. With its high quality 18/10 stainless steel finish, the cooker also features a digital timer and menu control system. The package includes a measuring cup and a rice spoon, a user manual, and a recipe book. It comes as well, with a one year warranty.

  • Pros: Beautiful stainless steel finish, digital control, 31% discount

4. Instant Pot V3 Electric Pressure Cooker

In position #4 is a quality pressure cooker from Instant Pot. This cooker features a 6 Quart (5.6 liter) cooking pot, digital control with display, and 10 safety mechanisms. The control buttons are neatly laid out and feature the names of the programs they control. It contains a program for baking cakes, cooking eggs, as well as porridge, steam e.t.c. Its safety features include a 15.23 PSI pressure limit, a safety lid lock system, an automatic temperature control, and many more.

  • Pros: Many safety features, many cooking programs, easy to use

3. Breville Electric Pressure Cooker

This Breville cooker gets extra points for being so elegantly designed. It features a color changing LCD monitor, which lets you know when it’s cooking, pressurizing or releasing steam. The LCD is cleanly laid out with 11 cooking modes, timer and current pressure. The cooker features a 3-way safety system including a safety valve, safety locking lid, and an automatic steam release. You can also select pressure levels and adjust cooking time, all in a simple, futuristic and neat manner.

  • Pros: Perfect design, Easy to understand digital system
  • Cons: Rather pricey

2. Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Electric Pressure Cooker

Another cooker from Instant Pot, this equally 6 Quart cooker is currently being offered at a 34% discount. It features 14 digital cooking programs for yogurt, rice, porridge, stew, chili and more. It also features a dual pressure setting and 10 safety mechanisms which are UL and ULC certified. The pressure cooker is also available in 5 and 8 Quart sizes, with the 8 Quart model costing just about $5 extra.

  • Pros: Reliable technology, 10 safety mechanisms, dual pressure cooker
  • Cons: A little difficult to understand

1. Cuisinart 6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

Cuisinart’s CPC-600 holds the #1 position in this top ten list. It is first and foremost, cool and trendy. Its brushed stainless steel housing, coupled with its handles and lid, create an impressive looking cooker that will fit beautifully into every modern kitchen. It features a 6 quart pot, an LED timer display, dual pressure setting and an easy to use control system. It also comes with a recipe book and 3 years manufacturer warranty. If you need a beautiful and practical electric pressure cooker, then look no further.

  • Pros: Beautiful, trendy, easy to use

As you have observed, there are many different pressure cooker designs and technologies implemented. If you simply want the best overall electric pressure cooker, with a good price, looks, functionality and manufacturer warranty, then we recommend the Cuisinart CPC-600, our number #1 recommendation in this review. If you happen to have a little more cash to spend anyway, then the Breville in position #3 starts to make a lot more sense.






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