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Top 10 Casino Games in 2024

Top 10 Casino Games

Ranking the top 10 casino games can be quite subjective, as every gambler has their own preferences. However, there are some games that consistently stand out due to their simplicity and favorable odds.

At the top of the list, we find Blackjack, renowned for its straightforward gameplay and low house edge. It's a favorite among many due to its strategic element, making it appealing to card counters and casual players alike.

Slot Machines also deserve a mention, especially in the online casino realm, where you can find progressive jackpots and hot drop prizes. The excitement of hitting a massive jackpot is a major draw for slot enthusiasts.

Other notable games include Pai Gow Poker, Spanish 21, and Caribbean Poker, all offering unique twists on classic casino gaming.

Of course, opinions on the best casino game vary widely. Some players appreciate the intellectual challenge of games like blackjack, while others prefer the mindless fun of slot machines. Some games may bore certain individuals, while others may have unfavorable odds. It's also worth noting that some games may be more appealing with specific betting strategies.

Ultimately, your choice of the best casino game comes down to your personal preferences and what you enjoy. Everyone has their reasons for gambling in a casino, and it's essential to find the games that provide you with the most excitement and entertainment.

Top 10 Casino Games and Reasons

  1. Blackjack
  2. Video Poker
  3. Craps
  4. Baccarat
  5. Slot Machines
  6. European Roulette
  7. Pai Gow Poker
  8. Spanish 21
  9. 3 Card Poker
  10. Caribbean Stud Poker

1. Blackjack

When it comes to discussing casino games with favorable odds, many enthusiasts will readily point you in the direction of blackjack. It's a game that often tops the list of the best casino games, and for good reason.

However, it's important to acknowledge that not everyone is fond of blackjack, and there are some drawbacks to consider. Here are some of the downsides before we delve into what makes it a standout choice:

  • Not for Introverts: If you're an introvert or prefer solitude, blackjack might not be your ideal game, unless you manage to secure an empty table. Even then, you're likely to interact with a human dealer, unless you opt for live online blackjack. Human interaction is almost inevitable in a game of blackjack.
  • Math-Intensive: Some individuals simply detest math, even basic arithmetic. Blackjack can become daunting due to the constant addition and subtraction involved in gameplay.
  • Decision-Making: Blackjack is a game of decisions, and your choices have a direct impact on your outcomes. Furthermore, fellow players at the table often believe that your decisions affect their outcomes as well, even though this is a misconception. If you're an introvert who dislikes decision-making and social interactions, blackjack may not be the most suitable choice.

Despite these drawbacks, the merits of blackjack make it a compelling game for many:

  • Low House Edge: Blackjack boasts one of the lowest house edges in the casino. The house edge represents the casino's expected profit from each bet over the long term. With a well-structured set of rules and adherence to basic strategy, the house edge in blackjack can be under 0.3%, making it one of the best casino games in terms of player-favorable odds.
  • Better Odds: Even when the game conditions are less than ideal, blackjack typically offers better odds than most other casino games. The worst blackjack games generally have a house edge of around 1%.
  • Basic Strategy: Basic strategy involves making the correct decision for every possible hand in blackjack. By comparing your hand's total to the dealer's up card and selecting the decision with the best expected value, you can minimize your losses. Even if you don't follow basic strategy and rely on intuition, your losses usually range from 1.5% to 3.5% per hand, unless you're deliberately making poor decisions.
  • Advantage Play: Blackjack is one of the few gambling games where skilled players can gain an edge over the house. Counting cards is the most well-known advantage gambling technique in blackjack, but there are other methods to gain an advantage.

The key to becoming a proficient blackjack player is practice. Utilizing the best online casinos for blackjack will allow you to gain experience and improve your skills.

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2. Video Poker

While blackjack often takes the spotlight as one of the best casino games, it's essential to recognize that different players have varying preferences. For some, video poker might be the game of choice. Video poker games, resembling slot machines in appearance, offer players significantly improved odds of winning, making them a compelling option for those seeking a greater chance of success in the casino.

Limited Social Interaction: Video poker is not the ideal choice for social gamblers since it typically involves minimal interaction with other players. If you thrive on socializing while gaming, this might not be your first pick.

Denomination Restrictions: Depending on your gambling style, video poker may not always cater to your betting preferences. The lowest denomination video poker games typically cost $1.25 per hand to play (25 cents with a max bet of 5 coins). Even the highest-end video poker games might fall short of the stakes that high rollers are accustomed to.

Skill Requirement: Video poker rewards skilled play, and this could be daunting for some players. Unlike purely luck-based games, video poker demands that you think about your decisions carefully, which might not align with the relaxation some seek at a casino.

However, the advantages of video poker significantly outweigh the drawbacks:


  • Favorable Odds: Video poker offers excellent odds, making it one of the best casino games to win money. The game relies on a random number generator that replicates the odds of playing with a real deck of cards. This means you can calculate the odds of achieving specific hands. For example, there are exactly 4 aces in a deck.
  • Transparency: In contrast to slot machines, where players have no insight into the likelihood of specific symbols appearing on a reel, video poker is highly transparent. The payback percentage for a video poker machine can be calculated, which is the result of multiplying the odds of achieving each hand by the payout for that hand. This is in stark contrast to slot machines, where you lack access to the necessary information.
  • Higher Payback Percentage: The best video poker games, such as full pay Jacks or Better, can offer a payback percentage of over 99% when played with the appropriate strategy. In contrast, most slot machines tend to have a payback percentage of 95% or even lower. Even video poker games with suboptimal pay tables still offer better returns compared to slots. For example, even the worst Jacks or Better games at an airport might have a payback percentage above 94%, while nearby slot machines could drop to as low as 75% to 80%.
  • Skill-Based Play: Learning video poker strategy can be enjoyable for players who appreciate having some control over their destiny at the casino. While it may not guarantee consistent wins, applying strategy enhances your odds of success, providing more entertainment value for your gambling budget.

In summary, video poker is a compelling casino game that offers favorable odds, transparency in gameplay, and the potential for skill-based play. It's an excellent choice for those looking to maximize their chances of winning while enjoying the strategy involved.

3. Craps

Craps is another standout casino game, known for offering some of the best odds in the casino. While it might initially seem intimidating due to the bustling atmosphere and the unique terminology associated with the game, craps is undeniably a top choice for gambling enthusiasts.

Let's delve into the advantages and disadvantages of craps as a casino game:


  • Complex Gameplay: Craps can be perceived as a bit intricate and challenging to follow, especially for newcomers. With numerous betting options and specific rules, it might take some time to become fully comfortable with the game.
  • Streaky Nature: Craps is a game of extreme highs and lows. You can either win or lose substantial amounts in a short time, making it a double-edged sword. The game's volatility can lead to rapid wins, but it can also result in quick losses.
  • High House Edge Bets: Some of the bets available at the craps table come with a significant house edge, exceeding 10%. However, it's relatively easy to avoid these unfavorable bets, as there are simpler and more advantageous alternatives.


  • Ease of Learning: Once you grasp the fundamentals, craps is not as complex as it may initially seem. The game revolves around two dice and a single shooter aiming to roll a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll, while avoiding 2, 3, or 12. If another number is rolled, it becomes the point, and the shooter's objective shifts to rolling the point before a 7.
  • Pass/Don't Pass and Odds Bets: The most straightforward craps bet is the pass/don't pass bet, with subsequent come/don't come options treating subsequent rolls as new come-out rolls. Moreover, craps features the unique odds bet, which has a 0% house edge. When a point is established, you can place an odds bet, providing the actual odds of winning. The more you bet on this option, the better your odds become, effectively reducing your risk.
  • Low House Edge: Casino games with no house edge are rare, but craps, thanks to the odds bet, ranks among the best casino games in terms of odds for the player. By focusing on pass/don't pass, come/don't come, and odds bets, you can face a house edge of around 1% or less, comparable to blackjack. Unlike blackjack, craps doesn't require intricate strategies to play.
  • Entertaining Atmosphere: Craps is known for its lively and animated environment. Players are exuberant, cheering, and giving high fives, creating a highly enjoyable gaming experience. The streaky nature of the game adds to the excitement, making it one of the most thrilling games in the casino.
  • Learning Opportunities: If you find craps intimidating, many casinos offer game classes to help newcomers become more familiar with the rules and strategies. These classes can provide valuable insights and build confidence in playing the game. Additionally, you can practice and learn craps online with live craps games to become more proficient at your own pace.

In conclusion, craps is undeniably one of the top casino games for those seeking favorable odds, entertainment, and an electrifying atmosphere. While it may appear complex initially, once you get the hang of it, craps can offer a unique and rewarding gaming experience with the potential for substantial wins.

4. Baccarat

Baccarat, though not a personal favorite of mine, has long been a game favored by high rollers in casinos. It offers both advantages and disadvantages compared to other card games, with one of its notable strengths being the relatively low house edge.

Here are some aspects to consider when it comes to baccarat:


  • Low House Edge: Baccarat is known for its low house edge, making it an appealing choice for those who seek better odds in the casino. It's a straightforward guessing game where the dealer and the player each receive a hand. The objective is to determine the hand with the higher score. The scoring method involves adding the card values and ignoring the first digit. The simplicity of the game means there are no complex decisions to make.
  • High Roller Appeal: Baccarat is well-suited for high rollers, as casinos generally offer high-stakes tables. This makes it an ideal option for players looking to wager significant sums.
  • Leisurely Pace: Baccarat is not a fast-paced game, making it perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed and elegant gaming experience. The leisurely pace allows for socializing and savoring the ambiance.
  • No Strategy Required: Baccarat doesn't require players to learn complex strategies or attempt to gain an edge over the casino. It's a game of chance where players simply make bets based on their intuition.
  • Winning Streak Potential: While not as streaky as craps, baccarat does provide opportunities for players to go on winning streaks without excessive difficulty. This feature can add excitement to the gameplay.

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5. Slot Machines

Slot machines are often underestimated by some, but they can be an excellent choice for certain types of gamblers. Here's a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing slot machines:


  • Variety: Slot machines come in a wide array of themes, rules, paylines, and features, catering to different preferences. Whether you're into classic fruit machines or more intricate video slots, you're likely to find a slot game that piques your interest.
  • Solitary Gameplay: Slot machines are ideal for players who prefer a solitary gaming experience and don't want to interact with other gamblers. You can enjoy the game at your own pace without any external pressures.
  • Simplicity: Slot machines are straightforward and require minimal decision-making. You insert your money, spin the reels, and rely on luck to determine your outcome. This simplicity appeals to many players.
  • Higher Denominations: In terms of payback percentages, the best slot machines are typically those played at higher denominations. These machines often offer more favorable payouts. However, it's crucial to stick within your bankroll limits.


  • Financial Risk: Slot machines can be financially risky, especially if you exceed your budget. Moving to higher denomination machines may improve payback percentages, but it can also result in more significant losses if you're not careful with your bankroll management.
  • Complexity and Payback Percentage: The complexity of a slot game often influences the payback percentage. Simpler games tend to offer higher payback percentages than more intricate ones. Additionally, flat-top jackpot slots usually have better payback percentages than progressive jackpot slots.

When choosing slot machines, it's essential to consider your budget and gaming preferences. Slot machines are not inherently bad; they offer entertainment and the chance to win. However, responsible gaming practices are crucial to avoid financial pitfalls.

For those who enjoy the excitement of progressive jackpot slots or hot drop jackpots, slot machines can be particularly appealing. Bovada is one online platform that offers numerous jackpot slots regularly, providing an opportunity to chase substantial prizes.

6. European Roulette

Roulette often faces criticism from some who consider themselves sophisticated gamblers due to its perceived lack of skill and relatively high house edge. However, roulette remains a popular and enduring casino game with good reasons.

Here's an exploration of European Roulette and why it deserves a place among the best casino games:


  • Pace and Mitigated House Edge: European roulette, with a single 0, carries a house edge of 2.7%. The high house edge is offset by the game's pace. Most roulette tables don't see 60 bets per hour, particularly if the table is crowded. For example, with a $5 bet per spin, you're putting only $300 into action each hour, resulting in an expected hourly loss of $8.10.
  • Social Gameplay: Roulette is ideal for social players who appreciate a leisurely gaming experience. It's a game where numerous players can gather around the table, creating an enjoyable and interactive atmosphere.
  • European vs. American Roulette: European roulette is specified in this discussion due to its more favorable odds. American roulette, with its additional 00, carries a house edge almost twice as high as European roulette. The choice between the two is clear – European roulette offers better odds for the player.
  • Availability: While not all casinos offer European roulette, it's recommended to skip American roulette if European roulette is available. By doing so, players can collectively influence the prevalence of European wheels in casinos.


  • Luck-Based Game: Roulette is primarily a game of chance, with no skill element involved. While this may deter some players, it's precisely this simplicity that makes it appealing to others.

In summary, European roulette is a classic casino game known for its relaxed pace, social interaction, and relatively low house edge. It's a preferred choice for those who value a leisurely gaming experience and the opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow gamblers. If you can find European roulette in a casino, it's an option worth exploring for an entertaining and potentially rewarding time.

7. Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a highly enjoyable and relaxed casino table game with several appealing features that make it one of the best casino games. Here are some key reasons why many players appreciate this game:


  • Leisurely Pace: Pai Gow Poker offers a leisurely gaming experience, similar to roulette or baccarat. Players can enjoy the game without feeling rushed, making it ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Consistent Push Opportunities: One of the distinctive features of Pai Gow Poker is the frequent occurrence of pushes, which results in a tie and returns the player's bet. These pushes help lower the expected hourly loss, making the game more appealing.
  • Jackpot Opportunities: Pai Gow Poker presents opportunities for substantial wins, including the chance to hit jackpots. Players have the potential to score significant payouts, adding an element of excitement to the game.
  • Strategy Element: Unlike purely luck-based games, Pai Gow Poker involves a strategic component. Players must decide how to arrange their 7-card hand into a 2-card hand and a 5-card hand, competing against the dealer's hands. This decision-making aspect adds a mental challenge and the potential to affect the game's outcome.
  • Low House Edge: With a house edge of only about 1.5%, Pai Gow Poker provides favorable odds for players. While not as low as blackjack, this house edge is still considered quite attractive, making the game a great gamble for those seeking an enjoyable yet financially reasonable casino experience.

Pai Gow Poker is a unique blend of strategy, leisurely gameplay, and potential for jackpot wins, making it a top choice for those who appreciate these qualities in a casino game. The frequent pushes and low house edge contribute to its appeal, allowing players of all budgets to enjoy the game without significant financial risk.

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8. Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is an exciting and distinctive variation of blackjack that deserves recognition as one of the best casino games to win money. While it shares some similarities with traditional blackjack, it introduces significant rule changes that set it apart and make it a unique casino experience.

Here are some key features and advantages of Spanish 21:


  • Unique Deck: Spanish 21 employs a Spanish deck, which is essentially a standard deck of playing cards with all the 10s removed. Face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings) are still present. This minor deck alteration adds an interesting twist to the game.
  • Rule Variations: Spanish 21 incorporates rule variations that differ from traditional blackjack. Notably, it offers late surrender as a standard option, which is often not available in most blackjack games. Doubling after splitting and re-splitting Aces are also allowed, providing players with more strategic choices.
  • Player-Favorable Rules: In Spanish 21, a player's total of 21 always wins, regardless of the dealer's hand. Even in tie situations, where both the dealer and player have blackjack, the player comes out on top. These rules adjustments significantly benefit the player.
  • Bonus Payouts: Spanish 21 features various bonus payouts for specific hands. For instance, a 5-card hand totaling 21 pays out at 3 to 1. A 6-card hand totaling 21 offers a 2 to 1 payout. Additionally, a 7-card hand or more with a total of 21 pays at 3 to 1. Bonus payouts are also awarded for specific combinations like 678 or 777, with the possibility of higher payouts for suited combinations.
  • Reduced House Edge: Spanish 21 offers a reduced house edge when compared to traditional blackjack. Basic strategy implementation can lower the house edge to under 1%, with ideal conditions resulting in an exceptionally low 0.4% house edge.

Spanish 21 is a captivating game for players who appreciate the nuances of rule variations, strategy, and the opportunity to win big with bonus payouts. Its unique deck and player-favorable rules provide an entertaining and potentially rewarding casino experience.

For those looking to explore Spanish 21 and enjoy its advantages, learning and applying basic strategy is crucial to maximize your chances of success. This game is often considered mathematically

9. 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is a thrilling and enjoyable casino game, making it one of the best games to play at the casino, even though it offers some of the worst odds among the options on this list. While the odds may not be the most favorable, this game compensates with its fast-paced and entertaining gameplay.

Here's why 3 Card Poker stands out:

Unique Poker Variant: 3 Card Poker is a unique variant of traditional poker, offering a distinct experience. Unlike traditional poker where players compete against each other, in casino poker games like 3 Card Poker, the house banks all the action, much like blackjack. This provides a simpler dynamic where the goal is to beat the dealer rather than outplay other players at the table.

Fast Action and Fun: The game's fast pace and simplicity make it a highly entertaining option. With only three cards required to form poker hands, it's easier to achieve hands like straights, flushes, or straight flushes. The game offers the excitement of poker without the complexity.

Probabilities in 3 Card Poker: The probabilities in 3 Card Poker differ significantly from traditional poker due to the smaller hand size. For example, the likelihood of getting a straight, flush, or straight flush is higher in 3 Card Poker than in 5 Card Poker, adding to the fun and anticipation.

House Edge: While 3 Card Poker has a house edge of around 3.3%, it is still a more favorable bet than some other casino games, like American roulette, which has a higher house edge of 5.26%. This makes 3 Card Poker a reasonable choice for players who appreciate its unique dynamics and quick gameplay.

Despite the higher house edge, 3 Card Poker offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players looking for a fast and thrilling casino game. It's a game where you can often anticipate more substantial hands, adding to the excitement. The simplicity and fast pace make it one of the best casino games for those who value entertainment alongside their potential winnings.

10. Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker rounds out the list of the top gambling games, offering a house-banked poker game with an added twist—a progressive jackpot. While Caribbean Stud Poker may not have the most favorable odds among casino games, it is worth considering for players looking for an opportunity to play for substantial jackpots and enjoy social interactions with other players.

Here's why Caribbean Stud Poker stands out:

Progressive Jackpot: Caribbean Stud Poker is unique among house-banked poker games because it offers a progressive jackpot. For players seeking a fun game that also provides a chance at a significant prize, Caribbean Stud Poker is an excellent choice. The prospect of a progressive jackpot adds an exciting element to the gameplay.

Social Interaction: Caribbean Stud Poker is a game where you can interact with fellow players, making it a great choice for those who prefer the social aspect of gambling. Unlike games like slot machines or video poker, where you often play in isolation, Caribbean Stud Poker allows for camaraderie at the table.

House Edge: The house edge for Caribbean Stud Poker is relatively high, similar to that of roulette. In terms of house edge, it may not be the most favorable option on this list. However, the allure of the progressive jackpot and the social experience can make it a worthwhile choice for some players.

Strategy Element: Caribbean Stud Poker does require a degree of strategy, although it is more complicated than basic blackjack strategy. While the house edge is higher than that of blackjack, players who enjoy mastering complex strategies may find Caribbean Stud Poker engaging.

In summary, Caribbean Stud Poker is not the most favorable game in terms of house edge, but it offers an enjoyable experience with the potential for a progressive jackpot and social interaction. For those seeking a game where camaraderie and jackpot possibilities are central, Caribbean Stud Poker is a strong contender. As with other casino games, the best choice ultimately depends on your preferences, goals, and the type of experience you seek.







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