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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks Reviews in 2022

Motorcycle thefts are a reality. The truth is that once you leave your motor-bike unsecured, you will either get someone who decides to take it for a joyride, or a thief, who decides to steal it outright. There are of course amateur and professional thieves, and their grades depend on how quickly or how elegantly, they can break through different security measures. Good security measures are therefore necessary, and this review presents you with the best motorcycle locks in the market, so that you can make the smart purchase decision.

Motorcycle Security Considerations

The motorcycle is peculiar, and so are its security requirements. If you truly love your bike, and you want to keep it safe, then following are security options you should seriously consider as well.

– Keep It Covered

One sure way to invite thieves, is to leave your bike totally exposed when you park it. This is especially true when you live in an apartment complex, even if it’s a gated environment. You should always cover your bike, and as long as you can afford it, you should as well rent a garage or some sort of storage space for it.

– Locks are Better Behind

If you have to lock a wheel, then lock the rear wheel. The logic behind this is simple. Some professional thieves might come prepared, and ready to swap a wheel that has been chained. In such cases, swapping the rear wheel is more time consuming.

– Use Your Steering Locks

As long as your bike came with a steering lock, then always use it, because every extra security measure matters.

– Add Some Electronics

If you can add a tracking device or a deterrence alarm, then do it. Alarms surely help to scare off most ‘would be’ motor-cycle thieves sometimes.


10. BigPantha Throttle & Brake Handlebar Grip Lock

The Grip-Lock anti theft system from BigPantha is one of the easiest anti-theft methods to implement on a motor-bike, scooter or ATV. Simply take it out of your pocket and lock the throttle and brake of your bike with it, and that’s that. The device itself is so small that you can easily carry it in your pocket, and it works for all kinds of vehicles that use a hand operated throttle and brake system, and have a maximum grip diameter of 1.5 inches (38 mm).


9. Zone Tech heavy Duty Tire Clamp

In position #9 is a different security approach to securing your motorcycle. The tire clamp works by simply being attached and locked unto your tire. It then becomes a deterrent to simply moving your vehicle, and it works on most kinds on vehicles including bikes, trucks e.t.c. It is also quite visible given its design and colors, and this acts as an extra level of security.


8. Kryptonite Series 4 Premium disc Lock with Reminder Cable

In position #8 is this simple yet tough disc lock from Kryptonite. Kryptonite is a well known brand when it comes to security locks and this particular lock is designed to be locked into a hole on the bike’s brake disc, thereby stopping potential thieves in their tracks. It also comes with a reminder cable, a double deadbolt locking mechanism, a reinforced anti-drill and anti-pull system, and a sliding cover to protect from dust.


7. XENA Alarm and Disc Lock for Motor-Bikes

This particular disc lock goes a little further than the previous one, and features an in-built alarm. The removable alarm module is sensitive to shock and other kinds of movements. It has an auto arm / disarm mode, and can get as loud as 120 db when triggered. The ultra high-strength lock also features a double locking mechanism, a freeze-spray resistant barrel, and a 10mm carbide-reinforced pin.


6. Trimax Trimaflex Cable Lock with Key

This anti-theft system features a 25mm QuadBraid cable, made up of vinyl and armor plated cables that can repel bolt cutters and saw cuts. It also features a drill-resistant lock core, which comes with a sliding key cover to protect against dust and corrosion. The package comes with three keys, and one of them contains a flashlight.


5. OnGuard Quad Bolt Motorcycle Chain Lock

Our fifth ranking lock is the OnGuard chain lock with the X4 Quattro bolt mechanism. The locking cylinder is designed to provide maximum safety against all forms of physical attack. The chain is made from a titanium enforced steel, and features 10mm hexagonally shaped links to provide maximum resistance against all forms of cutting or sawing.


4. Trimax Chrome Hardened Metal Disc Lock

From Trimax comes the T665LC, a hardened metal lock for brake discs. The metal is resistant to sawing, cutting, chiseling and other forms of attack. The core itself is also highly resistant to any form of drilling attack, making this a simple, yet very effective anti-theft system for your bike. It also features a simple push-button lock for ease of use, a reminder cable and a carrying pouch.


3. Master Lock 3-Foot Chain Lock

The Master Lock chain lock features a square-linked and hardened steel security chain, and has been reinforced by boron and titanium. It is pick and cut resistant, and comes with a protective black nylon sleeve. The keyway is also protected from dust and corrosion with a cover, and the set comes with two keys included.


2. The Club Yellow Utility Lock

This Utility Lock is a perfect alternative to using chains to secure your bike. You can use it to either secure your bike’s wheel, or even fasten the wheel to a fixed structure. The Utility Lock is adjustable in Length from 8.5 inches (21cm) up to 11.5 inches (29cm). It is 6.25 inches (16cm) wide and can withstand over 1,500 pounds of pressure. The lock is also vinyl coated and weather resistant, making it a perfect, all-round security accessory for your motor-bike.


1. Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain with New York Lock

If you demand the ultimate in security chains, then you are looking at it. The Kryptonite range of products is well known for its extra strength and optimal security design. It is a 5 ft. security chain wonder that is as loved by biking enthusiasts, as it is respected by thieves. Its chain links are six sided and made from 3t Manganese steel for ultimate strength. The New York disc lock features a 15 millimeter hardened steel shackle and a highly secured, hardened double deadbolt lock. If you simply want the best, then this is it.


There are many methods of providing security for your motorcycle. You could use XENA’s alarm disc lock in position #7 or The Club’s yellow Utility Lock in position #2, depending on what you desire. But if it’s simply the best motorcycle lock that you desire, then the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit is what you need.


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