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Top 10 Best Water Skis in 2022

Water skiing is a very exciting sport, but it requires practice, the patience to learn, and of course, the right skis. The first surprise with water skis is the different types and classes of skis available. This variety could be overwhelming for the novice water skier, but with this top 10 water skis guide for 2017, you get a list of the best water skis, as well as a buying guide.

Understanding Skier Levels

Due to the complexity of water skiing, there are many levels that skiers can be grouped into, depending on how skillful they are.

• First Timers – These are people who ski a few times a year.
• Novices – These are those who have started learning slalom skiing.
• Intermediates – These are between novices and advanced skiers.
• Advanced Skiers – These are experts, including those who compete professionally.

Water Skis Buying Guide

When deciding on which water skis to purchase, you will be able to make a good decision, if you understand the important features in a pair of water skis. They include:

– Skier Type
As outlined above in skier levels, your skill level determines the type of skis that you will have to purchase. As a first timer, you will need a bigger set of combination skis to keep you more balanced on the water. With time, you can graduate to single slalom skis, which are narrower, shorter, or both.

– Skiing Speed & Ski Size
Your skiing speed affects how well you sit on the water. If you ski at a slower speed, then you will need skis with a wider surface area in order to sit on the water’s surface properly. A more advanced skier, who gets towed at speeds over 30 mph (50kph), can make do with narrower and less stiff skis.

– Your Weight & Ski Size
Weight is another factor that should be considered when deciding on which skis to purchase. Just as with speed, the heavier you are, the wider and longer the skis that you’ll be needing. 65 inches long skis are for example, perfect for skier weights up to 160 lbs. For heavier individuals up to 280 lbs., 71-inch skis should be sufficient.

– Combo, Slalom & Trick Water Skis
The 3 major types of water skis are combo skis, which is a combination of 2 skis. Slalom skis, which are just one single ski with 2 bindings, are usually narrower. The third group is trick skis, which are wide and short, and designed for performing tricks on the water.


10. Absolute Outdoor Full Throttle 68-Inch Combination Skis

This pair of Full Throttle 68-inch traditional combo water skis is designed to universally fit skiers of all levels. Available with a 68-inch length and in blue, these skis are steel-reinforced for added strength. They are also injection molded to make them stable and durable. Each ski also features a concave bottom, beveled edges and a tapered tail to allow easier turns.


• 68 inches in length
• Steel reinforced for extra strength
• Fits men’s shoe sizes between 6 & 12
• Perfect for all skier levels
• Beveled edges, tapered tail, concave bottom

9. HO Sports Recreation Blast Combo Water Skis

HO Sports Blast combo water skis are designed to help beginners to fall in love with water skiing. Featuring a wide shape for easy deep water starts, and a V-bottom for stable tracking, these skis combine all possible features to create a truly helpful, beginner ski-set. The set is available in 3 lengths. 59 inches for skiers weighing up to 55kg, 63 inches for up to 70 kg, and 67-inch long boards for skiers 65kg and upwards.


• V-bottom design for stability
• Perfect for beginners
• Wide design for easier deep water starts
• Available in 3 sizes

8. Airhead AHS-900 Combo Water Skis

Airheads AHS-900 is a 54-inch long combo ski set. Featuring a trendy and cool artwork, the skis are designed as a safe and helpful pair of water skis to teach first timers. Their wide design makes deep water starts easier, while the included and removable crossbar makes the ‘first time’ as comfortable as possible. Those wide tips are also great for jumping wakes. The skis core is made from a composite and foam combination. There are Nylon fins as well, which are reinforced with fiberglass, for better tracking.


• Includes a removable crossbar for first-timers
• Wide design is perfect for teaching beginners to deep water start and stand up
• Includes fins made from fiberglass reinforced Nylon
• Bindings fit US sizes 2 to 9

7. CWB Supersport Combination Water Skis

The Connelly CWB Supersport combo water skis are designed for lightweight first-timers and novices. Made from reinforced composite, this ski set is a downsized copy of Connelly’s Pilot Slalom skis, which are a huge success. This combo includes a stabilizer bar for mastering deep water starts, and Connelly’s proprietary tracking system. The adjustable bindings will fit sizes 2 to 9, the skis are 54 inches long and designed for skiers up to 125 lbs. in weight.


• Made from reinforced composite for maximum durability
• Features Nylon fins filled with glass
• Bindings are side-adjustable
• Removable stabilizer bar for learners

6. Radar Skis 2017 Senate Water Ski

The Radar Skis Alloy Senate water ski, is a very popular ski. Designed for advanced skiers who know what they want, this ski is available in 4 sizes, including 65, 67, 69 and 71 inches. It is designed for a maximum speed of about 34 mph, features 100% carbon fiber laminate, plus an all-terrain core material that is specifically designed for this model. Radar skis makes it available in either red or blue, and it is guaranteed to make your slaloms unforgettable.


• 100% carbon laminate
• Features an all-terrain core
• Includes a precision fin system for excellence
• Available in 4 sizes

5. Rave Pure Adult Combos Water Skis

These Rave Pure Adult combo skis are distinctive because of their square noses and narrow fins. They are made from RIM molded Polyurethane material, with a plastic laminate top. They are also reinforced using fiberglass rods. These skis also feature soft, double density and adjustable slide bindings for comfort, plus a stiffer outer membrane to support the ankles. They are 67 inches (170 cm) in length, and can be used by both men or women. The set is supported by a 90-day warranty.


• Double density and adjustable slide binding
• Soft step inserts
• Designed for adult skiers over 125 lbs.
• 67-inch (170cm) length

4. CWB Connelly Aspect 2017 Slalom Water Ski

Featuring swerve bindings and an owner’s manual, this men’s ski from Connelly is designed for those who want maximum fun at lower speeds. It’s wider frame allows for good performance between 28 and 32 mph, while its sharp bevels support more aggressive turns. It is made using a polyurethane resin core, plus a fiberglass wrap which makes it extremely durable. This ski is available in 65-, 67- and 69-inch lengths, designed for skiers between 180 to 220 lbs.


• Unique and efficient design
• Wrapped in strong fiberglass
• Provides smooth rides for all skier levels
• Features Connelly swerve bindings

3. HO Sports HO Burner 67-Inch 2017 Combo Water Skis

Whether you are an adult beginner on 2 skis or an advanced skier, who wants to practice some slalom water-skiing, these skis will prove their worth. It’s 67-inch length plus free-ride burner shape maximizes your slalom performance. A V-bottom design offers stability and more ease while turning. These skis also feature freeMAX, which is a 2-lace binding that allows for shoe sizes between 7 and 11.


• Top of the line skis
• Use as a pair or as slalom skis
• 2 lace binding fits shoe sizes 7 – 11
• V-bottom design maximizes stability and smooth cuts

2. O’Brien Performer Pro 68-Inch Combo Water Skis

The O’Brien Performer Pro is perfect for all members of the family. Made from a composite construction for maximum durability, and featuring aluminum fins, these 68-inch long skis are easy and fun to use. O’Brien’s Performer Pro is designed for expert slalom skiers and beginners alike. You can use them as a pair, or a single ski for some fun, slalom water-skiing. The featured X-9 bindings fit nearly all shoe sizes, allowing for most members of the family to catch their fun on these top of the line skis.


• X-9 lace bindings fits shoe sizes from 7 to 13
• Features aluminum flush mount fin
• Aluminum fin enables easier tracking
• Guaranteed fun for every member of the family

1. Hydro Slide 66-Inch Adult Victory Combo Water Skis

Hydro Slide’s 66-inch water skis are designed for the adult water-skiing enthusiast. These skis make it easy to get up and enjoy a smooth ride, with the tunnel concave bottom of the skis increasing directional stability. One of the skis comes with a slalom toe, allowing for a single ski, slalom session. There are slide adjustable bindings, and drop-through plastic fins for stability. Ample surface area and a round nose makes starts easier, and these 168cm (66 inches) long skis are designed for skiers over 120 lbs. in weight.


• Features slide adjustable bindings
• Bottom is tunnel concave shaped
• Features drop-through plastic fins
• Round nose and large surface for easier starts


We have run through this top 10 water skis list for 2017, and it is obvious that they are all great skis. Still, the final choice is yours to make. We have given you our number #1 recommendation, but you could be buying for the kids, or need something very feminine, your choice to make.



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One comment

  1. Water skiing can be an enjoyable but also a challenging water sport. When you think about water skiing, various things pop into your head. Regardless of what is on your mind, there are many kinds and styles of water skis that are available in the market that suit you best. Be it that you’re looking out for a classic combo ski or simply a professional level trick ski, we have compiled a guide that has detailed information so as to help you get the best water ski. Below are the Top 10 Best Water Skis in 2022.

    . Radar Senate Water Ski

    The Senate Graphite Water Ski by Radar presents a carbon ski that’s worth each and every penny. For intermediate to the advanced skier, this latest incarnation of Senate Graphite is Radar’s fastest and lightest ski to date. The well-beveled edges make the ski to react quicker on all turns. The water ski glides effortlessly over the wakes thanks to its Aerocore core. The Radar Senate Water Ski can also slice through water at speeds of up to 35 mph and it features a switchblade fin for improving tracking. This ski also holds a great edge even when you’re at top speeds.

    . Rave Pure Adult Water Ski Combos

    RAVE Sports, who are the manufacturers of these skis are committed to ensuring that they provide you with water equipment that are not only of high quality but also safe thus ensuring that you can go for water skiing and enjoy yourself with confidence using this ski model. The skis are ideal for you if you are an intermediate rider as they offer features that enable you to advance your skills and technique very quickly. The Skis have a square nose as well as narrow fin. They also feature a slalom toe that is will be very useful to you if you want to advance without purchasing new skis. They have Adjustable bindings that feature soft-step inserts so as to offer support as well as comfort. In case you are over 125 pound you don’t have to worry as the skis can support your weight. The ski model is appealing to all water lovers regardless of their ages.

    . Radar the Vapor Lithium Combo Water Ski

    This Ski is the 1st slalom ski to be designed by Radar. It designed in a way that enables it to work in conjunction with a cruise control that is GPS operated. It features a Vapor Lithium that is not only thin and light but also has reinforced contours on the tip so as to decrease the weight and also improve the stability of the ski. The ski is manufactured in the United States using materials that are of top quality. It has a PVC Core that is covered in 100 %carbon laminates thus ensuring that the ski lasts for a very long time. This Water ski is the best choice for you if you are either an intermediate or an advanced skier.

    . Connelly 2016 Quantum Combos Waterski

    This ski is manufactured by Masterlin. The ski is among the fastest trick skis that are available in the market. It features a carbon fiber layup and also a light foam core thus making it to be extremely lightweight, but a very strong trick ski. This ski has a large surface area at the middle, narrower tips as well a large flat spot for additional stability when performing spins. The Ski has an aggressive three-stage rocker which gives it an effortless lift, speed and also tracking. It has a concave bottom that increases its maneuverability as well as making turning to be easy.

    . Hydroslide Victory Junior Combo Water Skis with Universal Fit Slide Bindings

    This Ski is ideal for youngsters who are learning to ski. This ski was specifically designed to suit little beginners as it is Easy to learn on without the need to have a sacrificing performance. The ski features a pre-mounted slalom toes that enable your kid to have a quick transition being a beginner to an intermediate as it has flexible slide bindings. The ski also has a rear toe plate thus giving your kid ab little more freedom of movement. However you should be careful because your kids may never want to stop skiing around the lake as it is very enjoyable.

    . O’Brien Performer Pro Combo Water Ski

    This ski is perfect for you if you are a quick advancing water skier. The ski features a deep rocker and also sharp beveled edges that enable it to turn on a dime. It has an aluminum fin as well as a wide surface area that makes deep water starts easy. The ski also features an X9 RTP STD binding that has an EVA foam foot bed thus giving you unequaled comfort. It is available in sizes of 7-13 and is also pocket friendly.

    . Connelly Outlaw Slalom Water Ski

    This is a stable, fast riding ski that you and your family can have fun with. It has a unique design that features a wider tip thus making it to be easily controlled. It has a drop through fin which makes it to track well regardless of the speed thus giving you an effortless ride. The ski is made using the Connelly Advanced Profile Technology (CAPT) thus making it to be light and also durable. It has a polyurethane resin core as well as a fiberglass wrap which enable it to afford you with many years of fun on the water. The ski comes in 3 lengths of 65, 67 and 69 inches as well as 4 binding options.

    . Connelly Eclipse Combo Water Ski

    This is the perfect ski that your whole family can enjoy. The ski is Sturdy, easy to control, long lasting as well as easy to learn on. It features an aluminum fin which makes it to track very well. It also comes with an option of getting bindings that feature a flexible rear toe strap that is at the front so that you and your family can get the best fit. The ski is 67 inches long and is made from carbon and fiberglass, which makes it light and also durable for many years. The ski is also suitable for you if you are a beginner.

    . Hydroslide Legend Deluxe Combo Water Ski with Binding

    This water Ski is a good addition to your water sports collection. This ski is the best for you regardless of whether you are an amateur or an avid skier. The ski has a wide surface area thus making the learning process to be simple. It features a tail that narrows sharply thus allowing you to make fast turns as well as tricks if you are an intermediate or an advanced skier. The ski also features a comfortable slide-in binding that you can easily adjust.

    . 2017 HO Burner Pro 67 Inch Combo Waterskis

    This is the latest version of the HO Sports Burner Pro Combo Water Skis. This ski is suitable for you if you are an intermediate or an advanced skier. It features deep-V bottom that ensures that there is a balance between stability and speed. The ski is very versatile and it features a design that is based on the design of the HO Sports Comp Freeride Slalom ski. This ski is the best for you if you are interested in getting into slalom skiing. The ski is 67 inches long and is also light in weight. It also features an adjustable EVA contour boot that provides you with a fit that is not only secure but also comfortable.

    Purchasing a water ski that is right for you can result to you having more fun as well as an easy time on the waters. Top-end water skis that are available today feature technology that is very advanced. Be it that you want to compete or to test your skills, the models that are mentioned above will surely suit you.

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