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Top 10 Best Bread Knife Reviews in 2022

Having the right knives in your kitchen ensures that there are a success and general efficiency. When upgrading your cutlery, you should have vast knowledge and actionable experience on the right knives. Bread knives are primarily designed to ensure fine cutting without crushing it.

Our review is to add the necessary knowledge that you would require in choosing the best bread knife. Basically, the bread knives featured in this review are built from the best materials. They also possess other remarkable designed to ensure a clean cut through the bread among other foods. So, bread isn’t limited to cutting bread alone. It is perfect in handling other foods with waxy layers such as lemons and watermelons.

The Main Factors That You Should Consider When Purchasing the Best Bread Knife

Material used to make the blade

This is an important factor because, in one way or the other, it affects the durability of the knife. It has been researched well and found that stainless steel is the best material if you don’t wish to strain your finances. Alternatively, high carbon stainless steel is a nice selection if you want a high-end option.

The nature of the handle

In this regard, you should consider two materials that are perfect for a high-end bread knife. Molded rubber or wood combined with a resin are ideal materials for an excellent handle. Other alternatives include plastic and stainless steel, but you might find them quite hard to handle when wet.

The length of the knife

This is still another key feature to consider when buying an ideal knife bread. It is of great importance because it ensures that the knife is comfortable in your hand and ideal for a number of tasks. You will find that a short knife is pretty easier to handle than long ones. But, a long knife, on the other hand, can comfortably handle diverse tasks.

Serrations and knuckle clearance of the knife

You should also acknowledge the design of the serrations as well as the knuckle clearance. These are important features that can add the functionality of the knife. Therefore, you should be sure to select the various brands and models that feature serrations and the design of these edges.

10. OXO Good Grips 8-Inch Bread Knife

Sometimes you might find it hard to decide which bread knife to omit and which one to purchase. This confusion might lead you into making the wrong decision. OXO bread knife is the best among all. This is because it features a serrated blade which helps in slicing crusty bread, big melons, and tomatoes. Besides, their blade is made of a durable stainless steel which retains its sharpness for longer periods of time. Also, the have a soft handle which provides comfort and a good grip. The knife is recommended for hand washing with warm and soapy water.

  • Pros

• Serrated for easier cutting

• Made of stainless steel for durability

• Retains its sharpness for longer periods

• Comfortable handle for soft grip

  • Cons

• Sometimes hard to wash since they can only be hand washed

9. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 10 Inches Serrated Bread/Slicing Knife

Among the top rated bread knives today, Chicago Cutlery is above them. This is well proved by its 10-inch serrated blade which slices cleanly through crusty bread among other soft foods. The blade is made from stainless steel which is rust resistant and stays sharp for longer periods. Besides, the handle is made from a perfect solid material which is fully articulated by three rivets for a soft grip. The blade is set from the tip to the other end to increase balance. However, it can only be hand washed.

  • Pros

• Made of durable stainless steel

• Accompanied with a lifetime warranty

• An ergonomic handle for soft grip

• Easier to sharpen and also retains its sharpness for longer times

  • Cons

• The bread knife is pricey

8. J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Pro Bread Knife Fine Edge

If you need a good bread knife from a good manufacturer, you should buy Henckels bread knife. This knife features a serrated blade which will help you to cut through the hardest part of your bread crust. Also, the bread knife will also feature a smooth handle with three rivets to provide you with long time services. The blade is made of a high-quality stainless steel from German to increase durability.

  • Pros

• The knife is dishwasher safe for easier cleaning

• Has a lifetime warranty

• Has an 8-inch serrated blade for bread cutting

• Made of high quality German stainless steel to increase durability

  • Cons

• The knife has a high price making it less affordable to some people

7. Blue Key World – Serrated Bread Knife

Blue Key World serrated bread knife is an ideal product to use while slicing your bread. This is due to its high retention of sharpness. You will not need to sharpen it regularly. Besides, the knife will also ensure a smooth and easier washing mechanism. This is because they are dishwasher safe. Also, the knife is well serrated to help you cut your bread with ease. Also, the handle is precise and ensures a balanced cutting sequence. This product is also made from a high standard stainless steel to maximize its durability.

  • Pros

• Serrated for easier cutting

• Dishwasher safe for smooth cleaning

• Has a high sharpness retention

• An ergonomic handle minimizes fatigue

  • Cons

• Its sharpness might result in minor injuries from cuts

6. Mercer Culinary Millennia 10 Inch Wide Bread Knife

You might appear to have searched for a quality bread knife but all in vain. You should, therefore, take Mercer Culinary bread knife into consideration. This is proved by its textured handlebar which provides you with a perfect grip, safety and also prevents sliding. The knife is also made from a high-quality Japan stainless steel which is durable and rust free. Also, it features an ergonomic handle which increases comfort and durability. Having made from Japan stainless steel, the knife is easier to sharpen and once sharpened, it retains its razor-like sharp blade.

  • Pros

• Made of stainless steel for durability

• Feature a protective finger guard

• High-quality manufacturer for easier handling and maintenance

• Accompanied with a lifetime warranty

  • Cons

• Sometimes becomes hard to clean, being less friendly to a dishwasher

5. Norpro KLEVE 8-Inch Stainless Steel Bread Knife

Having many types of bread knives in the market today, you might have a complication to make a choice which one to buy and which one to ignore and leave. Norpro bread knife is the solutions to your difficulties. This is due to its long 8-inch serrated blade which is ideal for bread cutting. Besides, the knife also features a plastic handle which is slip resistant and offers a soft grip. Also, the knife is easier to clean, having a well-designed blade recommended for hand washing. They are also made from stainless molybdenum vanadium steel for durability.

  • Pros

• Long serrated blade for easier bread slicing

• Made of durable stainless steel

• A plastic handle for soft grip

• High retention to its initial sharpening

  • Cons

• Recommended for hand washing hence sometimes hard to clean up

4. ZYLISS Bread Knife 8.5-Inch, with Sheath Cover Non-Stick Stainless Steel Blade

Are you tired of using those bread knives that sticks and tears the interior of the bread? Well, you may need to replace your old bread knife with this Zyliss bread knife. It has been specially designed to cut through crisp bread crust without any sticking or tearing. Its blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel which can retain its sharp edge and resharpens with ease for long time use. Also, it features an ergonomically designed handle with soft touch grip made of rubber. This handle ensures that you cut with great precision since you won’t experience hand fatigue. The safety blade guard ensures maximum protection for travel and storage preferably during camping and tailgating. Also, this bread knife boasts five-year warranty, and it is dishwater safe for easier and convenient cleaning.

  • Pros

• Comfortable grip

• It comes with a safety blade guard for safe carrying and storage

• High retention for sharpness

• Affordable purchase terms

  • Cons

• Can be extremely sharp for your safety during handling

3. Kai Wasabi 9 Inches Black Bread Knife

Based on Japanese, Kai Wasabi features a serrated design to ensure perfect cutting of all types of bread. It is made with Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel which assures you of superior edge retention. Similarly, the blade design is single sided, and for additional styling, it features Japanese character for Wasabi. Besides, it features bead blasted blade for additional attractiveness. The handle is durable as it is made of blended polypropylene which is easy to clean and provides a comfortable grip. It is dishwater safe, and hand washing is particularly recommended.

  • Pros

• Limited lifetime warranty and it is Japan-made

• Features serrations for precise cutting

• High carbon stainless steel material for sharpness and durability

• Easy cleaning as it is dishwater safe

  • Cons

• The handle gets flimsy is you subject the knife to extreme activities

2. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Bread Knife

The peak performance of the bread knives has never looked this good at this price. Dalstrong bread knife features outstanding craftsmanship combined with cutting edge technology to give you the best experience when cutting your bread. Thanks to the premium materials and state of the art artistry used in its construction, Dalstrong features a stunning design that will make your proud as you slice down your snacks without any hassles. Thanks to the high carbon German steel which is polished at 18 degrees on each side. The geometrically angled serrations ensure effortless thin cuttings with a single stroke. This performance makes the knife ideal for cutting large fruits, vegetables and even boneless hams.

  • Pros

• Carefully tapered design for improved hardness

• Hand polished to satin finish

• Stunning design

  • Cons

• Pricey

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Pro Curved Bread Knife with Serrations

By combining serrations and curved design and the best materials of construction, Victorinox Swiss Army knife remains as a top rated knife. Precisely, the serrated design allows you to easily slice through everything from sandwiches, melons to delicate fruits and vegetables without squashing the tender interiors. Equally, the curved design of the blade allows you to slice with a rocking motion giving you plenty of knuckle clearance. It is a knife that is designed for professionals who need knives all day and every day. Besides, the product allows you to enjoy lifetime warranty against defects in materials as well as artistry.

  • Pros

• Astounding cutting power and precision

• Great knuckle clearance

• Great design for versatile uses

• Lifetime warranty and attractive design

  • Cons

• pricier than other low rated models

Conclusively, the top 10 products discussed above are a perfect addition to any kitchen. You can now slice any bread just like a professional without crushing or damaging the contents. Furthermore, they boast versatile uses in the sense that they are specially designed to cut vegetables and even big fruits. So, don’t live with the stresses of using traditional models of bread knives while we have the top 10 best bread knives reviews in 2022, where you can pick the best.






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