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Top 10 Best Tablets For Kids Reviews in 2022

Tablets lie are somewhere between laptops and smartphones. They’re very common due to their computing power, their portability and ease of using them. Kids’ tablets are no different from regular tablets as they have some common features, but their making is optimized for a particular need of parents and kids. Most of those tablets don’t have a keyboard. They have slim dimensions which makes them easy to be slipped into a backseat of a car or into a purse.

These tablets have a variety of kid-friendly features. They’ve a brightly colored case and a rubber outside to protect it from dropping damages. On the inside, the kids’ tablets software always has ways to monitor the web and its application uses. Kids’ tablets generally have a wide variety of child-friendly features. These features are what differentiate the kids’ tablets and standard tablets that have a sleek making and do not have the parent friendly control options.

There are several qualities to consider before investing in these tablets for your kid. They include; Durability, price and the parental control. Below are top 10 best tablets for kids reviews in 2022.

10. LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum

If you are after a tablet for your children, then the LeapPad Platinum is an ideal choice. It’s fully locked down, specially-designed for kids and therefore it will withstand the odd drop or knock. Kids will certainly love the pre-loaded content in the tablet, which is generally of high quality. However, you should add more apps for an amazing experience. It offers almost similar features as expensive models such as the Amazon’s Fire HD 6. In addition, it comes with a foam bumper case that will ensure the tablet is well-protected.

9. Fisher Price Kids Tablet

Built by Fisher in partnership with nabi, 2 leading names in the production of kids tablets, the Tablet comes complete with a total of 35 applications and games that are specially-designed to help kids aged 3 and above. The preloaded content in the tablet includes Wings Learning System, Storybook Rhymes of volumes 1 to 6, slew of videos which help kids to get familiar with numbers, letters, phonics and shapes. The Android-powered, seven-inch slate also features full access to the Play store and 16GB storage.

8. Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Kids Edition

This tablet Edition is clearly the kids’ tablet. It can run the Android 4.2 outside the box and is made specifically for diaper fillers and the spitters. Galaxy Tab 3 Kids’ Edition has an enhanced rugged frame made to withstand distortion when kids decide to use the tablet as a hammer or a basketball. It has a good amount of the kids’ app featuring books, games and education. All these features make Tab 3 an ideal model for kids of any age.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Kids, Orange

The kids’ version of Samsung Galaxy Tab3 tablet has slightly reduced specs as compared to the adult model. It comes with a brighter outer case and exclusive applications for children. The tablet is pre-loaded with kid’s applications including camera, paint tools, games and many more entertaining applications. It’s solid enough, with a responsive screen. You will also like the fact that it comes ready with a briefcase-like case, which means children can sit properly as they use it.

6. LeapFrog Epic

The strength of this brand has created educational software which is tailored for various development ages, but is so fun for the kids. This company always limits devices to its own platform but Leapfrog Epic is an android tablet. This tablet aims children between 3 to 9 years. It offers experience with its apps and the content depending on the kid’s age. It features an excellent parental controls and a built in stylus.

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5. VTech Innotab Max

VTech Innotab Max tablets have a good carry case with a handle which doubles as the stand. The tablet runs the android under its VTech skin. It comes with many apps outside the box and also it is locked in the VTech’s store if you require purchasing other apps. If you own the Innotab cartridge of the older devices, you will be happy to know that, it’s backwards compatible and you can use them with just this. It’s good for kids between 3 to 9 years, but Leapfrog is slightly preferred.

4. Dragon Touch 7 inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet

This tablet runs on Android’s KitKat Operating System. It is always HDMI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible and you might get yourself playing around with it when the children are off to bed. The Dragon Touch Reviews are always favorable. Its cost is reasonable and affordable as it’s about $60. Dragon’s storage is expandable because of the miroSD slot.

The tablet always comes with “Zoodles” already installed, which is kids’ friendly app store. The children are thus able to access free educational and games software. When you need to share digital artwork that was created by your kid on social media, you just access the parent play along mode thus letting you access Facebook.

3. Fuhu Nabi 2S

Fuhu Nabi 2S tablet is aims at children between 6 to 9 years. It always comes with a gamified learning software that help your child develop reading, math and writing skills. It has a good parental control and when kids are in bed; their parents can use them like an android tablet if they want to. The tablet has some awesome feature such as social network with parental oversight and a chore list. 2S is more advanced than Nabi 2, thus always shop for the right model.

2. LeapFrog Epic Kids Tablet 7-inch, pink

This edition was the 1st tablet device made for children. Parents had to buy cartridges to obtain educational materials and games. Recently the latest version removed the cartridge in favor of the android 4.4 and WiFi based on OS. Therefore, you don’t need a small green cartridge as everything can be downloaded just like in grown ups tablets.

The LeapFrog Epic Kids Tablet 7-inch, pink has a kid-friendly browser called LeapSearch which helps kid to explore their own territories. Children can just download the already approved app with no worry and thus be occupied with much safe content.

1. Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Are you looking for a fun and safe tablet for your kid? Then Amazon Fire Kids Edition is your best option. It has a blue or pink chunky protective case, a two year warranty and a subscription to Amazon Free Time which goes for $3/month thereafter. This edition allows you set up many profiles and its parental controls permits you to exactly define the screen time for your child. The FreeTime Unlimited grants access to very many TV shows, apps, games, books and movies suitable for your kids. Its screen resolution is not wonderful, but due to its price, it’s the best children’s tablet available.

It is not a surprise that children like tablets. The above listed tablets are always perfect for their small hands and also so easy to use. If you don’t want the mucky fingerprints on your screen, then ensure that the content they’re accessing is suitable. It should be a snag device able to survive kids’ droppings on the ground or the floor. The above tablets are well-suited for children of all ages.





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