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Top 10 Best Tree Swings Reviews in 2022

When you’re bored in the house, you definitely need to relax. However, the problem is, where will you rest? You might decide to go outside and then sit on a bench, but it will not be too comfortable. As such, the most appropriate option is having a tree swing. Several people have decided to go back to the old ways of making and using swings. However, that’s old fashioned because it seems unsafe. This is because some of these models are very dangerous and at times cause fatal injuries when children use them and the ropes get cut. In regard to this, we have decided to have your safety at hand with the best swings on the market today. Below is a comprehensive top 10 best tree swings reviews in 2022.

Features To Look For When Buying The Best Tree Swings



When shopping for a tree swing, you should look for the falling space area and free fall height, which are indicated under the “space required” on the product’s page. The free fall height refers to the usual point from where the user scans fall. On the other hand, the falling space area refers to the safety zone that surrounds the equipment that requires being clear from any form of obstruction. By defining the total space required and the amount of surface required, the dimensions shall affect the overall installation cost.

Type of seat

The choice of the swing seat depends on the preferred age group and the total number of users who will be playing at any given time. A seat for young children or those who have low core stability shall require extra back support so as to ensure they’re perfectly safe when kids are playing. For older kids who crave for social interaction with other, basket swings are the go-to products since they can accommodate a large number of users and they also offer optimal cost for every user.

Safety features

Some tree swings feature the ‘anti-wrap’ bearings on cross beam so as to prevent the chains and swing seats from becoming wrapped around them. This makes some swings unusable. You should look for swings with Stratus designs that include an extra chain so as to provide extra support.


The type of material used on tree swings plays a very big role in the decision-making processes as it will vary based on the aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve or the maintenance requirements. Architects or green space officers who would like to create play areas with natural feels tend to favor timber swings as they’ll blend harmoniously into the rural settings. On the other hand, people who are looking for modern-looking and bold designs echoing urban architecture shall love the contemporary look of steel swings.


10. Little Tikes Disc Swing

The Little Tikes Rope Swing is an excellent addition to all houses that have young children in them. It is the ideal choice for all parents who are looking forward to create an amazing recreational space around their homestead, which is safe for their children to play in. This tree swing seat has an attractive blue colour that’s pleasing to look at and also adds to its aesthetic appeal. It’s made from premium caliber plastic material that lends its incredible durability. This gives the user several years of flawless service.

The Disc Swing from Little Tikes features a weight capacity of more than 100 pounds. The classic disc swing can be hung on any tree branch to offer hours of swinging fun. The tree swing is sturdy and features a molded plastic disk that’s designed with ultimate comfort in mind.

9. Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat

Enjoy several exciting hours of family fun in the backyard with JGK’s playground tree swing set seat. The swing is enjoyable for adults and kids. A comfortable tree swing seat is an important part of your outdoors swingset accessories. The model can be used as a tree swing seat or by an easy connection for the Jungle Gym Kingdom tree swing hangers.

The flexible playset tree swing seat is designed to conform to almost any person and hold up to a total 300 pounds weight limit. Do not forget the plastic coated chains that usually protect little fingers from any pinching. This is the ideal soft swing for rock climbing children to hold on to. As such, let your kids sit back and then enjoy the comfort that their new tree swing will bring to their faces. Enjoy!

8. Super Duper Spinner Swing

The Super Duper Swing will be the main talk of your neighborhood once you decide to purchase this amazing swing! With the unique ability to hold several riders, your kids and their friends shall spend several hours spinning and swinging. More than just a normal swing, the Super Duper is safe. Furthermore, the solid seat design is a very comfortable spot for you “hang out” and relax. The unique spinning tree swing is perfectly suited for all children to enjoy!

The Super Duper Swing comes fully assembled together with everything that you need for quick and easy installation on the swing set. It is also adjustable for swing height adjustment. The tree swing seat will not mildew or even fade, and comes with a convenient drainage at the middle.

7. SWINGING MONKEY PRODUCTS Giant 40″ Saucer Swing

Swinging Monkey Product is your premier source for all the top selections of quality swings. The backyard adventure and fun is in full swing thanks to the Giant Saucer Spinner Tree Swing! When you are a child, there’s nothing that beats the feeling of soaring and swinging skyward! With this Swing, there’s space for you as well as your friends to play together. Just stand on the tree swing, sit on it or lay on the tree swing; the options are limitless and with so much space.

The tree swing is even stronger enough and larger enough for the parents to swing together along with their kids. Hang from one single point and then let the swing spin and twist. You can also hang from 2 points like the traditional swing. The tree swing requires basic adult assembly and the order includes all the necessary hardware required to build and begin swinging.

6. SWINGING MONKEY PRODUCTS Giant Mat Platform Swing

Check out this latest Swinging Monkey Products innovation in the outdoor adventure! Your whole family will certainly love this platform tree swing. It’s spacious enough for several children to play and also swing together on your garden or porch. Stand on it, sit on it or lay on the swing seat.

The giant mat platform fabric tree swing seat requires a bit of basic adult assembly, and the package includes all the necessary hardware for setting it up. The swing will attach to your existing backyard playground tree swing set. You can also easily hang it from a tree. This swing also features an adjustable rope length that makes it adaptable to a wide range of settings.

5. Deluxe Platform Swing

With equal parts floating play space and the swinging fun, the deluxe platform tree swing is the ideal place for hanging out with your friends. It features a rope and sturdy padded steel frame in 4 pieces that assemble into a 40 by 30-inch hanging platform. The swing can hold up to 250 lbs.

You should remember that adult supervision is required and it will take 2 adults to assemble it. You should ensure that you choose HearthSong as your seller to guarantee you’re receiving a model that has been both thoroughly tested and properly constructed to meet the U.S. child safety regulations.

4. SkyCurve Platform Swing

There is always room for more friends and more fun on this curved platform tree swing that supports up to 4 kids. The platform features a slight curvature that adds an extra dimension of excitement to this super-sized swinging motion. Just sit, stand, or even lie on the comfy polypropylene fabrics mat, then hold onto the thick and durable ropes, and enjoy your ride!

The breathable fabrics lets rain to drain away while the super-strong, sturdy and thick-foam-padded metal 60 by 32-inch frame will support a weight of up to 400 lbs. however, it’s important to remember that adult supervision required.

3. Sk8Swing The Original Skateboard Swing Handmade in the USA

This is a handmade Skateboard Swing, from the manufacturer’s yard to yours. The model is perfect for your as a tree swing or can even be used on your porch. It’s one the most popular accessories that you can buy for several hours of outdoors play. These swings have been custom-made using high quality materials. The manufacturer is happy to present tem to you one of the funniest toys that have ever been built in the recent years.

If you’re looking to get your children off TVs, computers and outside playing – then the Sk8Swing is the right answer. If you’re hanging from an old swing-set you just have to literally remove your old swing and then clip in the Sk8Swing and you’ll be done! Moreover, the average hang time will be approximately 15 minutes if you’re hanging from a tree.

2. Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin- Safety rated to 600 lb

Take a very new spin on the summertime swings with Web Riderz Nest Tree Swing. This spacious model provides a roomy nest for kids – and even a couple of their friends to lay back, sway, and even spot cloud shapes. The swing is crafted with a very durable powder-coated steel tubing. The Round web swing has been strung and hung together with a UV-resistant polyethylene rope.

The best part is for parents due to the fact that it arrives ready to hang and fully assembled. a point connection for spinning and swinging fun or connected to 2 points for traditional backward and forward swinging fun  can connect by The Web Riderz swing. The weight capacity is up to 600 lbs.

1. SWINGING MONKEY PRODUCTS Tarzan Tire 40″ Spider Web Swing

This engineering feat of tree swings features spider web nettings with a hole at the center to allow kids to drape their feet at the edge and then swing facing one other like the traditional outdoor tire swings. The awesome Tarzan tire tree swing seat is perfectly suited for a group of children to play together!

The model features a sturdy foam that’s covered with steel frame made from 4 pieces which assemble together to a huge 40-inch hanging Tarzan tire tree swing seat. It requires 2 adults for assembly. The manufacturer recommends it for children aged 5 years and above, and it safely supports a weight limit of close to 250 pounds.


Tree swings are a great addition to your child’s entertainment as well as health regime. The above review has been formulated so that you can be able to pick the best tree swings on the market today. With our reviews of the above tree swings, you’ll never have to scour through several other choices to find your perfect tree swing!






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