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Top 10 Best Selfie Light Reviews in 2022

Did you know that light can affect the quality of your selfie? Yes, light can totally change the way your selfie looks either positively or adversely. To be more precise, taking a selfie while in the darkness is one of the weirdest and hardest thing ever. However, with the advancement in technology, this endeavor has been made quite simple. Thanks to the reinvention of selfie light products. The selfie light enables you to take a quality selfie while in total darkness.

In our top 10 list of the best selfie lights, we consider different models. These models have been chosen after a careful and thorough hand testing exercise. They will surely help you take note of future selfies as well as narrow down the choices. But because selfie is a readily available form of art that’s here to stay, you can bet that having the best selfie light makes a lot of sense in every person’s life. Considering various factors such as affordability, compatibility to smart devices, portability, ease of use, light quality among others, we’ve gathered an incredible list of the top 10 best selfie light reviews in 2022.

10. MindKoo 36 Highlight – LED Selfie Ring Flash Light Camera

Get an instant selfie without any rehearsals with this beautifully built selfie ring flash. It boasts a functional design that features lightsome and durable plastic. The integration of 36 long lasting bulbs ensures that you get supplemental and side lighting for photography whenever you need it. It is compatible with most iconic Android and iPhone devices and boasts an ultra-wide lighting range. Besides, the three brightness levels ensure that provides the varied uses in parties, clubs, camping among other dark environments.

9. Auxiwa Clip On Ring Light for Selfie LED Camera

Having you been dreaming of having perfect photos taken from your selfie camera? It is the best time to stop those dreams and live in reality with this ring light. Unlike other ring lights that produce harsh light that tend to highlight skin blemishes and skin imperfections, this Auxiwa provides smooth illumination thereby producing excellent photos. It gives you total peace of mind as it doesn’t need a battery to operate or any plug-in connection. All that you need to do is mount it on top of your device and make the ultimate selfie shot.

8. FLII Selfie Ring Light

Imagine of the quality of the selfies that you can make when given three brightness modes. FLII selfie lighting device boasts these three brightness modes giving you the free will and freedom to take the best selfies ever. It is compact and light for portability to ensure it fits into your bag while you are on travel. Besides, it has a lifetime warranty in case it doesn’t fulfill your expectations.

7. Leadpo Selfie Light Ring – 3 Level Brightness

Are you living in the daily worries of taking a selfie in the absence of natural light? Relax and let this state of art selfie light caring for your concerns. It boasts a total of 36 LED bulbs which work together to provide a soft illumination which results into a perfect photo gallery that you can enjoy seeing. When you press the on-button, this device allows you to enjoy three levels of brightness. Besides, it allows you to take photos from any angle without distorting the quality. It is compatible with all popular smartphones including Huawei, HTC, Sony, IPad, MacBook and other smart devices. Moreover, it features a premium plastic construction that is shockproof and scratch resistant.

6. Lavince Selfie Ring Light

Enhance your creativity in photography as well as videography by use of this Lavince selfie light. It ensures that every snap is top quality thereby eliminating the trial and error tasks of other selfie light devices. It features high-quality plastic construction for durability as well as shock proofing. It doesn’t matter how dark or bright your color is, but this selfie light takes care across the board. Thanks to the 32 high -light LED that provide for both supplemental as well as side lighting. This LED bulb has a great efficiency that ensures a low light scene. Besides, it is light and small for ease of use and portability. Additionally, it can be used with a broad range of smartphone devices without any technical problems or incompatibility.

5. Sogocool 36 LED Light Ring Supplementary Selfie

You might not be contented with the way you are taking your selfies while in the dark bedroom. But, you don’t have to quit until you try something else viable. Sogocool is a perfect solution to your problem as it features a realistic design especially for taking selfies while inside your darkest room. This selfie light features a palm size design that provides the extra light needed to produce high-quality photos. It contains a total of 36 LED bulbs that always bring pictures of the highest quality when just low-intensity light is available or in complete darkness. Moreover, it has an easy no-plug use, and all you got to do is clamp the device on top of your smartphone, press power button, and everything runs smoothly. Sogocool is the number five in the top 10 best selfie light reviews in 2022.

4. Ingenious Selfie Ring Light

Whether you are in the presence of natural light or not, this inventive selfie is a great way to take great photos. It boasts a cute and a compact design that can be mounted on virtually any smartphone device. It uses two AAA batteries that are much durable than most of the conventional batteries we’ve on the market. Also, the LED bulbs don’t consume much energy and don’t dissipate heat. It weighs just 2.5 ounces and therefore, it doesn’t overburden your smartphone in any way. Furthermore, the design boasts a durable plastic material that is tolerant to persistent shocks.

3. MYRIANN – 36 LED Selfie Ring Light

The convenience, compatibility, brightness level, as well as lighting range for this light ring, is just awesome. Thanks to this incredibly built selfie light device. It boasts an easy to use a design that is compatible with most of the renowned smartphone devices. The combination of a total of 36 LED bulbs provides the ultimate side lighting as well as supplemental lighting. This provides for clear and high-quality shots too. Besides, by having broad lighting range, this ring light allows you to take high-quality pictures in a different angle.

2. Bidafun Clip on Selfie Ring Light

If you are passionate about taking selfies in the darkness, you need a light ring that will never let you down. You need a Bidafun light selfie to do the best photography and videography while in the darkness. It boasts a comfortable and safe to clip on design, thanks to the rubber mounted on the clip for the excellent clip and prevented scratching the screen. Besides, the LED bulbs have a ring shape ensuring that lighting happens much more equably and excellently. Further, the device boasts a durable plastic that is light and shockproof.

1. Qiaya Ring Light for Camera

No matter whether you are using you an Android or iPhone device, Qiaya is the sure way of taking those selfies like a pro. This Qiaya light for camera represents our leading and award winning selfie light in our review. It boasts a fashionable and high-quality design that requires no connectivity to the internal software for it to operate. Instead, it features an easy clip-on design that can clip on your device smartly to produce great selfies. Moreover, its multi usage also adds to its credibility as our number one selfie light. It can be used as a torch, selfie light or even as a night light. Also, its slim and lightweight design ensure it is highly portable for use in parties, night clubs, camping among other functions.

It is quite true that the best places for taking selfies include parties, night outs, camping and such areas. However, many people have had the challenges of adopting these selfies to the extent of using ordinary torches for illumination. But, if you want to enjoy this current era of digital revolution and you are a passionate lover for selfies, you will inevitably require the best selfie light. Luckily, the above are practical options. They are the top 10 best selfie light reviews in 2022.



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